Robert Mueller said the six words Donald Trump dreaded hearing

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt reached its most dangerous phase.

The special counsel is running out of time and is desperate to frame President Trump.

And now Robert Mueller said the six words that Donald Trump dreaded hearing.

The Washington Post filed a motion in court to gain access to documents regarding the Mueller team’s accusation that Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement.

The Mueller team asked the judge to delay the deadline to respond because they said their office was extremely busy this week.

CNN reports:

Senior appellate litigator Michael Dreeben told a federal judge on Tuesday that he and his co-counsel “face the press of other work” and would like a deadline extension this week in response to a request to unseal court documents in Paul Manafort’s now-wrapped criminal case.
Dreeben is working with Adam Jed, a more junior appellate lawyer on Mueller’s team, to respond to the request from The Washington Post. The newspaper first approached the federal court in Washington on March 7 asking for the unsealing of Manafort documents related to his breach of plea proceedings. Its request came the same day Manafort learned his first of two prison sentences, which together totaled about 7.5 years.
On Tuesday, Dreeben and Jed asked federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who oversaw Manafort’s foreign lobbying-related case and his plea, to move the deadline for their response to the Post from this Friday to April 1.

This sent the anti-Trump media into a frenzy.

They hoped this was a sign Mueller was working on last minute indictments that would prove the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

More likely, it is because the special counsel is putting the finishing touches on his report.

But since Mueller rarely comments on anything – and the comments his team does make are so cryptic – it allows his allies in the fake news to run wild with speculation that Mueller is secretly getting ready to produce the smoking gun that will finish Trump.

Even if Mueller has no such evidence, he will achieve driving a few negative news cycles against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.