Robert Mueller was fuming after a Deep State mole leaked this about his report

Robert Mueller’s report is one of the most anticipated documents in Washington, D.C. history.

Anti-Trump forces are hoping Mueller delivers the evidence that will lead to the President’s impeachment.

But Robert Mueller was left fuming after a Deep State mole made one shocking leak about what his report will contain.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is one of the most loyal Deep State operatives around.

Everyone pays special attention when he goes on TV and gives his analysis of where the Russia Investigation stands because many see his comments as Mueller prepping the ground for what he will report.

Clapper disappointed millions of liberals when he stated that Mueller’s report would be “anti-climactic.”

The Hill reports:

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday that he’s far from sure that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will clear up questions about President Trump and Russia.

He said he was hopeful the Mueller probe will provide some answers, but warned it might not even draw a conclusion on whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

“I think the hope is that the Mueller investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all. I’m really not sure it will, and the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic and not draw a conclusion about that,” Clapper said Wednesday on CNN.

Clapper is not the first to make this statement.

Other journalists have reported Mueller’s report won’t contain some bombshell revelation about Trump.

But Clapper is a Deep State insider so this leak is escalating the story that Mueller found nothing and that liberals should not get their hopes up.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. It would be plenty climatic if he presented the proof found of Killary and the democrats collusion with the Russians and other foreign governments.

  3. By not clearing Trump in his tax investigation, the IRS is able to perpetuate the impression that something is wrong with his returns.

  4. Yes Keith. All us people that actually “Get It” continue to be amazed at the way all the lying, corrupt lefty politicians skate off into the sunset. And anyone that has the slightest bit of contact with the president is roasted by the Demo politicians and all the maggots at the fake news. It is just awful, this hypocrisy.

  5. Yes, Warren…and they should have to reimburse the tax payers for all the money they used for it. The money should come from the Democratic Campaign funds.

  6. mueller and his Inquisitor’s were banking on their tangible evidence, but the first Judge they used it on laughed him and his “46 Empty Bottles of Russian Salad Dressing” out of the courtroom. ????

  7. right, lets get the clintons investigated, find out how they are worth millions, claim they were poor, yet left Washington with millions and the only job they ever had was in politics, i wish i could left my job with millions when i retired, only job i ever had except in the Military and an part time job when i was in School, come on Trump get an investigator and not the idiot witch hunter who could not find his way out of an elevator looking for it for over two years.

  8. you sound like a real die hard loser dem lib, do you have a job, that is what Trump has , he was hired by we the tax payers of America, when you got your job, if you do have one, did they tell you you have to disclose your tax returns and we show it whole America, i don’t think so,so why should he have to. that is why we have all these smart people in the IRS, don’t you think they would have found some thing wrong and exposed him, a few years ago i won a 1000 dollars, did not receive a 1099 form, so paid no taxes on it, two years i got a notice about same, had no idea i had to pay anything as i never received a 1099 form, had to pay a penalty plus the tax, you the clintons, who claimed poor mouth, yet worth millions and never had any job other then working for us, how did you make out with your company if your worked , did you leave with millions?

  9. mueller’s report should make him the laughing stock of the century, the demlibs were counting for big stuff and all they are going to get is zulch, any one dem or repub who votes for these dem/soc running are nuts,after they installed muslems in our govt. and are in favor of murder with their abortion, Go Trump 2020

  10. If anybody out there beleive’s in the official version of the JFK RFK MLK Governmental versions of those three Assasination’s then i have some swamp land in Massachusett’s that i want to sell You.

  11. YES! Tump wins! He will continues to WIN! Because, he is an honest Man with a NOBLE HEART for the LOVE OF GOD< COUNTRY AND FMAILY!!! No matter how long Muelelr si to continue his HUNGINT…. he will be unabe to write an HONEST REPORT, because, Preseident Trump had not DONE ANYHING WRONg, other than taking all the …… , he keeps his pace, is pressing on to make America GREAT AGAIN! Anerica wi be GREAT AGAIN!!! God is with HIM!

  12. So that’s the new narrative? “The fix is in”? If Mueller couldn’t find collusion or anything to charge the president with it must be because Trump “fixed” it? How stupid can you be? Just admit you’re still crying because the fat old lady lost the election in 2016. Trump doesn’t need to show his taxes. It doesn’t matter one bit whether he has 1 billion, 5 billion, or 10 billion. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have any billions. He’s making America great again and keeping his promises. You were obviously in love with the Kenyan and his tranny wife so anything Trump does is bad in your eyes. What you need is a swift kick in the ass to get your brain working.

  13. Didn’t a IRS low life liberal left traitor agent just get arrested for leaking Michael Cohens taxes he also leaked another person named Michael Cohen as well. His taxes are being investigated and been reviewed by the IRS many times if there was anything don’t you think some liberal traitor leaker would have leaked this to the public. What next Arthur Caputo do you want to investigate if he leaves streaks in his draws. By the way its not mandatory that a President has tp reveal is personal taxes during civilian life just like you. When the Mueller reveals his results you can put that pu$$y costume on and howl at the moon. Get over it

  14. And by the way Arthur, fake news CNN acquired Trump’s tax returns last year and they were so mum to find out he’s been paying millions in taxes…how they got it? Ask your former top notch FBI leaders

  15. Correct Wayne. I know the federal i.r.s. would love to put that notch in their belts. There is nothing wrong with the Presidents taxes. It only makes for anyone that knows anything about taxes to acknowledge those taxes are a-o-k.

  16. Sorry there bucky but if there is tax evasion the IRS would be all over it. Simples minds really shouldn’t post such obvious questions. Typical lib

  17. What about Obama‘s health records ??
    Been asking for 10 years!!
    You have to be stupid !!
    There’s nothing to Trump’s taxes or the IRS would have caught it 2, 3, 5,10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago and would’ve been more than willing to expose that considering that Lois Lerner and Obama ran the show when it mattered !!

  18. I believe it all goes back to the judge or judges that did not question the Steele “report” regarding its history, payments, and source(s), (Hillary and the Democrat Party) They were terribly derelict in their duty to validate FOIA requests which are, after all, the most potentially damaging items to American liberty ever conceived.

    The entire basis of this very ugly phase of so-called jurisprudence springs off this very failure.

  19. Fine! Well and good! But when in hell will the report be issued after all the tens of millions of dollars expended in what appears to be witch hunt? It is time and past time to end this battle between government and the deep state.

  20. That’s BS! Have you seen trumps taxes? If not then how in the hell do you know what’s in it? The assumptions you all make because you are haters, yes haters I said, is so far left because “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH”. This President is doing exactly what he promised. That’s something none of the others have done. Give credit where credit is due…..oh, I forgot, you’re too stupid to think for yourself. You should listen to FOX News. They DO give both sides of the stories. Innocent till proven guilty only applies to the Donkeys? You’re pitiful.

  21. Do you know that there is not a law to showing one’s taxes? There is not and NEVER HAS BEEN. Know the law. It means so much. Go to the library. Law books are there. Are you willing to put your taxes up for all to see? We known he is very intelligent and a multi- billionaire. TRUMP THAT!

  22. Either that or 7.62mm lead injections by a firing squad would be the correct5 end result for the traitors that they are. They will soon learn that they never HAD any power except for OUR ignorance of what they always were.

  23. I don’t want to burden the United States taxpayers with more bills to keep them in prison. Hang them publicly and let the crows pick their bones. they are a disgrace to our nation.

  24. If every body on the left that LIED to Congress were in sent to jail we would have to build ANOTHER ONE!! Clapper, Brennan, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Killary, etc. etc. etc!!!

  25. With over 100 contacts with the Russians,meetings in Trump Tower,etc even if the fix is in ,what about Trumps TAXES??? Why no importance to that ? Trump has a reason he doesn’t want his taxes examined. Tax evasion ,ala Manafort, is a certainty.Follow the money No cover ups.Obstruction of justice will be charged at the very least.

  26. Totally agree. Face it Demowits, there never was any collusion. You see you created the whole collusion story in the first place, Clinton financed and Mueller executed. The silent Demowits are the worst. Your behavior insures a Trump landslide in 2020 that would make Reagan proud.

  27. I have never given much thought or consideration to the so called deep state. But at this point in time, I wonder who really was behind the JFK, RFK, and MLK murders? The FBI appears to be corrupt. The Congress is loaded with individuals that place their Country’ interest behind personal benefit. What have any of these folks really done to enhance the security of American citizens?

  28. I wonder if there will be a Section of Mueller’s Report entitled “The REAL Collusion” which details where infamous “Dossier” came from, who paid for it, etc. and how it was used to drive the whole purpose of the investigation. Actually, maybe that should all go in the Preface to it…. lay the ground work for the whole purpose of the report, which is total political BS.

  29. We all know the final report will be redacted, if any information contained is secret or of top secret in nature. I believe we all know that the democraps in the House will not leave it alone. The Dems will just be shooting their chances at 2020 if the don’t. Apparently they are to set on their own stubborn pride to realize HILLARY LOST!!!!!!

  30. Mary you are right on the money, but you forgot to mention the many who should be in jail for treasonous and espionage acts committed. It really is great we finally have a President who remembers he took an oath to up hold the constitution, a far cry from so many elected officials in today’s world. Drain the swamp from California to New York!

  31. I believe president Trump will convince AG Barr to release the entire report as written. Doing so would benefit the American people and his administration. Trump knows Muller has nothing because he did nothing worth of reporting. Stay tuned for the FISA declassified next. KAG

  32. Mark and Waldo; you are both sooo rite! We as citizens need to stop these “special investigations” that have no oversight. This is almost as bad as the French revolution and Robespierre. our president like it or not. This b.s. deep state crap has racial unrest. Makes ya almost wonder if this hasn’t all been a feint while the Demonuts are instigating something else like gun control.

  33. Let’s put the PANT SUIT into a orange jump suit. It would be worth waiting 2 years to see her in jail. There are lots of Dems that should be in jail. I’m not sure that we could trust anyone in DC to do the job,Trey Gowdey comes to mind.


  35. You are not alone my friend. MOST honest Americans have seen all this for what it really is. A dishonest attempt to undermine our republic and a sinester demonic coup atempt against our Constitution and our President.

  36. Clapper has proven his dishonesty to the country at least several times. The guy is a despicable person and should be prosecuted!!

  37. The fact that investigation, news articles, and political agenda has been a liberal con job for over 3 years…will 67 million VOTERS really believe any investigation that has been hiding facts and using accusation, allegations, assertions, innuendo, lies, unnamed sources, unproven evidence, and no corroborating testimony, fabricated news stories, threats, demonstrations, violence and perjury to gain every possible advantage to create controversy for DJT. and his agenda of fulfilling promises as our president.
    As a VOTER I am completely skeptical of all investigation so far.

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