Robert Mueller pulled a double cross that left Donald Trump red with rage

Everyone thought Robert Mueller closed up shop and finished his work.

The special counsel even submitted his final report.

But then Robert Mueller shocked everyone by pulling a double cross that left Donald Trump red with rage.

When Attorney General William Barr revealed the top line conclusions of the Mueller Report – that there was no collusion with Russia and that the special counsel declined to bring obstruction charges against the President – Americans figured this story was over.

But with Barr scheduled to testify before Congress, Robert Mueller pulled one of the most sinister double crosses in Washington, D.C. history.

Mueller leaked a letter he wrote to Barr after Barr released the conclusions of his report claiming Barr’s letter did not report the proper “context” of Mueller’s findings.

The Washington Post reported:

At the time Mueller’s letter was sent to Barr on March 27, Barr had days prior announced that Mueller did not find a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian officials seeking to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. In his memo to Congress, Barr also said that Mueller had not reached a conclusion about whether Trump had tried to obstruct justice, but that Barr reviewed the evidence and found it insufficient to support such a charge.

Days after Barr’s announcement, Mueller wrote the previously undisclosed private letter to the Justice Department, laying out his concerns in stark terms that shocked senior Justice Department officials, according to people familiar with the discussions.

“The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions,” Mueller wrote. “There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.”

Mueller did not dispute the accuracy of anything Barr reported.

Mueller was furious that the Fake News Media didn’t report his findings with the proper spin.

And it showed that all along, Robert Mueller was a treasonous snake in the grass on a mission to impeach the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Trump needs to get Obama’s secret to locking his birth records and school records. He was treated as a foreign student throughout his educationj

  2. Mueller could not investigate killary because he was in in the uranium deal. Mueller was the “bag man” in that deal,among other things. He is as dirty as the rest. Hang them all & let’s get on with AMERICA’S business .

  3. Mueller failed to mention how much Soros and/or the democrats paid him to change his story. What trash!

  4. It is certainly for the Republicans to get investigations underway on all thehouse democrats, obama, hillary, all the snakes like mueller page ,strozek, the list is too long to print out but obama and hillary should be # 1 and#2and get this show on the road. Personally I am suck and tired of all the tirades on our President Trump and all the disrespect he faces EVERY DAY!!! He was elected as our president and has helped our economy and yet hes vilified. I wonder how much better we could be if all this negative power was put to a good use and help empower our coubtry instead of tearing us down. I vote for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA certainly NOT the democ “rats”.

  5. You right wingers have the craziest conspiracy theories. Who has led the more honest life, Donald Trump or Robert Mueller. Case closed.

  6. The Democrats are a bunch of Criminals is the reason that they never investigate any wrong doing by a Democrat. Obama and Hillary should be in Jail.

  7. no he had 8 years and did a lot of damage, but the darkie clown is no longer president and that worn out old drunken hore lost in 2016.. now all that is required is to make sure the Trump wins 2020 and those worthless democrapo pervert party parasite scum bags go back to their cesspools with nothing in their hands but their genitals..

  8. Why has no-one ever looked at the fraud Obama did to this nation? When he was in school he received money based on his claim to be a foreign exchange student. Then he claimed to be a natural born citizen. You cannot have both and recall ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  9. We are extremely blessed to have Trump as our president and we should show our gratitude by voting for him & the republicans so we can win back the house.We must do this if our country is to survive. Plus, maybe winning back the house & another four years for Trump will slso help to put a lid on this dangerous hate that is constantly spewd out by the demonics. You see what a little power (winning the house) has done The dems must be put in their place. They think they own us & the world. I can’t take much more of them. Please vote republican if for no other reason than to get rid of this hatred & ugliness the dems put out every minute of every day.their goal is to create chaos, make us forget who we really are as a people. If we don’t vote them out, we are done, over. Is that what you want – communism, a fascist, controlling government? Can’t you feel it & see it. The hate has greatly escaslated just with the dems winning the house. Imagine if they had any real power. Please, it is all in how we vote. Don’t let them scare you in the wrong direction with all of their lies. Research what they say. See for yourselves. Not to mention that they have not put any effort into what they are there for. Their behaviour would lead one to believe they have been given a license to hate & tell lies. We can stop this uglines – come back to the loving, generous people we have always been. Vote republican to save our country our citizens. Even if you are a dem, independent, whatever. We all need to vote republican to save our country. Start really thinking, and observing where this ugliness is coming from. The republicans don’t play the hate game. You’ll see it if you look.

  10. Thanks for your post Bonnie and John: The problem is that we live under a two-tiered legal system, which is supported by Mainstream Media and the Democrats. There is no Constitution if we live under a two-tiered justice system.

    Alan Dershowitz recognizes this and that is the main reason he is about to turn into a Republican. (Or an Independent).

    There is only ONE person who can restore our Constitution. That is Attorney General William Barr. Nobody else can. Not even president Trump.

    Bill O’Rielly fears that Barr may not have the “courage” to do what is necessary. But after watching him yesterday, I believe that he will. Underneath Barr’s calm demeanor, I see a rage forming. I believe the Democrats who attacked Barr made a mistake. A serious mistake.

    BTW, I wrote A.G. Barr and asked him to have the COURAGE to defend our Constitution. He understands what this means. Perhaps you should write him too.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  11. Allegedly, Mueller and Barr have a “friendly” relationship. The assumption made by Media is that Mueller directed his underlings to write a “snitty” letter to Barr, which is what happened.

    Mueller is feeling the “sting” and hatred of Democrats because Mueller did not FRAME Trump for impeachment. In a sense, I don’t blame Mueller. Democrat hate is vicious and all encompassing. There is nothing quite like it.

    But for Mueller at least, the damage is done. Barr and he will never again be close “friends.” Barr was disgusted by this “small” retribution against him. Barr is no fool. He is about to take-on the Democrats and even as I type this, the Dems are looking into Barr’s past to find a “Me too” to get Barr removed.

    My sense is that it will not happen. You can’t run a Country entirely on hate. When some of the (previous) Democrat States vote for Trump in 2020, the message will be sent. And I believe this will happen.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  12. Can you spell “moron”? I would say the answer to that is a resounding YES as it is your middle name.

  13. Mueller found no evidence of collusion by Trump. He should have investigated Hillary, the Russian dossier, the FBI, the fake documents submitted to a FISA court to get them to approve spying on the Trump campaign. He ignored evidence Hillary and the DNC paid Peter Steele for the fake dossier and the evidence of collusion by Ukrainian officials to defeat Trump.What the heck is wrong with the Republicans that they did not investigate the Clinton Foundation and Hillary when they controlled both houses of Congress? Mueller had insufficient evidence of obstruction of justice. Thus, Trump was found innocent. Remember if there is no conviction for a crime, a person remains judged innocent. Mueller wants a spin put on his conclusions now that the Democrats are criticizing him for failing to convict Trump of a fake crime.

  14. Scott27…you obviously don’t listen to any one OTHER than (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork…Muleface and his merry band of democrats (not 1 was a republican or ANY ONE who donated to the republican party) failed to interviewed ONE DEMOCRAT during the entire over 600 day investigation of Trump….how is that…and you believe that report?…how dumb can YOU be?

  15. Muleface did that to try to detour the investigation of his sorry ass and a lot of the top democrats and the Uranium 1 deal that will send them to the gallows….him ,Killery,Slick Willy,Holder and others

  16. The Uranium that was given and approve
    by Clinton in return Russia donated
    $ to her Clinton Foundation. In turn
    Russia sold it to Iran.less than a year or was on the papers that was
    published. Shock, I wasn’t. The media
    was very quiet as usual Two faced just like the Democrat liberal politicians.
    Now Brennan claimed his innocence and
    attacks our President Trump for this mess. I checked about John Brennan he did convert to Muslim faith. No wonder he’s against our country. Convertion
    happened while being diplomat in Saudi
    Arabia during Obama’s administration.

  17. Trump is a giant surrounded by Lilliputians. Best analogy is like a gentle Irish Wolfhound or a Rottweiler surrounded by a bunch of yapping, ankle biting Yorkies. It’s all fine until one of the yappers actually bites and hits a nerve. Bye bye Yorkie, and who can blame the big dog? Another Yorkie?

  18. Yes Obamma started this. The Democratic party who couldn’t except defeat brought this nasty hate to a new level. This will go down in our history as the most shameful time. Thank’s to the Democratic party, SAD!

  19. Noo SCOTT 27 which must be your age. You are filled with meaness and regurtated anger.

  20. I pray our President pereveres and never gives up the fight against Deep Swamp critters.

  21. Mueller is the one that needs to be investigated , all the while Obama, Hillery have sold us out and not a word out of the Dem’s. They all need to be fired !

  22. Trump should not have been investigated to begin with. It should have been Obama, Hillary, Comey and all those who tried to keep him from becoming President They are the ones who broke the law,and I want them brought to justice. How can we ever trust our government to do the right things if they don’t prosecute those who did every sneaky trick in the book to hinder him. They , and I believe Muller was also involved, sold our uranium to Russia, and they are the ones who have been involved with Russia, so where do they get off trying to impeach our duly elected President? They are the ones who should be investigated and brought up on charges. I am tired of you saying that I have already said something. You are censoring me, and that is the fact of the matter.

  23. Trump should not have been investigated to begin with. It should have been Obama, Hillary, Comey and all those who tried to keep him from becoming President They are the ones who broke the law,and I want them brought to justice. How can we ever trust our government to do the right things if they don’t prosecute those who did every sneaky trick in the book to hinder him. They , and I believe Muller was also involved, sold our uranium to Russia, and they are the ones who have been involved with Russia, so where do they get off trying to impeach our duly elected President? They are the ones who should be investigated and brought up on charges.

  24. The economy is better than it has been since Reagan, the courts are being filled with people who actually know the Constitution and want to follow it. Trump is trying to solve our immigration problems. When you look at his accomplishments and take into consideration that he is under attack by the “news media” and the dems at every turn, it is truly amazing.

  25. You must be referring to that pos Obama, he’s the only one that brought this country down! Oh and you bought it hook line and sinker!

  26. There is something seriously, seriously wrong about most of you folks. Have you been so brainwashed, to completely controlled you have no ability to think? Your dear leader is taking this country down…. down… down… and you fools have bought into it hook, line and sinker. You will ultimately be sorry. How much was your soul worth when you sold it to this garbage?

  27. 4Pip… You obviously did not read the report. Either that or you have chosen to live your life with blinders on. How dare you invoke God… what a fool you must be.

  28. Mueller’s summary just a stunt timed for the hearing his report was released for everybody to read redacted was behind closed doors another nothing Burger

  29. mueller should realize that he is also named in the OIG report due out later this month. He is in fact under investigation as he is also part of the fisa investigation gone wrong. along with obama and his corruption as mueller was apart of it all from start to finish I bet he was also in on the blackmail of rosenstein that got him appointed to investigate Trump in the first place. I believe he also had part in Ukraine dealings also. As it was Ukraine and not Russia who paid off fussion GPS and steele on the dossier. I think the only tie russia had was to the old Ukraine government who was in with Hillary and them who paid Ukraine to make the dealings to start the dossier work. That news still has yet to come out but soon will if the current Ukraine state department could ever get visa’s approved to travel to the US to see the AG and congress. But nobody wants to approve it????? I wonder why?????

  30. I read it and it is super,tell all about the real crooks and what is going to happen to them. God is good and His will is going to be done,whether the Left likes it or not.

  31. Nat-
    You got that all wrong…it is the lying dems and fake news…not our President. The Dems are a disgrace to our nation. God Bless America.

  32. Swamp is deep ‘n dark; I can’t fathom how our President Trump functions on a daily basis. DEMONrats, criminal Left + Muslims in our Government are plants + spies, in front row! God help us! Pray for justice served and soon!

  33. Muleface is tied to the deep state. He knows Trump is innocent but worded his report to keep the commiecrats fired up for impeachment

  34. This fiasco is over. You want dirt, collusion, lying, obstruction of justice? Go investigate Hillary Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Holder and more leading all the way to Obama. Don’t forget Huma,and her attorney. The list is long. Time to drain that damn swamp!

  35. Maybe you all should consider that the present President of the USA has lied virtually every day of his occupancy in OUR White House. May you all read / reread Both your Holy Books and the Constitution with Amendments of the USA. Today I witnessed the slime of the Presidency leach off on all those in proximity to Trump. AND that includes YOU ALL.

  36. I have tried to say this twice but no go. This is my last try. Read the book, The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor. 5 Stars.

  37. One thing for sure they are all quality for membership to the lying club. And now they can’t remember how the story goes.

  38. Same old crap from same old people. Mueler (or Uranium investigation as a subject, since he signed off that it was an ok deal for the US to comit to

  39. I honestly figured Mueller would pull something, He is a snake. As it is he handed that report over to Barr because he knew very well how Democrats were going to react. The hole thing is such a disgusting attempt to out Trump. I am so looking forward to all those corrupt Democrats, Hillary, Obama, Rice, McCabe, Page and her other half, Comey, Lynch the whole dam bunch to be prosecuted. They are all corrupt and to put tax payers money to such a senseless investigation is disgusting. Dems are doing NOTHING to help America, putting us in danger form illegals infiltrating our country with murderers, rapist, human traffic, and drugs that are killing people, Now diseases as well contaminating our country. You are paid to do what is needed for America. The wall is one. Instead of spending all your time and money on Trump do what the people of this country are friggin paying you for.P.S You now have lost another Democrat. I want nothing to do with you disgusting people.

  40. America always knew that Muller was a Political Swamp RAT, working for the Anti American Left and Lefty Liberal DemocRATs!!,..

  41. Nice job Mister Mueller. Everybody knew that give you enough time you would out yourself as a liar and sneak. You and the Democraps deserve each other and.when the time comes I hope you hang together.

  42. No one needs to worry….Mueller will find himself n jail awaiting trial for the TREASONOUS act(s) surrounding the Uranium One act of giving Russia 20% of our uranium reserves. That will also hit Hillary, Rosenstein, and Obama. Add them up, folks, there are a lot of people connected to the Obama administration that are going to pay dearly!!!

  43. Just wait until the one that has a 2 edge sword ask you what have you done to create such an uproar of lies and take so long to the one I chose to put as President….I hope you know who I’m speaking about, YES your creator.

  44. Mueller,
    You are a snake with forked tongue, but that’s an unfair comparison to snakes!
    To clarify, you are a typical lying libtard SOB! Oooops, didn’t mean to bring your mother into this!

  45. Plenty of room for you in that prison to Mueller. Can’t wait to see you doing the perp walk – that is if you don’t take the cowards way out. I’d lay my money down that you do – or suffer from a bad case of Arkancide.

  46. Everyone knows Mueller is full of crap. He and his cronies did this fake crap because Mueller himself is under investigation and the dems are too under Obama and Hillary’s instruction; only obvious

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