Robert Mueller said the six words Donald Trump dreaded hearing

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt reached its most dangerous phase.

The special counsel is running out of time and is desperate to frame President Trump.

And now Robert Mueller said the six words that Donald Trump dreaded hearing.

The Washington Post filed a motion in court to gain access to documents regarding the Mueller team’s accusation that Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement.

The Mueller team asked the judge to delay the deadline to respond because they said their office was extremely busy this week.

CNN reports:

Senior appellate litigator Michael Dreeben told a federal judge on Tuesday that he and his co-counsel “face the press of other work” and would like a deadline extension this week in response to a request to unseal court documents in Paul Manafort’s now-wrapped criminal case.
Dreeben is working with Adam Jed, a more junior appellate lawyer on Mueller’s team, to respond to the request from The Washington Post. The newspaper first approached the federal court in Washington on March 7 asking for the unsealing of Manafort documents related to his breach of plea proceedings. Its request came the same day Manafort learned his first of two prison sentences, which together totaled about 7.5 years.
On Tuesday, Dreeben and Jed asked federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who oversaw Manafort’s foreign lobbying-related case and his plea, to move the deadline for their response to the Post from this Friday to April 1.

This sent the anti-Trump media into a frenzy.

They hoped this was a sign Mueller was working on last minute indictments that would prove the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

More likely, it is because the special counsel is putting the finishing touches on his report.

But since Mueller rarely comments on anything – and the comments his team does make are so cryptic – it allows his allies in the fake news to run wild with speculation that Mueller is secretly getting ready to produce the smoking gun that will finish Trump.

Even if Mueller has no such evidence, he will achieve driving a few negative news cycles against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. As you recall, the entire George Bush presidency the Democrats had an investigation going on. Big bucks floating the swamp keeps these dog and pony shows going because America has been bought and paid for.

  2. The Mudllers whole intent was “to get Trump”. It had nothing to do with a Fair and Unbiased Investigation. President Trump was guilty from day one and the Mudller set out to prove it. The question of President Trump being not involved in collusion never was considered. And the News Media being bed fellows with the DumboRATS and the Mudller was just a Jury-Rigged Trail. (Haphazardly Built Are Called “Jury-Rigged”.)

  3. Shiny New GALLOWS in front of the US Capitol Building in DC SPECIFICALLY FOR the removal from office of CORRUPT POLITICIANS and the Weasels they appoint would be a nice place to end the meuller witch hunt.

    Bob could be the first test subject…

  4. This OBVIOUS HOAX has gone on for OVER 2 years and the even the DEMON RATS know that COLLUSION is not a crime and that the only COLLUSION was the DNC!!! BUT Mueller MUST find something even if it requires CREATIVITY!! When does the INVESTIGATION start on the CRIMINAL CASE against CLINTON????

  5. what a pos he is a traitor and should be hung with rest of those who oppose taking care of the USA and the People of the USA We need to go back to the way it was with our fore fathers…

  6. These investigations will soon come to an end. Do you think they’ll turn towards Hillary and The Clinton Foundation? There are more people to investigate from that end of the spectrum. Justice should dot all its eyes and cross its T’s. The American People deserve the truth and confidence in our system renewed. MAKE AMERICA BELIEVE AGAIN to aide in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    • In a perfect world, the investigation should turn towards the Clintons and their foundation simply because there is a large segment of the populace who has had their doubts about the Clintons and this would be government’s chance to regain the faith of those who’ve had doubts. Having said that, from the beginning of the Mueller probe, the single goal was always to get rid of the Trumps and nothing else.

  7. This monkey investigation is so laughable Trump should have terminated it! Mueller knows very well that Hillary, the DNC, and head honchos at the DOJ and FBI were all involved in attempting to “overthrow” this presidency. Hillary and Fusion GPS concocted this whole Michael Steele fairy tale. Mueller is a piss poor “special counsel” and a disgrace to the legal profession.

    • So true, but likely not a thing will happen to any of them, or Clinton, or anyone involved with this conspiracy to overthrow our duly elected President.

  8. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  9. We need a good judge that would say “BS!” and close the case. The judge needs to know that the Democrats are trying to get Trump from every angle.

    When will somebody start looking into Hillary/Obama involvement? And John Kerry, too.

  10. PRESIDENT TRUMP was right in not stopping the witch hunt because that could’ve made it look like he has something to hide. By now EVERY ASPECT of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S life has been scrutinized THOROUGHLY!!! They probably know how many times he goes to the bathroom & what kind of toothpaste he uses. He & his henchmen have tried every way they can to prove collusion … NO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN FOUND. It’s time to stop.

    • Guess that why everyone that surrounded this corrupt POS has been convicted and going to jail, eh? WHY do you keep supporting this POS? He’s the most corrupt conman to ever sit in the Oval Office. They shut down his Foundation due to his corruption. Better get yourself head out of your a— and face the fact…..there’s probably a sealed indictment against Individual #1 which will be served in Nov. 2020.

      • Diane… Anyone who has been indicted in the Mueller witch hunt has had nothing to do with President Trump and any unfounded question regarding supposed “Russian Collusion”. If they did anything illegal, it was from activities well before President Trump took over the White House. And if you disagree, it only shows you’re a moron of the highest order.

          • Diane,
            Do you really think that if Mueller had anything on Trump he’d wait til the very end (on an open ended investigation)to indict him? Clearly, he’s got nothing, much to the dismay of people like you who are misguided at best, unpatriotic at worst.

          • NAthan and James… leave the bitch alone. She is just a tool for the left just trying to get us riled up with stupid comments about crap she KNOWS is all a lie. Just ignore her and she will go away.

          • LPaul B – Sorry, dear, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll be here to see how you idiots try to convince each other that Trump isn’t a criminal, didn’t obstruct justice, and didn’t collude with Russia to win an election. It’ll be like someone left the zoo unlocked and all the dimwits will be running wild! Hahaha. Hope they take this POS out in handcuffs, but I’ll settle for a straitjacket! The entire family is a crime family and should be in prison.

        • Obviously, Diane is mentally unbalanced and if she has any relatives that bother talking to her, they should commit her to an asylum before she physically harms anyone.

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