Robert Mueller may have found the meeting that will bring down Donald Trump

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt against Donald Trump entered a dangerous new phase.

The special counsel’s effort to frame the President took a new twist.

And Mueller thinks he found the meeting that will allow him to bring down Trump.

Mueller and his team believe Trump associate Roger Stone colluded with WikiLeaks on the release of emails hackers obtained from the Democrats.

Stone made public predictions about WikiLeaks email drops that led some to believe he had inside knowledge of the hacks.

But he said he just took WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s public comments and put the pieces together.

Now Mueller is going after what Stone may have told Donald Trump.

He’s after the visitor logs at Trump tower to prove Stone met with Trump and told him about the WikiLeaks email dumps.

The Daily Caller reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly asked President Donald Trump’s legal team for visitation and phone records from Trump Tower regarding Roger Stone, the longtime Trump confidant currently under scrutiny in the special counsel’s probe.

But Stone, a political operative known for unorthodox tactics, says that investigators will not find anything of significance in their probe.

“No visits to Trump Tower from August 2015 until after the election when the President-elect asked me to visit,” said Stone to The Daily Caller News Foundation. He advised Trump’s campaign until Aug. 8, 2015.

“Occasional phone calls with Trump in 2016 all initiated by him and certainly never a discussion of Wikileaks whatsoever!”

But Stone said he did not meet with Trump between the time he quit the campaign in August 2015 and after the election.

Will Mueller strike out again?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  3. What I would love to see is Trumps new temp appointee would get ahold of all of Muellers TEXT messages and Emails back an forth between him and Nancy Polosi and the other DEMONCRAPS

    • The whole DNC, Hussein and his whole lurid group would find a rope at the end of the findings.

      Keep going after our President and you will find millions of patriots at the working end of a war you won’t want to be part of….!!!

      • do you recall some fools tried something like that in the civil war, and it did not turn out well for them, did it? YOUR president, much like Nixon, is NOT above the LAW!! And if fools take up arms, they will face the same fate of justice.

        • That was then, this is now. You leftist assholes don’t start no shit, there will be none. What makes you think the law would side with you?

        • Neither would Obama have been, but Repub’s were not motivated enough to expose this Muslim as a non-citizen, unqualified and America hating imposer he really was and still is.
          If there were only 10% of Obama’s really disqualifying exposures of facts applicable to Donald Trump, he would have been forced out of office if he really even would have made to the inauguration.

  4. Have any of you ask yourself why Robert has not brought his partners in crime upon charges for the Clinton DNC coverup or rather the Peter Strozk Lisa Paige Insurance Policy the Illegal FISA applications many of them. Why does he keep going after Trump when he KNOWS THAT CLINTON OBAMA DOJ FBI & DNC did all of these wrong things. Amd all over Hillary’s Emails she should be in Prison over already.
    Remember Obama told Lisa Paige to keep him informed. As he told the world he don’t get involved in the FBI or DOJ’s jobs they are doing. Really explain that one Obama.

    • I would see some one take Russia and stick them right up Bob Mueller’s ass until it tickled his lying mouth Hell I would believe PUTIN before I would Bob the Liar Mueller He belongs with the Democrat mob of SOB’S !!!!

  5. Tell me this. If Robert has evidence against Clinton DNC DOJ FBI why has he not done one thing with that. And now considering Hillarys Email stuff against Trump which she should be in Jail over is all crazy.
    Thats the pot calling the kettle black. Hillary FBI DOJ DNC do wrong and Punish Trump for it. No way. Your talking all out WAR. against the system. Robert better get his head out of his ass and start charging the one’s he knows done wrong or step down tomorrow. We do not need his BIASED ASS ANY LONGER.

  6. So again Robert Mueller is just covering up and hiding FBI & DOJ stupidity is all. He has all the evidence to go after Hillary and here cronnies and DNC and he don’t have the guts to do it. Because he is sleeping with the Enemy. Literally

    • J.>SWEAT< (including ALL of 'us' SWEAT)
      'mueller' IS IN 0n'it' – ALL OF 'it'.
      HE IS DIVERTING TO SAVE ASS + ALL 'cronies'.
      Period. POTUSKNOWS.

      • Prick B you don’t know it yet, but if mule molester had anything he would have shouted it out. By the way, a new sheriff is in town Hillary rotten crotch isn’t out of the woods yet. You liberal assholes shoot off your mouths but nothing but bull shit comes out.

  7. Here’s my take or 2 cents worth.
    If the stupid ASS FBI & DOJ would of done their flippin jobs to begin with and prosecuted that BITCH CLINTON to begin with none of this would even be happening. So they are covering their Asses is all they are doing. And every one on here knows this is TRUE.

    • No they don’t Jeffory, but it is apparent with four posts in a row you are having an anxiety attack and trying to divert and point desperately in another direction. The conservatives went after the Clintons several times and failed. The subject of this investigation is Russian interference in the 2016 election, and it sure looks like Mueller is nailing down the evidence, as many thought he would. Just like they did during Watergate investigation.

      • Tom the FBI , aka jack booted government thugs, exonerated that bitch before any real investigating began. That’s why I’ll never comply with any commiecrat policies

      • Neither would Obama have been, but Repub’s were not motivated enough to expose this Muslim as a non-citizen, unqualified and America hating imposer he really was and still is.
        If there were only 10% of Obama’s really disqualifying exposures of facts applicable to Donald Trump, he would have been forced out of office if he really even would have made to the inauguration.

  8. At that fateful meeting there were salads served so Mueller and his Inquisitor’s have finally laid their hands on the last two empty bottles . . . . making his cache to 47 empty bottles of Russian Salad Dressing.

    They’re ready to take it to the Grand Jury in Washington, deCeit as the first one he raised in Virginia had too many honest folks on it.

    • I would not be one bit surprised to learn that the person who wrote the op-ed to the newspaper is Rosenstein! It doesn’t take a genius to figure the whodunit! He admitted wanting to wear a wire, etc. What more proof do you need?

    • And you can kiss his ASSSSS!!!!!
      Love DONALD TRUMP and will VOTE for him
      Again and Again until no stupid liberal sh…t will
      Be run out of my FREE AMERICA!!
      Go and stay in Venezuela!!!

      • You obviously don’t have a clue what’s going on in America. Please, justify or explain his refusal to honor Veterans in France or at Arlington, where I’ve been many times. Please defend his negligence in honoring or even mentioning the thousands of people who have lost their homes and all they knew to fires in California. And please, explain to me why neo-nazis think he’s the second coming?

        • Scott27, More low information, misinformation, and lies. The neo-Nazi worship of DJT is the most stupid and ridiculous remark of all and beneath discussion. If you would watch and listen to “real” news you would know the answer to your legitimate questions.

          • I’m sorry you are so clueless, M. I can’t do anything about that, but pray for you and especially your children.

          • Scott27, Thank you for your prayers. I pray that you are serious and not using Christianity to ridicule conservatives. I can’t tell you how dangerous that would be! You have been on this site for a long time but this is the first time I have seen you write about faith.
            To your snide remarks I am not the clueless one Scott27. Watch and listen to real news, you need to very badley.
            I will close by saying neither I nor any DJT supporters worship him nor any person on earth, we worship the one true God! Who do you worship?
            Scott27, I have a bad feeling about you!

          • Well, well, well, JD has on the street brawler hat today, good! This one suits you better and shows your true colors. You, Scott27, and Ric B, are running in a your little liberal pack to protect each other. Funny how all of you show up on the same site at the same time. Guess we all know what that means, hey it’s crowded in there, huh?

        • Scott27: Our President was informed that another ASSASSINATION on his life was already in place. That’s the reason! He chose LIFE over Death. Some of you HATE him because your JEZEBEL (aka Hil LIE ry), LOST and HE WON! I am waiting to learn more names of DEMON CRATS are in GITMO. You NIT WITS still have no clue about what the CRIMINALS have been doing for YEARS.. WAKE UP, AMERICA while there is some time.

      • Dan, anyone who can look at his actions of the past 5 days and still support him seriously needs to do some soul searching… if indeed you still have a soul and haven’t sold it. Dissing American veterans on two continents? Embracing Putin over our friends? He’s no leader of this country. He’s using you and your ilk as shills. I feel sorry for you and your children. I feel sorry for what was once a great and admired nation.

    • Yeah, and he’s fixed 8 years of Obama $h1t in only 2 years, with plenty more to go. You sound like a typical dumb f***ing liberal moron! Mueller has nothing and this entire mess is made up bull$h1t to cover for Hillary and several top level deep state traitors who’ve committed crimes that should put them in prison! If this filthy Shyster had any real evidence, he would have come out with it ages ago, it’s a sham!

      • It shows Carlos that you have virtually nothing much worthwhile to say if all you can do is babble out profanities. The Mueller report will be out soon, save your anger for then, after Fox or Rush tell you what to feel.

    • Can’t wait to see Trump go down in the impeachment he so richly deserves! And all his authoritarian mindslave supporters as well.

      • Keep waiting dumbass….the media has made mush of that tiny brain of yours. The old saying “you can’t fix stupid”….is a glaring response to your post.

          • M. 3x blocked. So I will drop comm’s re
            some bad postings here. (Basically ‘No Time’
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          • bingo.went thru. Whatever. Just as well,
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            #SAVE-PROTECT-RESPECT USA. later__

      • No no if any of you liberal legal beagles has some proof of wrongdoing, please present to your friend Mueller. Clearly, hes has none. Your continued repeat of hearsay proves one thing. And it’s not knowledge.

      • Shecky, TROLL ALERT!
        Betty is a troll on this site to cause hate and discontent as well as get us to reply to her so she can get paid for trolling. She is also a regurgitating racist! Ignore until she goes away.

        • UH-OH. ‘I’ DID NOT POST @ NOV. 15, 4:45 pm. WAS AT WORK.
          “Shecky is living proof you can’t fix stupid by his posts.”
          > Soo, USURP. __

          • This KrAAP IS N0T GOOD. WHOA.
            A Some0ne ‘USURPED’.
            Learn to ‘read my code’ HERETOFORE.
            > ‘I’ Have NO ‘prob’ in Ditching
            this site.

  9. Roger Stone is smart…..really SMART…..!! I believe he did, in fact, take Julian Assange’s public comments and put them together in order to figure out what’s going on…!! THIS is called Critical Thinking….it’s called Synthesizing Information and it’s a skill….some people have it and some people don’t….Roger Stone has it..!! He’s really SMART…!

      • Corsi sold out, could not make a career for himself so sold his soul to Alex Jones, the conspiracy nutcase, to make up BS conspiracy about a “Deep State.” Read his (free) pathetic book, he takes the emails of two people as an evidence of a larger conspiracy, it is pure fabrication.

  10. So What??? A sleeping two year old could have hacked Hitlery’s campaign given how STUPID Podesta was in picking his password. Everyone is told not to use certain things as their oassword and he used one that everyone is told to NEVER EVER USE. That being password123 so anyone could have hacked the system and not have to try even slightly hard.

    • Hillary should be locked up. Her emails were deliberately allowed to view by anyone including Russia and China. Mueller is a Clinton shill. Indict Mueller for Uranium I.


    • I agree, Jane…!! President Trump is like a modern-day Moses leading his people out of bondage…!! THIS is exactly why the liberalprogs HATE him…!! God Bless President Trump…!! God Bless America….!!

      • Cowgirl, could you possibly be more blind? Please, justify his complete dissing of American vets her and abroad. Please justify to me his completely ignoring the 6500 families who lost everything in California fires so he could complain about land management, of which he knows zero? I am a firefighter. I want to know. And what does your God say about a wealthy, self-centered pig getting into heaven?

        • Buzz 0ff. Way 0ff Topic. Praise your man Mueller
          instead of barking on other ppl’s comments.
          >0R Pack up – GO to CA, help out there.

        • Good to know, Scott27, thank you for all you and other firefighters do. You keep making an excellent point that Trump has been a petty child having a tantrum because it is all about his ego. Did all of you know that Trump has been making up written answers to Mueller during this week and this makes Trump upset?

    • Hey, Jane, If God truly had wanted to Bless the USA, he would have Two Years given Us as Our Current President the LADY Instead Of The LUNATIC!

    • Jane, what does your Bible say about the wealthiest getting into heaven? And about immoral behavior? Seriously… they shall wear the mark of the devil on their forheads… unfortunately for you, that mark is a MAGA hat… You just don’t realize it. Nothing about the man is even remotely Christian like. You are being used as a shill by Satan. Sorry, but true.

      • All of a ‘sudden’ -you are Righteous & Sanctimonious?
        > What are you 0n this pm. Way 0ut of your ‘normal’
        deriding character.

      • So it’s sinful to be wealthy. Odd. My King James Bible does not teach that. Only for the ones whom are not honest. And I agree some aren’t

        • Yes it does, Dan, it says over and over about how hard it is for a rich man to enter heaven. You see, their hearts are often in their things, not caring about others. And Scott27, have you ever thought that the red hats are like the brown shirts of the WWII fascists – – fascists love symbols, not people.

          • So rich people are to keep up lazy deadbeats and illegal pepper guts Sorry. My bible doesn’t teach that. By the way. I’ve helped plenty in my time. But I must know their situations. I’ll give only to those whom really need it , not people too lazy to work. The Bible also says “if you don’t work you don’t eat”. That’s not counting those on hard times through no fault of their own. Been there, done that.

    • I am for embracing the ones that can do the most for us or against us. That is good business.

      Our FRIENDS – Germany, France, I believe they wanted to continue trading with Iran when it was profitable to them breaking the terms FRIENDS had
      Was it

  12. Fun to watch this play out. But I hope Democrats don’t make the mistake of trying to impeach so called President Trump. Granted it would be fun to watch Trump’s fat butt twist in the wind, but I think it would push his stagnant economy down even further.

    • Why are people so friggin stupid, as to wanting the economy to tank??? ALSO, can’t believe that people are so ignorantly BLIND, they cannot see what the PRESIDENT has done!!!

      • It ain’t what he has done. It is the attack on Iran that can involve Russia and result in Israel launching the nuclear bombs that she allegedly does not have against Iran.

      • Randall, the problem is, educated people see exactly what he has done… and is doing. It’s not worth my soul. I’m sorry it is yours.

          • Shows, again, Dan, you did not attend a real college and have no idea that the goal is the development of critical thinking. Economics is not an easy subject, but you can easily see that if you borrow loads of money (i.e. deficit spending), you will stimulate your buying in the short run. In the long-run., Trump is greatly damaging our long-term economy.

      • Randall Clark, We know and agree with your comment with the exception of a few misguided liberals who MUST have gotten on this site by mistake. They are beyond help so pay no attention to them and don’t let them make you angry. Believe me, they are not worth it. Most of them are just no account trolls trying to push our buttons and some are paid to troll us.
        Stay cool and as loose as a goose!☆☆☆☆☆☆

      • Ignorance is bliss. Why does renewed right give muelLIAR credence. Ok he along with Hillary,& the Democratic thugs should all be hauled off. Why did comey give Hillary a pass? Why are they wasting money on this witch hunt/ hoax? Impeach Trump FOR WHAT? Ok term limits..
        pelosi, Schumer, mad max…etc…get my point. They are useless & pests. Why does anyone in their “right mind” right mind being the operative word vote DEMON Crats? I digress!

  13. Now that Pelosi and the has flipped from wanting to work on issues for the people (which most people with a half the brain never believed) she has exposed her ass by threatening the President with 85 investigations so Trump needs to put his foot on the gas pedal and really start cleaning up the swamp beginning with getting rid of Mueller and putting an other investigator to go for the f**king throats of Obama and Clinton who have and orchestrated this whole Russian conspiracy. The bastards should face a firing squad for their treason to the USA.

    • You use the term “treason” loosely, but if Trump and campaign staff did collude or conspire with our adversary, Russia/Putin, then they actually did commit treason. We DO KNOW that Don Jr. and Jared and Manafort took a meeting with representatives of Russia to get dirt on Hillary at the Trump Tower meeting – – this came from one of Trump’s tweets! That alone IS CONSPIRACY!

  14. Given Mueller’s misfires in trying to force individuals into speaking against Trump, Mueller is still shooting blanks unless there is a video to prove that any meeting or a third party that is also willing to testify.

  15. i dont understand why he hasnt fired this piece of shit. the dems will cry anyway. they will try and impeach anyway. the fbi is so dam corrupt. look at all the shit they could be doing with hillary maxine and pollosie but they do nothing. do they ever do anything. or just sit there and try and out an elected president. i mean roseinstine had the perfect oprotunity to make himself a hero. now he will go out as another dirty cop.

  16. Mueller, please break another law so we can legally shut down your investigation for good. I hope that the feds can catch you at this time.

    • It is possible Trump is keeping Mueller going because he may have uncovered crimes that can’t be put back in the box that are against some deep state players. Now with Sessions gone and Rosenstein’s power diluted things could be happening that we would least expect, things that will guarantee Trump’s reelection in 2020.

      • Bingo.
        “It is possible Trump is keeping Mueller going because he may have uncovered crimes that can’t be put back in the box that are against some deep state players”. [John Podesta = huge, include his brother Tony. Mueller protecting
        himself, hillary et al, ‘o’, comey. 0n & 0n. You know the ‘gang’.

  17. Mueller can tell every one he has a smoking gun until the Cows come home. He doesn’t have one and if he did, he would have already pulled it out of his hat and then made the Grand Gesture. He is just sucking Money out of The Taxpayer as fast as he can as its we are about ready to pull his plug.

  18. MR PRESIDENT- will you please hurry up and FIRE HIS MISERABLE ASS! I mean, the bastard belings in jail, no? 😣😩😠👹

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