Robert Mueller just turned over evidence that is bad news for Donald Trump

The Robert Mueller rigged witch hunt searched far and wide for a smoking gun to prove Russian collusion.

To date, he’s come up empty.

But a bombshell report just dropped that could be bad news for Donald Trump.

One of the most explosive allegations in the Christopher Steele dossier was the claim that Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with high ranking Russian officials in order to put together a scheme to rig the 2016 election.

Cohen denied the allegation, and no proof he was even in Prague has surfaced.

But now McClatchy is reporting four foreign intelligence services traced a cell phone signal belonging to Michael Cohen to Prague in late summer of 2016.

They also claim to have intercepted conversations where Russians talk about Cohen being in Prague.

McClatchy reports:

A mobile phone traced to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, leaving an electronic record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials, four people with knowledge of the matter say.

During the same period of late August or early September, electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency picked up a conversation among Russians, one of whom remarked that Cohen was in Prague, two people familiar with the incident said.

The phone and surveillance data, which have not previously been disclosed, lend new credence to a key part of a former British spy’s dossier of Kremlin intelligence describing purported coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia’s election meddling operation.

There are a few important facts to note.

First, Cohen was never charged with lying to Congress about traveling to Prague.

He denied it under oath, and even though Mueller charged him with making false statements about a Trump business deal, he did not nail him for lying about Prague.

Second, foreign intelligence services are known to plant fake news in the press.

Ecuadorian intelligence recently used The Guardian to push a fake news story about Paul Manafort traveling to London to meet with Julian Assange.

This looks like another fake news media story about Russian collusion that collapsed under even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mueller will never go after Hillary for the same reason he can’t end this charade he’s putting on about Trump and Russian collusion. He knew about and was involved in the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia that was handled by Hillary. He’s dirty on that.

    I hope this new attorney general will open that investigation up. It’s long overdue.

  2. Betty… Oh!!! poor you. delivering such harsh words, which amount of trash talk… Such as the folks at CNN, MSNBC, Pelosi and Maxine Waters, they are as wacky, like you.
    Are you an American, who believes in respect towards YOUR President, Country, and Liberty? Inferring that our President is insane is morally dumb, stupid and arrogant

  3. John- Thanks for you being a VET and your part of defending USA. Just in CA found 1.5 million illegal voters ! Read this ! It will prove that Hillary did not have the votes !
    Please keep in mind, it is not all CA people who are screwy stupid. The area consists of SF bay area- down the coast- to the LA area. Leave out Anaheim (Orange county). There is your extreme DEM area. The rest of CA turf is NOT at all like that lunacy in that area. If they want to split seperate as a country or another state, we say good bye and thank you ! Were hoping as another country as the rest of America also should. Think about that and the plus’s without them! Hint: Stats changes/ Wash DC. and Sacramento as well. Trump was smart. He used SD as his spot to put up sample walls. SD has a real serious Illegal Alein thing as CA does but the LIBs worship the ground the Illegals walk on. Trump put up a chunk of the wall there and slowed that down ! Done quietly until he mentioned it in his speach tonight. The Sheriff and Chief of Police in the Newman, CA area talked hard nosed as did the Sheriff of Fresno county. San Joaquin Valley is home of hard nosed Americans that fully support our Constitution. Home of Devin Nunes. FYI: WW2 many Farmers put up towers by request and were given papers that had diagrams of Jap planes and were given binoculars. All during WW2 Farmers all along that Central Valley took their turns in shifts to watch out for the enemy. Farmers because they would get behind would get help from the others to keep up with their farming. They lost their kids help as they joined the service. The WET BACK law was put in place in Wash DC. You could come over from Mexico to help on the farms with the proper paperwork done legally. That is how you do things right. So many interesting REAL American stories from WW2 you never knew about and needs to be told.
    The DEM’s would either wise up and shut up or leave USA because you hear then the REAL Heart and Soul of this country that LIBs hate greatly. Even the REAL story of what we did after WW2 ended in the European countries and Japan would make you so incredibly proud and humble to be an American that would send the liberals running to North Korea or China which would fill their beliefs.

  4. Betty, isn’t this your third time with a comment that is nothing but pure trash talk?
    Your showing not just your immaturity now, but a lack of intelligence. Plus you obviously have absolutely nothing to say to support you liberal agena and you have proven that.

  5. Stupid buscuits- You wouldn’t have any idea that he has that or not. You lie ! Odds are that he doesn’t. So interesting that stuff didn’t exsist two years ago and not until recently. Which can be a made up BS story which with what they are saying who it comes from is a known BS spreader. That should of been seen and known two years ago if it really exsisted. Because what occured if true, is over two years old. So that would of been there all along and already known. Not just all of a sudden appear now.

  6. Stupid biscuits, You haven’t a clue what your talking about. What, two years and absolutely nothing on Trump nor will there be either. By now we would of already known about it. Fantasy and make believe your loving, worshipping, and dwelling liberal news and let that keep you stupid in your life. Collusion also is not illegal and you idiots keep talking saying that and think you have Trump ! Stupidity runs deep with the liberal news.

  7. Wow, what a brilliant post, my appreciation to you; you do better reporting than CCN and the Wash. Post – Kudos

  8. James A Langham,more BS dumping by DEM’s. Non stop BS. The DEM’s have the runs and can’t get off the toilets at the DNC headquarters. I doubt that CNN or any other liberal network told you this but all other sknow this. Trump said that he would not take any money – Salery as President. He has not. He donates every thing to good causes. People even know where he does donate to except liberal news will never tell you a thing. So your comment is completely stupid to make when Trump does not take his paychecks, but gives them entirely to charities. You get to look like a stupid fool for posting what you did. Thank your liberal media. So much other you are clueless about as well only worshipping and dwelling on the liberal news. Trump is doing this because he is doing this for free as like a payback for his success that a Capitalist country such as USA is has done for him. That is a humble and modest thing to do.

  9. So to conclude this, don’t worry about Trump being impeached. You need to keep informing these DEM’s who can’t help their lack of intelligence on this. Also about Trump’s getting out of being drafted by fake Doctors excuse or very similar excuse. Trump was in Military school. He finished Top od his class. It has been on the internet since before the election. You don’t spend 4 years in Military school, or put extra time in to finish at the top just so a Doctor after says, you have a foot problem that is worse then flat feet. And you can’t be drafted with flat feet back then either. He was doing what his dad and Grand dad did- and he followed their foot steps. So four years and that road had a dead end. The immature & unintelligent DEM children prefer to spread BS that Trump pulled a fast one paying off a Doctor or had pull to get out of being drafted. Oh yes, he just put in four years of Military school for the hell of it !!! BS the DEM’s have been dumping and have to of set a new record on BS dumping by now!!! Plus they have no clue what RESEARCH means either- or they go to another LIB or LIb web site to so call fact check !!! More stupidity- you don’t FACT check something by asking the same informant !!!!

  10. Collusion is not against the law either. Yet so many DEM’s that even know this keep up their BS about impeachment ! Also that two thirds of House & Senate must pass that impeachment. Plus you need a legit reason, like breaking a legit law to impeach. Fantasy and make believe won’t cut it. To add that – say this BS does go thru and Trump impeached. Trump simply, as Bill Clinton did, ignore it completely. Clinton had legit reasons to get impeached as well. They only have fantasy and make belief on Trump. So much illegal stuff out there on Hillary that extremely needs attention.

  11. I believe Betty Poop, er Boop, forgot about a few gerbils he put up his wazoo, and now they are starting to fester up in there. It probably itches and smells horrible. Go see a doctor, Mr. Poop, er Boop. Maybe a doc can get that foul stink out of your buttocks.


  13. Really Trump is the only one that had guts to stand up to other countries and have them pay more.And everyone has a problem with that i don’t i’m glade we have a President that stands up for our country. Obama would sell it off of under us.

  14. Janet, I don’t know of you, however, the comments you make are truly pro American and uplifting for many supporters of President TRUMP.. Good job.

  15. Janet, you’re my new heroine… The script you wrote is to the point and makes the mope James L look like a zombie with an empty body and head

  16. You are a total jerk he takes no money his daughter and son-in-law take no money so how is he doing everything for his family. You don’t know anything that is happening. Stop watch fake news they have lost their mind on those stations.

  17. There is something bad disturbing you Betty. I can’t fathom your rants against TRUMP are real… it is my take that you, dear Betty, are in LOVE with President TRUMP, you have a thrilling crush for the President.

  18. Really James Langham seems to me that a man who has plenty of money and certainly does not need a job or more money would not have stopped doing business with his multi billion dollar company that he owns to take job that pays peanuts upside what he accustomed to making and putting up with sniveling nit wits the likes of you. So tell me, why is President Trump doing the job he is doing? Because he wants to listen to people the likes of Nazi Pelosi or crying Chuck Schumer or one of their boot lickers named James Langham complain because he is not taking the country on the progressive road to hell you nit wits want the country to be on? President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Ronald Reagan and he is going to help you, yes you, you sniveling nit wit whether you like it or not. MORON

  19. John… do you want me to prove James L is a dope. Simply read what he says, a 2-year-old can make better sense… James L posts are incoherent and dumb.. John this is all the proof you need.

  20. “Dumbbisquits” Obviously hung over from New Year’s Eve. Can’t wait for this rude awakening, after two years it’s about time; then, hopefully, dumbbiscuits will never be heard from again!




  24. Demonrats are saying they want the investagations stopped on them, and they will stop them when they take over the House. And they also are saying they are starting impeachment proceedings as soon as they start against Trump over a lie that they made up, and colution on what? These people are ignorant POSs! Who do they think they are? They forget who the hell they work for! We have so much evidence on their corruption and nothing ever happens to them! We can’t allow this to continue in our country, they are cockroachs that need to be exterminated quickly,we must make them stand down, are they are asking for a damn civil war in this country ,if they even try to impeach Trump! We all know who the deep state is, they have stuck their pathetic ugly heads out in the open! And have made it very clear they are the Deep State! It’s time we rise up in the millions against these corrupt idiots and show them we the people rule this country, not them!

  25. What lies. too bad you are going to get a rude awakening when the dealings with Russia by Trump are made public. Nothing compares to what Trump has done and continue to do.

  26. Mueller does have them and more evidence. Mueller doesn’t leak info we will soon find out the evidence when Mueller makes it public.

  27. Betty ; you and Mueller are two fools full of hate . Go wash your mouth with soap and water ; rinse it with H2SO4 .
    Go play with your dildo ; be sure you use the 12″ , you do need it .

  28. Muriel McGrann ; Criminal Mueller should investigate HIMSELF and all the Crimes he was involved with the Clintons . Mueller WASTED $ 25 Million of Taxpayers Funds .

  29. Jon Bon , Sorry . I made a mistake .
    My post was directed to James A Langham .
    James L. you are an IDIOT .

  30. Jon Bon ; First day of the New Year and you must be DRUNK from last night .
    You are a Fool Full of Hate .

  31. Freddie, I’m not a Democrat or stupid. Your comment on me being “to blind” should be spelled “too blind”. Now who’s the stupid one that comments on the person commenting or the question itself? That would be you. I’m commenting because I don’t trust or think the #POTUS is doing his job, except from Twitter. God Save America.

  32. Here’s something that isn’t discussed in the article. If Cohen was in Prague
    there should be a passport issued & stamped with the countries visited &
    a record of an airline flight there
    unless he walked there.
    How about someone coming up with those documents to prove he was there.

  33. What a nasty, ugly thing to write.. Isn’t their civility in your being. TRUMP is our President Muller’s probe into Russian Collusion has not come up with anything BUT nasty people like you, who have no respect nor manners for OUR duly Elect President. Hope the New Year 2019 will bring some sense into your devilish brain… Wake up Van Winkle

  34. He’s not putting Americans first. The only thing he has EVER put first, is himself and the rest of his grifting family!!

  35. Mueller was there when Ukraine Rebels shot down the civilian aircraft and blamed it on Russia. Everything get blamed on Russia. WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!!!

  36. To put it mildly, under Obama’s rule, our government has been run like a Banana Republic. They are the utmost of criminals and have been running the gov’t like a mob. Cash to Iran, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc. You get the picture. CRIMES! They knew if Trump got in, their cover could be blown and hopefully Trump is getting the military tribunal ready! Hillary in office would have kept the same cronyism going and secrets kept in the closet. I thank God everyday for President Trump! And, I truly can not understand any red blooded American who would not be for a President that puts it’s AMERICAN citizens first! Anyone otherwise, needs to not let that door hit them in the ass on their way out of this country and take the illegals with you.

  37. The reason he has never gone after Hillary is Obvious. He is Guilty up to his Neck in her dirty dealings.if he were to investigate her he would be exposing himsef and thus exposing all his dirty deed’s.

  38. Would you like us Trump supporters,to call you out over Obama’s lies,Hillary’s lies,Bill’s lies,Biden’s lies,Pelosi’s lies,Schumer’s lies,Water’s lies,Warren’s lies,Durbin’s lies,Ocasio-Cortez’s ,lies,Schiff’s lies,etc.,I could on and on,but life is to short to list all the corruption,graft,dishonesty and provable,traitorous,behaviour,on behalf of the democrat party.You democrats,are either to blind,clueless,or just plain stupid,to see the slime ball party,you belong to!!

  39. Mueller was part of the Hillary, Uranium, Russia giveaway. Mueller should be investigated. He is avoiding this part of the Russia story. The true part.

  40. The only thing Mueller has accomplished is wasting tax payers dollars in the millions supported by the democrats and Obamas shadow government operating like a criminal conspiracy against Trump and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE……..How much longer do we HONEST AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THESE CRAZY BOZOS elected or appointed to office by the Democratic Mafia

  41. Betty & Diane are total embarrassment to intelligent, hard working females of this country. Their mouths, attitude and over all “Knowledge” of politics is tainted by the Liberals and they have no thoughts of their own but spewing the democrat garbage, My name is Diane but ashamed that someone so ignorant share’s my name. Mueller and the dems are the most corrupt we have seen in a long time in government and we must not let them get away with this. MAGA 2020

  42. Stupid, and brainless are too nice of words to use for your script; it could be you’re in a state of smokey clouds; for you, Betty, to be so emanated against TRUMP is the height of a person who has a love affair with themselves, and where all of your rationality is lost in a fairytale of a lost soul. TRUMP is not a politician like your dream team of Biden; Harris. Broker, Blumenthal; Warren, Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi, and Obama, TRUMP wins battles he doesn’t give away money… Awake up VanWinkle is calling

  43. hell with Muller for why has he never gone after Hillary, Podesta who was working with the Russians and all the other crap for how come democrats are never held for crimes they have done. And Muller stop wasting our dam momney

  44. Typical libtard. Always cussing when someone has a different view. You are pathetic. Shame on you. Your mother must really be proud.

  45. What makes this new revaluation of Mueller’s true? when everything else he has stated about Trump was found to be fabricated against him? These hackers Mueller is using have been proven wrong every time they reported any issues. Check it out! This is just more witch hunt BS.

  46. So Diane, what makes this new revaluation of Mueller’s true? when everything else he has staated about Trump was found to be fabricated against him? These hackers Mueller is using have been proven wrong every time they reported any issues. Check it out! This is just more witch hunt BS.

  47. Lawyers keep daily calendars and they keep them for years. Should be easy to find out what/where Michael Cohen was doing during the time in question. Also, Jerome Corsi has stated it was another Michael Cohen who was in Prague. There must be thousands of Michael Cohens in the U.S. Justice needs to investigate Robert Mueller.

  48. Betty, your libtard is showing. Libtards never can argue with any facts, all they can do is sling lies and hate.

  49. mueller is part of the deep state. This witchhunt was started as a precaution just in case Trump won. I have had enough of this BS. It is costing the tax payer over 30 million dollars so far just because the deep state on both sides of the aisle are pissed off because they cannot control President Trump and that he is placing American citizens over illegals. Enough is enough.

  50. Donald Trump did nothing wrong so get over your witch hunt Himrich Mueller the 2nd. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

  51. Because Donald Trump is a blonde haired, blue eyed white guy, and he can’t play any race or sex (gender) cards like Obama did and Hillary would have had she son. That plus the mainstream media being a branch of the Democrat Party explains why.

  52. wrong again you liberals still believe anything that comes from the propaganda fake news pushing cnn and nsnbc what a joke you liberals are

  53. FBI traced a cell phone signal to Prague? But they can’t find hillarys 33,000 e-mails? Is that incompetence or a cover up?

  54. If Mule head had any REAL evidence on President Trump this s#!/ would be over, like 2 yrs ago. So sickening to see Dumbocraps act like 1st graders fighting and crying like babies on a daily basis. GTFU and act like adults. Mueller is wasting time and taxpayers money just to fill the pockets of his cronies and self. This dragging witch hunt is BS. As for Nancy, Killery, Maxipad,Schumer, Soros & Obummer if you all pull your funds together buy your own island and create you OWO and get the hell out of the USA many many True Americans will be happy to help you pack.

  55. It would not have been political correct to indict anyone associated with BOH. Barack knew that and used it to his advantage. Nothing that Trump did hurt very many other people, but a lot of Obama’s actions did.

  56. Because Comey, Lynch and Holder all covered for him. They would NEVER think about indicting the first Black President. All those deep state guys were all in politically motivated take-over of the government.

  57. Right on Diane! The American people should wake up and see that Trump is making fools out of Americans in the courtroom of world opinion. It’s sad reading what armchair politicians know, if anything, except opinions without facts. The #TRUMPTRAIN is off the rails and when it crashes I for one, will be #DancingInTheStreet!

  58. A sitting U.S. President that people know is a BS’er and perpetual liar wouldn’t spend a penny of his own cash to save America from it’s worst enemy…..himself!

    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Michael D. Cohen Mr. Trump’s former lawyer 
Lied to Congress (pleaded guilty Nov. 29, 2018)
    Sentenced to 3 years in prison Dec. 12, 2018

    Richard Pinedo California man who sold bank accounts online
    Identity fraud
    Pleaded guilty Feb. 12, 2018) Sentenced six months in prison Oct. 10, 2018

    George Papadopoulos Former campaign adviser
Lied to the F.B.I.
    Pleaded guilty Oct. 5, 2017 – Sentenced 14 days in prison Sept. 7, 2018

    Paul Manafort Former campaign chairman
    Tax and bank fraud, false statements, obstruction of justice
    Convicted of financial fraud Aug. 21, 2018

    Konstantin V. Kilimnik Russian Army-trained linguist and associate of Mr. Manafort
Obstruction of justice
    Charged June 8, 2018

    Alex van der Zwaan Lawyer worked with Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates
    Lying to investigators about conversations with Mr. Gates
    Pleaded guilty Feb. 20, 2018 – Sentenced 30 days in prison April 3, 2018

    Rick Gates Former campaign adviser
Financial fraud and lying to the F.B.I.
Pleaded guilty Feb. 23, 2018

    Michael T. Flynn Former national security adviser
    Lied to the F.B.I. about conversations with the Russian ambassador
Pleaded guilty Dec. 1, 2017

    Twelve Russian intelligence officers
    Conspiracy against the United States, identity theft, conspiracy to launder money 
Charged July 13, 2018

    Thirteen Russian nationals and three related companies
    Conspiracy to defraud the U.S., bank fraud, identity theft 
Charged Feb. 16, 2018
    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    If Obama was so bad, why is it that 0 of his staff were indicted?

    Yet, at least 8 Americans (and counting) of Trump’s Staff and associates
    and 25 Russians (as of Dec 30, 2018)
    have been indicted, plead Guilty or have been sentenced to jail time? Hmmm…

    Of course not much is said condemning Trump,
    who has been proven to have been aided by The Russians.

    Sad, as it speaks volumes as to the Pro-Trumpers attitudes in this country.
    They won’t look at the evidence, kinda like “My country, right or wrong – My mom, drunk or sober”

    Most Pro-Trumpers are hateful, bitter and very mean spirited.

    And of course, refuse to look at the facts surrounding Donald Trump.

  60. Why should I pay for it????? Why don’t all you Trumpies contribute for it if you want it that bad!!!!!! Don’t live far from a border, no issues WHAT SO EVER…..Where’s Trumpies promise of Mexico paying FOR IT?????? Just more Trump BS for his followers!!!!!

  61. Here call these numbers and complain ,we are sick and tired if you knumb nutts and your fake dossier! Call as many times as possible! Schumers office -202 224 6542
    DC Switch board 202 224 3121
    Fax 202 228 3027

  62. The Democrats would have no problem with Mueller spending $5 billion on a fake investigation against President Trump but won’t spend one dime for border security in order to keep American citizens safe and stop the drugs pouring across the border. These people are sick! Wasting the taxpayers money is the only thing they are good at.

  63. Well Ben, you again! Are you really that obtuse that you think the President should spend his “personnel” money on the wall? Don’t know where you live but I sure hope it’s near the southern border so that you can benefit from the “immigrant” influx that you seem to want!

  64. You know who is sad, you lefty libs. All the “vulgar” aspersions that were cast at Bret Kavanagh by your fellow lefties are OK then, you can dish it out, but cannot take it, can you?

  65. That is such a moronic statement, President Trump has just come under such scrutiny when he officially stated he was running for President and even more BS since he was elected if this is the new norm when you become President just wait if we ever get a Democrat in office again we will annihilate that SOB and the democrat party as well

  66. I said it once and I’ll say it again. This POS is not going anywhere until he is fired or brought up on charges himself. Now he has another phony lead to follow for the next two years….

  67. Elaine, don’t know WHY the American people are paying for the wall. Your great leader stated Mexico will pay for it. So why is there a govt shutdown over this. Another line of Trump BS (he is great at that) Mexico will NEVER pay for one and it would be a “disgrace” for the American people to pay for it. Here is an idea for “anyone” who wants it, let them contribute to it, better yet let Trump spend his personnel money if he wants it so bad. YOU know that will never happen!!!!!

  68. David…The thoughts of a true Trump follower. No respect for people (with your vulgar comments) just like your leader. As Trumpty would say SO SAD…….

  69. An open season on liberal communists is to be announced. NO BAG LIMIT. Also a twenty-five cent per ear bounty as incentive to rid America of these communist vermin.

  70. Not the people’s work but more precisely the liberal communists work. Liberals are COMMUNISTS and TERRORISTS and ARE NOT AMERICANS. All should be eradicated from American society.

  71. Mueller sh0uld go to jail for this nonsense and waste of taxpayers money. And nobody ever does anything about this nut job. Shame on you Mueller.

  72. This whole mess is one big Kikeathon Clusterf**k with sniveling Yids on both sides! Cohen’s not connected to Trump in any damaging way and the only thing Mueller’s scum scraping will do is put Cohen in prison for a longer stretch, that’s it!

  73. I have to shudder when I read what comes out of the mouths of the a—h—s such as Diane. It makes me almost sick to my stomach to think this worm has voting privileges. In two yrs our president has done more good for this country than Obumma did in 8.

  74. This story has already been debunked, and I would al
    Almost bet If you look into it this story was sponsored by the prostitutes of the one world order big money and whores like Mueller who is been known to create lies to frame a man. And is that so quaint that evidence of Mr. struck wi if you look into it this story was sponsored by the prostitutes of the one world order big money and whores like Mueller who is been known to create lies to frame a man. And is that so quaint that evidence of mister Strozk and miss Pages Have been cleansed by the one world order money and the evidence has been lost what a surprise every time a Democrat snack is in the news evidence gets lost all the way up into including when Bill Clinton had the corrupt BATF murderers shoot through the doors in Waco Texas, and the investigator found the door and the investigator wind up dying by again and I miss fortune,And OG the door went missing, which would approve the BATF leveled an assault against these people, without being fired on by the Branch Davidians. The BATF is the hit squad of the globalist elite and they were protected as all the other 16 agencies are in these of the same agency is the Barack Obama or 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets that are used to kill people and not shoot paper targets. You have a brain people you figure it out as the congressman says on TV it’s very scary that these agencies have the amount of fire power that we have bread to them and for what reason, when we have a military to protect this country and a national , That when called upon to protect the people with military grade weapons I said protect the people

  75. So the Russians heard the Chinese tell the Croatians that the Germans felt a ping pong off the cell phone wire chat snap soul train while Trumps Lawyers mother brothers sisters daddy’s cousin was talking to the 9th supreme court film flam zowieam farmers show? Man! That’s got to be true!

  76. Yes, you said it right. If we don’t do all we can to protect this country, we will be sitting ducks to all the corruption that will be pouring in this country… People are so blinded by there hate for president Trump that they are overlooking the safety of this country!!! I hope God answers our prayers….

  77. Elaine,why the real rats of the worst kind are still free to continue the corruption n not one has been investigated,nil that’s right ,if you think for one minute they care about you over the criminal slime that they want in our Country your mistaken n if it continues you better bet your not going to be safe in America n the same goes for all of us,wake up n get the blinders off your eyes because you definitely are a real fool,the Democratic Party is Un-American because America should come first n that includes protect our rights n liberities n most of all our safety!Wake Up!❤️????????

  78. More lies ,Cohen trying to save himself,for a lawyer he certainly is one of the worst ,him put his client under the truck to save himself with lies n lies n I’ll say it again the Democrats have another puppet to slime our President n yet the real pay to play corrupt gang has really n continue to get away criminal activity n they are free to do their evil vendetta against President ! They refuse to fund the WALL but This bull that has been going on for much to long with Mueller n it has cost the American tax payers so much money n it continues but that’s ok God help us if the Democrats gain anymore seats in government in our future,this isn’t a Party for the people,they will bring America down on our knees especially seeing whom they really care about ,open borders ,illegal immigrants which as we can see the criminals that could care less for the lives of our innocent citizens,Iknow without a doubt I am n will be with this President that wants to protect each n everyone of us including his wonderful family!God help us !❤️????????

  79. The devil knows that time is short and His minions in the D.C. swamp are running like rats on a sinking ship casting dispersions willy-nilly.

  80. All fake news.Cohen never was there at this time. If he was he would gladly put Trump in Trouble and would admit it but he said not true.

  81. All of this sounds like the expected Demon Rats cover up so they can try to take Trump down and put one of their Soros backed Left Wing/Liberal politicians like Obama, Clinton, Biden, etc. in the White House. Being a Veteran, I hope that all true American’s can see through this BS or Fake News and support our current POTUS. He is really trying to do what he said during his campaign and needs our help which is more than some of our other politicians and leaders. He has my support and from the election results he had a majority amd Electoral vote? So the only issues that I have seen took place before he was elected not like some other presidents that failed us while in office. So my point is what is really behind the real corruption in Washington DC and that is what we really should be worried about!

  82. And at who’s expense, I personally feel he should have already been able to produce something on what he was hired to do. The money is raping we the people with could have paid for the wall. But would you stop, don’t think so let’s wait until after the 2020 election.

  83. Don’t call our president names.You are out of line if that’s who are referring to. And that language is inexcusable.

  84. Actually, the only fake news is found in this article. There is no “witch hunt” and it certainly isn’t “rigged”. Robert Mueller has been very methodical while doing the people’s work. There have been no leaks. No one knows what evidence he has or has not collected. Patience is called for.

  85. Is this the same 4 turds that helped storkz make up the dosier and like anyone to do with mooliar should ever be considered a reliable source of information??

  86. Old news! Wrong Michael Cohen. If this is the right Michael Cohen, explain how! Maybe the anti-Trump forces 10 covertly eliminate one and then say he never existed so as to make their Michael Cohen, a Patsy! This was poorly written. God bless the United States of America and her President Donald J, Trump and do so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  87. The left is really intent on igniting a civil war in which 90% of their cultist followers would be killed in the first few days.GO FOR IT I SAY! IMPEACH AWAY morons

  88. You are really that stupid. Not one of the indictments has been tied to collusion and several aren’t even going to be prosecuted because to many Dems like the clintons have done worse.

  89. There’s a reason why a bunch of FBI agents are ex-fbi agents….they colluded to keep the wicked witch of the east out of prison. They wouldn’t put her under oath when they questioned her because they knew she would have to lie. Evidence wasn’t turned over and emails lost….really? And they can get a telephone ping from years ago for evidence? Are you really that stupid?

  90. The Dossier was actually Great Britain meddling in our elections. We have watched enough James Bond that Spy never become Former Spy’s unless they blow up!

  91. These five members as you’ve pointed out are all going to jail because of issues they are guilty of way before they got involved with Trump’s campaign. Mueller, The Media and the DNC are gleefully hoping that NO one will call them on this as they MASH the facts of all these issues together. Flynn did work with foreign countries after his military service and before he joined Trump. He did NOT register as an agent working for the foreign countries while he was doing this type of work. It is the same with Tony and John Podesta – research it. Both Tony and John and Manafort were all doing work in Ukraine, together. None of these people registered as required by US Law. Manafort gets caught, Tony and John go free to register later. This is how Clinton justice works

  92. Man From Grey – yawn….how many indictments came down for Hillary after exhaustive investigations on Benghazi and her emails? Nada, zip, not a single one. 5 close associates to Trump are already going to jail; they’ve shut down his Foundation due to illegal activities. Trump thinks he’s a Mafia kingpin, but Congress will make him resign or go to jail due to Mueller’s report. You are misinformed ( use to watching Fox non stop) and your ignorance is truly breathtaking. Trump about to be reminded that his biggest mistake was even running for president. His entire empire is about to come crashing down around him and hopefully the entire Trump Crime Family will be indicted and go to jail. Can’t hardly wait!

  93. (Yawn) Diane, the American people already know that Mueller is full of it. Is Hillary innocent? Yes or no? Please answer this question.

  94. How can it be bad news for Trump?? It has already been proved that Trump was not involved in any Russian collusion. As you know, it had already traced to other Democrats’ involvement. It is done. Finished.

    Then why is it bad news to Trump? Even Michael Cohen turned against Trump, he keep denying that he ever went to Prague.

    Face it. Come on, shut the Mueller Beria-style investigation down now!

  95. Donald Trump could not deal in private with a client in the Czech Republic? Why not? So if MCohen did, this is a problem? Did MCohen need Donald Trump’s permission?

  96. Shirley – Mueller HAD “something” or else 5 members of Trump’s team wouldn’t be going to jail (so far). The noose is tightening around the fat, orange, slob’s neck and I can’t wait until he’s removed from office, either in a straight jacket or handcuffs! Stay tuned…..there are more indictments to come!

  97. The dossier ? If I understand it right that is the Democrat funded fairy tale that has already been proven to be a fantasy tale . . . Come on how can the “dingbat” Mueller introduce anything contained in the dossier as fact ?

  98. why in the world is this idiot still be allowed to bill us for just setting people up why don,t congress shut him down better for them to than Trump to

  99. If Mueller doesn’t have anything then he and his team will invent something just to keep mudding the waters so they can keep getting paid for doing nothing.

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