Robert Mueller raided the one office that could take down Donald Trump

Robert Mueller has been desperately casting about for a way to bring down Donald Trump.

And he may have found his mark.

The special counsel tipped off the FBI and it resulted in a raid on the one office that could lead his witch hunt against the President to its conclusion.

Mueller passed along information to prosecutors in New York who then ordered a FBI raid against Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

But this information has nothing to do with the Russia investigation.

It is a pure fishing expedition to pierce the veil of attorney client privilege to dredge up anything Mueller can use against Trump.

Breitbart reports:

“The F.B.I. raided the office and hotel room of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, on Monday, seizing business records, emails and documents related to several topics, including payments to a pornographic film actress.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating Mr. Cohen for possible bank fraud, and the documents identified in the warrant date back years, according to a person briefed on the search.

The prosecutors obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, who called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The search does not appear to be directly related to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but most likely resulted from information that he had uncovered and gave to prosecutors in New York.”

Cohen paid adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in October 2016 and the media has been on the hunt to prove this was a campaign finance violation.

The establishment has failed in every attempt to remove Trump from office and they have latched on to this thin reed as their latest Hail Mary play.

Trump condemned the raid in the harshest of terms blasting Mueller’s determination to subvert Democracy and undo the election as “an attack on our country.”

Politico reports:

“President Donald Trump reacted angrily Monday after the FBI seized records from his longtime personal attorney, calling the law enforcement actions “disgraceful” and part of “an attack on our country.”

An attorney for Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, said earlier Monday that federal investigators had executed a series of search warrants and seized records. The attorney, Stephen Ryan, said the New York action was taken following a “referral” from special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “It’s a disgraceful situation…I’ve been saying it for a long time. I have this witch hunt constantly going on.”

“It’s an attack on our country,” Trump said. “It’s an attack on what we all stand for.”

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  2. Robert Mueller raided the one office that could take down Donald Trump


  3. So Clinton gets $120,000 from planned parenthood in the last weeks of the election and some law was broken and the are to pay a find of about $5,000 + and no news of this and the fine will be paid with Tax payers money ! and some guy pays for a one night stand a dozen years ago in the last weeks of the same election and has he life and reputation turned upside down ! Equal justice for all ,my ass !! just add another, ole it’s the Clinton- Democrat thing once again .

  4. That means they couldn’t tell the real truth about what they did. Mannafort is still on the hook. Yes this is all for stuff before the election but that was just the point. Is there a connection between Russia and the election. I am not saying that it’s Trump. The focus is on lots of stuff including the Trump family. If there was nothing there, no one would be lying. It really is only Trump and his followers that are mentioning that Trump is involved.

    No, I will not get off this channel despite your epithets. You just want to keep you head up your ass so you can stay in your echo chamber. SAD

  5. From Day ONE when the Honorable President Donald J Trump got elected the SWAMP which includes virtually ALL of the democrats and about 1/2 of the GUTLESS Republicans (RINO’s to the MaX) have been trying to take our President down!
    The NEWS media has been COMMITTING TREASON.
    This is a bull$hit and MUST stop.
    If the powers that be “delete” our President, their WILL BE a Civil War !!!
    I know of some young folks who are NOT going to allow this to happen.
    If I wasn’t OLD and CRIPPLED I’d JOIN them!!

  6. Mueller is protecting Hillary. It’s time to turn the tide and appoint a special council to investigate Hillary. That will put pressure on Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and all who were all involved in the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia. Problem is, Sessions is a coward and won’t do it. Appointing him AG is one of the dumbest things Trump has done. Trey Gowdy should have been appointed instead. He gets things done.

  7. Why can’t we as concerned Americans start a MARCH in all cities to bring attention to all the corruption we are all so tired of. Let’s stand in unison with our President who was duly elected by all of us. This is just getting ridiculous.

  8. Why can’t we as concerned Americans start a MARCH in all cities to bring attention to all the corruption we are all so tired of. Let’s stand in unison with our President who was duly elected by all of us. This is just getting ridiculous.

  9. Come on … Mueller investigation was set up to see whether Trump was involved with the Russian collusion, or not. That’s it.

    Don’t let Trump fire him. The congressional committee is needed to review the result of the investigation. If the investigation is unable to prove the evidence, then the committee should shut it down for good.

    Why the long wait? Tiresome! And stupid!

  10. When it comes to ‘the Establishment’ in a Political Party, there Is No Difference Anymore between R’s & D’s. USA must be preserved at Any/All cost.

  11. Why doesn’t somebody – I don’t care who – but somebody take Mueller out on the White House lawn and shoot him. That man is a disgrace to his party and shows just how evil they are. I’m so glad I’m not one of them.


  13. Watergate in Reverse. This will fall back the last administration and heads will for obstruction of justice on the whole Democrat party.

  14. If this sort of act were done to a Mafia Lawyer nothing would ever see the inside of a courtroom unless it was an investigation of the FIRE THAT TOOK A LIFE and was a distraction for the “break in”. It would be nice to have a thuro (independent) investigation of the fire at Trump Tower.

  15. Grizz Mann what the hell planet are you living on the FBI honesty integrity transparency are you freaking kidding me and Comey,Strzok,Page and McCabe are nothing but corrupt criminals. Comey kissed Hillary ass to no end and the other three covered up evidence that should have put Hillary Clinton in prison not the White House

  16. Vicky Robert Mueller is definitely not a Republican he is a rino and everyone should know that just like a lot of other publicans name a few Lindsey Graham and John McCain Paul Ryan these people are out for nobody but themselves

  17. I wish Trump would fire Molar, Pardon his lawyer & provide restitution & return all items taken, Arrest this stormy daniels for prostitution & throw her in prison with no BAIL.

  18. I totally agree with you Batch there will be hell to pay for liberals if anything happens to Donald J Trump and he’s taken out of office

  19. This would never happen to a Democrat president,because Democrats can do no wrong even when they do wrong,and the media would be raising all kinds of hell,but beings this is a conservative President the liberals will play the GOTCHA game til hell freezes over,I still don’t believe Robert Muleller is going to find enough to get rid of Donald J Trump in this witch hunt and that’s all it is.

  20. Howard , I’m with you. You are the only one that makes any sense. Trump? the worst president we ever had!!

  21. Well over 1/million, at last ‘check’! For NOTHING! BUT, Mueller would continue, as long as the ‘powers that be’, in the Dem. Party, order him to do. He is ‘registered’ as a Republican & vote’s that way-Good cover-up, isn’t it? “Illary’s people”, & Soros, are behind all this, & they will continue thruout Trumps Presidency, unless SOMETHING or SOMEONE STOPS it! We just do not know how or whom, will come to our Presidents aid! PRAY!

  22. I agree 100% with you. Mueller should lock up the real criminals and then turn himself in because he’s a part of all of the corruption in our so called government. I believe even if they truly had anything on President Trump and they try to impeach him. We the people will not sit back and let it happen.

  23. THANK YOU, RK! Stay the Course! THEY, (both repubs & Dems) &, especially, the ‘CRAZY, ‘Prog people’-will continue, to seek & attempt to ‘OVERTHROW’, our ‘legally-elected President! I totally support his efforts, to ‘haul’ AMERICA into ‘Sensibleness’, once again! Keep up the good fight! We cannot allow the ‘EVIL ONE’S’, in our midst, to overthrow our President! Coz that is exactly, what they are attempting to do!

  24. Nice assumption but you have no idea if he has found anything or not. There are things that have come out that were started months before. Your comment is wishful thinking. It might be right but you really have no idea.

  25. So it’s a waste of time to see how Russia had influence on our elections? I sure don’t think so. If there is no connection with Trump or the campaign then great for them. Like I said before, the only people talking about Trump in that capacity is Trump and his followers. I don’t care one way or the other. I just think we should let it come to a conclusion.

    As far as a waste of taxpayer’s money, I might go along with that when Trump stops wasting our money to the tune of $2 million per trip to Mar a Lago.

  26. I’m an independent voter, but once again, I will hold my nose when its time to vote and vote republican, just becuz….. I WILL vote for Donald Trump all day long…

    …. but I despise the spineless rhino’s in our Gov – none of them honestly get what’s truly going on here, this isn’t just about Trump but IT IS about republicans, any republican in office, and they all need to look at history becuz that IS a fact!

    They are all shameful corrupt lying deceitful greed driven politicians, thinking they are above the rest of the country …. AND they all have put illegal people before the American people.

    – So with that said, I vote Trump all the way, but the rest of them, hell no, they are no better than the democrats, except the dems support each other unlike these spineless self serving back stabbing rhino cowards!

    Donald Trump is not perfect none of us are, but he IS the only True Patriotic American left in our Gov and we all need to have his back and fight for and with him 100%!

    What they are doing to him, they could do to anyone of us and we all need to get the point big time!

    Wake the hell up America, stop living u’r life filled with hate as these politicians are doing and forgetting our country and the American people. Failure of any president and/or corrupt Gov IS NOT good for us or our Country!

  27. I believe that throwing rocks and accusations at the Democrats for all of this eyewash is fine….but ONLY if, along with them you include the Deep Swamp Creatures on the Republican side of the aisle. After all, it is theirs to protect our President from such atrocities as we see going on in this and other witch hunts….but their silence is deafening and disgusting. Topped off by public accusations by McCain and others with direct assaults on our President and every single thing he says or does….shameful to put this all very mildly…really awful.

  28. I’m ready for a hit man to take out ALL the liberal communist left demoncrats! What a wonderful country America would be with NO communist!

  29. Well as we all expected, Mueller’s Russian collusion probe is pretty much dead, so now he’s going for any dirt he can find, he’s got to justify a year and all the tax payer money spent!!!

  30. There has not been one smidgen of evidence proving that Trump committed a crime. Therefore, this is illegal search and seizure and a violation of attorney-client privilege – seizure of documents on supposition and the judge who issued the “warrant” needs to be taken down, not President Trump or his attorney.

  31. The democrats are so desperate to find something to hang on Trump they will use anything that all other Presidents have done and gotten away with, i.e. Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, Bush to name a few. I am sick of the hate the left has for a President who has nothing but good for the American people in his policies. Time the brainwashed left seeks truth rather than listen to the evil doers on the left, e.g.Mueller.

  32. I the time this moron has been looking into this so called collusion he hasn’t found anything. Anyone who has been charged has been from before Trump ran for president. I just hope you liberals remember this let play out attitude when they get a special investigator for Obama and Hillary.

  33. This a miss use of justice. Mueller was put in to place to find out if President Trump had ties with Russia not search everyone in the united states. Where does it stop? Who is next? Everyone but a dictator. He has more than stepped over his bounds. Why don’t they investigate Mr Mueller and see how many skeltons he has in his closet.

  34. But no indictments for anything to do with Trump or the campaign. This is a waste of taxpayers money and should end.

  35. Robert Mueller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  36. If the Democrats win one of the houses of congress, it will be a benign president. Sort of like they did to Obama.

  37. That leaves Mueller as a predatory vampire? I’m sure that, given enough years and enough staff, SOMETHING dark and SINISTER could be dug up on ANYONE. (Anyone includes Howard Kirschenbaum AND Robert Mueller just in case the rabid-left should think of their histories as pristine). This is an affront to their self-proclaimed god-hood, but true, nonetheless

  38. Funny that you call it a witch hunt when there have been so many indictments and guilty pleas. Seems like they are catching a lot of witches.

    So Trump had nothing to do with the Russians. Seems like the only person that says he doesn’t is Trump and his followers. No one else has said anything different. If he would keep his mouth shut about it, no one would be saying that he is attached to the Russians. He is the one that constantly brings up the subject. I wonder why. Maybe because he is a narcissistic idiot.

  39. Not a problem. If you want a civil war you will lose mightily. There aren’t enough of you to make it a problem.

  40. Left, beware. If Trump leaves office for anything other than his term expiration, you risk Civil War. That’s a prediction, not a threat.

  41. If I were Trump I would fire him and his witch hunt before you could blink your eye. No matter what one thinks of Trump this is a misuse of so called Justice. Trump had nothing to do with the Russians, while he may be guilty of some minor something, this is not how justice is suppose to work. If I could I would raid Mueller’s office as well as his cohorts office and really find the dirt. We are supposedly a country ruled by the rule of law, and this is not my idea of how the law works.

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