Robert Mueller pulled a surprise trick that Trump never expected

Robert Mueller is approaching his end game.

That’s to remove Donald Trump from office.

And he just leaked a surprise move that caught Trump off guard and sent a panic through Trump’s base of support.

Recently, it was leaked to the media that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s defense team had stopped sharing information with Trump’s lawyers.

This led many to speculate that Flynn had flipped on Trump and was cooperating with the special counsel.

And a brand new development appeared to confirm this rumor.

Mueller canceled grand jury testimony by a Flynn associate which many pundits believe means the special counsel and Flynn have a plea deal in palce.

CNN reports:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has postponed an anticipated grand jury testimony linked to his investigation into Michael Flynn amid growing indications of possible plea deal discussions.

Additional witnesses were expected to be questioned soon including a public relations consultant hired by Flynn’s lobbying firm who was given an early December date deadline to appear before the grand jury, according to a person at the company.

Ahead of the delay, the impression was that the testimony needed to happen soon, the source said.

“Time seems to be of the essence,” said the source at Sphere Consulting, the PR firm where the consultant worked.

The grand jury testimony was postponed, the person said, with no reason given. There could be many reasons for a delay, including scheduling issues.”

Flynn – who was a victim of illegal deep state leaks that contributed to his resignation as National Security Advisor – appears to be in legal jeopardy stemming from his consulting work with the Turkish government.

There is no evidence he – or anyone else on the Trump campaign – colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election.

But the media will continue to speculate that Flynn’s agreement means he can deliver the goods on Trump to Mueller.

We will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.



  1. If they ever tried to impeach Trump there would be a huge civil war. Trump has done more for our country in the short time he’s been in office than all the presidents put together back to Ronnie Reagan.

  2. why don’t Donald get rid of this clown fooler wasting tax payers money he and fake ass barry soetoro obuma needs to go to hell sick of these criminals


    • I do believe that our President knows what is going on and in the end dumb ass Mueller will wind up in the trick bag along with a lot of other dumb assess . I Stand !!! oh I almost forgot I also eat bacon !!

      • Id, I to believe out President will become the victor in the dumb ass game of how long can Mueller keep up this game of attrition. I wish some one other than President would fire Mueller for wasting our taxpayer money, our time with fake news, and forcing people to talk to him.

  4. Mueller’s investigation won’t be going anywhere, because there’s nothing to find. Mueller isn’t smart
    enough to out-fox Trump and neither are the rest of the brain-dead DC swamp. The Swamp better get used to the idea of eight years of Trump…it’s gonna be a very long eight years for them. Trump 2020!

  5. Trump is doing a good job, period! Mueller or if Flynn’s art of it, we will know soon! Remember Lies will get caught. So far Trump has said what he was going to do and he did just that! There if there any facts about Trump allegations then prove it! But calling him names or cussing isn’t going to get the job done! Show me the facts! Being a good moral person isn’t about cursing, screaming, angry. temperamental and etc. You need to od your part as a American citizen, bottom line. Remember we all are in and it need to be done in a positive way. The work has to be done in a positive way. Mueller is guilty and too much stuff has been done had tarnished the National Security. Let face it he had already lost and he is going after Trump why? because he has nothing to lose at this point? It is already at the bottom of the barrel. He hasn’t told the truth of his allegations on Russian Affair! Amen!

  6. He’s doing and old trick, find dirt on someone and offer a plea. He was suppose to be investigating Russia ties, came to a dead end so he dug up dirt that has nothing to do with Trump and Russia. That just shows they’re getting desperate. Mueller knows he can’t be fired, it will look suspicious. After all that’s how J. Edgar Hoover kept his job as director, he had a file on all presidents and most politicians, they call that Blackmail!!

    • Me either however I am so sick of hearing about Trump and Russia and Russia and Russia, why not just go ahead and impeach him and get it over with…he can still stay in office just like Clinton did.

      • There is no proof of Russian Collusion with Trump. Mueller should give up and stop wasting taxpayers money on this baseless Russian collusion thing. Trump has done nothing impeachable. It is all a plot to remove Trump; because, the swamp rats do not want to leave and , they know Trump can remove them.

  7. If Mueller is doing a proper investigation (which I doubt) he will uncover more improprieties on Obama and Clinton than Trump and company…. and even if he does not present and process it he will be leaving some good stuff to be addressed later by DOJ….

  8. I say its time for a civil war. Our bill of rights, state in the original not the copy on display: “Whenever the Government is no longer by and for the people, abolish it and re-establish government By and For the people”. With all the illegals, Liberals and other lost ideas such as 65 different genders in California, some from the Galaxy of TRANS-SEXUAL, how else could you follow this statement?

  9. Arm Yourselves America. We’re heading down a nasty path and rapidly approaching a CIVIL WAR if President Trump is Impeached. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, but we have to be prepared.

  10. Arm Yourselves America. We’re heading down a nasty path and rapidly approaching a CIVIL WAR if President Trump is Impeached. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, but we have to be prepared.

  11. Anything the “swampers” can do to take our minds off of this tax bill!
    Anything President Trump does that is good means they will come up with some other distraction. The stock market went up, they are in a frenzy. The White House Christmas decorations don’t look like those that Michele selected. Wow! The “swamp”
    is so vast and eight years will not be enough to drain it.

  12. This is just outrageous. Sessions has to go after all of them now. Soros
    should be arrested tomorrow along with Hillary and the rest of the garbage in
    the Democratic party. Enough is enough. Flynn better do the right thing
    and tell the truth. Even after President Trump fired him he still supported

    • Time for ALL Trump supporters to draw up a National Referendum AHEAD of 2018 politics…also to plan, direct, and organize MARCH ON WASHINGTON protesting Mueller’s lack of direction. Where from and who is in control of these purse strings SPECIFICALLY?! Either the Russian Collusion Investigation is finished and Findings Published or Special Counsel cease and desist or risk Taxpayer Rebellion! We do NOT SUPPORT further disrespect to our President. Any further actions will be considered HOSTILE and The People will vote to impeach Special Counsel!!

    • Mueller is going to be investigated himself if Trump and Sessions do the right thing by investigating not only Mueller, but Rosenstein, McCabe, Obama, Lynch, Holder, McCain, and on and on goes the list. And that is only the tip of the iceberg swamp.

  13. I want Trump and all the rest of the swamps should be removed some deserve Prison , some deserve a trial and then if found guilty , They get maximum for Treason , We must drain that Swamp . Today we need a president that is for America , and he appears to be the top in my life time !!!! Freedom is not Free!

    • Not the swamp anymore … its the sewer and they should all take up residence there and allow Mr. Trump to carry out his agenda…I just hope he remains very strong.

  14. Looks like that 18 billion from Soros is going to pay off the lies and disception of the democrats.. They believe if they tell a lie long enough that it will become a truth.. MAGA DRAIN that swamp.

  15. What a flimflam accusation! They’ll lie through their teeth with this, and I know there’s GOT to be a lot of money involved, just like all the other times. I hope Trump has some good lawyers, and investigators on this. He might have to turn the tables on them… finally! IF he will ONLY drain the swamp, he’d cure America of a lot of its ills!

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