Robert Mueller revealed one final plan to impeach Donald Trump

Everyone thought when Robert Mueller turned in his final report that his quest to bring down Donald Trump ended in failure.

That turned out not to be the case.

Robert Mueller has one more trick up his sleeve to impeach President Trump.

Now that Mueller’s report is in and the American people can see that Mueller found no evidence of collusion with Russia and declined to bring obstruction of justice charges, impeachment is less popular than ever.

Democrats and Mueller’s team are creating a fake scandal surrounding a supposed cover up of Mueller’s “true findings” because Attorney General William Barr won’t break the law and release an unredacted version of the Mueller Report.

The latest salvo on this front was House Judiciary Committee member David Cicilline announcing his committee has targeted May 15 as the day for Mueller to testify.

Politico reports:

Earlier Sunday, a Judiciary Committee member, Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), told “Fox News Sunday” that Mueller was tentatively scheduled to testify on May 15, but he later walked back that remark on social media.

“Just to clarify: we are aiming to bring Mueller in on the 15th, but nothing has been agreed to yet,” Cicilline wrote online. “That’s the date the Committee has proposed, and we hope the Special Counsel will agree to it. Sorry for the confusion.”

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has said the committee is eyeing May 15 for Mueller to testify. The committee did not immediately respond to Cicilline’s comments.

The White House, Cicilline said in the Fox interview, has indicated it would not interfere with Mueller’s attempt to testify and “we hope that won’t change.”

Democrats are hoping Mueller will explain further his belief that Trump committed obstruction of justice crimes but that the Department of Justice guidelines prevented him from indicting a sitting President.

They also want Mueller to help advance the phony “cover up” scandal by testifying that Barr did not adhere to the anti-Trump talking points Mueller scripted for the report’s release.

In both cases, Democrats are counting on Mueller to develop new threads they can use for impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. All you demoncruds need to get your heads out of the sand and look at reality. Trump has done nothing to deserve this b.s. that is being put on him. He’s not purrfect, but look at the economy. It’s steadily improving and has been for three years.

    • I wanna impeach Donald Trump !! Yes, I wanna impeach him for not putting the danned toilet seat back down! ROFL

  2. Well, I must apologize for my older brother. He has done a lot of drugs in his life and is a bit delusional at times. He is in transition becoming a woman and his hormones cloud his thoughts most of the time. Mom tries to keep him down in the basement with the door locked so he can’t hurt himself or others. He finally talked her into getting him a laptop and now he is loose on the world. He has this ball cap with “Troll of the World” on it and thinks it’s his duty to correct everyone else, and I mean everyone. If you agree with him he will shift gears and still argue with you. Anyway, I ask that all the christians out there please pray for my deluded brother as he really needs it. Bless his heart.

  3. Get the freakin crazy liberal democrats out of our country. We need to reclaim the country built by our ancestors.

  4. Trump has committed countless crimes as a citizen in financial dealings including Trump U scam, and as President, obstructing justice and money laundering. What else do you expect from someone who has cheated on all his wives numerous times.

      • Assuming that you are a woman your comments are even worse than words from a guy. Maybe he banged your husband, he’s quite the swinger in his mind.

      • No one expects anyone to be pearly white except racists like Trump. What is worse is Trump is a life time criminal, an abuser, sexually and otherwise. He is friends with the Italian mafia and he idolizes them and Putin and Kim and other dictators.

        • What a loser you are keep dreaming joe go spew ur lies else where you are out numbered in this world wake up joe wake up. It’s people like you who have the hate inside them. Trump 2020!!! MAGA

    • And Joe the Plumber, Have you ever cheated on your taxes before? Don’t lie now, we know all the cash jobs you made in the past and trade jobs, and jobs for family and friends, you never reported. You only turned in what property management companies, landlords, and businesses that you knew were going to use them as a write off is what you really reported. In business anyone with a brain knows that you keep two sets of records. And stach all the cash and cash the checks that you have put into your name at the customers bank, not yours. You turn it into cash and take it home and you never report it. So don’t cry lilly white to me, you are just another crooked plumber that over bills and over charges and marks shit up way over 30 percent and you probably sell used parts too.

      • He wrote all 1.1 billion, didn’t pay taxes for 8 of the 10 years, so either he isn’t as successful as you brags about or he cheated big time on his taxes. Probably both scenarios are true.

      • Sarge what do you think of the Republicants as they are the ones always cutting Veterans’ benefits. If you don’t believe me, google the facts.

  5. They just can’t leave President Trump alone. He hasn’t done anything. We know what is going to happen if they manage to impeach him. March on Washington DC.

    • Trump hasn’t done anything wrong unlike Crooked Hillary and Bill and Obama and all the rest of the crooked criminal LOSER Demo/Brats. I just love watching those bitches cry and whine and try so hard to compete with Trump but lose at everything they try to do. They are not smart enough to know he is totally way out of their league and can out smart them in his sleep.

      • He as been pulling them around on a string ever since he took office. I just sit and watch as he lets the string drift a little then he tightens it up and they have no idea what even happened.

      • The unredacted Mueller report has been made available to be viewed in ta secure setting. Graham held up the redacted report over 400 pages and made it clear today that he saw the unredacted report and it held exactly the same conclusion. Democrats are just so desperate to find something to bring this president down . I wonder if they would’ve had the same zeal to bring down Hillary for all the crimes that she committed . Mueller is being used now and blackmailed to change the outcome of his report which has already been viewed . At the very best, what they hope to achieve at this point is to just tarnish the name of Trump and affect the elections in 2020 . The real criminals are the ones who lied about the Steele Dossier report that was paid for out of funds from the DNC and Hillary Clinton foundation. All the yelling and screaming by the Democrats isn’t going to affect the outcome ,

        • The Republicans paid for the dossier first Keren, Nothing in the dossier has been proven to be untrue but many things have been proven to be true like Russia’s invasion in our election, Trump’s business dealings in Russia, the many meetings of the campaign staff including Flynn, Carter Page, Rick Gates, etc.

  6. It’s called let sleeping dogs lie which our communist mutt Mueller refuses to do. One would think that after 2 1/2 years of after investigation after investigation that shows Trump did nothing wrong, assholes such as him would finally give up their endless pursuit of throwing Trump out of office. Makes me question the mentality of that idiot.

  7. Mueller has lost his respect after two years of repeating what the FBI had already done. The FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to get the insurance to keep Trump out of office. Mueller and his team of hillary supporters knew this when they started their witch hunt.

    • Not only did the FBI investigate and find nothing, they did it 5 different times, which is why there was no need to waste taxpayer money for another investigation. We all know liberals love to spend taxpayer dollars on stupid useless stuff.

  8. AG Barr had to finalize his uncompleted second section which Mueller felt he could not indict but he also couldn’t exonerate. If he couldn’t indict it was his responsibility to stop the process. Instead he like Comey felt that like the Hillary video where he laid out why she should be indicted then did a 180 and let her off the hook with no reasonable prosecutor would indict her. It’s all just bull crap, he didn’t need a 200 page paper giving sketchy reasons why he thought he still might be guilty of something.

    • It was never Mueller’s JOB to exonerate Trump. That’s not how our legal system works.
      The basis of law in THIS country is ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty, unlike in the UK where you’re guilty until proven innocent.

    • Mueller was given the opportunity to read what Barr sent to Congress and refused his fault. After spending millions of dollars of our tax money now he complains? Enough is enough! We should not spend one more dollar on the Russian collusion, it’s over!

  9. “Its time for the President to encourage Robert Mueller by saying: “Dear Citizen Mueller, As your President, I am writing to advise you that for me to give to the Democrat leaders of the House of Representatives, a copy of your full report, un-redacted as demanded would be, as I know you must understand, that if I did so, as an illegal act by law, it would fan the fires to impeach me as your President; but, if you feel that violated the same law, is a matter of utmost importance to the survival of the USA, then perhaps you will break the law and accept the risk that the controlling Representatives will file suit somehow to cause you to be arrested, tried, and possibly punished, while lauding you for making all of the documents to the House Committee to search in hopes of finding a different conclusion. It might be a foregone conclusion that it would be what they wanted it to be.

    Such an un-American act may seem too risky to you, but I assure you, if I were in your shoes, and you in mine, I would do it! It might take years for you to be convicted, if ever, but certainly you would be commended for helping the skeptical people finally understand that others out to impeach me, will have to ultimately admit that what you concluded was right, and also may have to conclude that the millions of pages of useless testimony, documents and procedural actions will take perhaps a decade for the committees and hired legal teams to consider again what it took your team two years just to capture, was just part of a political game.
    If you would ask, I would make every effort to fast track your period of not knowing if your heroic action was laudable, although a Supreme Court might add its decision on top of yours sooner, to help the people, not in the protesting political groups know that the tons of paper contain nothing that you and your big team might have overlooked to show that it was I, that was spied on illegally, and my party’s opposing party that spawned the fiction that let FISA be embarrassed.

    Who knows, the people may turn out these Representatives and terminate another sad chapter of Democrat obfuscation and deceit; or you might duck the risk and avoid having voters label your act as one to help me win in 2020.”

  10. The FBI was started by a cross-dressing fruitcake, who hired psychopaths to do his political biddings. That ought to tell us all we need to know .

  11. Hey Little Bobby, who asked for the transfer of James WHITEY Bulger, to the Federal Prison, where he was MURDERED two days later?
    That’s not to say it was not deserved, but he was not given the Death Penalty.
    Apparently someone was concerned he would flip on agents of the DOJ and FBI, does any of this ring a bell?

    • Do you conspiracy theory much? Funny how Mueller was hailed on both sides of the aisle as a straight-shooter, trustworthy, believable, an honorable citizen (none of which, by the way, describes your Dear Leader).

  12. Mueller spent millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money on the Russian collusion investigation of President Trump. He could not, or would not, give an opinion when his report was released with the exception of saying that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia. Muller is now receiving heat from the Democrats because he didn’t do what they wanted him to do even though the only people he had investigating President Trump where Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters. Now he’s claiming to have evidence, or whatever, to be used against President Trump so that he can be impeached. This is a national disgrace. The Dems are on a witchhunt against President Trump and they obviously don’t want to give up and the main reason is because Attorney General Barr is now investigating them, the FBI, the CIA, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in an effort to find out what evidence was used to even start this investigation against President Trump including who was involved in it, when did Mueller know that there was no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russians and why didn’t he release that information when he knew it why did he drag it out for two years. The Democrats are clearly committing political suicide and they’re too arrogant and corrupt to even consider that. The truth will come out as it always does and the Democrats better buckle up the day of reckoning is at hand.

    • You are truly a tunnel visioned believer in the crook in the white house – Mueller’s report was so redacted nobody could make a true evaluation of it – if your NAZI is so innocent why is he fighting every single supina? This man is collecting money from every enemy of our country and that’s what he is afraid of – the economy is doing very well thanks to President Obama he is the one that brought our country back & all Trump had to do was handle what was given to him – Obama just did what was in front of him WITHOUT FANFARE & PATS ON THE BACK like THE NAZI DEMANDS ….

      • SO far until this idiot James Danicek came along the comments made some sense. James go back and eat some more wacky tobaccy cookies. Your a real piece of work.

        • OH my God James Danicek, you are really a WACKADOO. If anyone should have been investigated, it should have been OBAMA and of course, HILLARY CLINTON. This whole collusion was made up by the DEMORATS because they couldn’t accept Hillary’s loss. Of course they never mentioned the sale of our URANIUM by the Clinton’s to Russia. Don’t you think that was COLLUSION? What about OBAMA hiding his records to the American people????? Don’t you think that was unusual and against the rules and of our law to be an official POTUS????

          • James iss right Pamela, you know nothing, there was plenty of collusion, but conspiracy would have been difficult to prove. Avoid Fox, Limbaugh and right wing Nazi rags.

      • Give me the reasons you call this man in the white house a nazi. I truly don’t see any, not one iota of resemblance to the butchers under the hitler regime. Any “human-butchers” in this country are presently practicing their wicked arts on our babies.

        • Linda, you obviously don’t know anything about history, humans, or really much of anything. Do some real research beyond Fox and Brietbart. I could recommend some good books, but I’m guessing you don’t read much.

      • You are a fool…. Bzo was the biggest crook ever to serve as president…. Born in Kenya of Muslim Heritage…. Most Americans saw his evil doings …. some , like you, cannot handle the truth!

      • That’s because he patted himself on the back , in his speeches how many times did Obozo say I,I,I and yet did nothing but crooked thieving tricks , then you have his wife doing her thing ! James Danicek!!!

    • Mueller needs to give back our tax money he spent. He didn’t even have the decency to finish what he started.

    • You’re insane, and you know nothing. Trump is a traitor, all his campaign people met with the Russians. Don’t you wonder why?

    • He didn’t say there was no collusion. There wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him for conspiracy, there is a difference. There was plenty of collusion with his campaign, over 250 contacts with the Russians and everyone who met with Russians lied about including Flynn, Sessions, Trump, Trump Jr, Eric. Papadopulos, Cohen, Goldstone, Rick Gates and many more. Read the truth, listening in Limbaugh and watching Fox News is ignorance and both medium are full of lies.

  13. (Smh) Demonrats are not going to give up, even after the result of Mueller report. When will this crap ever end? Not until the next election day. The Court need to interfere to tell them to knock the s-hit off and move on.

    I think the Dems would make every effort to distract us from looking at Hillary and Obama as the main conspirators. We cannot stop. We must expose their sins. Once we expose their corruption, we will have a better government for years to come. Let do it for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

    Trump rocks!

    • You’re soooo right! The dumbasscrats will NEVER give up. The question that keeps entering my mind is, “Let’s say they do successfully impeach MR TRUMP! Then what? As far as has been verified, they won’t find a damned person in the world that could do as much good for this country than MR TRUMP!! 😗😒😥😪😰

    • Those DIRTY SOB’s will not impeach our POTUS! We will not allow our POTUS to be replaced with a filthy pedophile, baby murdering, rapists, cannobolism dirtbag! There will be civil war before this happens! These bastards want us as their subjects, slaves by taking away our wealth, jobs, and freedoms! By the grace of God this will not happen! Every dirty strategy they try will be used against them! God is not on their side they are filthy godless nazis and they will pay for their crimes against america!

      • Well Patricia, I’m glad that you got that off your chest,
        now can you tell us how you really feel? Thanks

      • You must be a Nazi or Russian because Americans aren’t usually that ignorant and nasty mouthed, especially a woman.

    • The day it will all stop is when Barr & Trump drag all those criminals into court & open Pandora’s box. These criminals have so much criminal crap in their closets, there won’t be room to put all of them in prison. If they are smart, they will walk away, because, Trump did nothing, but, rightfully win the election.

      A smart criminal doesn’t cry criminal about another, because, they know they can be brought down. I’m jumping with glee to see their crap placed on a pedestal for the entire world to see. Trump will do just that & so will Barr, if the Clinton’s don’t get to Barr first. We all know the story on Hillary’s behavior.

    • What you don’t seem to understand, Blondie, is that this current administration is the most corrupt possibly in the nation’s history; and he has just fooled you folks who adamantly refuse to see reality and truth.

    • MAN FROM GREY. You got that comment RIGHT. The American people are so sick of this shit that goes on day after day. The courts need to tell the DEMORATS to knock OFF their shit and work for the American people. Donald Trump is our POTUS and has done one hell of a job while he has been in office. I pray that he gets re-elected or our country will go down the GD drain quickly.

  14. The only people who will lose there jobs in 2020 will be the demos in the house and the demos in the senate. These idiots better think about whats going on real hard before they stick there foot in there mouth to far.

  15. By far the broadest federal statute criminalizing lying is 18 U.S.C. § 1001, which makes it a crime to “knowingly and willfully . . . make any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation” in the course of “any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch” of the federal government. There’s no requirement that the statement be under oath. Didn’t Nadler and Schiff both state that they had seen the documentation which proved Trump was guilty of collusion? Seems that many in the Congress lied as outlined by the above law.

    • Bob, your Dear Leader lies on a daily basis. Why do you continue to believe it? He three times lied about where his dad was born. “Trade wars are easy to win”… then why are you (and me) paying higher prices to cover tariffs? How was it you became so brainwashed?

  16. It seems that the only thing the DNC people are interested to do is to cause more divisions within OUR BELOVED USA! They are not for UNIFICATION Of THE COUNTRY which was founded by UNITY of minds, hearts and bodies of those who loved FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN DIGNITY, and, they LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS for the GREATER-GOOD of Country and Family! They were all PEOPLE OF FAITH! We are not a God less Country! We are people of Faith! The Country was built by PEOPLE OF FAITH! Never to forsake our ROOT! Anything that is away from its ROOT dies in the FULLNESS OF TIME! That will never happens HERE! Because, We, the POEPLE, the TAX Payers, we have always over came all of our OBSTACLES! We are the Victor! Victory Belongs here! Wake- Up Americans and, be of one MIND! ⁄All that we do, must be for the Good of our be LOVED AMERICA, that is for the GOOD OF ALL! We are ONE!

  17. Nadler the Demomarxist needs to see a shrink and have Pres. Trump excised from his little bitty brain. He still carries a grudge over a long ago business deal when he could not use his political power to force Trump to build a rail station under one of the buildings Trump was building. This little 5’3″–340 lb glutton who has overcome a gastric bypass and gluttoned himself into a balloon again has problems which he brings to the Congress.. Nadler is vile and evil and plans to make the balance of the Trump administration a nightmare for the entire USA. NADLER needs to stop this crap

    • Give him an enema and he will fit into a shoe box. If you use a size 9
      shoe box you could also add Schumer and Pelosi.

  18. it’s interesting to note that Barr won’t break the law and release an unredacted version of the Mueller Report. Now why would Barr want to break the law? I’m glad that he’s holding to the letter of the law. Too bad the Democrats can’t follow the law. After all don’t they make them in the first place? Time for the Democrats to get back to business!
    I’m tired of them spending our TAX DOLLARS on this crap!!!!

  19. I think the supreme court will be involved shortly especially when it comes to grand jury findings and the law on turning over income tax returns

  20. How many times do we have to tell these non intellectual dumbocrats they have LOST. You LOST. YOU LOST. Actually, they do not want to hear what Barr is going to charge them with. They absolutely know what they will be charged with. Im anticipating long trials, and longer jail times for the cowardly traitors we have had to tolerate for the last two years. Barr jail the bastards. Maximum on them all at conviction.

    • The Democrats are the most vile. Corrupt devils in this country. I would die before I would ever associate myself with any of these sewer scum rats. They are lower t h.g an sewer filth.

      • You got that right Ayn! They just want to see whose being indicted so that’s wh they want it unredacted! That fat ugly pig Nadler is more than likely on that list! They’re running scared because they know their time is short!

    • That’s because he patted himself on the back , in his speeches how many times did Obozo say I,I,I and yet did nothing but crooked thieving tricks , then you have his wife doing her thing ! James Danicek!!!

  21. The redacted versions of the MUELLER report name current and former CONGRESSIONAL members and OBAMA ADMINISTRATION under investigation. If these members found out…there would be a flight from justice risk. So arrests may proceed before the redacted version released!!!

    • Trump, your President, shut this fools down and make them stop spending money on crap that thay did, not you or your campaign !!!

      • Dan, you obviously did not read the report. You should. If you are capable of comprehending anything beyond a 6th=grade level.

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