Robert Mueller was forced to admit a terrible truth that proved he lied

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt is in its final stages.

Reports surfaced he would turn in his report next week.

But Robert Mueller was forced to admit a terrible truth that proved he lied.

In recent days, reports surfaced indicating Robert Mueller would submit his final report to Congress.

CNN broke this news.

But today, a top Justice Department official told Fox News that would not be the case.

The Daily Caller reports:

Special counsel Robert Mueller will not be delivered to the Justice Department next week, as CNN reported on Wednesday.

“Any reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s report will be delivered to the Department of Justice next week are incorrect,” a senior Justice Department official told Fox News on Friday.

CNN reported Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr was preparing to receive the report next week.

The new statement does not indicate when the report will be released, but most observers believe the probe is near its end. CNN reported that prosecutors with the special counsel’s office have been spotted removing boxes of documents from their offices. The grand jury being used in the Mueller probe has also not met since Jan. 24, the same day that Trump confidant Roger Stone was indicted.

Fake news CNN is a Mueller-friendly outfit.

The story that Mueller was on the verge of finishing could only have leaked from his office.

Critics wonder if Mueller pulled back after his allies began to put the word out that Mueller’s report would be a dud and not include any evidence of collusion.

Did Mueller pop his own trial balloon to allow nervous liberals to regroup and continue to push the collusion hoax in the fake news media?

It sure looks that way.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Wind the clock back to WWII and take care of the communists (today us. liberals) as it was done then. Today, just get read, liquidate, them around the corner as communists do.

    Further my grandfather, sea captain, once in charge of a big merchant ship told my brothers and me as kids, very many times “NEVER EVER TRUST an ARAB” over and over again.
    He must have had very bad experience with rats on board his ship.

  2. Mueller MUST keep up this hoax until Nob 2020 to make people vote against Trump. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Barr should call the bluff and call Mueller in to show what he has NOW!!

    • Mr. Magoo muller and the rest of his criminal band of POS’s need to be the one’s on trial. This new attorney general needs to do his job or b fired immediately. the last one Sessions was obviously scared of his own shadow and should have been fire after he chicken out of the RUSSIAN HOAX which has cost US TAX PAYERS MILLIONS ND MILLIO of dollars we don’t have.

    • Our country has no balls. The bitch Hillary, people like Mueller need strung up to avoid repeating the same bullshit. Then take Jeff Zucker (CNN) and Bezos (WaPo) and the Jews that own the New York Times and stick their ass in prison for propaganda generated in an attempt to overthrow our Republic and our Democratic process. This co fidentiak informant bullshit they spread us got to go and Freedom of the Press is just that, Freedom. That doesn’t mean you can be a liar or a biased machine that instigates anarchy. Also, it is a proven fact that Muellers office has a leak so if internally they cannot supposedly find the leak, the Feds that are not criminals need to investigate. Our system is a joke, the media is fake, everyone needs an excuse for failure.

  3. As long as there is money to be spent, Mueller and his Witch Hunters will put off sending the report to AG Barr! When every penny is gone, then there report will be sent to Barr where it will land with a resounding thud!

  4. Mueller has investigated his way right into criminal charges and, I hope a long prison sentence. The FBI needs to be revamped with all new personnel from top to bottom, or dismantled entirely. They are NOT in charge of this country.

    • this idiot has been wasting tax payers money for more than two years, he could not pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel, the demwits keep waiting for big news from this witch hunter and all he has is zulch, i bet his next investigation will be on Trumps young son, to see if he can catch him playing hooky at school, he needs to be investigated.

  5. Sue Mueller for the cost of his bogus investigation. There was clearly no basis for the investigation except the democrats’ desire to damage our President.

    • And don’t forget the other criminals who got a pass from this traitor. The only thing or at least one thing that bothers me about Barr is his anti-gun stance. Confiscate legal owned guns and you have the start of anarchy.

      • Confiscate legal owned guns resembles the former dictator in Eastern Europe After he lied the people and confiscated legal owned guns he stood in power for 50 years The only thing that he did was built the dictatorship This is something that happen often with dictators

      • look at the other nit wit Cohen, he was going to have big news, what did he do refuse to testify, now he is being forced to testify, and all he will be able to say is what Mueller wants him to say, hoping to get a reduced sentence, wait till he gets to jail, he better not drop the soap in the shower.

  6. I thank every one new this guy was Dirty except these THE NEWS MEADER SCUM AND THE IGNORANT DEMOCRATS AFTER ALL HE WAS HIRING THE Clintons swamp rats which are all liars on their own PERIOD

    • Our American Mentality must be Focused upon~~WHAT CAN WE DO AS A CITIZENRY FOR THE BEST OF OUR COUNTRY? Let us throw away all the garbage between personal and partisan ISSUES! We must learn TO KNOW and understand WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING THAT EACH ONE fo US CAN DO FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR COUNTRY? The Strength of OUR COUNTRY depends upon each and every one of US, the Citizenry! We must disregard gender, career, religious affiliations, skin color, body sizes, rich or poor, or on Welfare or political parties! Without our beloved COUNTRY, we are ALL NOTIHG! All those divisiveness ~ hatred, anger, lack of LOVE and TRUST for one an other, all those lacking are killing our Country within! We do not need an OUTSIDE Enemy! We are our very OWN worst of Enemies! Support OUR PRESIDENT! Try to live in HIS SHOES just for one day! There is NO letting go of the HATREDS toward him 7/24 since before HE TOOK OFFICE! That is not one minute in each day he is not being pursecuted! IF HE IS WRONG, TELL HIM STRAIGHT!! All those Behind the door intriges, they only bring HARM TO ALL OF US! NEVER PEACE AND UNITY that we NEED! But It is something we must HAVE, and have it NOW! Let all devisions come to an END! We do not want to read about any new INVESTIGATIONS! We want to see UNITY and SUPPORT for OUR PRESIDENT! That is the Support of our COUNTRY!! THE entire world is laughing at us!!! WE ought to be ashamed of ourselves; we are acting like PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN, playing in the SAND BOXES….! Shame on us!!Most of us are PROUD OF OUR PRESIDENT! HISTORY WILL Show how he will be rated! At the Present, we must give him the supsport that HE needs to run the Country~~ Making America Great AGAIN! We, the Citizenry of the USA needs that, that is to give support to our President! Many of the Citizens did not LIKE President Obama, but no one acted like what our current President is receiving?! This President will be Named as one of the Best Presidents ever! No one had faced as much Hardship as He did! It was his love for the country that invoked him to run for this OFFICE! Pray for our Country and pray to the Lord our God to lead and to inspire OUR PRESIDENT, for HIM TO DO HIS JOB IN PEACE and within our PRAYERS for OUR Country and for HIM! Amen!

  7. I hate CNN. The reason Mueller report will not be presented is because President Trump will be over seas. He will give the report to AGBarr when the President comes home.

  8. This whole mess is like a rattle snake’s nest! Everybody that’s against President Trump is associated in one way or another and, they’re all criminals. Have you noticed that no matter which one of them you’re talking about, he or she is in some way associated with the Clintons or Obamas? Talk about a POLITICAL MAFIA!

    • right and when are the clintons going being investigated? they are a disgrace to America, and can you imagine tha idiot pant suit worm, calling half of us Americans deplorable’s , and her willy billy got caught playing hide the weenie in the oval office.the demlib party has to be cleaned out, lots of jail sentences.

    • Thomas,
      You hit the nail right on this. Ahhah, you are a hundred percent right!! Tell your friends and families to open their eyes wide, wide, wide. Our vote in November 2020 will speak loud. Cheers!!

  9. With all that we know so far, that Christopher Steel started a farce against Trump, and Hillary paid for the dossier, and Judge Ore said there was no evidence of any cullustion but hear say, how in Gods name did they sign off on a fisa is beyond me. This crap only happens in Communist countries, but now here in America. There’s no democracy anymore, and we the people have been shoved to the side. Our elections don’t count and the democrats are rigging them, they stole the House, and they plan on stealing the next election. Once in they will never let it go. They already did their trial run, to see where they are lacking in votes. People we can’t allow this crap any longer, we must stop it, are we all are in jeapordy! They are finding voter fraud wide in range, 91 thousand illegals voted in Texas alone, all democrats! This is why they want to flood our country with them.

  10. Mark Washburne, I saw a video where AG Barr spoke out and he said after reviewing all of the info on the FISA investigation, he knows that there has been a attempted coupd’ete that failed and that involved in this, are guilty of sedition. He claims to be a simple person, who believes that there are simpler ways to do things. From what I heard, I am hopeful. He seems must more thicked skin with a stronger backbone for the job.
    Here’s the video…

  11. Like I have been saying all along, he’s going to play it out until the next election. He’s a big baboon with nothing, except setting people up that helped Trump win. And basically saying to anyone that helps Trump win in 2020,we are coming after you too. And they will search and play the same game again. Even if he hands it over, the demonrats will get it before Bar, and they will conduct their own fantasy of cullustion, and most likely make up a lie to damage him once more. And this is when we stand up in the millions and tell those communist bastards no more!

  12. Mueller has quite a past. Anyone remember Whitey Bolger the crime boss, gangster, FBI informant under Mueller, and brother of William Bulger President of Mass. Senate? FBI largely ignored his organization in exchange he be an FBI informant. Two FBI informants took bribes from Bulger and helped him murder witnesses who were poised to expose the FBI’s sordid Faustian deal with the criminal named Whitey Bulger. The taxpayers got stuck with the bill of 100 million dollars for compensating some framed men because of the FBI’s corruption. Mueller later that year was appointed Director, and wrote letters throughout the 1980’s opposing clemency for four men framed by the FBI. Mueller was also in that position while the FBI was helping Bulger cart off his criminal competitors burying their bodies in shallow graves along the Neponset. When questioned about the FBI’s corruption in Boston, Mueller told the Globe,” I think the public should recognize that what happened, happened years ago. True, and we still don’t know all that really happened.

  13. The fact that Mueller has been at this witch hunt for over 2 years and now he wants another few weeks, tells me he ain’t got nothing! Think about it, if Mueller had anything he could use to have Trump impeached, he would have done it already. He never would sit on the very info he is suppose to be going after… this long. There’s 2 scenarios that could play out. Either Mueller has nothing and the investigation is shut down for good OR Mueller has been working for the Trump administration the whole time, investigating the Dems, FBI , CIA, NSA and any other Deep State corruption that needs to be taken down and is putting that report together for AG Barrs eyes only..

  14. The very fact that Mueller picked Andrew Weisman to be his pit bull, lying chief investigator should impeach ANY FINDINGS of the Special Counsel.Just look at the, Arthur Anderson, Senator Steven’s and Enron cases and you will agree. Most convictions in these cases have been overturned and huge reparations have been paid. But Weisman is still around. Justice, I don’t think so. At least I now know the basis for the film, “Absense of Malice”. Have you seen it?

    • Mueller is a liar and a traitor. Noone should be listening to this fraud, bit we all know that cnbc, msnbc and cnn succkle on the teet ofthis jagoff. He should crawl bavk into his hole, and just rot away.

  15. These Dumbellcrats will never give up their futile attempts to remove Mr.Trump from office which will never never happen. Cheap two bit sore loosing bastards

  16. It’s time for our new Attorney General to take hold of the reins and stand up and do his job to prosecute all of the corrupt swamp rats. Come on Bill Barr, do your DUTY.

  17. put two in the back of his head and let’s get get on with the running of the country. line up the rest of the traitors starting with bill’s wife.

  18. The whole Muller deal was set up to give all of HRC friends immunity and to try to bury DJT at the same time. They succeeded in 1/2 — they got a lot of the Dems immunity SO FAR

  19. Mueller and his team of misfits have found nothing against President Trump. However, a lot of tax dollars have been spent. When he finally gives up this fiasco, that damn Adam Schitt wants to begin doing the same thing. Wasting more tax paying dollars. When the time comes?- Vote these assholes out of office!

  20. I don’t know why Mueller is allowed to proceed with this ILLEGAL, BOGUS INVESTIGATION. And, why haven’t the REAL CRIMINALS been prosecuted? Those that COLLUDED in creating this Bull$#!t. Everyone knows who they are; I don’t have to list them.

  21. Mueller is a total Flop. If the Democrats thought he would find anything, he didn’t. His report is a total disgrace. The Taxpayers are tired of this DODO Bird that thinks he is so important. There is no Collusion. We are not paying for another year of this Total Corrupt Person. He has nothing, he will never have anything. Our Secretary of State needs to clamp down on Mueller and put a time line on this Collusion. He either comes up with a report and submits it or he should just get out of the USA . Taxpayers are sick and tired of Mueller who has absolutely done nothing but charge the American Taxpayer above what he should have coming to him. He either submits his report by the end of March who he can go back to the department he came from and collect his pay and get out of the Country.

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