Robert Mueller revealed his true colors with this response to Donald Trump

The Mueller investigation is reaching its end game.

The final piece of the puzzle is an interview with the President.

And Robert Mueller finally showed his true intentions with how he responded to Trump’s proposal.

Trump’s legal team had proposed the President would submit to written questions from the special counsel.

There is precedent for such an arrangement.

Ronald Reagan submitted written answers to the Iran-Contra special prosecutor’s questions.

But Mueller rejected this good faith offer from the President.

CBS News reports:

“Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is now on President Trump’s legal team, told CBS News correspondent Paula Reid Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has rejected proposals to allow Mr. Trump to answer questions from investigators in writing.”

This decisions makes one thing perfectly clear.

Mueller is only interested in trying set a perjury trap for the President.

The special counsel wants to fire hundreds of questions over what could end up being a 12 hour interview in the hopes Trump misstates or misremembers a fact.

That would allow Mueller to claim Trump lied to investigators and that he should be impeached.

Mueller is not an investigator out to determine the facts.

He is a single-minded zealot whose only goal is to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

The President’s legal team is continuing negotiations over an interview with Trump.

But Trump supporters believe Mueller rejecting this offer is a clear sign that the President should not sit for an interview with an individual who is a committed opponent of his Presidency.

Mueller may subpoena the President, but Trump should fight it all the way to the Supreme Court and even consider defying an unfavorable ruling.

Nothing less than the separation of powers – Mueller is an executive branch employee who essentially works for Trump – and the idea that the American people have the right to pick their own leaders without the establishment unleashing a prosecutor to invent grounds to undo the election results are at stake.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. My info re Mueller, Comey’s and the Clinton’s would not be published.

    My facts were accurate about their criminal activity.

    • Muller is not too be trusted he has one goal & thats Takkng m
      Trump down & out of the Oval Office, he’s a Democrats
      Thru & Thur !! I know Trump thinks he can handle
      It but , They are trying too get him to lie& slip up
      He best consider just questions in writhing!’

      • Mueller doesn’t need to say anything, but let Trump talk. Trump lies so much, he will talk himself into perjury. Trumps thinks he can out slick Mueller. You can’t out slick a can of oil. That’s why Trumps attorneys doesn’t want him to talk to Mueller without restrictions.

        • Mueller is a big dumb idiot. He shouldn’t even be asking questions of no one. Reason he’s so slick is because he’s a crook at heart. President Trump should have fired him and all of his Democrat lawyers already including Sessions and that beadie EYED ROSENSTEIN. This is such a farce. Never dreamed it would happen in the USA.

          • No, Trump is the idiot. He can’t get away with the same practices as he did in he private businesses.

          • Why are you so fearful of President Trump being interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller? Is it because the three main skills President Trump has are a pathetic liar, a bully and a loud, big incoherent mouth? He speaks and acts like an illiterate teenager.

        • No you are the idiot that can’t figure out that if your in the United States that Donald Trump is your president like it or not. You are on the losing side so swallow and digest it because short of you leaving the USA…President Donald Trump is YOUR PRESIDENT AND WILL BE FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS so dry your eyes and shut your mouth and live your life and love it. Nothing you say matters, the deal is donedry up, suck it up and all that good stuff. We won and we are winning, if you don’t like it leave. Sharon Stafford President Donald Trump is YOU PRESIDENT and he is the best president you will ever have. Now get over it.

  2. Frankenstein should be fired, after raiding his lawyers office no way should Trump talk to the troll. Who cares what the Left and Fake News has to say. Everyone knows it all a scam to frame Trump. I waiting for all the scum to fall who started this investigation in the 1st place!

    • Butch, I completely agree with you. No way should President Trump do a set down with Mueller for questioning because it is a trap meant to discredit President Trump.

    • The only time to meet with Trump and Lying BASTARD MUELLER is to fire his sorry ass and
      give him a warrant to appear in Federal Court for prosecution. Mueller was a sorry FBI Director, and was followed by James Comey, who was taking care of Bill Clinton, while Comey was legal officer with Lockheed. Comey was placed as Director to cover the criminal actions of The Clinton Foundation. By the way Peter Comey was and maybe is the Accountant and maybe lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. A small worry of dirty criminals.

  3. Robert Mueller should never have been put on this case to begin with. First of all there clearly was no case. Second for Mueller to be part of it was a definite conflict of interest and he has done everything but investigate what he’s supposed to have been investigating. And last but not least “Why The Hell” is this crap still going on and wasting my and all our American Tax Dollars? This is totally ludicrous and someone with some brains and another part of the anatomy that starts with a b should get their act together and start kicking some a__ like should have been done the minute that it was determined that Hillary was the conspirator with Russia (with her uranium deal) and not Trump. I for one am fed up with this TRASH and the waste of my tax dollars as are the majority of America’s Tax Payers. So Get on the Ball and Put those Crooks in Jail and stop pussy footing around.

    • I agree with Shirley, and want to add that our President does not need to sit down to talk to Mueller and/or his (totally biased) team members. By law Mueller can not order the President to testify, and the President should not do so voluntarily. It is quite obvious that ueller just wants to entrap our President. How many different ways could ueller ask OUR President if he colluded with Russia prior to the 2016 election? Would Mueller ask OUR President questions totally different from what Mueller was”hired” for? Would he ask OUR President questions about Stormy Daniels and the $130,000 payment etc…? Frankly, that’s none of Mueller’s business.

      Once Mueller’s investigation into the Russia matter is completed, Mueller himself needs to become the subject of an investigation. His tactics (raiding the President’s personal Attorney ‘s House, offices etc…had been quite sneaky and underhanded (did the raid occur prior to, or after Mueller obtained a warrant?) Mueller is not interested in Attorney Cohen at all. He only wants to “get the goods” on Cohen, (wants to see what kind of laws Cohen may have broken etc…). If Mueller then feels that Attorney Cohen has broken a law (felony), then Mueller will want to “cut a deal” with Cohen, so that he will testify against OUR President. To prosecutors it may be “cutting a deal”, but in reality it is plai and simply BLACKMAIL! Mueller was appointed to see if there was any wrongdoing between Russia and the Trump team. Finding none, he should just roll up his tent, and pound salt.

      • Duke, I agree with you all the way. It doesn’t make sense that no one can get rid of Mueller. He is a dirty cop!
        Why are we the people subjected to this dirty investigator that has caused so much unrest?

  4. I think President Trump is way too busy really working to fix the mess this country was in, to deal the answering questions for Mueller. 12 hrs. is way too long. I do really think it is all going to fall apart very soon.

  5. I hope Mueller goes to jail over this very costly and long invention against our President which had led nowhere.

    • I for one am very proud of our sitting president
      He revealed to an outsider like myself the fake news that I had listened to for decades and never questioned
      I believe that now is the time to question everything that we have ever been told

      • My mother was right. She never trusted Democrats. I always wondered if she was exaggerating. She died in 2003. 15 years latter, I am 76, she’s still proving she is right. No, I never voted for a Democrat. She would tell me that I never listen when I made a mistake. I voted for Trump. She was also right about Democrats. I just never expected them to be so crooked.

      • You should have always question everything, and then have the ability to know truth from alternative facts (lies). Agent Orange is the master at “gaslighting”. Agent Orange is the master of alternative facts all so know as lying. That Trump Juice must be mighty tasty.

        • Sharon, you’ve listened too much to msm!! They lie, lie, lie, they should lose their license to practice and keep spewing that FAKE NEWS!! Trump is the best, most patriotic resident we’ve had since JFK! In fact he’s a lot like JFK, they America first! They both wanted to MAGA!! Kennedy was assassinated because he was going to disdained the cia and investigate the other agencies!! He was not murdered by Oswald he was murdered by cia, Johnson, and Cuba!! I read everything I can on Kennedy and I know this to be true!! If you can’t support our duly elected president at least do not tell lies about him!! You must be a libtard demoRAT!!

          • Diana, Trump lies about crown size, Stormy Daniels, Blacks, Mexicans, Gun Control, G Summit, Putin, Comey, Obama, and Hilary. Heck, go read the front page of the Washington Post. It had listed all of the times Trump has lied. We should make America first, but truly think about all citizens, including the brown color people. Learn how to have a debate without insults. Oh, my bad, you learned that trait from your wonderful childlike president. It’s ok sweetie.

  6. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  7. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

    • I believe Mueller is grabbing at any thing he can to get rid of our President.I just wish Session’s would grow a pair & step up and do his job.The Clinton’s & the DOJ got away with crimes & our Congress & the fedral Judge’s should bring criminal charges.Our
      President is a good man that cares about America & cares about our people…

      • Mueller is following his mandate exactly.
        Keep in mind he is a lifelong Republican, appointed by a Republican (Rosenstein), who was appointed by a Republican (Sessions), who was appointed by the Republican President.
        His mandate is to trace and uncover Russian interference in our electoral process and to follow up on any other related criminal activity he uncovers.
        It seems the Trump family and organization are inextricably financially linked with Russian moguls and Russian banks. Any good investigator will “follow the money”.
        If Trump is not connected with anything Russian, the investigation will show it. Same goes for the Trump Organization, the campaign personnel, and Trump’s family.
        Mueller has no control over what gets uncovered.
        So far Mueller has gotten three guilty pleas for the relatively minor charge of lying to the FBI. There was a lot of evidence of malfeasance; had Gates, et al, not taken the plea deals (in exchange for cooperation with the investigation) they would have been indicted for far more serious crimes and would have court dates for trials. Monafort elected to take his chances at trial, almost certainly Mueller has more evidence about which Monafort does not yet know (and Mueller does not yet have to share until the trial starts).
        Note that this is real, trial-worthy evidence not some kind of bluff or fake-out.
        “Liberals”, media pundits, and offended people are “out to get Trump”. Mueller is out to get the evidence, and let the chips far where they may.
        One other point: Mueller has a solid lifelong reputation for professional and personal integrity, ethics, honor, public service, and apolitical investigative approach. Do you really think he would give that up to “get Trump”, a person for whom he has never expressed any personal or professional opinion? Really?
        You might consider taking the advice of “Sharon”, noted a couple of posts above this.

        • Hey Gary you been drinking the koolaid buddy in large amounts. Just because you say these guys are republican, does that mean they voted for President Donald Trump…hmmm I don’t think so…if you remember they were in favor of Hilary. Also John McCain is a republican too isn’t he? No he’s not a real republican just like the other a holes you mentioned. Jeff Sessions is the reason this whole thing happened…he needs to be the first to go. Every person you mentioned above is right now in the biggest scandal ever in any administration. These people are crooks in the biggest way. Wake up and smell the coffee and don’t drink any more koolaid.

          • Your right Bill. I don’t Believe mueller is republican.
            He helped Hillary with her uranium deal didn’t he?
            The demons are getting extra wild since Trump started calling it
            Spy gate. The President should absolutely not sit down with him!!! This investigation should have been about Hillary and the other demons.

          • Gads, the “uranium deal” again. Something for which Mueller had no say or association. I’ll bet you think Clinton sold a ton of uranium to the Russians, right? And handed it over is a brown paper bag, right? On the tarmac of an airport…
            Perhaps you should check out what actually happened in the “uranium deal”.
            Next. So far Mueller has done what an investigator does best, followed the money. Several people have pleaded guilty, and more to come. Would you plea guilty to false charges? Neither would any of the people touched by the investigation.

        • If Mueller is Republican, his appointed panel are mostly Democrats. After a year and a half, he has nothing on Trump about Russia. The lying dossier started the Russia thing, and it is a big lie, and he has no need to investigate every Trump acquaintance and their background, because he has NO evidence on Trump to investigate. No evidence…no clues…nothing….a witch hunt looking for a crime.

        • Mueller,Comey and Rosenstein may be Republicans, that does not mean they do not work for the Deep State to impeach Trump!!

    • Hang in there… you are The President… see that he follows your guidelines…. we are ALL in your favor… praying for you… Psalm 32:8

  8. There are several sitting presidents who were subpoenaed by special council and responded in writing to written questions. so where doe Meuller get off with denying Trump that privilege? I recall that Reagan was not required to answer a subpoena and responded by written answers, It was declared legal also. Meuller has exceeded his mandate and needs to go home. He should crawl under the rock he calls home and stay there.

  9. I think you all are somewhat mistaken on blaming this stupid investigation on anybody but Senator Schumer and company, including a number of RINOS like McCain and Graham as well as renegade media elites WHO JUST COULDN’T STAND THE IDEA OF DONALD TRUMP BEING PRESIDENT. One GOOD thing that may come from this is that as a result of this investigation we may see a wholesale housecleaning at the DOJ. Lock ’em ALL up. MAGA!


    • President Trump should demand that he must treated exactly the same way
      Slick Willie’s Wench was treated!
      He cannot be put under oath, his attorney must be present and he must be exonerated
      before the Interview. All of his people must be granted Immunity!

  10. Trump should definitely NOT answer a long string of questions from Mueller. That sneaky creep will just refer to previous questions in such a way that it will be very hard to remember what question followed what other question and answer and would make it more likely for confusion arise. Mueller would use that as a way to try to trip up the President. I suggest Trump agree to 3 and only 3 questions, all in writing.

      • Evidence, please?
        Mueller has a solid lifelong reputation for professional and personal integrity, ethics, honor, public service, and apolitical investigative approach. Do you really think he would give that up to “get Trump”, a person for whom he has never expressed any personal or professional opinion? Really?
        And you would so quickly besmirch him, with no evidence at all.
        Please tell us it is okay to call you “a criminal, cheater and liar amongst many other things” without any evidence? Is this what America stands for? A person is guilty just because some uninformed person says so? Without specifying any evidence?
        Please tell us! America wants to know!

        • Hey Gary the FBI will not give up the documents. Do you even listen the the whole story or are you a one trick pony like all your other friends that want President Trump derailed. As soon as these sassholes get fired where they are not controlling the documents that congress needs then we will see what’s going on in the crooked officials that are trying to put a stop to the American people finding out the real truth. The evidence is being protected by these crooked guys you named above also including Crooked Obama.

        • gary – you just keep repeating yourself – what you personally wish to believe. I, on the other hand, want to know why he would, with all that integrity, only recruit Clinton donor democrats for his team, 2 of which had to be released for obviously email prejudice against Trump. You and Mueller make no sense and there is plenty of reason to not trust Mueller to be honorable. Has any other special council ever lined up such a prejudiced team, not one, some, but ALL ? You have to be pretty stupid to cling to your “honorable” opinion !

          • Mueller’s reputation is backed by some fifty years of supporting evidence.
            You have absolutely no documented evidence for the assertion of a “prejudiced team”. Would you consider it team’s fault if the evidence led them away from Trump? So, would you consider it the team’s fault if the evidence leads them toward the Trump organization?
            If the uncovered and documented evidence leads where you would rather it not lead, does that invalidate it?
            The very fact that two investigators, who exchanged personal emails about Trump, were reassigned shows how tight a ship Mueller runs. He wants no improprieties at all in any direction.
            Here is a link to an article that you might find interesting, note especially the last five paragraphs, about the makeup of Mueller’s team. Mueller is, by law, not allowed to consider an attorney’s political affiliations when selecting personnel.
            And a not so flattering piece on Mueller. Still, no accusations of partisanship and no suggestions of a lack of ethics or integrity.

    • My take on this is simple we have wasted enough money on this.We have a past Commander & Chief who has done a lot of things they should be in prison for along with his lovely wife! What is the problem here.
      I believe that we have a lot of more important things to get done than people wanting to play games!!!!! That’s all I’ve got to SAY!!!!!

    • He should not even be working for the government today for what he did in Boston in the 80’s. He put four innocent men in prison to protect to mafia murders who were informants. When murder is involved and putting innocent men in prison should be enough to fire him and take away tax payer monies for retirement. But that is not all that happened two died in prison and two were released after 20+ years and the judge awarded them 100 million tax payer dollars. Now a judge would not make that type of offer if Mueller did something awful. We need to clean up the DOJ and FBI and get rid of others that did horrible things to the people of this country especially the one prosecutor that put an accounting firm out of business and put thousands of workers out of work. The supreme court overturned the case 9-0 against the prosecutor. That is not the only case that was overturned. Why in the hell are they protecting these creeps and crooks and that is what they did to put a company out of business. CLEAN HOUSE get all the Obama’s criminals out of government. Try them and if convicted they go to jail and get ZERO RETIREMENT FROM THE TAX PAYERS.

      • You have made an assertion for which you have failed to offer any evidence, just “belief”. I think you may have heard Sean Hannity make the claim you are using, but he was unable to show any evidence, either.
        Here is some evidence from Nancy Gertner, the (now retired) Federal judge who presided over the Boston case:
        “There is no evidence that the assertion [that Mueller let people languish in prison to protect informants] is true. I was the federal judge who presided over a successful lawsuit brought against the government by two of those men and the families of the other two, who had died in prison. Based on the voluminous evidence submitted in the trial, and having written a 105-page decision awarding them $101.8 million, I can say without equivocation that Mr. Mueller, who worked in the United States attorney’s office in Boston from 1982 to 1988, including a brief stint as the acting head of the office, had no involvement in that case. He was never even mentioned.”
        Hmm. Mueller was never even mentioned in connection with the case.
        So from where did Hannity get his assertion? His imagination, of course. And those who are unwilling to find anything that might show Hannity as a blowhard will believe him without verifying. The bad guys are counting on you to just believe, and never dig for the evidence or search for qualified dissenting opinions.

    • If you don’t lie you cannot commit perjury
      i have taken depositions and given them. There is nothing to set up if you tell the truth.

      • So, Trump should have nothing to worry about, right?
        Publicly asking the Russians, during the campaign, to find some emails of Ms. Clinton’s is not asking for Russian cooperation (collusion) is it?


    • I don’t believe Muleear IS an HONEST man , he should be FIRED & go STRAIGHT TO JAIL He should get a KNOT tied to his TAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nothing would make me happier than to see Mueller keel over at his desk. Not because I think he’s getting close to “getting” Trump, just because he’s such an A-hole.

  13. I think this whole investigation is a designed distraction to take away any investigation into the Clinton Foundation and other dealings with the Clintons and Obama. Also I think Trumps ego will get in his way and consent to a sit down with Mueller. He thinks he’s smarter than they are and not thinking the pool of attorneys they have and their designed entrapment. He’s hired attorneys to give him advice he should listen to them. Besides that what could he add to what they already know.

  14. Mueller works for the executive branch of government. As the head of the executive branch the President has the right to fire him. Of course there would be a lot of political backlash and the media and democrats yelling the firing was politically motivated or that Mueller was too close getting the evidence that he has so far failed to produce. But these people all hate Trump anyway. They are never going to admit the investigation has been a fraud. Most Americans are tired of the whole thing and know that Trump is innocent of any collusion.

    • President TRUMP FIRE his A$$ now , it will be FORGOTTEN by the time of ELECTION & get RID of Rosenstein at the same time . You can then start INVESTIGATING Killary & all Her RUNNING mates !!!!!!!!!

  15. It is time to put an end to this witch hunt and go after the true criminals including Mueller. I cannot understand why we have not dug into the Clinton’s ugly history. Uranium One, Haiti, the Clinton Foundation all have the stink of corruption, but they keep getting a pass. Mueller is ignoring these in hopes to find something, anything, to redirect our attention from the true criminals. Shut down Mueller now.

  16. How in good conscious can anyone say Hilliary is the leader of two evils????? Our President Trump just had three Americans released from prison in North Korea! Hillary stood by the and was partly responsible for the death of Americans in Bengazi!!

  17. How in good conscious can anyone say Hilliary is the leader of two evils????? Our President Trump just had three Americans released from prison in North Korea! Hillary stood by the and was partly responsible for the death of Americans in Bengazi!!

  18. Why don’t they start digging into Mueller’s past, because a crooked bastard like him has to have some skeletons in his closet that I’m sure will disqualify him from his position

    • Man!! that is a Hugh Closet and it is like Fibber McGee’s Jammed Packed only Treason Money Laundering Bribery too many Criminal Acts to list incarcerating innocent People knowing they were innocent 2 died in Prison aiding and abetting the Boston Irish Mob Whitey Bulger.! Giving Top Secret Clearance to obama’s Top Aide Valerie Jarrett and Hillary’s Top Aide Huma Abedin their Family’s were Muslim Brotherhood Hierarchy..!! And that’s just the Tip…!!!

    • Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and so on… A bunch of underhanded criminals along with other DoJ and FBI folks should all accompany Hillary to prison. Then put Obama away also for treason and high crimes against the country. Then maybe we have a clear slate to move forward.

  19. I absolutely agree that the American people should have the right to pick their President in the way decided by the founding fathers and put forth in the Constitution, and none of the Democrats complaints have made me regret voting for President Trump. I put up with their Obama for 8 years, even though I really don’t understand why he was allowed to give away so much of our money to our enemies in Iran. I think he is guilty of treason for doing that. The Congress is supposed to control the purse-strings of America, but these liberals don’t care about the actual, original laws of this land. They say that Trump is going to ruin our Democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is trying hard to preserve our Democracy, and I appreciate the way he stepped up to the plate when he saw America in need! Mueller should just declare that the investigation is over, and the conclusion is that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. There may have been collusion with the Dems, but not with Trump!

    • I also do not regret voting for (now president) Trump. I will repeat my actions again in 2020.

      Actually we do not live in a democracy. We do live in a Constitutional Republic. “A representative government.” A democracy is majority rule. Ben Franklin described a democracy as two wolves and a sheep voting on what was for dinner. It seems that was, and still is, a good analogy.

      It is also imperative all conservatives/republicans vote come next November. We need to give him the tools to actually get more done. Although I must admit he has done more, in spite of the democrats attempting to block him every step of the way, in a short period of time then any president in my lifetime and the includes FDR.

      • Utter nonsense. Everyone who knows him says he’s an honorable man. Trump needs to quit acting as though he’s afraid of the final results of the investigation. It doesn’t help him that two new Russians have shown up and are connected to his Cohen attorney.

        • How does it feel being black and dumb? And I don’t think you’re a woman at all. You are a troll. Your “kill them with kindness” only works on those that feel bad for “dissin” you but I don’t. You are what’s wrong with America and because you make no contribution to a civilized society I recommend you check out and give the air you breathe to someone that deserves it. Have a wonderful day sweetheart!

          • CazyJoe,

            It’s too bad your father had a sperm with a sense of direction and created you. You my dear, aren’t worth the ink your birth certificate was written on. IJS!

          • CrazyJoe-
            What I noted to Dan is applicable here, too.
            That is what we call an ad hominem attack. Such a response is usually the response of a person who has no reasoned comment. So your response was one attacking the person, not the person’s position.
            You cannot make reasoned arguments to Sharon’s position?
            And, you are a person who just believes what you are told to believe?
            Is that really the best you can do?

      • Dan-
        That is what we call an ad hominem attack. Such a response is usually the response of a person who has no reasoned comment. So your response was one attacking the person, not the person’s position.
        So you are a person who just believes what you are told to believe?
        Is that really the best you can do?

      • Bill,

        Hillary wasn’t my favorite choice for President either. However, I choose between the lesser of the two evils, and it was Hillary.

        • Let’s see, the lesser of two evils. That would have to be Trump, because Hillary clearly committed treason by giving away State Secrets to America’s enemies via her emails. All other citizens who did that have been convicted of spying and imprisoned. She and Obama allowed 4 Americans to die in Bengazi and laughed about it. Hillary tried to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to our enemies. The Clinton Crime Cartel and the DNC tried to meddle in our election with the help of the Russians, and are trying to blame it on Trump. And that is just the tip of the giant Clinton iceberg. No, I’d say Trump is the real lesser of two evils here by a very very great margin.

          • OMG!!! We can go all not long going tic for tac, and I do not have enough time to type about Trumps lies, deceit, manipulation, lawsuits, discrimination and etc. We live in a great land of democracy, and the people voted for Trump.

        • How in good conscious can anyone say Hilliary is the leader of two evils????? Our President Trump just had three Americans released from prison in North Korea! Hillary stood by the and was partly responsible for the death of Americans in Bengazi!!

      • Yep, that’s Hillary alright, pretending to be both
        Sharon and Dan! We should award her the honorary clown suit so she can use it in her next performance.

      • Bendquilter,

        No!! I listen and read everyday. I am well informed with what’s going on. For every rat you see, there are 50 you don’t see. Mueller is thorough, and doing his job. Trump is stepping all over himself, and won’t shut up.

    • I used to support this investigation because I wanted to find out the truth, but it has become painfully clear over the last few months that Mueller was never interested in investigating Russian collusion because he already knew there wasn’t any. There never was. No, he is interested in only one thing, overthrowing the duly elected Trump Administration and installing a dictatorship headed by Killary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Cartel backed by the Russian Oligarchs.

      • and this is proven by Mueller’s choice of team – all Democrat Clinton donors – need more proof ??

  20. I have one question. Where can I find the petition from the American people to fire Mueller and Rosenstein? Add my name to it!

  21. If that bonehead Mueller essentially works for Trump, then the President should limit his interaction with him to just two words: YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!

  22. I said months ago that President Donald Trump should fire Jeff Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstien and all the rest that was involved with this Russian bologna. This was a big lie and it started with Jeff Sessions recusing himself right out of the gate. This is the only way this thing could stay alive is if the AG stepped aside and let these idiots take pot shots at our president. I was a big supporter of President Trump from way back when he first mentioned running for President. I sent money for his campaign , but since he hasn’t fired these people that are trying to wreck our country I am beginning to beleive he can’t do the job. These people are the caretakers of the swamp and will keep President from doing his job as long as he leaves them in place. Everyone is say DONT FIRE MUELLER, DONT FIRE SESSIONS…BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATES WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO HOLD OVER HIM…well they just want to keep this black cloud over his head for all four years of his presidency. President Donal Trump wise up get these idiots out of your administration they are not for you or the American people. You need to talk to me 1 day and I will set this whole thing straight. What do you care what they think…they never will agree with you anyway. You were elected by the people not these guys your trying to appease. P,ease get these assholes out of OUR AMERICAN PEOPLES ADMINISTRATION. I am so tired of these people thinking they are more powerful than the president. WE ELECTED YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP NOW YOU ARE THE EXECUTIVE OF THIS COUNTRY….DO THE JOB LIKE WE KNOW YOU CAN, FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU….LETS GO.

    • I know how you feel, but firing Mueller would cause a firestorm among those who wrote the Plan B before he was elected. It’s not as simple as it seems. I’m impressed that he continues to do the job we elected him to do. I was humbled when he gave away his first paycheck to education for Military kids. (Even though the press excoriated him for it). He continues to do all he said he would do in a time frame I think is remarkably fast. Be patient. Two federal judges have debunked Muelkers attack in the President. Be patient. Mueller and the rest of the Obama flunked will not win this one.

      • At some point we have to forget about the firestorm and plan B and start from a total new plan. This black cloud that’s hanging over the administration will never go away no matter how much good our President does. And they will drag it out for as long as everyone will let them. This is not fair to our best president ever or the people that put him in office. These people don’t play fair so it’s best not to play with them. They have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Any one that will do what these people have done will stop at nothing until their goal is reached. What happens when you sit back and let things play out that you know is a setup then it happens. Can’t let that happen….it’s call preventive maintenance. Take care of it before it wrecks our whole country. Look how far they have gone already…don’t wait till a disaster happens then try to fix it. Crooked people need to be dealt with by good people..FIRE THEM ALL ALREADY. DONT LET them lead this administration…

        • DO NOT sit down with MUELLER , FIRE His A$$ & Rosenstein , Sessions ALL at ONE time . This FARCE has gone on long ENOUGH ,it’s TIME for OUR President to STAND FAST & ASSERT himself , get RID of these CRIMINALS once & for ALL: !!

    • wait for IG Horowitz report, Session’s indictments to follow – just in time for midterms – remember, some voters have a SHORT MEMORY

  23. MULE ER (YEAH I KNOW)he is as stuborn as a mule and twice as STUPID if this was clinton or obummer we would’nt have heard S@#$ ABOUT ANYOF THIS He’s just a DEMOCRAP HACK thats trying tokeep his 15 minutes of fame going not to say anything about the paycheck

  24. Great comments by so many. I agree that mr trump should not sit for an interview under oath. Mueller is looking for a way to charge him mueller should be fired. I don’t understand why Jeff sessions doesn’t do something. Trump should fire Rosenstein which means sessions would resign (at least that is what sessions has said). Then Trey Gowdy could be appointed AG

    • Many of the people that hold the positions in our government that could hold Mueller, Clinton, Obama were put in these positions by Obama and are part of the Progressive Deep State. This group are made up of both democrats and republicans hell bent toe bring down President Trump, the Constitution, rule of law our moral, ethical values and principals and attempted coup without firing a shot.

  25. I don’t think it to be a smart move as we all know what Mueller is doing for the Democrats he may fake as a Republican but he is definetly Democrat and wants tpo get rid of Trump he is an evil lawyer and does not care who he hurts Trump, family the people that voted him in to office etc. Please President do not sit down for him Please

    • Bob Mueller is a drink like sessions and rod. The president simply has to fire them all… He can then appoint a true Republican like Jim Jordan.

  26. Mr. President, do not, under any circumstances, sit down to an interview with that clown. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what he is trying to do to you. Follow the advise of your counsel. We’re with you. MAGA.

  27. How come the FBI,refuses to go after Hillary,Robert Mueller should also be investigated for Russia collusion,Robert and Hillary are the ones who sold urainium,to Russia,don’t anyone even see how corrupt this man is

    • It has been stated that Mueller is the one who hand-carried a sample of the uranium to Russia for review. He’s not about to investigate Hillary, because he was part of the whole mess. He should never have been hired. I have no idea what or who Sessions is afraid of, but obviously he is.

  28. Mueller, Clinton, and a host of other do-nothing anti-America and anti-American politicians, administrators, government workers, and, as most of Americans Know, horrible representatives, belong in jail or be allowed to move to another country that would accept them and relieve us of their ilk…

  29. As an American and a Christian I’m disheartened to know there is a traitor amongst us by the name of Donald Trump.

    • You are the traitor. You and all the liberals like the Clintons, Obama’s Pelosi, Schumer, are traitors. Selling the United States in piece mill. If these people could find someone with enough money, we are all gone. Wake up, you moron! Illegal aliens voting for the Democratic Party, That’s what I called “election meddling” with foreign actors.

    • William, would you rather have crooked hillary? Then you would probably be arrested for claiming to be Christian. Commiecrats hate Christians.

    • Which investagation are you following ? A long drawn out which hunt, millions of taxpayer dollars and the more they dig the only thing they found was how corrupt and slimy the democrats really are. Comey, Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein all belong in prison and Sessions should be fired for letting this go on and on. The Democrats better quit while their behind

    • And sadly William, I am disheartened to know there are traitors like you still spewing the leftist Fascist lies and propaganda that Trump is somehow a traitor without one shred of proof anywhere. Stop it. That is just plain stupid and treasonous. And stop claiming to be a Christian when it clear you are not. A Christian would never lie like you have.

    • Claiming to be Christan and American while doing a very un American thing of not backing up and supporting and honoring the office of the president despite what you personally think of the man in office…. yeah that’s a Christan value.


  31. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  32. I believe that we (the American people) have had enough of Mr. Mueller and company. They should have been fired long ago. They are spending money that Trump could us to build his wall or some other part of his agenda that is lacking funding. The whole Clinton gang ( rosentein, mueller, bill clinton, hillary Clinton, comey and mcabe and others) should all be in jail for everything from treason to lying under oath and everything in-between. This whole mess is sickening and it is all being done because the people wanted to elect their own president.

  33. If he want take written answers then Trump should not give Verbal answers. Muller is setting a trap no one could excape from.

  34. If it comes right down to it, President Trump can simply tell the “mule” to “go pound sand”! I do NOT recall fraudbama EVER answering to any subpoena demands from Congress OR anyone else – – he was alway “too busy” pretending to be POTUS!!

  35. Enough is Enough Fire him this country is on the right track we don’t need a two pit lawer to hurt this country again we lost Enough with Obama

    • I love your comment. Time, to let it go…..Fire MUeller!!!! we’re spot on with Trump….Obama, Clintons and the entire OBAMA Administration should be in prison including Mueller….FIRE MUELLER

  36. Mueller is anti-American, globalist, leftist, liberal, communist, favorite of H. Clinton, B. Obama, G. Soros, N. Pelosi and others of the same designs.
    Proven not in favor of President Donald Trump nor the American people.
    A proven witch hunt and waste of taxpayers money and time (oh, democrats don’t care about this because it is not their money).
    When will Mueller investigate the real crooks? Oh, he can’t because he is one of them and the problem!!!!! Shameful, but not for the chosen crooks.

  37. If the Liberal enemy of the President does not accept it and 63 million vote for Trump and we support it and declare that Donald Trump saves America from the brutal extremism of the American left, and Mueller does not accept it, we will resort to the supreme court to see who has the reason..

  38. No! He said he would in writing! That should be good enough!
    Now end it !!! Fire him

    Now turn the tables and arrest him for the row he played in the Clinton corruption! Do it

    • They should all be arrested, Hillary,Comey, Obama & & any others that are against our President &
      America .

  39. Trump is the President and does not have to answer any of Mueller’s questions!
    Its clear that he only wants to impeach him! Mueller him self must be arrested for his part in corruption with the FBI and Clinton!
    A criminal can not investigate any one!turn the tables on him!
    No meetings period! Now fire him!
    You said you would do it in writing , he said no! Its over fire him!

  40. It’s a shame that none of the above people who replied had opinions…However, I share ALL OF THEIR OPINIONS. PRESIDENT TRUMP: Please listen and follow the advise of counsel on this. As an x litigator, there is no plus side. Let the Judges deal with Mueller. America IS being made great again through your efforts and the polls and the results verify that on all fronts. God is with you and so are we!

  41. I have a suggestion for President Trump. And here it is.
    If he asks you a question, your answer should be: If I thought it was any of your frigging business I would tell you. Now next question!!

  42. Counter the Verbal Q&A with one of their own.


    The President FIRST QUESTION: “Exactly what LAW are you investigating?”

    The purported ‘law’ is “Collusion”, but there is no law to be broken.

    Then the President/ Guillani can ask who all was involved in pushing this false narrative, who invested how much money.

    He can be asked about all the problems he caused while in the FBI dating back to Whitey Bulger in Baltimore and the 4 innocent men he put in prison for a murder they DID NOT COMMIT to protect White and his friends.

    And it can all be done on LIVE TV and Internet Streaming.

  43. When President Trump talked about draining the swamp, this is the type of individual he was referring. Mueller is a somewhat wannabe and it’s not gonna happen. (A little papa Bush). FIRE HIM AND STOP THE MADNESS……

    • What a great idea! I think it should be made public on every single means possible that Mueller would not put questions in writeing !

  44. If Mueller refuses to take the presidents answers in writing then Mueller is not interested in the truth, he is trying to set a trap for our president and Trump should resist this all the way to the Supreme court then if the court says he must sit down with Mueller at that point our president should invoke his constitutional rights and take the fifth. This is really great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • His wish to talk to the President is absolutely nothing but a wish to entrap. Never was. He does not have a case unless he can make one on a misstep in answering him. He knows that.

  45. President Trump,definitely no intrapment interview. He is too busy making America great again of which these liberals are not interested in.
    They are only trying to protect them selves and people like crooked Hillary Clinton,including her foundation,which got them in trouble because they(97%)thought she’d be president.

  46. Bill Clinton was impeached and he stayed in office…why was that ? Are there different levels of impeachment ? If so….what are they

  47. He should plead the 5th/ fifth _asking questions to him or about himself is an obvious set up to incriminate him.. period … dnc wants a civil war .. let’s go .. keep messing with _over half the countries duly elected president… they’ll have it

  48. Mueller is biased, he has conflict of interests that should have had him recussing himself.

    This man is unclean and his methods are not correct.

    And it may soon backfire as the Russian Corp sued wants its day in court and Mueller was trying to scuttle his own prosecution by saying he didn’t serve them correctly. But if a person is being sued, and shows up in court, and says they are ready to proceed, service becomes moot. And have never seen a person suing prosecuting someone have the person show up in court and then demand that they weren’t served properyly Proper service is for the person being served to argue.

    • When Mueller googles Russian collusion and Hillary’s name shows up, he lets it go. When Russian dressing shows up with no reference o Trump, he investigates Trump anyway. Many Republicans hate Trump, so why can’t Mueller hate Trump as well?

  49. Do NOT sit down with Mueller!! If necessary take it as far as is required, the Supreme Court, and then some!
    I thought a crime is investigated, not investigating to “find” a crime. Not only is President Trump’s term at stake, but the Office of the Presidency, and the U.S. Constitutional Republic!

    • mueller, once a Patriot and a Vietnam Vet (Marine) has brought shame on the Corps.

      Seemingly, his only excuse is he knuckled under for the obamba Regime and hasn’t been able to stand upright since.

    • Trump should have a one room meting with the Leadership of the Dept.of Justices,the FBI & both the Congress & the Senate,(Repub. & Dem.) Leadership. In this meeting, he should tell the Attorney General: I order you to Give to the Senate & Congressional Investigation committees ALL Requested Documents they have Requested. However,before their release, the Documents shall be Reviewed by independent persons not a part of the DOJ or FBI for security redaction. If the the DOJ or FBI refuse to Comply: YOUR FIRED.

  50. Mueller is the most disgusting,devious,corrupt human being I have ever seen. His deep state agenda is on full display. I pray for our President.He is our treasure!!!

  51. I am a retired Real Estate Appraiser and I used to have a lot of litigation/Eminent domain cases in my practice. I have been under oath on the witness stand many times. I know how an attorney can turn and twist words and can turn and twist questions. I think that any of them can twist honest testimony into something that they then declare to be purjury, simply to win their case. President Trump would making a very serious mistake if he sits down and answers questions under oath.

  52. stop pussy footen around trump !! tell Mueller that all he will get from you is it be written !!!!!!!!!!! …


    • That’s why Trump is on the hot seat, because he’s trying get rid of the corrupt bastards ( drain the swamp ) and they will do whatever it takes to condemn him so they don’t have to get real jobs. As a President Trump deplorable myself I would like see this very expensive taxpayer funded witch hunt come to an end and if Sessions had any balls he would step in and say enough is enough. Mueller, Comey, Rothstein, and Clinton should all be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and placed in prison like the criminals they all are.

    • And just think – the American people would not have seen just how corrupt Washington is unless Trump had been elected to office. The swamp dwellers are scared to death of this President and they will do anything, and I mean anything, to get rid of him.

  54. President should fire Mueller boss then question Mueller right to question the president? Mueller and his team should also be fired by the AG

  55. Absolutely, if he truly wants to find a criminal Hillary Clinton should be in Prison. Mueller is an overpaid pundant for the left. Of Course ever person who works toward an end goal of trying to not fine the truth, but find someone guilty of something wants that to succeed. His mind is set on finding something. He has worked almost two years on finding something. Mueller needs to be fired and ran out of Washington.


  57. Impeach Mueller then fire him so he cannot get another government job, he has wasted enough of our tax payor dollars on nothing. If it were up to me I would have charged him with treason long ago and put him in jail.

    • Mueller is still the same dirty cop he’s always been he’s taking the FBI and hurting it’s reputation as bad if not worse than Comey. They both should be prosecuted for Treason.Mueller in particular sucks.

  58. SHUT HIM DOWN! Mr. M does NOT want to hear the TRUTH. He is a clown trying to run a three ring circus. Forget it! He does not deserve to get a dimes woth more of information.

    • POTUS must not answer any kind of questions which a traitor like M may want to pose to him. I beg Mr. President DO NOT ACCEPT Mueller’s questions. Make use of presidential powers and kick him out! ASAP.

      • Mueller thinks he is God. Does not want truth bc its a witch hunt. Wish darn ag would do his job, bht thats not going to happen. Deputy weissman and mueller illegal corrupt man needs 2b shut down and removed

        • Mueller and the rest of the swamp think their above the law and I hope they eventually find out they aren’t.
          PRISON for Mueller, Comey, Clinton, Rosenstein and then fire Sessions for not ending the witch hunt.

    • President Trump should NOT submit to the perjury trap that Mueller is attempting to set for him. President Trump should follow the advice of Julliani and stick to his guns!

    • Absolutely agree, no face to face interview. The justice system is a disgrace! Mueller is a disgrace to America and to the American people.

    • When the AG arrests Rod Rosenstein for felony perjury for fraudulently inducing the FISA Court to release a bogus warrant to institute a bogus investigation while Hillary Clinton walks around free lighting her cigars with $1,000.00 Bills obtained from Russia, then no co-operation with Mueller da Mule who has screwed up so many other previous investigations and has ruined so many innocent persons’ lives. Enforce the 5th and 14th Amendments for equal justice.

  59. What law school gave this clown a law degree? It has taken him a year and a half and still nothing. Time to pack it in and go do something else.

  60. What’s amazing is that the Democrats/Liberals are still thinking of collusion by the POTUS with Russia where it has been revealed by the Federal Oversight Committee that it was the Democratic former President who colluded against the American People and the Clinton’s who personally benefited by the sale of Uranium to Russia. This is just the Democrats trying to hide their own crimes

  61. Mueller appears to be doing a great job in getting to the Russian connection and exposing Trump’s swamp for what it really is. The Orange Buffoon is clearly trying to hide something and I am looking forward to what that is. Is it his Russian Mafia connections? Fear of his tax return being exposed to show further dishonesty in his dealings? Or will it lead to evidence of him being blackmailed by Putin (most likely). This gets more interesting every day!

  62. Even the pleading the 5th would not work the demotards amd liberal, msm would make up bull shit by not talking he hiding something. Not sure about Presidential Privilege. Maybe if Sessions is charged with contemp of Congress he will fire the bunch of them

  63. Muler is trying to build a case against another innocent victim just as he has done before. Muler is evil and I hope he is stopped now!

    • Bob Mueller is in cohoots with former president Obama, Clinton’s & the DNC and the CNN/MSNBC fake news media and Soros, bilderberg group etc.
      Jeff Sessions should rightly fire Mueller as special council and end the fake probe that they started a year ago. And also fire a/g Rod Rosenstein and others who are just ticked -off that Trump beat Hillary in 2016 election by the people

    • The majority of AMERICANS have voted,
      You are OUR PRESIDENT!
      By attacking you they
      attacking us the law
      abiding AMERICANS.
      God sent you to save
      AMERICA,fire this traitor to our Country, call in the MARINES and let them
      take care of him…
      Mr. President,take off the gloves…FIRE HIM
      as we the American
      Citizens SAYING..

  64. Mueller is dirty.

    If I could by the authority, I would have had the DOJ agents to barge in his office and sweep & confiscate everything, even his stained underwear. And then subpoena his butt. Ask him zillions of questions until “ah, ha! Gotcha!”

    Yep. 😜

    • Mueller would not be able to answer questions under oath without committing perjury or incriminating himself. However, he needs to be put on the witness stand and asked a thousand questions, whether he answers them or not. Watch “Cool Hand Bob” sweat.

  65. I have to agree that the President should not sit down for an interview with someone who has no interests in ethics – he is in direct conflict of interest by even being a special prosecutor in this matter & personally I have to agree with no interview & fight it to the end. The America People are behind Trump not Mueller. He should be disbarred.

  66. If Trump has nothing to hide, let him talk. He surely is never at a loss for words. He’s an “entertainer”!!

      • ethics your pres has none . if he did he wouldn’t be doing the things he has done, it’s to bad that all of you wear blinders and can’t see whats happen right in front of you.Be careful what you wish for.If he got nothing to hide the questions should be a piece of cake, right?

    • Mueller was responsible for putting an innocent man in prison for decades in the Whitey Bulger case. He just wanted a scalp and that is what he wants now.

      • Get Mueller the heck out of Washington now, for heaven’s sake that man is absolutely obsessed and evil.

    • Lawyers are trained to put words in the mouths of those that they drag before them. Mueller is basically the talking-head front man for the Deep State operatives pulling his strings. That makes him doubly dangerous and not to be trusted by any non-Deep State entity.

      • Exactly! Despite the fact that so many liberals point out that he’s a Republican there is no doubt about his ties to the Clintons and Obama. Also there is the fact that his investigative team is not balanced at all but stacked with Democratic headhunter lawyers. There has been no proof of collusion between the President and Russia but plenty by Clinton and Obama. It is time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars that is based on an illegal FISA warrant obtained by lies paid for by Democrats. Nothing about this investigation is about Russia or collusion but all about the Democrats trying to end the presidency of a lawfully elected President by any means necessary.

    • But he’d (Trump) would be up against a Corrupt FBI Cop …who doesn’t want the truth unless it convicts Trump ………period!!!!!!!!!!!
      F**K Him ….. Mueller!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liberals are the most useless commodity in the USA……..along with Mulehead, Obama, Hillary, Pisslosi, Reid, Waters, and the rest of the dirty dozen…

  67. After appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller, his history of corruption, malfeasance and reversal in the meting of justice, President Trump should say “With the precedence of your treatment of Secretary Hillary Clinton in her “matter,” I will consent to a verbal “interview” not under oath, answering solely questions submitted to me in advance. All my advisers will be present, all conversations between me and my lawyers will remain confidential under lawyer-client privilege, and all will have been given immunity from prosecution. You will write my absolution of guilt in advance of this interview. Thank you!”

  68. Mueller (Leerch) has his own garden variety of corruption he needs to answer too.
    To think what he’s doing is beyond disgraceful.
    Spit in my eye, I’ll spit right back, LEERCH…

  69. It’s very obvious,even to w lay person as myself, the Robert Mueller has one purpose in mind the moment be was named to head up this B.S. of a “WITCH HUNT”. That purpose was to see that President Trump was impeached. Trump is the “smartest” president we’ve had in decades and knows better than to appear evil and un-American Mueller. Mueller along with Rosenstein should stop the cerade that everyone knows his goal. I don’t what happened to the genitilia of Attorney Jeff Sessions but he, for some reason, is covering up for these two individuals. Maybe they have something on Sessions and if he calls an end to the Witch Hunt, they may be threatibg to expose it. Either was President Trump has the upper hand and is smart enough not to fall into Mueller’s snare. In my opinion, along with that is the majority of Republicans, believe that Jeff Sessions should be fired and appoint Trey Goudy as the new head of the DOJ.

    • How about another good woman, Victoria Toensig?? Then let them complain about how “mysogynistic” (sp?) Pres Trump is. She will tear Mueller, Comey, and RosenstAin new butt holes, and leave them without the licenses to practice law.

    • I don’t think it to be a smart move as we all know what Mueller is doing for the Democrats he may fake as a Republican but he is definetly Democrat and wants tpo get rid of Trump he is an evil lawyer and does not care who he hurts Trump, family the people that voted him in to office etc. Please President do not sit down for him sounds like you do not want my voice you must be totally for Mueller and definetly not for Trump

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