Robert Mueller was forced to face the one truth that destroyed him for good

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt is reaching a critical point.

And this could not come at a worse time for Mueller.

That’s because he was forced to face the one truth that destroyed him for good.

Fake news journalists jumped for joy when McClatchy broke the story that foreign intelligence agencies turned over evidence to Robert Mueller that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with Russians to hatch a plan to rig the 2016 election.

McClatchy claimed Eastern European Intelligence discovered Michael Cohen’s cell phone signal pinging off a tower near Prague in the late summer of 2016.

They also reported they intercepted communications from a Russian official talking about Cohen traveling to Prague.

Cohen furiously denied the story, but the media held out hope Mueller held proof in his hands that the Trump campaign engaged in treasonous Russian collusion.

But the story fell apart in hours.

McClatchy reporter Greg Gordon appeared on MSNBC and was forced to admit he had not seen any of the evidence in question.

Gordon also admitted his sources hadn’t seen the evidence either but had heard it from second hand sources.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Is there anything that you were able to physically see for yourselves?” MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Gordon.

“I wish we had. We held out for a while for that, and it came a time when we thought we had a critical mass. It is a competitive business,” Gordon said.

“Some of the sources have government sources, and some of the sources are people who have told us that they have trusted intelligence-type sources that they get information from. We don’t know the specifics, but we have used these sources on many subjects, and they have been very accurate,” Gordon added.

When asked if he has seen the intercepts, Gordon responded, “No.”

This turned out to be another Mueller bombshell that ended up being a dud.

It’s clear foreign intelligence service agents wanted to cause trouble for the Trump administration and used some fake news reporters’ hatred of the President to cause them to abandon all skepticism about the story they were pitched.

The only thing this story accomplished was cast more doubt on both the media’s conduct and the underlying allegation of Russian collusion that Robert Mueller set out to investigate.


  1. He is not just a con man, he is a felonious and treasonous criminal beginning with Whitewater and proceeding to Uranium One to this day. Many corrupt and criminal activities have been done by this man supposedly a law-and-order person over his lifetime. If you need to see the facts, then research them because the information is available……..Deep State

  2. why do you think the FBI did a raid on yet another persona acquainted with Trump its called diversion, they dont want anyone trying to peel the layers of dirt and treason that permeate their ranks

  3. got that right, totally tired if he said that she said that they said and absolutely NO PROOF anyone said anything at all. its all a fake made up ysterly that the liberal keep following fake bread crumbs

  4. Mueller may be hoping that will happen but we the people have seen over the last 3-1/2 years just how much a criminal Cabal the DemoRinoc????s are and just how deceiving, disgusting and evil they all are and just how low they will stoop to win at all cost and the extent that they will go to cover their criminal activity, even to the depth of murder, to cover up their criminal activity of sedition, selling of our secrets, treason as in the selling of 20 % of our Uranium, causing the deliberate death of 4 American’s in Benghazi, the killing of foreign leaders and instilling of their choice of new regeims in multiple countries, the trafficking is humans, human body parts/organs, children for sex/sacrifice, women and men into slavery, drugs, guns, ammunition, military equipment to our enemies, pay-for-play deals, and selling America’s secrets to our enemies. The crimes go on and on. I really don’t think anyone in their right mind anymore believes anything Mueller or their fake news propaganda Mockingbird MSM has to say. The only one that listens to anything any of them have to say is them and the brainwashed puppets. Every time they come up with this crap it turns out to be proven a lie and just made up bs to keep this farce going.

  5. Mueller is a old Democratic con man conning the UNITED States Government out of a huge amounts of money while pretending to be investigating some alleged actions. Fire the old con man, and sue him for the wasted funds.

  6. Yes I agree. Its pathetic. Most people can see right through them. They are phoney and don’t care about this country. They hate trump so much that they wont do the right thing like keeping our country safe….They just want the votes so they can stay in office…Its pure evil…..

  7. &&& TAKE NOTICE. > No More ‘russian collusion’ KrAAp’
    0N msm re mueller. AFTER 2+ FULL YRS. Hounding <<< the
    American ppl re 'the Power < of Suggestion'.

  8. As Said: “PUT up 0r ShutUP”

    “Mueller should be investigated for destruction of evidence for allowing those text messages from Strzok to be erased, messages that would show the state of mind and tactics of his lead anti-Trump FBI agent at the start of his probe,” Giuliani told Hill.TV this week.
    2x post. Words deleted.

  9. Why do you think I added ROFLMAO, because it does not matter what particular party an individual claims to support it is who they actually cast their vote for.

  10. Go to the “Open BOrders Foundation” website and read their goals. NO, Governments, Borders, or Religions! Soros funds over 2,300 liberal groups like BLM, MoveOn, etc. And also in 140 other countries. Notice how Europe suddenly became the “European Union”? Someone show me the voting results for each of those countries??? Now Belgium is the capitol of the “European Union”. No borders, “No Go Zones”, and muslims just walking in and taking over. You want that?, then move to Europe!

  11. I was going to apologize for not using the plural of grace but 1 mass burial site is all that is needed if it would not require such meticulous calculations and so much money we could just load their bodies and their heads onto rockets and launch them towards the sun, it could use as much fuel as it can get and their toxic bodies are not good for anything else.

  12. After all those traitors have been execute via the Guillotine broadcasted live their worthless carcasses incinerated ashes put in airtight lead encasement, then we can safely dance over their grave.

  13. I agree! we all know that the demorats are trash and you can only say it so many ways so I decided not to comment except when they start to go to jail and then comes a happy dance!

  14. Mueller and his party are covering up their own as** trying to blame OUR PRESIDENT along with several others so people won’t see all of their wrong doings. They all need to be in prison!

  15. How many times do we have to hear these phoney rigged lies? Trump needs to stop this phoney scandle now! Who cares if these Demonrat’s get pissed? When this all washes out? They are all done for anyway!

  16. News flash: here is the real reason these fake reports keep coming out. Mueller is using them to keep his so-called investigation going into 2020 in an attempt to turn the voters against President Trump. The anti-Trump democrats and never-trumps are feeding these fake reports to the anti-trump news media, and they will attempt to do anything to do harm to President Trump. Now that is the real collusion!

  17. Yes! The Democrats want everything, “their way” Pelosi and Schumer are two of the worst! Pelosi had an affair with Mueller, while both were married to others and I read that Chuck Schumer supposedly raped one of his daughter’s friends, whom killed herself before charges were filed, so Schumer got off-“scott-free”! They’re nothing but SCUM, as far as I’m concerned!

  18. As was John McBrainless, at the very least McBrainless was accepting bribes from 2 Globalist families, the Soros and Rothschild family the latter of which does not hold United States citizenship.

  19. I was just wondering why can’t we stop illegals from getting free medical, food, housing etc. I pay for my health insurance and its not cheap, if I had free I would save a ton of money

  20. Why isn’t Mueller under investigation for his roll in Uranium One? He was right in the middle of selling 20% of our uranium to the Russians. I think that’s called treason. The Clintons received millions for it. Where is the outrage and investigation of that??

  21. time to put that pos in jail. Along with about 15 or twenty others that immediately come to mind. On top of the list. The foreign exchange student and killary

  22. Steff, you are 100% correct. It is getting worse all the time, and something has to be done soon are this once great country that I fought for will be gone. Start with left wing politicians, then teachers on down the line.

  23. Granberg,there are not enough jails to put all the corrupt Demo Craps and RINOS to clean the corruption they have created in this country.

  24. My words make perfect sense and their is nothing Liberal about any of my viewpoints the same cannot be said about your opinions.

  25. yes you are screaming nonsense. you may learn something besides hate when reading this site. You would be happier if you stayed on liberal controlled media.

  26. As an American we have lost our freedom to all the illegals. We can’t go to a hospital for medical treatment without having proof of citizenship, insurance, etc but the illegal get free medical treatment without proving citizenship or insurance. Every where we go we must show ID card. Pretty soon we’ll have to show ID to use the bathroom at the malls or other public places.

  27. What mule face mueller needs is a good spanking on his but pull his pants, under wear if he wears any and use a belt and spank the hell out of him or water board him.

  28. You may be ahold look into an EEG I m very concerned your brainwaves are not functioning at capacity!! Or maybe that is all the capacity you do have.

  29. Granberg you scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard, did I not ask you to put your head in a metal press sparing us true patriots from having to endure anymore of your insufferable nonsense.

  30. I’m still trying to figure out what this supposd “collusion” wa and what was wrong about ir. If the Russians had any information about something a candidate had dine and supplied it to the other candidate the wrong doing is what the candidate did, nit he Russians letting the opposition canidate know about the “wrong doing”. The error was the candidate’s own doing. Besides, the opposition probably suspected already.

  31. Yet I read an article headline recently about how Mueller had tape recordings of Cohen speaking with Russian agents which apparently is not the case, how much longer is this Witch Hunt going to continue and how much more money wasted on trying to fabricate incriminating evidence against Donald?

  32. What’s funny to me is that this site continues with the screaming nonsense headlines followed by nothing-burger stories and most of you just continue to eat it up and react like sheep day in and day out; and sometimes multiple times a day. Sheesh, give it a rest, folks.

  33. I totally agree with both Steff and Howard in regards to reveling against the government. Especially the democrats they are nothing more than a bunch of back-stabbing idiots that should all retire from their position and let someone in there that knows what’s going on and how to get things done the right way!

  34. Anti America former token negro Prez is laughing again more millions wasted on his farce story of collusion that they bought hook line and sinker.

  35. Why is Mueller still talking? He’s still trying to push his witch hunt?
    Enough!!! Trump is doing an amazing job as President!
    Even with the demoncrats nipping at his heels. Mueller is a fraud
    and needs to be investigated! This has to stop!!!!!!!!

  36. thanks to oboma he put all this left wing trolls in place ,and the only way to get rid of them is to fire them all and start over,well the last 2 years were pretty good and went pretty fast , now that democrats are taking over the house , watch everything come to a stand still,they have no interest in doing what’s right for the country ,. it’s all about them and their communist agenda

  37. One thing for sure. Trump and his rabid supporters are fake conservatives, being more Russians in con clothes.

  38. Steff, I agree with you 100%. The corruption is too widespread to stop it any other way than to rebel. The left is a bigger threat to our country than any terrorist group by far!!

  39. See that Mueller and liberal media brazenly perverted the American justice? Extremely disgusting. Even the FBI and DOJ are corrupted. Now the Democrat House of Representatives are coming …

    The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is clearly a liberal. A serious setback for the conservatives. Throughout the Senate Judiciary history, we witnessed some of the judicial appointees pretending to be conservative. John Roberts is another Souter.

    Not hard to distinguish between a true conservative and a fake conservative. The conservative voters need to pay attention more to the details.

  40. It’s is bad enough that Mueller and the MSM have resorted to report innuendo and rumor as facts, but to indicate that this phony information is “evidence” is the last straw. It is evident to me that it is impossible to get justice in this country. The left, now just communists, have seeded lies in our educational system especially higher ed and revised actual history. It’s beginning to look like the only way to correct this criminality within our government, is to formally rebel against it as our foundation documents contain truths and convictions to right the wrongs when government gets infected with so much corruption that it is our right to rebel.

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