Robert Mueller was just double-crossed by the one person he never expected

Robert Mueller has always been able to count on a group of loyal allies in Washington, D.C. to pump up his rigged witch hunt against President Trump.

But no more.

That’s because Mueller was just double-crossed by the one person he never expected.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff acted as a loyal foot soldier in the crusade to overthrow Donald Trump.

He’s appeared countless times on CNN and MSNBC to spew lies and conspiracy theories about the Russia collusion hoax.

But on Sunday, he turned his back on Mueller.

Sensing that Mueller does not have the goods on Trump, Schiff moved the goal posts.

He told CNN that there was evidence of collusion but not enough for Mueller to bring charges.

In reality, Schiff is admitting that Mueller has nothing.

And he’s trying to gently back away from his prior claims of treasonous collusion so that he isn’t held accountable for repeatedly going on TV and pushing lies to make Americans think Mueller was on the verge of nailing the President for conspiring with the Russian government.

If Adam Schiff, of all people, is going on TV and downplaying what Mueller has found then it clearly illustrates that Mueller wasted the last two years of everyone’s life chasing ghosts and tearing the country apart with his politically motivated fishing expedition.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. AMEN! To “Legal Law Abiding Immigrants” Comments Thank you for SHARING WTP of the United States of American (45th POTUS Supports) agree and share your excellent thoughts and comments. I want to add: Let them continue to look for and expose all documents, they will find the complete lies and plot against themselves and we won’t need to say another word. JUST LOCK THEM UP!!! Remember I said it… Hee-HAW! SaintLuke 8:17

  2. It is a disgrace that this stupid, lying bunch can give themselves raises. They are overpaid for the little they accomplish. Most work for the lobbyist and get rich selling their votes.

  3. George Soros has a son just like him who will continue the evil. I do agree though. Time to start shooting invaders. I am sick of the lawless infiltration and invaders of our great country

  4. I have a question? Is there anyone and I meet anyone out there that believes anything that a Democrat says. schiffIs the biggest liar I have ever seen come out of Congress. He has repeated time and time and time again on CNN and MSNBC ABC CBS NBC, that there was evidence. He said it many and many a time that there was evidence. So schiff if there was evidence you jackass what is it? There is no evidence and jackasses like you get elected by the liberals that don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground.So to all you liberals that have the evidence let’s hear it or keep your mouth shut because the cow poop is flowing from your mouths.

  5. The only ones that were spreading the lies are the Demo Craps everyone else knew that Robert Mueller was Witch Hunt a waste of taxpayers money. That money could have very well been used to build the wall at the border. The Eemoo Craps are so stupid.

  6. If someone would take out George soros,public enemy #1, all the rest will fall!! Gitmo should be there new temporary home before the needle! Nobody controlling news! Nobody paying protesters! Nobody paying imigrates to come! All the things that cause problems for Trump and Americans! Follow the states where disease show up you’ll find imigrates! They will drain our resources! Camel jockeys need to go and get out of goverment!

  7. In my opinion, everyone should either call their Congress person & let them know how mad/unhappy they are with the crapola they’re pulling, & if they don’t loose up the $$
    so President Trump could build the wall, then you will not be voting for them come election day!! Also let them know that you “would like to know why they have walls around their homes, yet don’t want a wall built to protect the United States from all the terrorist & people coming that are carrying diseases to spread across the U.S.


  9. “Evidence of Collusion”, that was the crime they were supposed to be investigating. So, what have we paid for over the last 24 mo the and how much did it cost us from Election Day Nov 2016 until the investigation started. This is the crime of the century or the number four crime of the century. 1. Hillary murdering our men in Benghazi to back Obama’s pledge of Taliban was defeated. 2. Comey/Lynch/B.Clinton, conspiracy to cover for Hillary’s 30,000 crimes of Hazardous Communications on Non-Gov e-mail. 3. JFK Murdered. 4. Baby Killing Party and Jews attempt to overthrow our Democratic process by concocting a bogus story that they couldn’t even bribe enough judges and witnesses to make it stick. Mueller was in it from the beginning along with Hillary, Obama, Comey and the DNC. They should be hung for treasonous acts against our Nation. America will not recover to a place where we ever believe the Federal Judicial System or Federal Law Enforcement agencies are not CORRUPT!

  10. all I care about who is going to Federal prison from the demon-rat party and when will the arrests begin of very demon-rat and rino republican who was part of this scam and coup against the President.

  11. yep and they all should be held accountable for their lies. They are part of the deep state that our President is trying to show the people that the Democrats are nothing but lier’s.

  12. Shifty Schiff has always been a liar, he doesn’t know what the meaning truth is, that’s the California way of politicians in that state their all liars and the voters of California are to stupid to realize it.

  13. Amen. I hope to live to see McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Strozck, Schiff, Schumet, and Pelosi dead and burning in hell!

  14. But the sad point is, after taking away the dead votes, the triple votes, the illegal votes, there is still around 45-47 percent of demonrats left to deal with. That is a mighty large snake that is left to deal with, after cutting off the head. It will thrash around for a time after losing its head. People will win, having killed the snake, but untold people will get hurt. I do not include the demonrat snake body. Piss on them.

  15. Nothing secret about polling statistics. As for the indictments not a one has connections to Russia, plus none are directly connected to Trump.

    Mueller needed to keep the American left engaged with hope of the ultimate fall. Its not going to happen, already in addition to Shiff, the political commentary and legal comentary have started to walk back the anticipated release of Mueller’s report. Nobody is now calling for a report that is going to bring down Trump.

    New released fact, that Roesenstein has said he would leave DOJ if a new AG is confirmed, that just happened and it was announced that the new AG has picked his Assistant AG. Given that Rosenstein has been said to leave middle of March. That removes the last person in the FBI /DOJ that was covering for Mueller. My guess is Muellers report to the new AG will be the middle of March, and Mueller will slink off into the grass leaving the American Public in turmoil. The left will be greatly disappointed and mad, the right will be elated and mad at the same time, as they will be vindicated and mad because it was a waste of time and money.

  16. Not to draw away from the Mueller gig, but every time I hear Miss Hilly or Obama’s name all I can think of is the amvassador and the fine soldiers we lost. To think they watched the whole thing go down and did nothing. We had resources to attack. Miss Hilly’s words during the investigation still burn. “What does it matter? They’re dead'” I have loved ones in the military. I was a military wife. How dare Miss Hilly and Obama get away with such an atrocity! I have had enough if blame transference and power hungry politicians for more than 3 life times. Only WE THE PEOPLE can come together and fix this country. Obviously those that are voted in don’t give a furry rat’s butt.

  17. Some people don’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot. You people voted them in so live with your conscience.

  18. Del and Toby; you are under the false impression that the balance of Congress are either honorable or steadfast. Don’t get me wrong. Their are some I would trust to cover my “six”, and mebbe a few more I don’t know about. As far as rebellion , although in principle I somewhat agree, please keep in mind that no doubt these sites are monitored, so choose your words carefully and use them only if you are willing to act. Keeping in mind that you and those closest to you may pay the ultimate penalty when the time may so require.
    We as a nation are so divided and I do not see any way toward reconciliation.
    I truly believe this is a leading reason for the real frantic push for gun control. Watching the F.B.I. swat team raid on Roger Stone brought chills down my spine and and evoked visions of the Nazi S.S. and Gestapo. A raid like that on a man whose lawyer told the F.B.I. to name the place and Stone would be there to surrender. I digress…but will leave you with one thot.
    “The tree of Liberty must oft times be watered by the blood of Patriots”.

  19. When you only have democraps on your team, along with a all democrap grand jury, democrap jury and democrap JUDGES what do you expect. This should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. These people were found guilty before they
    were ever tried. The Republican party does not even have the balls to get behind our President. Fire every one in DC except Trump and start over.

  20. Me too. Breaks my heart that there are so many dem voters and not enough others to stop the downhill slide of this once great state.

  21. Hillary Clinton is just as guilty as Mueller because the BS Steele document is her creation, bought and paid for. She needs to be charged as you said Mueller needs to be. Lets not give Mueller all the credit. Think of poor biatch being cheated out of the credit that is all hers. You know she never shares her rewards. Shame.

  22. Goofy Adam Schiffless is really disgusting with those beady little eyes. Why not send him on an errand to pick up a big bag of MONEY and then when he opens the bag, it will all be PLAY MONEY!

  23. Dan, Never is when Mueller will stop his BS witch hunt. As soon as he does he’ll go to jail and he knows it unfortunately.

  24. Adam Schiff is nothing more than a WET NOODLE and he is brainless with no class to help him. His days are numbered and he will soon fad into the walls he walks through. It doesn’t take much smarts to figure Adam Schiff out. He is a waste of good taxpayer money. As far as him being a committee chairman tells that all those who also serve on the committee must be just as boring. You know people say you are what you wear.

  25. mayby it’s time for a purge in our government we have too many sick people in places of power President Trump needs help draining the swamp or septic tank as it is known!

  26. An Apology would take guts and no one in DC has the guts to look President in the eye

  27. Why are there so many cowards in Washington. As soon as their shoes turn to fire. They run. What if we ever have a war on our homeland, will these cowards stand up and fight with us or hide behind their desks. Wow. And talk about the back stabbers all over the Capital Ant Hill. One after another. Then those that double-cross each other like Adam Schiff. Its just no good. The power house has lost it dedication and is leadership. There is no honesty in the ranks.

  28. They WILL reap the harvest of what they have sewn over the last several years. And they WON’T be happy with their rewards… All of eternity in physical pain so agonising they can’t stand it but they’ll never die so they will suffer without ceasing. They WILL KNOW THE REASON THEY’RE IN HELL WITH SATAN & WILL KNOW THEY’LL NEVER BE RESCUED.

  29. Harold; a few words: Ruby Ridge, sage brush rebellion, Waco, Oregon BLM stand off, southern Nevada BLM stand off, murder of the rancher Finicum. All brought to you for your edification and entertainment by an out of control Congress and their enforcement arms. Mr. Mueller was there for a lot of it. They call him “The Fixer”. The death and wreckage they leave behind to my knowledge has never been compensated for. Truly a law enforcement arm which is increasingly more politically motivated and used as a tool by power hungry or greedy politicians. The swat team showing up at Roger Stone’s residence brings up fearful images of the Gestapo and Nazi S.S.
    If you don’t believe site like this and others are not monitored think again. And wonder who will be next with a swat team showing up at their door?

  30. I wonder, is anyone going to apologize to President Trump? In reality, I already know that the answer is NO. The left has been quick to demand investigations into this and that without any sound basis for those investigations. I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to investigate what’s been going on in the DNC and, why the Clintons and Obamas haven’t been investigated for their obvious crimes against the American People! Will it take an outright American Rebellion to bring them to justice? Maybe, but if that happens there will be blood in the streets!

    Adam Schiff just shredded the Republican Senate Intel’s “no collusion” findings

    The RATS are Trump and his cabinet and administration.

  32. Lies. Russia received Trump’s polling locations. A witch hunt would not produce indictments or Trump’s friends going to jail for lying if it was a witch.

  33. Schiff and the whole cali RAT gang have made me more ashamed of California than anywhere else in America…they are disgusting RATS! ALL OF THEM Kamala every last one!

  34. You got that right!! They can’t admit that they are wrong or have made a mistake. They will NEVER, EVER APOLOGIZE, EITHER.

  35. Schity is one of the most corrupt politicians in our congress !! He is so bad , he should be investigated himself , you know he’s crooked as a dogs hind leg. When they catch him breaking the law they should throw him in the KLINK & throw the key away !!!!

  36. And out of work & possibly black-balled in Washington DC. But PRESIDENT TRUMP will probably give him a job after all this garbage is behind him. And all this STUPIDITY has cost US, the tax payers 30 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!

  37. Hillary threatened to take all of Washington with her if she was arrested. The Trump Russian collusion investigation was only to draw attention away from Obama’s and Hillary’’s federal offenses and The Clinton selling to Russia The United States Uranium until the statute of limitations ran out.

  38. POTUS needs to pressure Mueller to press his investigations to the fullest and will accept nothing but full exoneration. All it would take is one comment from Sarah Sanders to start the ball rolling. Put the boot on the other foot and then start investigation by the N.S.A. of F.B.I. and members of Congress for instigating a political coup.

  39. The man is on a panic mode, he is swiftly pulling away but it will not help him or Comey/Obama/Hillary and many others. We all know that old saying that never fails and that is “What goes around comes around”

  40. Exactly , He is as crooked a lawyer that has ever been, convicting people he KNEW were innocent costing millions of dollars in law suits over the false imprisonment. Now he needs to face the same judgement and pay back every cent that this fake Clinton trash has cost the tax payers, plus he should spend a good amount of time in the gray bar hotel.

  41. well the mueller investigation is like having the kkk sitting on the jury trying a black man , garentied to get hung

  42. Little leaker, liar, and known pedophile is running scared because he knows his time is almost up! That weasels crimes are catching up with him! I see Gitmo in his future!

  43. The dems could care less how much money they spend. It’s not theirs so no big deal if millions are spent. I think mueller was put in there to protect hillary, the FBI and the DOJ for all kinds of malfeasance deeds they were doing and getting away with in the prior administration. To include spying on a presidential candidate and then President Trump.

  44. Schiff is probably up to his eyeballs in the attempted “coup” to unseat Trump and now that Muller is finished, he is in panic mode and trying anything to cover his a$$.

  45. Don’t forget all the lives Mauller has ruined along the way. Roger Stone needs help now. He had no contact with Russia or Wikileaks. Amazing how Mauller can combine facts with fiction. And actually prosecute innocent people, costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars to defend themselves no compensation when proven not guilty.

  46. MUELLER needs to be PRESSED to pay back the American people, for the money he has used on the blind WITCHHUNT!!

  47. After between 6-9 months of this witch/political hunt started, I had pegged this for what it was. I bet at least 75% of the aware/awake people in the US did too. Probably higher than that. The demonrat side didn’t say anything, but they knew and supported poopsy, bpd, muddy waters, walking eagle (tremendously funny there Chiefs).

  48. Adam Schitt has NO EVIDENCE whatsoever. Our wasted tax dollars at work. Vote his ass out of office as quickly as possible.

  49. Go after AS! He’s pulling a Mueller to save his sorry butt! Nail him some how! He’s a Democrat. No fouler word exists!

  50. Stop spending our tax dollars. This was a witch Hunt which proved President Trump did nothing wrong
    So stop wasting tax dollars
    I actually feel that the people who started this witch Hunt should be setting up a payment plan with the Federal government to replace all the taxpayers dollars you have wasted. Time for you who started this sham investigation to dig deep into your own pockets and set up a repayment plan with the Federal government.

    Just think of all the good things that could have been done for the people who elected you. I hope you actually take a moment to reflect on the enormous amount of time & $ you wasted of taxpayer $.

  51. Adam Schiff is a swarm, despicable person. For all the lies he broadcast on the Liberal networks. Does he think he is not culpable if and when the Orange jumpsuits and flip-flops are handed out.

  52. Just another POS trying to keep his name in the news with nothing but hate for our elected President. Maybe his burning the candle at both ends will have him out of any candle at election time.

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