Robert Mueller thought he had Trump dead to rights but then he got this nasty surprise

Robert Mueller thought he was on easy street.

He was running his rigged witch hunt against Donald Trump with no obstacles in sight.

But then everything changed when Mueller got this nasty surprise.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned and President Trump replaced him with chief of staff Matt Whitaker.

Deep State agents and journalists were terrified.

Whitaker blasted Mueller on TV and in print.

He suggested choking off the funding for the investigation as a way to hold Mueller accountable.

Whitaker also authored a CNN op-ed where he declared that Mueller looking into Trump Organization business deals that had nothing to do with the 2016 election was close to a red line that could lead his to his firing.

Whitaker wrote on

I’ve prosecuted several financial crimes at the federal level and I’ve also defended plenty in my private practice. From this unique vantage point, I can understand how a motivated prosecutor, in a broad investigation into the financial affairs of high-profile individuals, can become overzealous toward the targets of such probes — with calamitous results. While no one is above the law, in situations such as this, any seasoned prosecutor must use discretion both judiciously and expertly.

It is time for Rosenstein, who is the acting attorney general for the purposes of this investigation, to order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation to the four corners of the order appointing him special counsel.

If he doesn’t, then Mueller’s investigation will eventually start to look like a political fishing expedition. This would not only be out of character for a respected figure like Mueller, but also could be damaging to the President of the United States and his family — and by extension, to the country.

Many conservatives celebrated this news.

Whitaker’s appointment could push Mueller to wrap his hoax investigation instead of dragging it on in hopes of dragging the investigation into the 2020 election cycle to try and hurt Trump’s re-election chances.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What exactly did President Trump lie about? Has anyone else noticed the vile language the liberals use in their comments? Like a bunch of junior high nasty kids trying to make “bad” and show off – no substance – no common sense – ignorant about history and how it repeats itself – they lie, cheat and steal to try to get their way. When they don’t they do it all over again.

  2. I have been waiting so long for the “you know what” to hit the fan and cover the horrible Democrats up to their eyeballs. They are so boisterously evil and have bad communistic and radical views. Democrats really suck – period!!

  3. People express their opinions; however, none of us are privy to everything that the Mueller investigation has uncovered. All we have are titally, uninformed guesses. Patience is required to see what is revealed.

  4. Wrong.Not “fired”. The ‘word’ Request is Significant.
    Don’t ‘twist’ words. Bottom line = “REQUEST”.

  5. So you believe that only republicans are truth, innocence, guilt free of any crimes whatsoever??? What a complete and utter joke!!!!

  6. Don’t even bother!
    It’s unbelievable just how Gullible & Obtuse some
    Americans are today!
    The DEMIs are still making them believe Trump’s economy is not working!!!
    This economy is BOOMING!

  7. DO YOU really believe if Mule Face Mueller had some ADVERSE information before the Mid-Terms he would have kept it quiet!
    Mueller should be investigating the (4) FISA Judges that were duped into signing
    (4) FISA WARRANTS that wer used to spy on Candidate Trump.


    Look up Mueller back in Boston where he railroaded (4) men to protect his
    FBI SNITCH, Whitey Bulger. Two of the men died in jail while their families
    and the other two men received $101,000,000 from the Federal Government for

  8. To REAL ‘dead’ Possum, mueller Doing “the PPL’s work” ?
    Who, ‘type’ ppl’s work? NOT MINE,
    ps. Possum. i shoveled a quasi ‘dead’ possum
    0ff Road (1x) &Discovered , Gone, the Next Day &
    Was Glad. Possum Survived.

  9. You are SO right. BTW: to those who are criticizing POTUS for the rain thing (Rick27 for one): I don’t care if you flew the Hindenberg in a storm! YOU are NOT POTUS! You don’t have to have the Secret Service sweep your route for miles to where you are going, and have armed agents posted for miles to prevent another JFK. They refused to drive Trump due to security issues, not just weather and distance.It also wasn’t his decision.
    Changes probably have to be approved and cleared days or weeks in advance.
    Oh, and unless you work on the “new, more sophisticated” birds, how do you know that they are as safe/safer in a storm
    than the older ones? Maybe all the tech makes them less stable in a storm? I don’t think any of us know that. My husband and I watch plane videos on YT,and some crash due to wind, wind shear, rain, ice, poor visibility, and snow. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to bring them down.I think commercial Jets could handle bad weather better than choppers too. More stability due to design.

  10. Oh, the Constitution, like the one Obama wiped his muddy shoes on? Or the Bill of Rights he wrapped last night’s trash in? Obama and his trusty pen. I thank God every day that Hillary lost!
    Oh, about the veteran in Germany: we appreciate your sacrifice. My family fought in the Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and my ex was a Tet Marine in VietNam. Im now married to an Air Force retiree. Its a shame you are criticizing our Commander in Chief. He loves our servicemen and women, has been rebuilding the military, and instead of
    sending $ to ISIS (Obama) he’s trying to get us out of this stupid war. The troops love CIC Trump too
    Oh, yeah, did Obama spend 1 day in our armed forces? Did Bill Clinton? No, Clinton BURNED OUR FLAG WHILE IN ENGLAND! SO, before throwing stones at OUR Prez,maybe you should look around at the glass house you, Bill, and Obama share.

  11. Hostile foreign power? Where did you get that?Ha
    Ha Ha!Yes, we are owed an accounting: about Meuller, Waters, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Comey, Sessions, Strozk, etc.

  12. Hostile foreign power? Where did you get that?Ha
    Ha Ha!Yes, we are owed an accounting: about Meuller, Waters, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Comey, Sessions, Strozk, etc.

  13. The difference is Clinton was found GUILTY OF LYING TO CONGRESS, AND the investigation was limited to what he did WHILE IN OFFICE, IN THE WHITE HOUSE! NOT possible affairs he had 10+ years before.
    Trump hasn’t lied to Congress or anyone, and he should be responsible for what he has done since 2016! Not providing tax returns and affairs from YEARS AGO!

  14. Van…truth! They can’t keep it up forever without people taking full notice and becoming so increasingly sick of their BS.

  15. If you are so concerned about the cost, then I am certain that you had similar complaints about the Kenneth Starr investigation into Bill Clinton. That one cost $39.2 million and ran for 4 1/2 years.
    The people’s work? Of course. We were attacked by a hostile foreign power in the last election. Don’t you think the American people deserve a full accounting?

  16. Mueller served honorably in Vietnam in combat earning multiple medals. There’s never been a question of his integrity. There have already been multiple people indicted, pled guilty and found guilty at trial. Obviously there is something there in the investigations he’s doing.

  17. Sessions, legally, had to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation. He was a part of the Trump campaign, by not recusing himself, he puts himself in legal jeopardy.

  18. I don’t disagree that the killer probably wasn’t completely in touch with reality. However, rhetoric such as Donald Trump’s very easily can be the final push.

  19. I don’t want any of your biscuits they didn’t make you any smarter. Can you name one lie President Trump has made

  20. Keep religion out of this mess. You want to accuse someone? How about the _ucking Liberals and Democrats. They’re so damn big “cry babies”, it’s pathetic!

  21. How much $$ has he and his committee spent INVESTIGATING??? Investigating WHAT??? What a bunch of pure BS. Mueller himself should be investigated! You say…”people’s work”??? Again, pure BS

  22. What nonsense. Robert Mueller is doing the people’s work. This site has no idea what, if anything, he has collected as evidence against Trump. But for someone he repeatedly declares his innocence, Trump sure is acting like a guilty man.

  23. Question, how do you unsubscribe from these emails. I have requested to be unsubscribe three times and I’m still getting them. I am very offended by some of the advertisements they post. These adds come up in the middle of reading a story…very disturbing.

  24. All you liberals are about to get slapped upside y’alls head with a dose of reality and truth about the leaders of your party. The Democrats are murders, rapists, liars, thieves, backstabbers and deceivers.

  25. Hope your remark was meant for sarcasm. If not, wish you a rapid recovery with regaining your contact with reality.

  26. Apparently you don’t have a clue do yourself a favor and watch death of a nation. It’s a documentary that will enlighten you about the facts of the party your supporting watch with a open mind and you will easily see the path that’s being repeated it’s not a good path for America

  27. Very confused democrat aren’t you democrats are the communist party and it’s a known fact of Hillarys laundering 86 million of campaign contributions

  28. Seriously all you people. His helicopter was grounded due to rain? My word, it’s Marine One. I’ve flown on much less sophisticated helicopters and they have what’s commonly known as instruments that allow them and your next airline flight to fly in all kinds of weather. Is there nothing you won’t question when it’s Herr Leader telling you? What a cult.

  29. William, you realize Mueller is a Republican and he was confirmed twice, in two roles, by a margin of 100 percent to 0 percent. Bright man… and you can tell it from the respectable manner in which he’s conducted this whole affair.

  30. I’d join you Ethel, but I’ve never been much of a cult person… particularly since Jonestown and all those fools who drank the kool-aid.. as you have. It’s obvious you don’t really know or understand what’s going on here.

  31. We need to investigate Mueller. He is either an Alzheimers patient with diminished mental capacity or corrupt. Is he so niaeve to not realize all the blatant corruption in his investigation. I want Trump to just fire him and then investigate Herr Mueller who has proven to be swamped up.

  32. Climb off your stump, take a deep breath, sharpen your crayons and go back to writing those shabby fraudulent and anonymous op-eds for the long disgraced NY Times.




  35. Have respect for your President. And if he not your President, I will help you start packing! If you could think, you would be angry at Mueller for wasting OUR tax dollars on false accusations.

  36. Yes that is why Trump appointed him to do what he can go obstruct justice. Trump lied that he did not know him. He did meet with him several times to discuss what he could do to protect Trump from his lies Trump is telling and Mueller can prove it.

  37. God knows Trump lies and will reward him for his lies and in sighting hate to divide this country. God has a special place for liars who do not repent of their sins. Mueller’s report is not completed and Whitaker can try but will not be successful in stopping the truth from coming out. Money Laundering is part of Trumps connection with Russia.

  38. Agree because he and the democratics are the corrupt criminals and they the democratics need to be held responsible for the money they have waisted NOT the TAXPAYERS the dnc has plenty of money from their corrupt bloomberg, soros, obama, clintons , and others they can pay for this Waist


  40. Yes!!! God willing this mad demogage hoax can finally be put to rest and we can all get behind our President. Who has been a person who has kept his word to the American people! So let us be great again in our Christian and patriatic ferver!

  41. Matt Whitaker has been involved in a scam, a fraud that cheated investors, and is being considered for charges AT THIS TIME. Trump elevated him because of all Whitaker’s statements against the Russia probe, and Trump wants him to obstruct justice . . . again!

  42. What kind of idiot are you or are you just baiting people to start a ruckus
    Seems to me you should keep your opinions to your self did you vote for obama

  43. Whitaker just referred to Mueller as “respected”. Mueller is the worst kind of slime. He should have to repay what the Government had to pay for the two guys he kept locked up until they died so they could not blow his Baltimore fiasco.

    I bed a dollar to a donut he had one of his plants transfer Whitey Bulger to VA to get him killed so he could not talk.

  44. Have you watched traitor obama body language with his eldest daughter. Fascinating. Notice how in later tapes, her mother keeps her daughter away from dad.

  45. Please read the article about this. We also had 100’s of American Armed Forces buried in France soil. He couldn’t get here and I, also think our fallen in France, appreciated our President paying honor to them also. Know your facts before you start rambling.

  46. This investigation should end and not take another 2 years just to be in the 2020 elections which the dems. would love. I hope we will soon have a special investigation into Hillary Clinton. She IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. END THE WITCH HUNT THEN INVESTIGATE MUELLER.

  47. Dan, ricB = 2 rows of ‘bone-spures’
    In mouth. Avant-garde Dentists recommend
    ‘Pull Teeth’. Do Not ‘replace’.

  48. Betty you need help you have no real facts you just want to spread hate words about our president very sad may God help you

  49. Also Mike. YOU ‘presumed’ a ‘Conclusion’ on my part.
    > NOT TRUE. I presented An ‘0ngoing’ factoid. W/0ut
    ‘my personal 0pine’. BIG DIFF. “Don’t kill the ‘messenger’.

  50. NO ‘fuse’ on fake bomb(s) Was Lit.
    0r Could be lit. Yes, words mean thangs.
    Yours as well. Read post carefully.

  51. Suitable post for ‘shep’. Add Wallace.
    Both Are a ‘team’ infiltrating Fox.
    (especially After R. Ailles)

  52. The problem with your conclusion is that you’re failing to see that the rhetoric is what lit the fuse on that bomb. Words have consequences, especially when one is constantly spewing that kind of rhetoric. It was totally irresponsible for him to be saying those things!

  53. Wrong Mike. Too many ‘med heads & mind control’. &&&
    Include ‘left Sponsors’. Sort thru the KrAAP, dude.
    Do Not be so ‘quick’ to placeBlame re 1 Individual,
    especially WHEN ‘stuff’ BEGAN 8-10 + yrs Ago.
    &&& Coming to ‘fruition’ NOW__ Capish,no?

  54. Dan’mon’ I am going to ‘repost’ this
    Comm 0ften
    just like this Mary person . Do the Same.
    WE MUST.

    November 11, 2018 at 12:31 am

    Thank Bill, only 59 sec’s. or copy/paste

    Jack Gajda
    November 11, 2018 at 6:48 am

    zee, every time I see this it pisses me off because, he clearly says he’s not America he’s Kenyan yet, he was elected into the Ill senate and then the Presidency. How the hell did this happen???
    November 11, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Rite Jack G. Unbelievable. & MORE THAN ‘pisses’ ME 0FF.
    HE Said ‘IT’,0UT
    of his own damned ‘mouth’. Watch body ‘language’.
    a’some0ne’ taped it & let it loose. Am
    surprised ‘googie’ hasn’t censored. SAVE LINK.
    POST OFTEN. a MUST. Especially WHEN, 1 0f the ‘goons’ here
    post ‘smack’ Against POTUS. He ALSO SAID: “Society NAIVE”
    Did youcatch’that’ as well? Am sure you did.
    >btw : Michelle/Michael on a some MSM news program tonight
    w/ somesort of ‘(fudged’ documentary ).Total Terrible.
    > Actually, Based on 59 sec 0f TRUTH, E’vry E0 this bastard
    Ever Signed = Null & Void. POTUS Knows – TRYING to CORRECT
    Damage. But what he/hillary DID to Activate ‘MASS MIGRATION’
    (trojan horse)To EU – IS NOW IRREVERSIBLE. NOW, USA ‘suffering’
    Same Movement. Thnx for coming back to view. #0h God,SAVE USA.
    November 11, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    ps. Jack – “How did this happen” ??? PPL Are
    V. Naive. (just like ‘o’ said.) Plus, ADD
    ‘terrible mind meds & gmo foods from PPH
    ‘baby cells’ Which Affect ‘minds’.
    > Look up ‘List’ of foods @ “senomyx”. Be prepared/
    for Total ‘nasty’. 0r do not read.
    Couldn’t be Worse. (reason why ‘left’ Supports pph)
    > & there’s More.

  55. Seeing as you won’t do your taxes for 2018, until 2019, I’m curious how you’re sure you’ve seen a difference in your taxes? The end result will occur from the deductions changed. I can’t definitively say I’ve seen a difference in my paycheck. I will have a much better idea when I do my taxes next year. However, I do know that 83% of the tax breaks did go to the wealthy.

  56. Potty mouth Betty.
    A: ‘snowflake’ ?
    B: on head ‘meds’ 0r
    C: 0ld & ‘senile’/ dementia ?

  57. who wants to hear about your in-laws.
    What did you do ? Zero. but Run your
    mouth against those who fought. Put
    a sock in it, son.Grow up.

  58. Nice try, but over simplified. Shep may or may not have been aware at the time that there was an ongoing criminal investigation into this centering on Rossatom. There was also a whistle blower that came forth, that was NOT given proper attention. He has presented evidence of criminal acts and influence of racketeering and bribery. The Uranium is NOT only going to civilian installations in the United States as Shep claims, there is proof that shipments have gone to Canada and beyond, final destination unknown. Shep gl;osses over the fact that the State Department Head (Hillary) had a voice and a duty on the 9 member board and yet again we see that Hillary shirked her responsibility as Secretary of State to weigh in on this process and conveniently created plausible deniability for her self by assigning the task to an underling. The FBI had evidence and or concerns about this deal yet they were silenced and board members did not have the information. Shep may work at FOX, but he is on when the viewing audience is small and I think he is the networks token person in several respects, he may look clean cut but I could hardly call him a straight shooter…..

  59. Adam Schiff is full of schif, he’s been making claims that he has seen more than circumstantial evidence of Trumps collusion with the Russians for almost 2 years and to this day has been unable to produce a scintilla of this evidence, which in legal terms would be called direct evidence. He is a loud mouthed ill mannered partisan hack, who was probably promised something huge if Hillary was elected. That'[s why all of these corrupt politicians are so against Trump, because he won, they did not get to stuff their pockets with the goodies Hillary was bribing them with.

  60. No it does not. It is not a violation of the appointments clause, as was the appointment of Mueller to be special with hunter. Whittaker is a temporary acting A.G. He will only serve as long as it takes for a permanent replacement to be approved by the Senate, so if the Dems want Whittaker replaced let’s see how they conduct themselves during the confirmation hearing. I bet it will be much the same as the Kavanaugh hearings. Stupid Dems, they hated Comey, they hated Sessions until they could make political hay with them being replaced, then suddenly they walked on water.

  61. That’s really an astute observation there pal. I suppose that is why Trump has time and again said he is letting the investigation run it’s course! I also suspect that is why he told Jim Comey, that he wanted the allegations of there being people in his campaign doing wrong investigated.

  62. Alicia, Vera: My father-in-law fought in Germany, in the mud, the rain, the cold for you and me. Your leader who you so blindly follow canceled an opportunity to honor those fallen soldiers at an American cemetery in France today…. because it was raining. You’re right, the enemy is within, but not those who your foul mouth accuses… our biggest foe is captain bonespurs. What an insult to all veterans.

  63. My father-in-law fought in Germany, in the mud, the rain, the cold for you and me. Your leader who you so blindly follow canceled an opportunity to honor those fallen soldiers at an American cemetery in France today…. because it was raining. You’re right, the enemy is within, but not those who your foul mouth accuses… our biggest foe is captain bonespurs. What an insult to all veterans.

  64. It’s hardly dissecting when he blatantly says contradictory things from day to day. He is a pathological liar; and while the economy may look good we are selling our souls for it if we continue to believe his lies and his utter disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

  65. They guy who killed 11 in the Jewish Temple was one of your libtard crapbags. He said he didn’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him. Trump has supported Israel like no other president and his son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren are Jewish. Try something else.

  66. You must be referring to that pusbag Obama who doubled our national debt from 8 trillion to 18 trillion in 8 years. Now the hippocrit dumbocrats are bringing up the nationat debt.

  67. Dr. J.D. Are you really taken Shep Smith’s word for anything. The Uranium one deal has not been debunked and Mueller along with Hillary are guilty. Can’t wait to see both of them in prison for treason.

  68. Wrong! The fact that Sessions resigned instead of being fired gives the President the authority to appoint an acting Attorney General. Conway is wrong, but then, most of the people who write for the New York Times are anti-Trump.

  69. Betty, maybe you should spend your time more wisely than trying to dissect every little thing the president says, maybe he knew of him from others. Why don’t you go to Fort Lauderdale and oversee the democrat libtard crooks trying to steal our election for governor by hiding and/or fabricating votes.

  70. Betty, maybe you should spend your time more wisely than trying to dissect every little thing the president says, maybe he knew of him from others. Why don’t you go to Fort Lauderdale and oversee the democrat libtard crooks trying to steal our election for governor by hiding and/or fabricating votes.

  71. YOU, BETSY, are the worthless worm. What has a misfit like you done for your country, that is, if the United States of America is your country. Absolutely Nothing. So stuff it!

  72. Tom, sorry to burst your false dream bubble, but Trump cannot hide the truth, even using Whitaker (who is not a legit head of the DOJ). The House can subpoena the report, now, and fully expect the House Intel Committee, under the very capable Adam Schiff, to subpoena President Trump. It . . . is …. NOT . . . going away.

  73. George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, co-authored a New York Times op-ed published Thursday that called the Whitaker appointment “unconstitutional.”
    The Appointments Clause of the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, Conway wrote, “means Mr. Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional. It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does, or tries to do, in that position is invalid.”

  74. You don’t know squat about the rules on recusing oneself. Whitaker already has passed judgment publicly, therefore he is biased.

  75. Trump is certainly acting 180 degrees opposite of an innocent person. Trump was mad at Sessions only for recusing himself (his own words) or being there to be a fixer like Cohen, who swept Trump;s dirt under the rug.

  76. Amen. They did spend SIX YEARS investigation Clinton, and went from Whitewater to Monica Lewinski. But they want the one against their cult leader to STOP!

  77. She/he sounds like a 5 year old who just discovered the “dirty” word! That is why she/he uses them over and over AND OVER again!

  78. BS, Dale, you are not going to sue Mueller – – someone has already tried and LOST! And did you realize how much the SIX YEARS of investigating the Clintons cost by Kenneth Starr and he never produced money back like Mueller did when Manafort was convicted. That Uranium One conspiracy has been debunked. Sadly nature hates a vacuum and so when you did not fill your heads, conspiracy garbage leaks in and you stop critical thinking.

  79. That has been debunked bunches of times, even on Fox News (see below). When are you Trumpers going to awaken from your conspiracy delirium?
    Uranium one debunking:

  80. George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, co-authored a New York Times op-ed published Thursday that called the Whitaker appointment “unconstitutional.” The Appointments Clause of the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, Conway wrote, “means Mr. Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional. It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does, or tries to do, in that position is invalid.”

  81. Betty…You are extremely sick and it is very obvious that you do not know anything at all about God, who forbids your hate. Pres. Trump loves this country and is doing a good job. But you have only hate. very sad

  82. Betty…You attack Trump for lying, yet I’m sure that you support Hillary, who lies every time she opens her mouth. But that doesn’t bother you. You are full of hate for anyone that does not agree with you. You need help.

  83. With Sessions now out of the picture Whitaker is NOT recused from the Mueller panel. He’s not recused from ANYTHING and the DoJ, Whitaker, should be in charge of everything! Robert this is to your comment…

  84. He is a nice guy, but ineffective as AG. Cannot pussyfoot around in this hostile climate. I thought this should have happened sooner. We need ACTION –

  85. You can know somebody well and they do something disappointing and makes you think I didn’t really know them at all. Trump is not stupid that is why the country is moving in the right direction, America first. He is the President of the United States, the greatest country on Earth. Go Trump, save those jobs, keep the economy healthy and drain that swamp.

  86. wow! great run on sentence there.
    tax cuts? who did they affect?
    hmm, there’s more money in my pay check.
    here’s a question for you.
    when you are home alone, and it’s dark and quiet. do you hear; I don’t know : carnival music?

  87. Hill was NOT found “not guilty” but was, indeed, PRONOUNCED “not guilty” by Comey. Two different things, IMHO

  88. Why is it with all the evidence against Killary she is still walking the streets. It took less then 30 days for the investigation of thousands and thousands of emails and other evidence to find her not guilty but in almost 2 years they are still trying to hang President Trump. Stop wasting our tax dollars and do the job y’all were elected to do. Democrats just see their gravy train getting derailed and they can’t believe so many of us have finally figured out they are a bunch of crooks

  89. Betty , Please find the hole in the middle of the earth and before (jumping shout)
    as loud as you can ,(( OBAMA ))

  90. I agree totally, John! He needs to give the money back and be prosecuted for theft,at the very least!

  91. Jack, read session’s resignation letter. Quote Jeff said that he resigned AT TRUMP’S request. That means he was FIRED.

  92. So in other words, this wasting of money would be fine with you if it had been Clinton and Obama instead of Trump. Interesting. It’s not about the money; it’s about the whom.

  93. It’s his rhetoric that inspired the bomber and the killer at the Jewish temple in Pittsburgh, PA. Let’s not forget that he, himself, said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and not lose any of his followers. He also, multiple times, encouraged crowd violence on protesters at his rallies. He even claimed he would pay their legal fees.

  94. Betty: How much of the Nobummmmmer kool-aid have you been drinking? From what you’ve been writing you better not drive or you’ll DWI. Ohl by the way. crawl back into your safe space and continue sucking on your binkie. nuf said!!

  95. Last Month CRAZY donald cals his acting Attorney General a Wonderful Guy & To Directly Quote, “I Know Him Well” . Yet Just Tonight, To Again Quote D for DUMB trump, It’s “ I hardly Know Him At All” So Which False Statement Should Be Believed Out Of The Mouth Of That Sick Minded, Lying White House WORTHLESS WORM!

  96. Finally, someone with wisdom and B*#*&S to force this man to stay on track and end this witch hunt. The only other thing I would love to see is if the new acting A.G. direct the Treasury Secretary and G.A.O. to bill Mueller for the millions of taxpayer dollars he has wasted.

  97. The point of all this witch hunt is to find something, with which to impeach the Pres. That hasn’t worked, so now they are working hard to come up with anything Mueller thinks the american people will accept. Saying if the Pres. is not guilty won’t stop Mueller from trying to come up with something. Look at the Dems who tried to set him up with the phony Russian dossier. That was proven to be a set up, but no one is investigating them. The so called news media blames him for everything that happens, no matter how he responds to a situation.
    Your comments about Sessions are inaccurate. He was not fired. He resigned.


  99. As has been said so many times before: ” so nice to have a Man & not a puppet in OUR White House.
    Hillary depends on the (over) 900 “raw” F.B.I. files She had Her Lawyer steal from OUR White House: fire & brimstone
    13,000 could be hung for crimes including treason.

  100. Sessions was just a weasel that was being manipulated by the left. Check filegate and then reach your conclusions. The crimes of the Clintons are numerous.

  101. Yes Mr Trump you know how to fix the problems keep up the good work God is with you when you thank you can’t take it any more remember this God is just a prayer away.we love you,you are our hope and our life.God bless you.

  102. Great move President Trump you rock, don’t let any stupid Democrat intimidated you and try to take control of anything, you are very smart and have a lot of experience and had dealt with problems that other people have no idea how to act or solve anything. So stay firm in your place, we are with you.

  103. Phantom I saw the difference in my taxes. And the president has nothing to do with the mailing, or the temple attack.

  104. I am going to sue Mueller for a fake investigation that so farhas cost U.S. over $17 million dollars. Hè must be stopped ! TtLet the demoncrats pay for their attempt to take out Trump! IT was Barack(ack- bar) and Hillary that sold 1/3 of our uranium supply to The Russians!!!

  105. Why is that Hillary still standing far away from the prosecution? We need to get back on the right track to find all the conspirators.

    Whitaker need to bring Mueller back to the AG office to discuss whether he has the evidence or not. It had been 18 months. Session mentioned that the investigation is now too long to be continued. Close it then.

    Time to move on facing the House of Reps as they are already preparing the impeachment process against Trump and Kavanaugh. Gee.

  106. Phantom, please forgive me, but your post was incomprehensible. It was filled with run-on sentences without completing any cogent thoughts, not to mention the misuse of “there for their”, and not understanding the correct usage of each.

    I don’t mean to be unkind. Perhaps English is not your first language. I speak German and some Spanish, but know better than to try to write a post in either language without careful checking of the syntax.

    When you write poorly, you do not make a good impression because it becomes obvious that your thinking is not organized.

    I just assume that you detest Trump and the Republicans. Fine. But you need to do better if you intend to change any minds here. I’d respectfully suggest use of a syntax editor. There are many available on-line. When you do that, you will also learn to use shorter sentences. Usually, the shorter the better.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  107. Are you kidding me millions have been spent on this witch hunt Mueller is not an honorable man I am glad that we have a new temporary Attorney General. Jeff Sessions was the wrong person for AG. his reclusion from inditing Hillary Clinton was a clear neglect of duty. President Trump was very patient with Sessions and could no longer put up with Sessions procrastination. Justice stalled is Justice denied. Mr. Matt Whitaker is a breath of fresh air and will not procrastinate his duties. The DOJ will finally have a chance to perform their duty to become a agency of prosecution not a political agency. Trump knows what he is doing.

  108. Phantom Fool… This is a one sided Witch Hunt going on two years at tax payers expense, when they should be investigating the Klintons and all their crimes…That’s where the real collusion is. Klinton Collusion is just the tip of the iceberg….Get Real.

  109. That is “have” and not half, yes, I realize that Phantom clearly is delusional but trying to get your point across works far better when you yourself do not sound like a complete idiot.

  110. If you are referring to those fake bombs sent to Democrats they were just that fake and therefore no 1 died, are you just like the fool commentators and make things up, if there were deaths from Pipe Bombs everyone would know about it.

  111. Hey phantom, they realized that Muller was investigating the wrong people. Now we half to go thru all this again so some one will investigate the right people for collusion and treason “Democraps”

  112. Your right, they were investigating the wrong people for collusion, if they investigated the Democraps and their supporters, they would have to build a very large federal jail to hold all of them while waiting for their court dates. If it was in the 1800’s all that would have been needed for treason would have been a strong oak tree and a lot of rope.

  113. Trump firing Sessions looks to me like it’s because Sessions was sitting back taking an exorbitant salary and wasting time and OUR tax payer dollars and doing NOTHING to earn it. He has not had any of the democrats investigated or arrested or tried when half of the nation sees the proof in front of our eyes. would you keep someone on your payroll for doing nothing?

  114. why they already know the investigation is finishing the final verdict paper work and why is trump trying to shut up mueller now, so what are you afraid of is it your son and son in law going to jail, is it all the lies coming back to haunt you? or is this war you started with the democrats not taken enough lives yet? and no this isn’t saying trump is the only one guilty so are the democrats, the parties are afraid if they hold somebody accountable it will hurt there party but what nobody wants to listen to is you are doing more damage to your party just sitting there watching because you all know what thy are doing illegally but what you don’t understand by saying you want no part to it and standing by watching you are as guilty as the one doing it, because you don’t try to stop them you make yourself guilty. and for the people who are supporting trump i have a long talk with a group today and after discussing 12 pipe bombs being mailed, 11 people killed because of them going to a temple to pray do you know how the last words that anyone cared about, lets see how many else fall it to this category, the only thing they were worried about was if they lost there tax cuts, if you believe these tax cuts are for you ask trump to show you last years taxes and the year before then ask yourself who the cuts were for

  115. You are right, he acts suspicious from day one, unfortunately. This is the fastidious trip we all have to encounter until the bitter end. I do believe, he has contacts with the Russian lords. He has always been cozy with Putin, more than normal or necessary. We hope, they clear the air pretty soon.

  116. I don’t know. There is actually one million reasons sitting in Ford’s Go Fund Me account. I say that’s quite a gain.

  117. Why is that? Jeff Sessions was the one who screwed Trump, not the other way around. Trump has a right to fire. Firing Sessions isn’t going to make any difference when it comes to Trump being guilty or innocent. If Muller hasn’t found anything in 2 years then it’s just not there.

  118. i guess 20 years from now this will still be going on , another cold case for the records , it’s bin 2 years and no collusion so what are they still investigating , the goal of the investigation has turned up nothing , wasted millions of dollars to send 1 guy to jail , and it had nothing to do with russia , oboma and hillary colluded with russia and even profitted from it , so who really was kissing putins a$$

  119. If Trump hasn’t done anything illegal, then he has nothing to fear. However, since he fired Jeff sessions, that just make it look more suspicious that he’s done illegal things.

  120. Sorry Warlock Mueller! Need a Tylenol for your massive headache? I wouldn’t give you a baby aspirin if you begged me for one. Your plan to bring down Pres Trump is falling apart. I don’t know what you had on Sessions but it’s over with a new sheriff in town. Start packing your bags & prepare to hit the road, YOU HAVE FAILED to please your dimwit pals. You’ve wasted far too much of OUR money. Wish you could be forced to pay it Babb, Lord knows you’ve gotten rich by the likes of Soros & Steyer. I suspect your funds are awaiting you in a Swiss bank
    account. Perhaps they will renig since you have now lost. BTW, take that dirty, rotten Rosenstein with you. Pres Trump needs to tell you to kick rocks, he owes you NOT a thing, let alone your entrapment questions. Guess you’re not as smart as you give yourself credit for. Boo boo… you’ll go down in history as a lackey for the corrupt dimwits! Toodles, good riddance you POS!

  121. Just remember Bob, according to the democrats, Mrs Ford had nothing to gain by accusing Judge K. Just ask them.

  122. Robert Mueller is a “criminal” walking around FREE! He was a key player in the infamous “Uranium One” treason when the Clintons sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. He even took a “sample” of the actual uranium to Moscow for the Kremlin to examine! WHY is Mueller NOT being investigated for THAT and other crimes he has committed against yhe American people? And, BYE, Mueller’s “witch hunt” has cost taxpayers over $22 million SO FAR!

  123. Trump should nominate Judge Jeanine from Fox News Channel. She will hold Eisenstein and Mueller accountable.

  124. The funny thing is that all of the Democrats and Liberals are saying that because Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe, then by default his successor should recuse himself as well; but the truth is that Jeff Sessions didn’t need to recuse himself nor does anyone that Donald Trump decides to pick to be the next Attorney General.

  125. Make Whittaker the AG the full assignment. And, give him free reign to cut the waste of the Mueller witch hunt.

    Time to get on with Making America Great Again.

    Bigger fish in need of frying.

    Tired of hearing of the Mueller witch hunt scam without one single finding.

    Shut ’em down.

  126. Today is the day Rosenstien was to report back at the white house after his first visit after Tuesday’s election but I have not seen or heard anything.

  127. As we have learned talk is cheap. Let’s wait to see if this new appointment has any action to add to his words. I do not see anything that is going to change with the new AG. I do see a conflict brewing…we have two Acting AG persons on the scene. Rosenstein is the AG for Mueller and Whittaker is the AG for everyone else? One of them must be the overall AG and stop these journeys into unrelated areas.

  128. She prostituted herself for the commiecrats. There is a panel of people whom does nothing but sit around dreaming up resistance plans. They are still hiring if someone needs a job that requires selling your soul to Satan.

  129. I see that the Ford woman has pocketed over a million dollars since big charade. Maybe an investigation is needed. Nope we demand an investigation

  130. Democrats were definitely counting on major wins at mid terms. But even with their massive voter fraud they could not pull out the victories need to screw over Americans and America. That’s why going into the election we heard of ramped voter fraud and even now. This nation needs a nation wide ballot by ballot recount immediately. Then we need to start lynching those criminals.

  131. Great to hear that President Trump has appointed Matt Whitaker.
    This Muller investigation against President Trump has to stop. Enough is enough!
    It’s nothing but a pure witch hunt!

  132. Democrats all about checks and balances!! Well guess what time to check out the run away probe by Mueller. He is like Star Trek on his witch hunt and far exceeds the scope of the Investigations. Trump will play him into a corner with this new appointee and the so called Media and Dems can cry a river.

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