Robert Mueller was slapped with the lawsuit that could seal his doom

Special counsel Robert Mueller is not used to playing defense.

But now he’s in deep trouble.

That’s because he got slapped with the one lawsuit that could seal his doom.

Investigative journalist Jerome Corsi slapped Mueller with a $350 million lawsuit over Mueller’s teams attempt to pressure him into signing a false confession stating he acted as a go-between for the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

Mueller wanted Corsi to plead guilty to making false statements and use the agreement to have Corsi fabricate testimony in order to frame the President.

But Corsi knew this was a lie.

So he rejected Mueller’s plea agreement.

And now he is fighting back.

Politico reports:

Jerome Corsi’s new suit against Mueller also accuses the special prosecutor of trying to badger Corsi into giving false testimony that he served as a conduit between Wikileaks found Julian Assange and Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump.

“Defendant Mueller and his prosecutorial staff have demanded that Plaintiff Corsi falsely testify that he acted as a liaison between Roger Stone and WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange concerning the public release of emails downloaded from the DNC’s servers,” the complaint says.

Corsi is demanding $100 million in actual damages and $250 million in punitive damages for injury to his reputation.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, is just the latest maneuver in a public campaign against Mueller by Corsi and his attorneys. Last month, they gave reporters copies of draft court documents showing that Mueller wanted Corsi to plead guilty to a false statements charge.

If Mueller tried to induce Corsi to lie, how many other false statements did he encourage in other plea agreements.

Can Americans trust anything Mueller reports after this flagrantly unethical conduct came to light?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Good for you Jerome Corsi! Mueller has abused the country and our President far beyond legal, ethical, and moral grounds. It is time for him to “pay the piper”.

    • What Mueller should do is also pay back all the monies that he had taken from our great country the USA for his no good investigation yo our good leaders.

  2. Good for you Corsi. You are a man of strong convictions and you are what President Trump needed to come forward. I think all the others are guilty in one way or another of lying and they deserve to go to jail and have to pay fines(Big ONES). Probably more people will come forward. Time will tell.

  3. If ever there was a cause / reason to investigate the Deep State and its nefarious intention, look no further than the two interrelated Democrat crimes against American Nat’l interests: The sale of some 20% of US Uranium to our existential enemy, Russia; and the missing investigation of this sale by the same agency that authorized this sale, the Democratic Party, in the latest Federal election.
    The US Congress missed a unique chance to follow through on investigating this Treason against American interest, but with Congress now in Democrat’s hands, (and the Senate following after the next election) Republicans missed a chance to expose Democrats as an America-damaging corrupt force.

  4. per ink thru M. Crawford, Spread
    ‘THOUGHTWAVES’ for USA Citizen
    ‘ClassAction’ Lawsuit re mueller
    ‘usurping’ Mega USA Tax payer $$.

  5. I don’t know if it would be legal but it would be the right thing to do is to ask all Americans to sue Mueller for spending hard working tax dollars for over time on a witch hunt which shows no truth or real evidence of any facts,it is time to end this witch hunt against President Trump n let him continue to do his fantastic job as our President!The Democratic Party looking for a needle in a haystack to ousted President Trump with every underhanded deceitful way they can but he has Americans on his side n it’s not going to happen! Evil beget evil n the truth will prevail !God is definitely on the side of truthfulness ,Go Bless our President that is for all American citizens n we will build a wall for the protection of our children,our brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers,Seniors n all citizens that believe in America’s justice for all including the proper way to all immigrants to enter into America,the land of the freen equality for citizens!God Bless America n all politicians whom were elected to serve the people that put them in office not illegal immigrants!

    • A ‘Class Action’ (USA Citizen) Lawsuit
      Would be Great. Need a BigTime Astute
      Team of Lawyers TO ‘Step Up^ to the Plate’.
      > A ‘Class Action’ Lawsuit, WOULD ALSO BE
      V. Instrumental IN ‘Beating DOWN’ 0ne world 0rder.
      > Thank you Matilda, V. Important Thought. Perhaps,
      Your Thought WILL Travel, To Where ‘it’ Needs Be.
      ~ MC/HNY 2019.

    • I agree that the people should be reimbursed for this effort nothing has come of it, big waste of taxpayers money. Let’s file a class action suit.

    • This is exactly what the Corsi and the legal team at Judicial Watch are trying to establish.
      This whole case is a farce, designed to detract form the treason Hillary committed, when she pocketed some $145 Mio. for her brokering this sale of US Uranium to Russia.

  6. By hook or crook Mueller wants to jail someone to prove tat he is right in the hunt for some sort of collusion. If he was really working for the American people he would investigate the Clinton’s and their Foundation! There would be NO two year drag out and the evidence could be found in about 1 month. The Uranium One deal brought the Clinton’s millions and sold 20% of the American ENRICHED URANIUM to the Russians. This is fact and can be found by any forensic accountant. Also, the pay to play deals….Getting four Americans KILLED in Benghazi. There are several things that I believe they are responsible including the two investigators that Trey Gowdy sent to Arkansas to get information from the Clinton library. Look into these crimes and stop wasting time on NOTHING…….

    • I think that everyone knows that Mueller is as corrupt as the people that he is supposed to be investigating. That is except for the Demos, Rinos and snowflakes who would not know truth from a lie, even if the bearer refused to take an oath. God bless America RVN 68-69

  7. Mueller is a scumbag lowlife bottom feeder brings nothing to the table like the 12 minions he has with him as supposedly lawyers. They are all guilty of a crime to the highest an empty agree especially Motor who is involved in the uranium one deal. Why is Muelker not in prison, along with that little pencil neck bugeye dick Shiff Who is nothing but a turd in the cesspool.Shiff and Miller should both be in The gas chamber for aiding in abetting crime and covering up crime in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party and administering unjust law, as they are supposed to be administering equal justice under the law! Both are covering up masses amounts of Crimes against the American people,All who died for this great nation, for money and power.

    • Mueller was the head of the FBI when he let our Uranium get taken by the Russians in the Uranium One deal he had an FBI informant that gave him all the information but did nothing does someone smell pay off bribery, he going to Jail with the rest of the TRAITORS that sold out our country. Plus the witch hunt is passed on a document that the DNC and Hillary Clinton payed for witch they used to get the FISOR warrants

  8. Tear his ass off, Jerome! I credit YOU with opening my eyes to the Neocon/globalist scam known as the SPP. It led me to renounce the Republican party. I am now a fierce Independent who would like to see the traitorous totalitarians of ANY stripe who threaten the WORLD, not only the Republic.

  9. This reminds me of the movie “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Looks like Jerome Corsi was smart enough to tuen the tables on Mueller and I hope he takes that clown for all the corrupt money he has.

  10. If Mueller is a part of the federal investigation special unit, it would be extremely difficult to process this complaint when he has the government on his side. Even though Trump is the current president, the government seem to be alienated from his pro-America agenda.

    Draining the swamp is what the American people need.

  11. Hey to all the Lefties…..where’s the collusion with Russia ,after two years of investagating? I’m still waiting! Your party lied to all of you, the only collusion is them trying to set up a sitting President with a lie. And they will pay dearly for it!

    • There is ”’NO COLLUSION” all made up by the sick democrats in congress and Mueller. The republicans should sue Mueller for the taxpayer’s money back. Adam Schiff really wants Trump gone ”’EVER WONDER WHAT PART HE PLAYS IN THIS? Also, all of the other dems and the (2 reps) that wants Trump gone???

      • Marilee: Adam Schiff has a child that is married to a Soros child. Clinton money from Soros. He is deep state & lies with great words, like Comey. Mueller & Comey were partners in the court room, they tried cases together, like Enron, when everyone with lots of money won & went free. Democrats hate Trump, now they can’t sift as much money from the Govt. for 4 yrs. Maxine rep. the poorest district in Calif. & has a $5 Mil. home, Pelosi has a $12 Mil. plus, home. Feinstein’s husband is worth billions from Govt. contracts they got. Didn’t Mueller get a $30 Mil. bonus from Lockheed for their govt. plane bid. Mueller & Comey were there when the FISA, all 4, were requested. Soros/Clinton paid these people well & still are. Comey & Mueller are a disgrace to America. No one trusts the FBI, I feel sorry for the good ones whos hands are tied & need their jobs. America knows the Dossier is a lie, FBI & Clinton split the $12 Mil fee to pay for it.

    • All I can say and so have many millions of others is that the Democrats are the most corrupt party we have ever seen in the history of our government and they just continue to get worse as they are trying to do away with our laws, constitution and anything else that America was built on and trying to conjure up anything off the top of their heads, the lies and false accusations to impeach our President, they are the biggest liars of any government and most corrupt I have seen in my 68 years on this earth and many people that I hear talking about the Democrats are saying the same thing, even Democrat supporters are disgusted with them and are starting to see the horrible evil that they are! The Democrat party are demons from hell and America is clearly starting to see it!

      • OK, Caliann, tell us how you REALLY feel. Kidding aside, I’m afraid they’re even worse than you think. The open-borders Marxist Democratic party has essentially declared war on America. How will THAT end? It sometimes seems like they’re trying to orchestrate some kind of Coup D’etat against the Trump administration. I just saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi saying that building the wall(thereby defending the border and the country) is IMMORAL!! How’s THAT for insane?

  12. The sooner they put him in jail we’ll all be better off! They need to arrest all the other lawerys that work with him too.
    Then they should make them pay OUR MONEY BACK! Then start on the democRATs who started all this!
    So sick of it all!😡


  14. Hay, Robert Mueller, I can’t wait until President Trump sends the US Marines to gather up all of you treasonous Politicians for the Military Tribunals. All of you and all of these Child sex Traffickers as well.

  15. All this money paid by us tax payers, to say Trump had his attorney pay off two woman that we’re trying to extort him. He had no idea how his attorney paid them, and he paid him back. Lol Like Trump is broke, and yet he’s a billionaire for God’s sake! Roflmdao

  16. I agree. If this was true, it would be a problem. But, since it is from renewed right, we know it is a lie. Trump is going down as the worst President EVER.

    • Maybe to you. But to us the other half of the country have his back. Your party is the corrupt idiots, and they lie every single day, because that’s what they do so well, and the only thing they do well. Your communist party are about to have ” Karma” come back and bite them in the ass. To bad I can’t watch half the country squirm when it happens. Umm where’s the Russian collusion that your lying party paid for! ROFLMAO That’s right they lied to their supporters!

    • Sorry, but he will have to go a long way to beat Obama. He will have to give more than $150 billion in foreign currencies that cost another 8%, $12 billion to buy from offshore banks with the irony that some of it was payoffs to American Congressmen, most Democrats. Then he would have to lie 45 times to the public, “…you can keep your doctor,” “…you can keep your plan,” in his promotion of ObamaCare. And, tell America why he sent three spies to the Trump campaign and believe me, there is much, much more you can read at:

    • Keep dreaming slick.hope springs eternal. In order to go to jail that’s got to be a crime since there hasn’t been no evidence apparently there’s no crime. You’re just another one suffering from Trump derangement syndrome but don’t worry there is a cure it takes in depth therapy and medication. So there’s still hope for you.

    • Are you even old enough to vote? Where were you while the illegal, Kenyan born, Indonesian squatter was in our WH? Real short memory? Bho certainly replaced Carter as worst! We will probably never know all the harm bho did to this country. He miss handled trillions of dollars.

      • Not dis to this country, is still doing to this country. Along with the pay to play Clintons. But trace the money and I’d bet it all leads to George Soros.

  17. I only hope he gets a good , reasonably and honest judge. As lt. Jack Friday would have said “ Just the facts man, just the facts”. I’d love to see Mule. er get what he deserves for the evil he has brought to this POTUS and this country. He should be made to pay back ALL the taxpayers money for his “witch-hunt” as well. John A.

  18. i’ve seen nothing in the last couple years that would induce me to believe ANYTHING Mueller says until such time as independent verification is possible.

  19. Mueller should be sued for he has gone well beyond the scope of his initial authorization. Further, he has been bias in his approach, leaving out any real investigation into the Clintons and the DNC plus Comey’s recent testimony is totally in contrary to Mueller’s independent “identity.” He has made a “farce” of our legal system !!

    • The Special Counsel statute does not put any bounds on the Counsel’s investigations.
      That law has to be changed. Since the get-go it has been abused.

    • He is getting sued for 350,000 from Corte. Ha ha ha…..all that money he took from us tax payers is going to leave his pathetic hands quickly for trying to force a man to lie about a sitting President!

  20. do you all believe all this bs everytime they come up with something they try to throw something back to disrupt everything in order to keep things going.
    Well i say lets see who has the guts simple winner take all, simple direct questions that cover the direct answer so nothing can miss taken and on a polygraph. And i say you don’t have the guts then hit the road and play your lies elsewhere but heres the question if either side has the guts to do it or do they just want to ply this game of wasting the money of this country

  21. It is past the time when Mueller gets called on his tactics and gets his head handed to him. Now we need to swing the guns on the reast of the gang of Clintonistas and put them all on jail!

    • yes this is what Im talking about but all this accusing came right after they got notified that an indictment could be being filed on jr. but what i see is mueller is the kinda person who doesn;t speak til he has something to say. like they tried to accuse him of sexual misconduct he’s answer tell them to contact the fbi to investigate sorry don’t buy it, but you all need to remember something as well how many times have you caught mueller in a lie?how many times has trump been caught in a lie? answer when has trump told the truth he has lied so much i don’t even think he knows the truth anymore

  22. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it de novo.

  23. Mueller’s entire Investigative findings against anyone in this probe should be thrown out and Mueller should have to pay back anything that he was paid for in this whole bag of lies that he has supposedly been investigating. There was nothing to investigate to begin with and America’s tax dollars have been flushed down the toilet for absolutely nothing except to appease Chuck Schumer, Nancy Palosy, and the rest of the Communist losers that haven’t been able to accept that their plan and attempt to BUY, AND RIG THE ELECTION DIDN’T WORK. Face it and admit what is, is. And say it OUT LOUD. SOROS and the rest of the COMMUNIST INFILTRATORS OF OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE BEEN OUT TO GET TRUMP SINCE HE THREW HIS HAT INTO THE RING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. What HilLary said about the basket of deplorables must be the way you people really look at the AMERICAN PEOPLE AS A WHOLE, “STUPID AND IGNORANT”. Well I pray to GOD THAT EVERYONE HAS WISED UP FOR AMERICA’S SAKE, AND WILL “RUN YOU CROOKS OUT OF HERE ON A RAIL”. You younger people won’t recognize that quote, because that was an old “Western Movie by- line meaning to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” BUT BE VOCAL TO YOUR GOVERNOR’S SENATOR’S AND WRITE WHOMEVER YOU NEED TO IN ORDER TO EXPRESS YOUR DISPLEASURE WITH THIS WHOLE ORDEAL AND DISRESPECT FOR OUR PRESIDENT THAT WE VOTED IN “FAIR AND SQUARE” NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY. WE DID NOT CHEAT AND TRY TO STUFF THE BALLOT BOXES LIKE THEY DO.

  24. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  25. Mueller is a gangster. His actions reveal that he’s the type who would work for Al Capone but the way Lie-beral DEMONocrats are taught today, they will deny that Al Capone ever existed- just like the people who deny the holocaust ever happened.!

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