Robert Mueller produced this smoking gun that shocked Trump

Robert Mueller put his cards on the table.

The special counsel announced a guilty plea that the media jumped to label a smoking gun.

But when the smoke cleared, you won’t believe who ended up with egg on their face.

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pled guilty one count of making a false statement to the FBI.

In his plea agreement, he admitted he spoke to the Russian Ambassador about sanctions and Israeli settlements in concert with a senior Trump transition official.

He also claimed Donald Trump ordered him to reach out to the Russians in order to establish a relationship to combat ISIS in Syria.

ABC reported:

Retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn has promised “full cooperation” in the special counsel’s Russia investigation and, according to a confidant, is prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians, initially as a way to work together to fight ISIS in Syria.

The stunning turn comes as Flynn, who is cooperating with investigators in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI about his back-channel negotiations with the Russian ambassador – talks that occurred before Trump took office. The Special Counsel made the plea agreement public Friday morning.

But this story was not the bombshell the media built up into.

The contact with the Russians came after the election.

And the pleading makes it clear the conduct Flynn lied to the FBI about was not criminal.

Trump and Flynn were acting in their legitimate capacities as President-elect and incoming National Security Advisor.

Nothing in this plea mentions the campaign or collusion.

It’s another dead end in a farce of an investigation.

If this is all Mueller has than Trump should fire him immediately and shut this witch hunt down.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




    • So true Dorris! It is clear Mueller is on a witch hunt to impeach the President. Flynn is a good friend of his and Mueller started his investigations after Flynn was fired. A no brainer for his motives. Way past the time to produce anything on Trump and a criminal waste of tax dollars. The government is beyond corrupt and has been for decades. Thus the great reason why Trump was voted in! A number of recent polls have shown that we the people understand what’s going on. We want our country back and want to fight for it. Being a Leftist now unfortunately means the end of sovereignty and a one world government. That’s why they want all the illegals and millions coming into our country to be on entitlements, draining everything and of course, for their votes! Although not all perfect, vote Republican, back our President and our legal citizens, cut off the entitlements and for those that deserve it, cap it at 12 months and done, strict vetting and reduce immigration to nothing, make Medicaid for disabled and seniors as it was intended. Dismantle the Freedom Caucus-it should be a crime! Rino traitors! No more divisions! Let’s stand strong together and take back our country one law at a time! Imprison all traitors and criminals no matter what their position and whoks paid them off! I have more, but that’s enough for now.

    • Trump should Hilliary’ s words to every question
      “I don’ t recall or I don’t remember” to every question.
      Worked for her. Or plead the 5th amendment.
      Don’t step into his trap by trickery. That way he can’t
      trap anyone but himself.

  2. Mueller should be looking at the TRUE Russian collusion which is with Obama and the Russians before Trump was even a Nominee and Hillary when she got paid $145 Million to help Obama commit TREASON by selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia. I wonder what they paid Obama who approved the sale?????

  3. Robert Mueller is working overtime to prevent his own Russian collusion verdict.
    “Given enough rope he will hang himself”.
    The time is getting closer with each new development.

  4. This investigation is not legitimate, you don’t just wake up one morning and say, “let’s make up a special council to investigate stuff we did, but blame it on Trump!” The DNC is a Criminal Organization and they prove it every day! For an investigation to be legit, it has to go through the correct process and they did not! The real “Crime” is the fact that Obama, and his administration have broken plenty of laws for an indictment, yet nobody has done anything! Fast&Furious, Benghazi, Iran Deal, the lavish vacations costing taxpayers over a hundred million dollars, the terrorist network inside the “People’s-House” the debt caused by obama spending more money than all other POTUS’s combined, the Uranium-1, deal with Russia! Lying to the American People about Obamacare! Interfering with Israel’s elections, following President Trump around speaking to world leaders against a current-sitting, POTUS! The DNC knowingly backing a fraudulent candidate for POTUS! Collusion with known terrorists, arming terrorists against the United States using tax-payer funded weapons! Treason!


  6. the time for pursuing treasonous/criminal acts is way overdue. uranium and millions of dollars to iran is so egregious that it is a slap in the face to all Americans. further delay in holding accountable those responsible is pure malfeasance. the elites have squandered millions in a dithering effort to unseat the President yet cannot curb their lust to remain in power at the expense of the nation. grow the hell up and do the job for which you were elected.

  7. When Mueller starts backing up into the “obama/clinton/kerry comey” era of documented collusion and [quid pro quo] then he will become creditable ; until then he is a political HACK.

    • Could not agree more. Shut the investigation DOWN. Put Hillary and henchmen under the microscope. Charge her with the MURDER of Naval Veterans and have her face their
      loved ones.

    • He is a hack and why Sessions dosn’t fire him is beyond me. Hopefully Sessions is sitting back waiting for the right moment to let all hell break lose.

  8. Congressional testimony by the outgoing FBI Director Mueller in 2013 shows the consequences of Obama’s “Outreach” program, whereby the massive capture of all our phone calls and e-mails exempts specifically American mosques, their mullahs and imams, and their membership from such surveillance. That is how, for example, the surveillance of the two Boston Marathon jihadist bombers was stopped back in 2011 – and these murderers were left in peace to plan and execute their terrorist attack from their local mosque. That jihadist murder was followed by deadly attacks in Fort Hood, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Washington State – so far.

  9. The only people guilty of collusion during the 2016 election was the Clinton’s and anyone who donated money to or supported them during the election. The dossier they bought to try to frame Trump proves this.

    • I live in London and it just makes me sick when I hear the BBC news talking about the investigation into Mr Trump’s Russian connections, etc., making him sound so slimy and guilty. I guess they get their fakenews direct from ABC or CNN or somebody; they sound so superior and smug when they’re talking crap without even knowing it.

  10. Hmmm, an attempt by the newly elected regime to discuss the possibility of forming an alliance to combat the world’s ills with one of the world’s players? How terribly shocking! Perhaps the rabid leftists would care to state that the previous regime could NEVER be accused of such a thing because, during its opaque rule, the World was left to its own devices as they concentrated on lining their own and their familiars pockets with as much filthy lucre as possible, thus doubling the national debt.

  11. Haven’t you figured Mueller out?? he is broke and needs money, so soros made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.
    When Mueller goes DOWN it will be to the depth of hell. he is a real joke.
    BUT we will have a good laugh at his fake efforts. all for money.. SAD just a rotten man… But the laugh is going to be on him and he won’t stick his nose out the door after this. he is to stupid he is about to be clocked.

    • Soros is behind the downfall of many nations. According to a very old “Newsweek”, he stated that it made him feel powerful. Hmm. Georgie reminds me of the Antichrist in Revelation. Could be. A traitor to American integrity, he is and all he buys.
      Linda J Morris

  12. USE Insecticide on the Cockroaches in our government and start with Sessions, and move on down the line to Mueller, Rosenstein, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, McCabe, and the top layers of the FBI – CIA Lasagna

    If you have ever watched HORDING BURIED ALIVE, that’s AMERICAN TRUST and it’s because of the Wicked and those in the Cabal and it starts with BUSH SR.

  13. shut mueller down, its a waste of tax payers money, they havent found anything on trump yet that was ilegal, so whats the point of continuing this investigation??

  14. Me thinks the special investigation need to shift it’s focus to the speciaqlo prosecutor. Mr. Mueller has a background of potentially criminal activities and certainly is being paid to come up with trash on Trump. That connection needs to be explored and if it is true Both he and the person paying him need to go to jail AND pay back all the money spent on this worthless witch hunt. Yes, liberals, Hillary lost, now suck it up and move on. Trump has done more for this country in the short time he has been in office that the last 3 Presidents did in their combined terms. NO? Look at the stock market, tax law, foreign relations (middle east) just to name a few items. Let’s put the investigation where it needs to be: on the FBI, CIA, DNC, Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Comey, Holder, and a host of others to include Congressmen and Senators. Drain the swamp? Get-r-done.


    • Cut thier BS investigation off like ripping off a bandaid. The Dems will howl but they do that anyway. THIS is disgusting political scam

    • No not just wait a little longer i think something big will happen in the next month or two. I think Mueller and our president Trump have been working together to finish Democrats we will just wait to see what happens in the next few months.

  16. Dear Fellow Conservatives who are in the RIGHT.

    When a person pledges something that goes nationwide, isn’t it a legal contract?

    Then i must ask, why is Rosie; Goldie; etc…STILL IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? They said they’d leave if Trump was elected President. They’re still here. Can’t ICE deport them? I offered to give the a one way ticket to who knows where.

  17. Dear Fellow Conservatives who are in the RIGHT.

    When a person pledges sometime that goes nationwide, isn’t it a legal contract?

    Then i must ask, why is Rosie; Goldie; etc…STILL IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? They said they’d leave. Can’t ICE deport them? I offered to give the a one way ticket to who knows where.

  18. What a total scam Mueller is running. He himself needs to be investigated for his role in the Uranium 1 ordeal, when he was head of the FBI. He refuses to investigate the real criminals such as Hillary, Comey, Lynch. McCabe, Holder and of course Obozo himself. What a great system of injustice we have in the democracy. Sounds like North Korea where the government officials are never prosecuted.

    • He’s laughing all the way to the bank. With every day that he can prolong this so-called investigation, his coffers are over-flowing with taxpayers’ money.

    • Dear AG Sessions,

      Please, wake up, fire Mueller now, and then resign, so someone gutsy like James Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director, can do the work you are too weak to do.

    • Yes! Do it now!! And….put the Clintons, Obummer, Mueller, Comey, Rinos and any other treasonous snakes in prison and throw away the key! Barack get off the stage. You aren’t in charge anymore! Run! You might be headed for another big house, but it’s not white!

  19. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind where the REAL COLLUSION is occurring! Mueller is a known anti-Trumper and in fact supported and likely is still supporting that whiney loser, HilLIARy! President Trump should stop giving these idiots fodder to continue their campaign of bring him down. It has already been made quite obvious that Mueller’s so-called charges against the Trump Administration are proving time and again that these charges are nothing short of pure fabrications. President Trump should just ignore these imbeciles, stop tweeting and let his attorneys handle the situation. After all, that is what the attorneys get paid for.

  20. To me, Mueller and his legal team has extremely disturbing ties to the UraniumOne and the Clinton Foundation scandals. It is like asking the Mafia to investigate others for alleged criminal charges that they themselves are guilty of. They had long enough and if this is all they got, it is time to cut taxpayer funded farce of an investigation and besides, WHERE IS THE SPECIAL COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE the CLINTONS, OBAMA, LORETTA LYNCH, SUSAN RICE, the PODESTA BROTHERS, Huma Abedin, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Robert Mueller, Rod Rpsenstein, McCabe, and many others for charges against The People for Obstruction of Justice and Racketeering (RICO) and many others that goes from the former POTUS’s down to the Deep State?

  21. Mueller is desperate to “git” Trump and he and his team will do and say anything to achieve that goal. They will beg, borrow and steal to bring Trump down and all they keep doing is exposing themselves in ineptness and corruption. When they have nothing, they will make up something. Never before in the history of this country has such animosity and contempt existed against a POTUS. It’s disgusting and totally initiated by crooked Hillary, imposter Obama and evil George Soros.

  22. Mueller is a smart guy. Why he is continuing to keep this investigation going over nothing. President Trump needs to end this Witch Hunt into the Republicans and get the real criminals: Obama, Clinton & her assistant, Eumia, Schultz, Comey, Lynch, Holder & lots of other real bad guys especially in the CIA & FBI.

    • Mueller is a tool of the democrats, he is not a neutral investigator as he should be. His investigation has strayed way away from where it was supposed to go. His investigation found no fault. It’s time to shut this down, now. RUN HIM OUT OF TOWN.

  23. In case someone wants to communicate with the DOJ regarding Robert Mueller’s vendetta against President Trump (on behalf of his friend and former colleague, Comey) Here is the DOJ switchboard’s no.: (202) 514-2000.

  24. The Senate should take responsibility to shut down the Mueller Special Counsel. It’s wasting our tax money for a hefty salary for Mueller and about twelve or so others. But hey. It’s always nice to get some cash during retirement. Isn’t it? Soon it will be a year and Mueller hasn’t found anything worthwhile.

    • Gee, he’s only spent $5,000,000 so far. Flynn was told to meet with the Russians AFTER the election. It’s pretty hard to “rig” and election AFTER the election is over. This is just a very expensive “Nothing Burger”!

      • if congress cant pull the money from mueller taxpayers should via a class action lawsuit since the 5 mill plus is taxpayer money! where are the so-called taxpayer fairness groups or government oversight groups that keep asking us for donations but i do not see accomplishing anything?

        • When I get those emails for contributions, I tell them when President Trump is supported and the right people investigated, than there is a chance . I refuse to give another penny unless those conservatives and Republican give their full support to President Trump. TAXPAYERS SHOULD DEMAND FOR RETURN OF THEIR MONEY FOR CONGRESS SPENDING ON SEXUAL ASSAULTS. WHY WOULD THE TAXPAYERS WANT TO PAY FOR THIS? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

  25. This “investigation” should never have started.
    People with common sense know this is a fake smear to take the heat and attention
    off of the real guilty ones. It is a massive “left wing conspiracy” from Obama on
    down to the DNC. We all know who started this and why. End this stupid witch hunt
    now! Turn the spotlight on the entire Obama administration and the Clinton crime
    syndicate. Plenty of indictments to go around on that bunch. Get some real people
    to investigate and not cover up scam artists. In short, drain that huuuuge swamp. Hint:
    Start with George Soros and his family!

  26. The problem remains, why hasn’t Hilary, Susan Rice,Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedeen and others been investigated and jailed waiting for trial? Why are they above the law? Why do the taxpayers keep funding the dishonest instead of helping the middle class that hit bad times due to Obama becoming president. Where is the $2500 each family was going to save and keep their doctors? Health insurance is out of reach ,deductibles and co pays robbing the puiblic but yet our gov’t has money to give illegals everything free. The illegals pay no taxes and the middle class dies. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE IMHO

    • it will never be “over”..he will push this until trump has served 8 years as president and then even after that. it is a gravy train for his retirement and for the other dems on his investigation commission.

  27. I’ve been streaming & watching the Walking Dead for the first time. I’m in season five. It’s loaded with DemoRats which play the “walkers”. In some supposed sanctuary community, sound familiar, they invite people to come and join them to live in “safety”. The only problem is that just like the “walkers” or DemoRats lie to these people and rob them. After that, they butcher them and place them on the menu for future consumption.
    Well, these cannibals finally got theirs last night. I hope the real cannibals in DC get theirs really soon….

  28. This has been a witch hunt on President Trump even before the election. It is time for Mueller to stop this nonsense and President Trump needs to fire Mueller and this Russian collusion nonsense needs to be closed and stopped now. The American voters and American tax payers are tired of our tax dollars going to pay Mueller for something that is not there and it needs to be shut down, closed and stopped immediately. The real criminals here are The Clinton, Obama and his administration. Mueller and Comey are a part of that bunch as far as I see. These Democrats sitting on the hill right now need to be voted out along with some republicans there as soon as possible. A lot of them have been in there way way to long and are making it a career for doing nothing.some of them are so old they should have retired 20 years ago. We need term limits now. I say no more than 8 years in office just like the president.

  29. The Liberal Democrats are using the old Joseph Goebbels tactics of : repeating a lie often enough until people believe it … Very very sad indeed !!!

  30. Looks like Mr. Trump took the wrong fork when in route to have dinner. I think he should get rid of the Mul-er; because, it sure seems like he jumps the fence to get dirt on Mr. Trump every chance he can come up with. I do believe we have Demon-cratic flies swarming around taking a dump in someone’s soup???

    • Mice and cockroaches infesting the White House? Obama holdovers ALL! Pull the plug on the sewer! De-fund sanctuary cities! De-fund Mueller and his band of smarmy brothers! LOCK UP all those who would collude to undermine what is RIGHT & GOOD for MAGA! USE those tax dollars to BUILD THE WALL!

  31. Get rid of Mueller! He is wasting taxpayer’s money just to try to get something on Trump that will satisfy his friends to the left and the angry Democrats. He should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Shut it down,give Flynn a pardon he has been through enough.Lets move on this baloney isn’t helping the nation at all,it costs a lot of money and sets the wrong tone for making America great again.We are on the way,Merry Christmas to all.

    • Give him a BIG FAT settlement for what this creep has put him through. Better 5 MIL to him than Mueller who has filthy money all over the place.

  33. Was Flynn wrong? Was Trump wrong? Was Mueller wrong?
    Obviously the term projection as its used in psychology was never seen. The Clinton-Obama-Holder-Lynch-Comey=MOB wanted Mueller to find the smoking gun, but it wasn’t where the Dems suggested. It was next to Hillarys vodka bottle. It was in Bills underwear..well you get the point.

  34. This has been proven to be a total democrat witch hunt, and the tables are going to turn on the liar s. The American people are actually beginning to wake up to what’s going on. People like Finestein, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton and obama are truly the ones that can’t stand American values, so I stand with President Trump in MAGA.

  35. Problem with continuing is that Libs and Dems involved in the NEVER TRUMP, will CREATE some issue. They Lie continuously without any legal punishments. They are hypocritical liars. Clinton OPENLY did a hell of a lot worse then Flynn or anyone associated with Trump, yet NOTHING. Simple Example: Dems/Libs crying about so called trillion $ over a 10 year period with the Trump Tax plan. OK, why the hell did they keep quiet and accept 2 trillion a year by OBAMA and their ass’s? OBAMA Admin piled up more deficit then ALL the presidents combined before them. NOTHING SAID. NO, Mueller needs to STOP. When some thing goes long enough, you can always create a mountain out of a mole-hill.

  36. When will Mueller ever steer his investigation toward Hillary and her foundation? Think it will ever happen? Probably not.

  37. Like Trump said, the deep state is coming too an end. So many involved and Congress is hot on it. They are about at straws end with holding information that the courts are hoofing them in contempt. I think we are going to find even Seasons involved due to him reclusing himself. The democrats and rinos are frustrated and Moore winning, which is only the beginning of tide turning there. Nasty!! It’s only beginning

  38. I believe the investigation should continue to the end. Let Muller and the rest of the liberal establishment fall on their faces once and for all. The truth will prevail and President Trump will reign true and great.

    • My thoughts exactly! But seriously, folks… who believes they’ll quit, even when they’ve been shamed AGAIN in this farce? Not me. Somehow, they’ll keep using that stupid, false assumption that Trump won the election because of “collusion” because it’s a distraction from all the crimes being committed on a daily basis by Democrat politicians, aides, cohorts, etc.

        • I agree. With this being said, President Trump needs to stop his TWEETING and giving them more fuel for their supposed fires. We all know a written comment can very often be taken to mean something just the opposite as it is meant to say.

    • OK but force them (liberals and other Trump haters) to bear 100% of the cost of the investigation. I’m sick and tired of paying for all this nonsense with my tax money just so these clowns can keep sucking the guvmint tit. If we know a criminal and/or other act was obviously committed then the investigation is warranted (like with Wild Bill and Monica) but other wise it’s mostly “make-work” just to keep pumping money in someone’s bottomless pocket.

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