Robert Mueller’s case against Trump just collapsed because of this one thing

Robert Mueller secured a guilty plea from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The anti-Trump media painted it as the silver bullet that would take down Donald Trump.

But instead, this one development caused Mueller’s case to collapse.

News broke that Robert Mueller removed FBI Agent Peter Strzok from his team in July because Strzok shared anti-Trump and pro-Clinton text messages during the campaign.

Strozk was the number two man at the FBI’s counterintelligence division and had helped to oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

But the scandal continued to grow as investigative journalist Sara Carter of Circa revealed Strozk was the FBI agent who interviewed Flynn when he made the false statements he pleaded guilty to.

She reported that source told her the veracity of his report of Flynn’s interview should be called into question:

“The former U.S. intelligence official told this reporter, “with the recent revelation that Strzok was removed from the Special Counsel investigation for making anti-Trump text messages it seems likely that the accuracy and veracity of Flynn’s interview as a whole should be reviewed and called into question.”

“The most logical thing to happen would be to call the other FBI Special Agent present during Flynn’s interview before the Grand Jury to recount his version,” the former intelligence official added.

The former official also said that “Strzok’s allegiance to (Deputy Director Andrew) McCabe was unwavering and very well known.”

Mueller’s investigation smelled fishy from the start.

It became apparent early on that there was no evidence of collusion so he branched out into investigating the lobbying work of Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

Now he moved on to the transition period where the Trump administration was exercising its legitimate authority to begin to formulate what their policies would be.

Flynn was questioned about his perfectly legal conversations with the Russian Ambassador when he was caught making false statements.

But even that is being called into question.

Critics have pounded Mueller and his team for being partisan hacks attempting to criminalize the fact that Donald Trump won the election.

The revelation that agents on Mueller’s team were rabid Trump haters – and that Mueller hid this fact from the American people – is casting the investigation in a new light.

It will only increase the calls from conservatives for Trump to fire Mueller and put a stop to this political lynch mob.

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