Robert Mueller was caught red-handed telling this lie that could land him behind bars

Robert Mueller’s testimony was an unmitigated disaster for the Democrat Party.

And as the day went on, the catastrophe spiraled out of control.

That’s because Robert Mueller was caught red-handed telling this lie that could land him behind bars.

During his morning session testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Mueller admitted to Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu that the only reason he did not charge Donald Trump with obstruction of justice were the Justice Department guidelines against indicting a sitting a President.

This was the bombshell Democrats and the Fake News Media were waiting for.

Mueller finally put it out there in public that he believed Donald Trump was a criminal that broke the law and was only saved by his position as President.

But this testimony flew in the face of Attorney General William Barr’s testimony where Barr told Congress that Mueller told him this was not the case.

Mueller and his team realized Mueller perjured himself and they quickly corrected the record before the calls for Mueller to be held to the same standard for lying to Congress as the Trump associates he charged with that crime reached a peak.

In his afternoon testimony, Mueller walked back this claim to indicate the guidelines only prevented his team from reaching a conclusion, not that they prevented them from charging the President.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

But as Mueller began his second opening statement for the afternoon hearing in front of the House Intelligence Committee, Mueller explicitly stated his earlier response had been misconstrued and not totally true.

“I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, ‘you didn’t charge the President because of the OLC opinion,'” Mueller said near the end of his opening statement.

“That is not the correct way to say it,” he added. “As we say in the report, and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime.”

That admission sucked the life out of whatever momentum behind impeachment that Democrats and the Fake News Media were trying to build.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




  3. Mike well said .The Mule had 1 objective .Nail Trump .Mule did his best to make Trump obstruct . Didn’t work .You know Barr said Rob what do we have ? Nothing NOTHING ?

  4. In your case we just can’t fix stupid. You would not know right from wrong if it hit you in the face.

  5. We’ve seen what happens to people who lie to Bob. I pray the day comes that he gets a taste of his own medicine. He’s a snake in every sense of the word. If this slimeball really was Republican his head would be on a platter right now. Attorney General Barr were begging you to please make examples out of these corrupt dirtbags and prosecute them to the fullest.

  6. Trump and his UNEDUCATED MORON supporters are lower than that. Obviously Barr is the liar as is trump.

  7. Ohhh like the DemonRats did to Mr Homan former ICE Director under Obama and to McAleenan the Director when they were in a congressional hearing give me a GD BREAK the DemonRats are the worst calling our CBP Agents Nazis and sexual predators okay BUT I DON’T THINK SO LIBERTARD/DEMONRAT

  8. Really now you are stupid and listening to Pelohead. You know where that money went into their pockets so they can vacation in Italy and Africa and eat at 5 Star restaurants and using a military plane with that money. And even if they did get that money then put it back in the social security fund or BUILD THE DAMN WALL and take care of Americans instead of illegals and take care of our veterans.

  9. Then BJ Clinton should be in prison too for ALL OF HIS SEXUAL ASSAULTS and remained married to Killery. He had it in the Oval Office, he had in the Rose Garden, he had it on the North and South Lawn, in the WH Kitchen, in the press room, in Lincoln’s Bedroom, ohhh wait wait Lewinsky flipping her dress up showing her thong in front of secret service hmmmmm and all the women he had sex with the whole time married to Killery. Now President Obama responsible for selling guns to the drug cartel and culpuble in the murder of Brian Terry, Fast & Furious, and taking Executive Privledge to hide the documents, flying out 150 Billion to Iran and lifting sanctions off Iran, bowing and apologizing to foreign government for the USA. EXCUSE ME!! For what? The Benghazi Scandal culpuble for the murder of 4 Americans, hiding thousands of Killery e-mails in his executive office, Brian Priestap Snitched on him and Killery lol. Spying on President Trump so he is responsible for TREASON AND SEDITION. No Collusion No Obstruction. The DNC paid for the Steele Dossier and laundered the money through Fusion GPS. So don’t give me anything about Trump is guilty of TREASON. He has called out Rep Cummings for 1.8 Billion dollars WHERE IS IT!!!!! So if you do t like the USA and OUR PRESIDENT then you can leave.

  10. Why don’t you in your intelligence explain the 145 million $ sent by Russian donors to hillary’s Canadian charity?

  11. Did you forget that Obama said he would need a “magic wand” to get above 2%, which was his “new normal. I guess President Trump has the magic wand. By the way….if you can do the math, the first quarter was 3.1% and the second quarter was 2.1. I guess that averages 2.6% which is above all the liberal economists expectations.

  12. You have to be mentally deficient. I am proud to be a an American and we should be held to the same standards and abide by the rules of law. Double standard doesn’t cut it. USA thanks Donald Trump!!!

  13. I hear the sound of Richard, crying ‘cuz the Triumphant Mueller failed to bring down Trump. After two years of casting all their hopes on Mueller to find truth in a fake dossier, demonrats are now gnashing their teeth, rendering their clothes, covering themselves in ash, and lashing out since their big “Crush Trump” campaign fell flat. I imagine mental health care professionals will see a huge uptick in business from demonrats with shattered hopes and dreams.

  14. Astonishing you can actually read the article and still come up with your nonsense comment. You are truly in denial, as are all demonrats suffering from TDS. Read these words again, which proceeded out of Mueller’s mouth: ““I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, ‘you didn’t charge the President because of the OLC opinion,’” Mueller said near the end of his opening statement.

    “That is not the correct way to say it,” he added. “As we say in the report, and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime.” Did you get that, Garry?? Mueller said, “we did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime.” I don’t know how Barr could be spinning those words as they exit Mueller’s mouth, by no doubt that is what you believe.

    Your steadfastness in clinging to the false narrative pushed by the media and demonrats is truly tragic. Seek professional help before you hurt yourself.

  15. Agree and disagree. The whole fiasco has been a waste of time and money but I think the American people got to see what a bunch of bozos the Dems are.Now they have the nerve to go after the Trump family emails after letting their queen Hildadud skate after blatantly breaking the law multiple times. Dumocrats-party of crooks, liars, hypocrites

  16. Nonsense!! Watching too much fake media reporting on your off time?? The exact opposite is happening….he has done more in 2 years to improve this nation than some have done in 8!! There is a name for what you are experiencing…I think it’s called “Fake News Syndrome.” Not entirely your fault though…when they begin being charged for reporting falsely, then maybe people will begin to see things as they really are!

  17. Nonsense!! Watching too much fake media reporting on your off time?? The exact opposite is happening….he has done more in 2 years to improve this nation than some have done in 8!! There is a name for what you are experiencing…I think it’s called “Fake News Syndrome.” Not entirely your fault though…when they begin being charged for reporting falsely, then maybe people will begin to see things as they really are!

  18. Nonsense!! Watching too much fake media reporting on your off time?? The exact opposite is happening….he has done more in 2 years to improve this nation than some have done in 8!! There is a name for what you are experiencing…I think it’s called “Fake News Syndrome.” Not entirely your fault though…when they begin being charged for reporting falsely, then maybe people will begin to see things as they really are!

  19. That’s funny Dave…especially since the only ones to benefit from the Trump Tax Cuts are the rich and corporations. And as far as the economy goes, 2.1% growth isn’t exactly what you could call ‘blazing’ and the defect spending initiated by Trump will be a crushing burden on our nation for generations to come (Even the Joint Chiefs issued a state calling the national debit a threat to our national security). Yea, Trump is running our country like he ran his businesses…straight into bankruptcy.

  20. “Lying little cocktease with the baby girl voice.”? You don’t like women very much, do you Dan…

  21. The Muller investigation didn’t cost the taxpayers anything…if fact, the financials were a net positive to the budget as there were over $40,000,000 collected by the government from Paul Manafort alone.

  22. Simple …. BARR lied to the American public and to CONGRESS. The comments from BARR came before the release of the redacted Mueller report that Barr had read. The report clearly says the reason an indictment was NOT brought was the OLC policy. BARR is the LIAR. His op-ed before his confirmation shows he is clearly biased and brought on board to be the ‘president’s defender’. VOTE BLUE!

  23. Even democrats aren’t above the law as you will find when the are all sitting in jail and Trump is free. You tried to use a fake Dossier and it was found to be not only fake, but was written by Hillary. The democrat party will end in 2020 and that will be the end of all of this when Trump is reelected.

  24. Richard, since it seems you believe in God then may I suggest you pray whatever is left of your brain don’t get fried.

  25. Yup
    I hope all the treasonous perpetrators of the attempted coup against President Trump will take note of Bill Barr’s lifting of the ban on federal executions. Are you listening Comey, Hitlery, Bubba Billy, Strzok, Ohr, McCabe, Clapper, and Brennan?
    The cowardly masked Antifa terrorist thugs better run away or they will be taken out by patriots or also sent to the gallows. No lethal injection for traitors- they deserve to suffer..

  26. The only ones that deserve prison besides Cohen and Manafort are Flynn, Dershowitz and Trump. Trump should be in for life for treason and all his sexual assaults and rip offs in his mobster businesses.

  27. Mueller did not write that report–The demomarxists in congress just made a gift of 30 million taxpayer dollars toward retirement funds to Mueller and his 40 attorneys –all big Demomarxist donors. Mueller was pathetic–his eyes have gone vacant–he struggled to answer questions was flummoxed over the statement that ended the report about he could not exonerate Trump.. that statement was not something Mueller had in his power to do–He would have flunked law school for such a statement as it was beyond the powers he was given as a prosecutor. I was proud of the really sharp and knowledgeable republican congressmen who tore apart the 30 million dollar –2years in the making document. What a bunch of losers Nancy’s demomarxists are..

  28. Richard –How long have you been off your medications? You seem to have lost your mind –such babbling. Get help..

  29. When are the treasonous duplicitous criminals in the Justice dept going after the Clintons and the crimes they have committed for several DECADES?

  30. Mueller itched to spill it. He’s looking for trouble. I expect to see the Senate Republicans to perform powerfully to punish the fake dossier conspirators and the Big Tech oppression against freedom of speech. Also to restrict the federal court blockage against the executive decisions. It’s getting tiresome.

    Like I said earlier, Mueller was going to say it anyway. ????

  31. That’s my real name, South West Florida in Lee County most of the time. 27 year Army Vet. I should be easy to find.

  32. Leading up to the 2016 election the Hillary Clinton campaign was working with the Russians and collaborating with them. Just remember this “rule-of-thumb”, whatever democrats accuse republicans of, the democrats are doing.

  33. The Democrats are digging their own
    grave. Give them all the rope they
    Everyone knows that Russia
    has been interfering for years. The
    Donkey is the perfect political “symbol “
    for them. Just a bunch of jack asses!

  34. STEVE ….the democrats claimed that Russia could not effect the election (PER OBOZO) just before the election….after Killery lost then all of a sudden there was interference from mean old Russia….then over two years later the democrats want to have no boarders allow illegals to vote….mmmm (IS that not interfering with our elections when a million or two illegals vote illegally)…see how you weak ass arguments are all about helping the liberals/democrats stay in power???are you too dumb to see it?

  35. That’s because Robert Mueller was caught red-handed telling this lie that could land him behind bars.

    “COULD” land him in jail?….He is well aware of lying under oath do to him EXACTLY what was done to the people he said lied to the FBI….SAME SENTENCE….no one is above the law

  36. your comment about the FISA Court reminds me that I’ve been wondering why none of the FISA Court judges have opened their mouths to show anger at not being told about the lack of credibility of the dossier and who paid for it. If I were one of those judges who was lied to I’d be plenty mad.

  37. I love to see Barr lock Mueller dirtyass up pagan bastard for lieing to Congress to make Trump look bad Mueller is a pos just like the rest of those scumb demorats are pos people

  38. Gosh Steve, it takes a real interesting person to criticize someone for name calling and then, in the same breath, refer to them as “blind as a bat” and “dumb as well”. If that is meant to be friendly conversation, I will refer you to the old saying “to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. Somehow, I just don’t think Will Rogers ever met you. I grew up in Arkansas at the time of the Clinton shenigans and I seriously doubt you could school me on the Clintons. Hillary Clinton invented name-calling and her favorite is the F word. She didn’t shave her legs, her armpits, cursed like a sailor and was generally disliked by everyone in the early days. She did get ‘Slick Willy’ thru law school as he wasn’t all that bright. Together they took lying to a new quantum level. So good luck with your defense of the Clintons. 27 trips on the Lolita Express with Jeff Epstein wasn’t just to help feed the hungry and sick peoples of the world.

  39. Steve, though they may have tried, the Russians had NO EFFECT on our elections. And BOTH Clintons have been extremely corrupt for many years, going back to when he was governor of Arkansas. FACT. But just go ahead and believe the lies of your dem leaders. It is you who is blind as a bat.

  40. Steve, this country has had foreign influence in the elections since the1960’s. The American public was too naive to accepted.

  41. I’m in my eighties and have watched many acquaintances enter senility and have no doubt Mueller, Pelosi and Nadler are showing signs of early senility

  42. Politically this should sink the DNC and chances for 2020, but…soon they will make another accusation like his tax records suspect. They are grasping at straws because this latest testimony coupled with all the lies, deceit and dishonesty has finally come to the surface. The liberal hard line will never recant because they can’t. They are so caught up in the web of hate, fear mongering and all wrapped up nicely in bigotry and racism. Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Tlaib, Oma, Waters…it reads like a litany of crimes and crime bosses. The fun has just begun. Just today U.S. Attorney William Barr re-instated the death penalty for high crimes against the federal government! Maybe this will be the death knell for traitorous scum such as Obama, Hillary, Brennan and all those that had any major part in subverting the Constitutional will of people and attempting to place their own figure head at the head of our government. There will be many a steady hand volunteering to take the shot to send each and every one of the scum to the hottest part of hell.

  43. People, please stop with the name calling, just because what you say here is done because each of you have nothing to fear except fear itself, putting yourselves in the open and showing your face which shows your real self, but standing behind a cover, well that’s something else. Mr Muller, only gave the information what the special council was given, if you want to believe that the Russian had no effect or presented no actions towards our elections then you are as blind as a bat, and dumb as well, Ali hear in these site is how bad atheists Clinton’s were and they should go to jail, why because of her emails, can any of you say that you have never written a text or email that got read o4 incepted..

  44. It is hard to believe these posts are written by American citizens. Oh excuse me. I assumed these were written by sane, rational people who love their country and refuse to be intimidated by brainless “bots”.

    WOW! Real people read this stuff and think it is real?

  45. Mueller was a figurehead. The Investigation (I call it that laughingly) was run by Andrew Weissmann, the sleaziest man to ever call himself an attorney. He hired all the Clinton worshipers he needed to railroad Trump, and still failed. This so called investigation is all I need to declare that the FBI is beyond salvage and MUST be disbanded immediately and permanently. I will never talk to any FBI America hater, and that is all of them. Also, the FISA court is a kangaroo court secretly set up so the FBI could spy on innocent Americans without any fear of retribution or responsibility. Why do we have a secret court to rubber stamp these LAW crooks that call themselves FBI Agents? Abolish FISA courts YESTERDAY!!! What is this, King George’s England? I think not. The FBI is nothing but the USSR’s KGB!! In fact, they make the KGB look like good guys.

  46. it is clear Mueller did not write a single page of that report. Mueller was nothing more than a figurehead for the rat pack of 18 trump haters. he gave them false credibility and it almost worked. Until Mueller sat there yesterday and made it clear. he wasnt aware of or was running the show.

  47. Robert knows he had nothing to charge Trump for zero evidence of interference ,when you have no evidence saying he thinks he’s committed a crime is not a crime.

  48. The Federal Reserve Banks belong to the ROTHCHILDS, ROCKEFELLERS AND THE VATICAN! They are the “privately” owned banks. They never thought Americans were smart enough to EXPOSE them, but here it is. Conducting your own researches pays off in a big way.

  49. Hell this is not unsuspected news and as as far as Bob Mueller was concerned he was
    doing the bidding of the” Brain Dead ” communist party in our congress. I feel
    remorse for Mueller he let himself open by associating himself with that bunch of RATS and it is hard to realize he was a republican himself and a good Marine in Vietnam. God help us if we don’t Drain this Swamp This country is done!

  50. And how many times did Hillary lie to congress and if MULLER goes to jail Hillary needs to be handcuffed to him … EQUAL JUSTICE IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT

  51. I saw lock his corrupt lying ASS up and throw away the key, he is a disgrace to the American people and the rule of law.

  52. YEA!!!!
    But America is laughing at Jerry Nadler with his HERCULEAN body!
    EVEN the False Media acknowledge that Mueller’s statement turned out to be
    a WET DREAM!

  53. No reason to feel sorry for Mueller. He had a Patrician upbringing and went to a boarding school that now charges $64,000 per year. Elitist? I think so.

  54. Problem regarding a balanced budget is that it will never happen as long as our money consists of Federal Reserve Notes. That means that every dollar we get is ***borrowed*** from the (privately owned) Federal Reserve Bank.

  55. democrats lie all the time, then when caught say ‘ i was only joking’, or holding a severed head and saying ‘i am a comedian, it isn’t but humor’, and then they use threats, only to say ‘ooops, sorry’. The lie on CNN ans MSNBC, aoc lies about migrants drinking toilet water, and the list is ENDLESS. it’s caught up with them now, as they are history.

  56. The problem is that the Democrats are using his first statement to proclaim victory. I can’t even count the amount of tweets that I saw, that quoted Mueller’s first statement and than said something like we have a criminal sitting in the White House. It is sickening because no matter how many people pointed out that Mueller corrected that statement they are still using it to fundraise on. Isn’t that illegal?

  57. That dithering old fool looked like he belongs in an old folks home. He made himself and the commiecrats look stupid.

  58. It’s about time our politicians quit playing pad i-cake and do ethically and morally correct(as opposed major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$wasting political correctness) All they accomplishing is NOTHING for their constituents! Congress pay should be cut 50% because they sure hell do deserve pay! It’s all been about THEIR career! TERM LIMITS and balance the damn budget! We the constituency all know the elite rich running the government won’t let that happen -control over the massed! The working constituents would easily afford raising family and college/etc! Many economics guru’s have verified a balanced budget would be great for working class and bad for the “elite rich”! They’d actually have to do a real days work!

  59. well that’s what the demorats are famous for wasting taxpayers money since the think it be,ongs them and they line their pockets with it that’s why they are rich and the rest of us are poor.

  60. I am happy for Trump. He was vindicated. I am sorry for Mueller. He was a corrupt prosecutor who knowingly and deliberately sent innocent men to prison by suppressing exonerating evidence, mishandled other investigations and was an “associate” of Whitey Bulger, but what I saw yesterday was a pitiful desperate grasp of a failing democrat party dragging out for display an old man obviously suffering from some form of dementia. What he did was prove that he was the figurehead for a corrupt effort by desperate Clinton supporters to vilify an innocent man, Donald J. Trump. I mean really, he did not know what Fusion GPS was? He did not recognize some of the names of those he accused of crimes?

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