Robert Mueller walked out of court not understanding how he suffered this massive defeat

Robert Mueller’s prosecution of Roger Stone is an abuse of power run amok.

The Special Counsel walked into a court hearing expecting the judge to throw the book at Stone.

But Robert Mueller walked out not understanding how he suffered this massive defeat.

Robert Mueller and his gang of Democrats are used to getting their way in court.

That didn’t happen this time.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson only ruled a limited gag order applied to Roger Stone.

Stone can’t hold rallies or press conferences on the courthouse steps and sidewalks but he is free to talk about the case in non-prejudicial ways.

Politico reports:

Roger Stone remains free to talk about Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation, just not in and around the Washington, D.C., courthouse where the longtime Donald Trump associate is fighting the special counsel’s charges he lied to Congress and obstructed its Russia investigation.

That’s the end result from a four-page order issued Friday from a federal judge who had been considering a complete gag order on Stone in the wake of his full-on media blitz since his arrest last month in south Florida.

Instead, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that attorneys for Stone, Mueller and any witnesses in the case “must refrain from making statements to the media or in public settings that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case.”

As for Stone, the judge said he could keep talking about the case with the caveat that she could change her mind and amend her order “if necessary.”

Prosecutors count on these gag orders to convict defendants in the court of public opinion.

These gag orders silence defendants.

But they do not stop prosecutors from selectively leaking evidence to friendly reporters in order to paint the defendant in the worst light possible.

Stone is an effective media presence and his ability to defend himself on cable TV will help expose how fraudulent his prosecution is.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Stone is his own worst enemy. Mueller certainly knows that. Stone is a loudmouth and can’t help killing himself.

  2. Oh Mueller knows. Just because he did not show any signs of knowing does not mean he does not know. It is like my boss one year when he decided not to give me a raise based, of course, on a colleagues recommendation because SHE was the one causing all the problems and blamed me. When the notification letters came out, I just gushed over the raise he gave me and thank him so much, etc. etc. Threw him for a loop. He never did it again.

  3. Sedition & Treason are evident in every regard since the 2016 election. Obummer’s Deep State, Libtard Queen Hillary who paid over 11 million for the entirely FAKE made up dossier of a former MI-6 agent … which the Gestapo/MSM failed to mention as being the “official” document via fleecing a judge (judges at renewal) into issuing FISA warrants and launching the Hoax investigation by Mueller … Slander, Libel, every aspect of this witch-hunt has been based on the “document” pulled from some MI-6 guys IMAGINATION for Hillary’s amusement/sedition.

    HRC likely created this sideshow to avoid her own criminal activities being thoroughly investigated … for instance her own Russian connection & illegal sale of Plutonium to them … their Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of huge donations from foreign countries, Trump’s spot on joke regarding her unsecured emails which Russia,China, and probably another half dozen countries could tell what was on all 30,000 of them, the lies, deception, & criminal incompetence of Obummer & HRC in Benghazi, Soro’s & Obummer’s connections to voting machine tampering … HUGE HOAX … Great Diversion … Hundreds are complicit & deserve both persecution & prosecution!!

  4. DaveD You are right! But as you well know being a former practicing attorney, helps
    the (especially) democrats find loop holes to get around getting theirselves indicted for any crime they commit! Seems like since the world is getting worse daily (course the Bible predicts in the last days things will get worse) And, this predicts that JESUS could come pretty soon! Looks like the demo liberals aren’t concerned that HE is coming sooner than they/we all think! I hope all this garbage that the liberals have put out the past two yrs will change a bunch of democratic
    voters to Republican voters! But w/so many younger voters, they are just blind to what the “outcome can be”. This free college tution, people not wanting to work, but expect someone to support them, & to me, this AoC has got to be “an air head,
    thinking America should tear down every bldg in the US, to make them green, & get
    rid of airplanes & even cows!!! Hmmm guess she’s not a “milk drinker”!!

  5. Dave, do you have even the most remote clue as to what constitutes treason? Any idea what the definition of the word is? Before you open your mouth again and remove all doubts from the rest of the world to the fact of how stupid you potentially are, why don’t you take the time to open a law book or at the very least Google what it is. Should you be wise and heed my advice, you just might buy yourself a little more time in fooling it.

  6. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Thank you Breaker 19. Way too many in this country have no idea what real evil is. The ability to throw names around and accusations and to compare others to people and behaviors they have no comprehension of, is a truely sad sign as to where our country has traveled as a result of having been too lax and liberal over the past 25, 30 years. Rest assured that
    “Mad- in the brain-O is under 30 and has not had to earn her voice. I can only take people such as her with tongue in cheek.

  7. You have absolutely no substance to anything you say, no facts based on any claims you make. All you can do is engage in name-calling and salacious comments. You must be a troll or Democratic party member.

  8. Danny, we don’t need an authoritarian leader. We need accountability. Going after anyone associated to something that someone may believed to be criminal or runs against your ideas or beliefs is a much larger criminal act in itself, but I do agree with you that we need to keep our eye on the ball and hold all of those trying hold themselves above the law and to deceive the public accountable and to punish them for their Acts. This Multi-tier Justice System (MJS) the elitist, politicians and those in the department of Justice who is supposed to uphold the law needs to be torn down before it gets a larger foot hold than it already has.

    When are the REAL CRIMMANLS starting with Killary AKA to the DumboCraps as ” Mother Theresa ” and all the others to many to name in the DOJ, FBI ETC going to brought to justice so we can get this mess cleaned up and get our justice system on a ” Hold accountable ” level playing field. Their blatant disregard for our laws is unacceptable to ” we the people ” who in fact PAY THIER PAYCHECKS it’s time to clean house and put the right people in jail

  10. You are right the police, military and we the people with a brain are behind the President. Being from a long list of military family and Criminal Justice are ashamed of what the Democratic Party is doing to this country. If I gave a hate speech like mad Max Waters I would be in jail. I want the America back that I grew up in for my family and then theirs. Sad to say but it will take action from believers when the SHTF because evil people in Congress who should not be there and voters who are either dead or illegal keep putting them there we will never see that America again.

  11. Sun the Carters? Jimmy Carter supports the Palestinians and the BDS cause above Israel. Not very intelligent is he?

  12. MadameO in the US one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Since Trump hasn’t been charged with anything and found guilty he is innocent. Hearsay and innuendo from the lying MSM in their kangaroo court isn’t valid in a real court of law. You gullible, liberal Demwits have convicted Trump and the ringleader is the lying NYT with all the lies that are fit to print.

  13. The New York Times was established as the official entity to speak for the Democrat Party. It is keeping that description in the 21st Century. It will cheat, commit perjury, fraud and murder to achieve its ends. Leads proofed by whom? The same journalistic charlatans who have published bilge article after mildewed bilge article, ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy. Once, in a country in central Europe, there was a paper of record, too, called the Völkischer Beobachter – the official entity that spoke for another political party as well, one that caused utter and complete destruction of the country it was in, during a period of twelve years which included the most destructive war the world has ever know. “Paper of Record?” Complete and utter bovine scatology.

  14. I’m a staunch conservative and a supporter of our president, but this sounds a bit Nazi-like. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  15. You comment is ignorant. You don’t have a clue what you are saying. I grew up learning how my grandparents came to the United States LEGALLY to escape the persecution of hitler and his regime.

  16. I’m 86 and have had this opinion all of my adult life. Being a law graduate, whether or not a practicing attorney, should disqualify anyone from candidacy for public office. They can be useful in the judicial realm, but people from all other backgrounds and walks of life should be the elected officials in my opinion. Sadly, a large segment of the population believe that being an attorney is a major requirement to hold public office. Also, not only should Muslims be barred from holding offices, their sect should be totally outlawed. Much of the Koran, which they follow, espouses actions already illegal in the U.S.

  17. Isn’t that an ancient Chinese curse? I’ve been on this earth for 81 years. I’ve had enough of interesting times.

  18. Your a nitwit. You should do your research of the rise of Hitler and Nazism you may actually learn something and then you can comment with some knowledge.

  19. You hear that on CNN? Or did you read that in the NYT after they proofed it 3 times and still got it wrong. Please tell me one thing that Trumps compares to Hitler. I remember Hitler, I was 15 when the WW11 ended. You have no idea what you are talking about, just repeating some garbage you heard or read somewhere.

  20. The NYT is the newspaper of record. That means everything, every lead, is proofed 3 times. Better revise your list of culprits.

  21. This is what happens when you let the lawyers run things. Being an attorney should disqualify one from holding office.
    Unless they want to level the playing field by abandoning legalese so EVERYBODY can understand the garbage they spew.

  22. I agree, Denny. Never, in the history of this country has a president, or his supporters, faced such unfair, and totally false accusations without there even having been any proof of the lying liberal democrat claims. Mueller is a totally dishonest scumbag, that has imprisoned innocent men before, and he is trying to do it again with President Trump.

    Everyone from obama, Holder, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Podesta, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc…ALL OF THEM…involved in the attempted, treasonous, political coup d’etat…should be arrested, property seized, prosecuted, and jailed or executed for this unheard of treachery to President Trump, America, and all Americans.

    Public hanging, guillotine, or firing squad…all of these lying liberal democrat traitors needs to face justice…REAL justice.

  23. Yes and Heinrich Muller (with oomla) was Chief of Gestapo from 1939-1945. Herman Goering founded the Gestapo from the Prussian State police apparatus when Hitler put him in charge of Prussia. There was a power struggle over Gestapo between him and Himmler with Goering giving in after he decided he’d rather be head of the Luftwaffe. Himmler then reorganized the gestapo and named Muller as it’s chief.

  24. Exactly what we were so afraid of from Obama – no, not a good idea as it is sure to backfire in time. At least one Supreme Court justice (Thomas) understands that the current libel laws are wrong and wants the court to review the case from 1964 (I think) that set the precedent. Hopefully, they will.

  25. President Trump has always had the authority that shut this investigation down and as you notice he has chosen not to. His reasoning he stated was that he did not want for the American people to ever feel that had done wrong and was making an effort to hide it by shutting their seditious asses down. Instead he chose the hard and transparent road and decided to let everything play out.

  26. President Trump has always had the authority that shut this investigation down and as you notice he has chosen not to. His reasoning he stated was that he did not want for the American people to ever feel that had done wrong and was making an effort to hide it by shutting their seditious asses down. Instead he chose the hard and transparent road and decided to let everything play out.

  27. Who has seen or heard of any of the leftists lately? Clintons, Obamas, etc.? nor the Bush’s. Since Bush Sr.’s funeral. Only the Carters, who have spent much time helping people in need. Good people.

  28. Wishful thinking – first a crime has to be committed. But, of course, if you are a liberal, even that doesn’t matter – ask Hillary and William.

  29. I believe the Dick is in you, that has been the tool used by leftist to stop peace and order in the US. You must be an illegal Alien, when you don’t understand the concept of been a real citizen of the United States . If your not from here get the Hell out.

  30. President Trump needs to start charging and arresting these people , politicians, and news services people, for Sedition. Lock them up, no bail, seize All their assets including companies they are the majority stock holders in, say the CEO’s, also the families assets and arrest all the grown up kids under the same thing Sedition, seize all their assets also, seize all computers , cell phones and search them also for contacts that can be also arrested. This is the way you cit off the head of THE SNAKE . Cut the tail off it just grows a new body. Put all those arrested in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba. No Bail. If they get their favorite attorney, arrest them also for Sedition, seize the attorneys assets and computers also. Is all this wrong? What did Muller Do to people who served President Trump? Even the attorney’s records and computers were seized. Have w forgotten that? President Trump, honest people, the Military, and law enforcement will have your back.

  31. And it cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts millions of dollars to the families of the four men Mueller condemned to death. Two he murdered the other two survived.

  32. I am afraid of Barr. He states he is friends with Mueller and respects him. Sounds like too much friendship for me . If he does something with the Hillary scandal and their foundation and the set up on Trump, I might change my mind but methinks it will never happen. The money and entitlements surrounding DC will never end and Repubs. are in that class as well . They could care less about what happens to Trump and are richer because of it .

  33. No!
    Don Nicholas,
    Mueller is dirty, & always was since the Eron debackle deal with W Bush & the Clinton Cartel! Hang ‘Em High & put him in prison for at least 100 yrs!

  34. study history…with an open mind and understanding. History repeats itself because a new generation comes along and ignores the ills of the past. Everyone needs to read the Constitution daily…and view many of the horrendous films of WAR. Walk through museums of wars and understand how many Americans have died so that you have the freedom to show how dumb you are~~~~Read about Hitler, especially…see if you recognize his traits in any of our political leaders of today~~!

  35. I’m not very optimistic about his chances in Washington DC 94% of the occupants voted for Hillary. I hope he wins but hope is not reality. He is screwed unless you can figure out some way to shut down this narcissistic prosecutor and all his minions.

  36. The President will die in a cell in a Federal Prison, not because Democrats framed him but because he committed treason against the United States. TREASON people not using an unsecured server, not perjury about a blow job but TREASON. He is an agent of the Russian government doing damage to our national security. Russia has effectively taken over our country without firing a single shot, because of the traitor in the White House. This is the biggest, most important story in the history of our nation and you people treat it like its partisan bickering. BTW, Roger Stone will never breath a free again after tomorrow. The ABJ is going to jail him until his trial and he will in all likelihood be found guilty and executed under the federal statutes.

  37. President Trump is sure exposing the corruption on the left, since he’s been in the White House they have been showing their true colors, the American people who see this hypocracy are going to turn out in droves in 2020, many have been beneficiaries of the economy and job growth. We may be seeing the death of the American left and the era of spineless Republicans. MAGA is not a racist slogan. What is the left’s adgenda? Make America like Venezuela,(MALV)?

  38. God help this Country . All you have to do is Read these post and you can see the hate , the Lack of any common sense, their approval of Russia being involved in our elections the desire to SEE THE congress and Senate done away with . Do they want a king , a monarchies have the
    Republicans lost their minds

  39. Is it lying when telling the harmless truth results in annihilation? Congress lies to itself. The corruption needs to be cleaned up. Term limits!

  40. The Democrats can point fingers but they can’t take it when it’s returned. The FBI has been getting away with all kinds of illegal servalliance and wire taping. It’s about time they train it in or their heads will be on the chopping block.

  41. Abuse of civil liberties comes to mind… like when Mueller got those 4 guys convicted to cover for Whitey Folger, two guys survived and released early the 30 year sentence, found innocent they sued and were awarded 100 million bucks.

  42. You go Stone! Talk to everyone, say and tell all about these currupt FBI and Mueller. These investagations were never about Trump, they just wanted to make out like they were, instead they used their power to go after anyone that helped Trump win, and to warn anyone that if they help Trump in the next election, that they will use their power to go after them also and rig a lie against them.The top FBI are the Clinton’s cartel, and they need to go down, and locked up for life. This is not the damn Banana Republic.

  43. Just looking at an online picture of Mueller makes one think that he has to be one of the last remaining Nazi hitmen.
    Just what he is doing would make one believe that, “It is he who should be locked up for the rest of his natural life.”

  44. ‘…but he is free to talk about the case in non-prejudicial ways.’ So he still can’t say he is innocent, or that he was framed, or misquoted… really… anything except to say he is under investigation, no wonder Mueller believes he won, he did, and can still leak every claim he wishes. Would have been much better to put the same gag on Mueller.

  45. Could not have said better! Congratulations
    Adam Schiff should be the one impeached! Get him out and send someone that cares about our country!

  46. After two years Mueller should be made to close this case and stop spending the taxpayers money. Two years and no collusion has been found or he would have informed Washington of it and tried to get Trump impeached. Stop this investigation NOW!

  47. I seriously question the evidence to make democrats actually care about THE USA , If they did they would try something new , TRY TRUTH TRY PATRIOTISM TRY GOD THE ONLY REASON WE EXIST IS BECAUSE ALL GAVE SOME & SOME GAVE ALL TO FOUND & PROTECT THIS GREAT NATION ,FROM YOU DEMS THAT HATE HATE HATE & HATE.

  48. UNFORTUNATELY Mr. Muellor is NOT spending HIS OWN Money in pursuit of his political aims. He is in fact spending OUR Money, as in US Citizen’s money, although he does somehow believe it is his to spend?

  49. This is the problem with US Court System. The political manipulation in these high profile cases is nothing short of NAZI style courts run by the NAZI’s to polarize, marginalize and demean. The day is coming when these behind the curtain legal manipulators ( NAZI’s) will die at the hands of people who will wake up some day and see that this is NOT a FREE country anymore

  50. I agree but don’t forget President Trump is going to have those people arrested when the time comes. They are not going to get away with what they have done

  51. My dear Kathy, in this day and age there is a HUGE difference between Republican’ts and conservatives. I agree that some in the GOP are a big part of the problem but Mueller is an even bigger problem as he spends millions on an investigation which is really going nowhere. He would spend his money more efficiently if he investigated slime balls like HRC and AOC!!

  52. We have to wake up the uninformed, uneducated and ignnorant to NOT vote for democrates and Rhino’s and get then all out of office, anything that can be proved they need to be arrested and charged, like Waters and Pelosi and other demorats and Rhino’s who will not stand behind president Trump. I told republican party when they called for donation NO WAY until party gets it together. Too many as bad as democrates, the communist party now.

  53. Muller’s whole investigation was a abuse of power. He was not investigating he was trying to make up a crime against President Trump and after two years he has nothing.

  54. This is nothing more than malicious prosecution by the Democrats venomous demeanor is clear Time for Mila put his cards on the table they’ve found nothing
    Nothing that the president trump has anything to do with the Russians during the 2016 election. Time to put the inquisition to a end this is The biggest Is miss Carriage of justice there’s nothing more than a kangaroo court and the deck is stacked maybe it’s time for Republicans set a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton involvement with the Russians and the Obummer administration and the government agencies involved with their criminal enterprise

  55. Mueller needs to STOP NOW!!! This has gotten stupidly ridiculous!! MUELLER HAS NOTHING!!! QUIT SPENDING OUR MONEY ON STUPIDITY!!!

  56. Yes! President Trump is their Envy! Thus, they distorted Truth by creating a place to Blame for their own Sin! “You shall know the Truth, and truth shall sets you FREE!” John 8:32. Never to create FALSEHOOD for selfish gains! The Lord our God never fail to protect those who trust in HIM by exposing the TRUTH and set the INNOCENT FREE!

  57. There is only one result that I want to see and that is Mueller the director of the coup lead by the United States communist murdering congress needs to be along with Congress arrested and charged with Treason. I wish for Marshal Law to end this communist congress FBI, CIA, Department of justice, Drug enforcement IRS, and the department of Education and the FEMA

  58. We should all understand that this entire “Russia” business has nothing to do with Trump, and EVERYTHING to do with Clinton. The level of corruption during the Obama years is finally being exposed….thank God !!!!!

  59. Tired of all these bull$h1t dribs and drabs, Trump needs to weaponize his new AG just like Obama did and shut f***king Shylock Mueller down!!

  60. I believe our government leaders should be held responsible for lying and falsely accuse someone of a crime when there isn’t a crime should go to jail! Un-like a professor of political science keeps sayong they shouldn’t be criminalized for political differences I agree to that but this isn’t a political difference it was a soft coupe and these people should be held criminally for trying to ouster a duly elected by the people president! They all that pushed this should be in jail! The law should be the same for the duly elected as it is for all Americans!

  61. I hope you know how many Americans feel just like you. It make no difference whether they are Rep. or Dems. if they can not or will not do their job they need to be replaced by Recall and Special Election.

  62. The whole thing needs to be kicked out of the court. This is just another case where Mueller got nothing and has to try and get him on a PROCESS CRIME. Just another case of abuse of power by the Special Prosecutor and his angry DEMS to try and go after a long time friend of TRUMP. This whole thing is SHAMEFUL and really shows how corrupt the system really is.

  63. I hope he ends up in prison & becomes the sweetheart of the cell block – we will see how much he likes it being on the bottom & getting screwed instead of screwing everybody else – give him a jailhouse name – Lucille

  64. Adam Schiff, Mueller has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a bogus so-called investigation, why do you think you need to start one and waste more money. If Mueller and all his lawyers could not find anything in 2 years, why do you think you can find anything? It’s way past time to knock off this garbage and do the job you were elected to do or get out. President Trump is one of the best Presidents we have ever had, You are probably one of the worse congressmen we have ever had. Do your job, or get out!.

  65. I agree.If they work for us,it is time to show them who the boss is.About 80% of their agenda is for them not the american people.I am sick and tired of the corruption and no prosecution.We need to turn the table and do our job.

  66. Robert Mueller us a dirty Police Officer as head of the F. B. I. Bureau in Boston. We knew this it when he allowed 4 innocent men to go to prison. This was done to keep his mob informer Whitey Bolger from being Identified. He knew they were innocent, two of those men died in Prison. So this character Assassin and his 17 Underling Character Assassins are doing the bidding of their father who was a liar, and murderer from the beginning!

  67. He sure did have a lot of people lie to him so he could put them in prison. Maybe he should be in with them since he has lied too

  68. Do your history would you support reviving the SON’s of Liberty peaceafully? They began our revolution at their peril of death and imprisonment .
    I’m a former Special Missions Officer and 24 years with an intelligence agency retired senior officer.

    In the past after also working on high threat real threats all they had to do is send a US Marshal and summons. Naziz tactic that I know oersonally the FBI SWAT were embarrassed. We need to resolve to pass this along to you senators congressman men and women. Would this happen to Nancy McP. Step up on Facebook and respond we need the SON’s of Liberty on the streets in all races. God bless America
    Pas on please jimmyb

  69. Robert Mueller and all of his criminal friends in the FBI and criminal Democrats need to be put in prison for all the crimes they have committed crimes against America and the entire world.

  70. mueller and the democrat leadership and a lot more of them needs to be removed from office and prosecuted for trying to overthrow the government and other illegal activities

  71. If Stone isn’t guilty, probably guilty of lying to Congress. Can you name one person in Congress who has not lied about anything. Hell they are all liars and thieves and they won’t go down. They will have someone get rid of Stone and anyone else that tries to prove that Hilary is a liar and a thief. Mueller is just a another piglet on the Clinton’s Tit that keep sucking and sucking along so he won’t be gone. Two years of this pig Mueller.

  72. I think America is sick of Mueller and his trying to come up with somebody or something that he can prove that two years of this Over Blown batch of “no evidence” is just that. There is nothing. Mueller has suck the American Taxpayer Dry and he won’t show that he has anything. He has nothing or he would have been happy to have put it on Display. He is nothing but a dirt bag and I mean that sincerely. We have paid him thousands of dollars and he can’t prove that there was any Russian Collusion. Fox News says he can’t be fired. Well why can’t the American Taxpayer make him resign. He does nothing but walk around and act like a Dodo Bird and he should have been fired long ago. I am not saying that Trump needs to fire him. Somebody in this Government needs to come to their senses and run him out of Washington. He claims that Hilary is innocent and he claimed that everybody that was part of the Trump Campaign was party to this Russian Collusion. Trump won. He won the right States. Hilary didn’t get away with the Election and she just knew she would. We will never See Hilary face a Judge, nor will we see her pay for what she has done to the United States. She will never pay for all of the ones that she has had killed by her cronies. If she goes down so will all of Congress or at least 75 percent of them. Which should happen, but won’t . Soros is protecting her. Her and Dumbo need to be shut down and shut out of the USA, It will never happen. If it did. A lot of the crime in the USA would be solved.

  73. Mueller jumped around. He looked for help. He thought Avennatti and Stormy Daniels could help him. He is way off the point from the Russian collusion investigation.

    “Theolddog” and “Betty” squeal every time they hear from the liberal fake news. They need to understand that there ain’t a shred of evidence that Trump was either directly or indirectly involved.

    Barr is coming. See what he will think of this investigation.

    Adam Schiff … we are watching him.

  74. It’s time for the American people to desend on DC and remove the Congress and the Senate from power. The corruption on both sides of the isle is completely out of control and needs to be addressed immediately with whatever force necessary. The corruption in DC is the real national emergency and Trump should declare that.

  75. “Stone” is the correct name for this gonif.

    He’s sinking like one.

    There’s a room being readied for him at Hotel 10×12.

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