Robert Mueller was just double-crossed by the one person he never expected

Robert Mueller has always been able to count on a group of loyal allies in Washington, D.C. to pump up his rigged witch hunt against President Trump.

But no more.

That’s because Mueller was just double-crossed by the one person he never expected.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff acted as a loyal foot soldier in the crusade to overthrow Donald Trump.

He’s appeared countless times on CNN and MSNBC to spew lies and conspiracy theories about the Russia collusion hoax.

But on Sunday, he turned his back on Mueller.

Sensing that Mueller does not have the goods on Trump, Schiff moved the goal posts.

He told CNN that there was evidence of collusion but not enough for Mueller to bring charges.

In reality, Schiff is admitting that Mueller has nothing.

And he’s trying to gently back away from his prior claims of treasonous collusion so that he isn’t held accountable for repeatedly going on TV and pushing lies to make Americans think Mueller was on the verge of nailing the President for conspiring with the Russian government.

If Adam Schiff, of all people, is going on TV and downplaying what Mueller has found then it clearly illustrates that Mueller wasted the last two years of everyone’s life chasing ghosts and tearing the country apart with his politically motivated fishing expedition.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. AMEN! To “Legal Law Abiding Immigrants” Comments Thank you for SHARING WTP of the United States of American (45th POTUS Supports) agree and share your excellent thoughts and comments. I want to add: Let them continue to look for and expose all documents, they will find the complete lies and plot against themselves and we won’t need to say another word. JUST LOCK THEM UP!!! Remember I said it… Hee-HAW! SaintLuke 8:17

  2. It is a disgrace that this stupid, lying bunch can give themselves raises. They are overpaid for the little they accomplish. Most work for the lobbyist and get rich selling their votes.

  3. George Soros has a son just like him who will continue the evil. I do agree though. Time to start shooting invaders. I am sick of the lawless infiltration and invaders of our great country

  4. I have a question? Is there anyone and I meet anyone out there that believes anything that a Democrat says. schiffIs the biggest liar I have ever seen come out of Congress. He has repeated time and time and time again on CNN and MSNBC ABC CBS NBC, that there was evidence. He said it many and many a time that there was evidence. So schiff if there was evidence you jackass what is it? There is no evidence and jackasses like you get elected by the liberals that don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground.So to all you liberals that have the evidence let’s hear it or keep your mouth shut because the cow poop is flowing from your mouths.

  5. The only ones that were spreading the lies are the Demo Craps everyone else knew that Robert Mueller was Witch Hunt a waste of taxpayers money. That money could have very well been used to build the wall at the border. The Eemoo Craps are so stupid.

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