Robert Mueller’s case against Trump just collapsed because of this one thing

Robert Mueller secured a guilty plea from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The anti-Trump media painted it as the silver bullet that would take down Donald Trump.

But instead, this one development caused Mueller’s case to collapse.

News broke that Robert Mueller removed FBI Agent Peter Strzok from his team in July because Strzok shared anti-Trump and pro-Clinton text messages during the campaign.

Strozk was the number two man at the FBI’s counterintelligence division and had helped to oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

But the scandal continued to grow as investigative journalist Sara Carter of Circa revealed Strozk was the FBI agent who interviewed Flynn when he made the false statements he pleaded guilty to.

She reported that source told her the veracity of his report of Flynn’s interview should be called into question:

“The former U.S. intelligence official told this reporter, “with the recent revelation that Strzok was removed from the Special Counsel investigation for making anti-Trump text messages it seems likely that the accuracy and veracity of Flynn’s interview as a whole should be reviewed and called into question.”

“The most logical thing to happen would be to call the other FBI Special Agent present during Flynn’s interview before the Grand Jury to recount his version,” the former intelligence official added.

The former official also said that “Strzok’s allegiance to (Deputy Director Andrew) McCabe was unwavering and very well known.”

Mueller’s investigation smelled fishy from the start.

It became apparent early on that there was no evidence of collusion so he branched out into investigating the lobbying work of Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

Now he moved on to the transition period where the Trump administration was exercising its legitimate authority to begin to formulate what their policies would be.

Flynn was questioned about his perfectly legal conversations with the Russian Ambassador when he was caught making false statements.

But even that is being called into question.

Critics have pounded Mueller and his team for being partisan hacks attempting to criminalize the fact that Donald Trump won the election.

The revelation that agents on Mueller’s team were rabid Trump haters – and that Mueller hid this fact from the American people – is casting the investigation in a new light.

It will only increase the calls from conservatives for Trump to fire Mueller and put a stop to this political lynch mob.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Why is it okay for Mueller to try to ruin our President and overthrow the
    government? The MSM said President Trump cannot fire Mueller because that would
    impeach him. Is that true, or just wishful thinking? Somehow, the Dims seem to
    think that miraculously, Hillary can still be “installed” as POTUS? LOL Mueller
    needs to go away, like into prison. Where is the memo? Will POTUS read it tonight,
    kind of like Hilly reading from “Fire and Fury”? Poetic Justice to the max!

    • Not sure that is a good idea,from Mr. Trump’s perspective. It would be better for someone else to do it within the Department of Justice with no connection to Mr. Trump and with very very good reasons being made public to justify the firing.

      It would not be good for Mr. Trump to do it, because of the controversy that would erupt from which the President may not recover. It would only fuel the idea that he had something to hide and no effort would be spared to have him personally investigated, even if nothing was found, that would leave him tainted in the eyes of many people including his most ardent supporters of which we both are.

  2. Mueller, Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton, Lynch, Holder, came from the muck at the bottom of the swamp, bottom feeders.

    Obama, he was the eel that pulled the others out.

  3. Thank the good Lord we have a President that has a good heart and back bone and wants America to be great again so Mr. President use your strong heart and mind and get rid of all the virus that is in Washington and get some strong bright people u can trust GO DONALD

    • Amen to your every word. I am so glad that we have a President who is a forceful and righteous leader who knows what is necessary to erase the stain of a failed presidency under Obama.

      I know of no President in the history of this country who has wrought such harm to a country he was sworn to represent and uphold the Constitution as did Obama. All he ever did was to play politics and carry out his own agenda and to hell with the American People.

      My hope and prayer is that Trump stays the course and goes for a second term and then hopefully, we will see more of that Swamp drained, including a lot of so-called Republicans who have also colluded with the Democrats to obstruct an agenda that is only aimed at making this country great again!

  4. Hopefully, the SWAMP CREATURES will be ” captured” and removed from the swamp and taken to a “refuse” that has bars surrounding each and every one.
    No need to spell out the creatures here…we all know who they are. I hope Hannity is correct..tick..tock..tick..tock.
    This perversion of justice is overwhelming and the sad part is, most Americans don’t
    even know or care what is going on.
    Somehow,someway, someone with the power to stop Mueller and his band of ( NOT) merry men, has to be indicted and convicted of all the crimes they have committed.

  5. Mueller is a Co-Conspirator of the Treasonous obama Criminal Organization has no business leading any investigation should be tried for Treason for involvement in Uranium One and Fined for all the Millions he threw away on this Witch Hunt !!!!!

    • I certainly hope that people are paying attention to what’s happening everyday, especially with this Mueller BS. I don’t know if it’s feasible but President Trump should call Mueller to his Office and tell him like Trump could this is over, your over. Don’t let the door hit you in the bum on the way out. Have the US Marshall’s Officers waiting on him. Wonder where all the money for the investigation went?

  6. Like I said,Mr. President hurry up and fire that Old Wizard Clown,also nominating a Special Counselor to investigate the phone tap of yours. It’s the Federal crime.

  7. There are several agents in the DOJ that should be fired. Start with Sessions, our spineless, do nothing AG. Then Rosenstein, Mueller, Wiseman, Strozyk, Zane McCabe. I am sure there are others that needs the axe. That would go a long wAy to cleaning out the swamp. We need a truly non corrupt FBI that doesn’t believe in a two-tier justice system. We will never have that with the above named agents are with the DOJ.

  8. This nation has officially become a Third World Banana Republic. The FBI is being used to persecute the campaign of the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election, usurping his 4th and 5th Amendment rights to be secure against improper searches ans seizures and prosecution. A Special Counsel, by law, can only be appointed when there is a specific charge of a violation of a lawful statute. What was that violation? The charge of “Collusion” is nowhere to be found in the US Legal Code, therefore, there was never a legal basis for Mueller’s appointment. The crimes discovered, after months of “investigation”, have been minor: two for lying to the corrupt FBI and two for crimes committed unrelated to the Trump campaign. More REAL crimes have been uncovered in the Clinton campaign and in the Obama Justice Department than anywhere else. Mueller should resign or be fired from his position as Special Counsel.

  9. And the clintons are still spending the cash that they got from the uranium one deal with the help of mueller’s trip to Russia with the samples and the HalfBreed’s blessing. What a country….

  10. You people are CRAZY as hell, you know that!! Y’all are downright scary with these FOOLISH CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!! These people you seem to worship have nothing in common with you and could give a damn about you or this country!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, POWER, RACISM, FACISM AS WELL AS ANY OTHER ISMS THAT CAN BE THOUGHT OF!!!

    • Jeff Sessions please get off his ass and put an end to this madness. Then investigate Uranium One and investigate them all including Bob Mueller and put his ass in jail…. and make him suffer like he did to Gen Flynn. Then investigate the email scandal and put crooked Hillary in jail. LOCK EM ALL UP!! McCabe, Mueller, Clinton, Rosenstein, waserman Schulz, Podesta, Rice, Holder, Lynch, and of course JIM COMEY who is right up there with Hillary!!

      • General Flynn’s guilty plea should be nullified on the grounds that he was coerced.
        America: Love It or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • He wasn’t even given the option of having an attorney present!!! That’s a violation of Miranda rights. The “interview” was supposed to be about FBI security options that was going on all the week. He didn’t even have a chance at pleading the fifth, in front of a judge!! This was so wrong right from the beginning.

    • Mueller should have been fired from the beginning as he showed favor to Cllintons advocates. The American citizens are paying with their hard earned money for his salary. The government is forgetting that we the American tax payers are the bosses. We need to remind them who holds the purse strings and be adamant about it.

      • I totally agree with you Monica . It is time for Trump to fire Mueller . He isn’t doing an investigation , He is just doing his best to make it look like Trump is bad when Trump is actually trying to help ALL True Americans .

    • All this stuff is B.S. There was no collusion, there was no cheating done by Trump campaign. So far the things that ha come forth all land in Hillary’s lap


  12. I don’t think he ever had a case. He was hired by the democrats to get trump impeached and he’s bound to keep trying, come hell or high water. Congress needs to step in and cancel the whole thing. He’s making mega bucks from this and not only from the taxpayers, it’s time to cut him off.

  13. We need to stop spending our money on special a council that get nowhere. 57,000,000 and counting. Come on americans. Do something.

    • unfortunate for the people of our country…….the corruption from ALL angles continues because the BAD guys make LOTS of $$$ in the broken process. Continue draining the swamp, and we will hopefully end up with solid ground to build on. GOD bless america

      • What asshole oked that money is Sessions on the take too.Tell Sessions to get his head out of CLintons ass. Trump should fire Sessions Now and the top Fbi jerkoffs too. The Communist party has taken over the Federal Bureau of Ignorance. What a Disgrace. We have enough jail cells for all of them

    • I want this witchhunt stopped now it’s wasting our money President Trump is our president and that’s not going to change and it’s time for those people in Washington who hate trump to wake up and except the fact

  14. Soros,Obama,Clinton,Mueller,etc.., etc… ,Is it not apparently evident now as to what is going on here in summation regarding all of these characters and their roles in their efforts ,money and time to overthrow the President and discredit him out of mere hatred of the man solely ?? Isn’t this altogether in itself collusion on their part and at the same time proof of Treason and Treachery beyond a reasonable doubt ?? America knows who is really guilty now I believe of producing this obvious charade to steal the Presidency from the one man who Honestly played this game by all the rules while crooked Hillary has been playing Dirty Pool all along since she started over 40 years ago . Is this all not apparent NOW ??? Since day one Hillary has proven she is a Master Criminal who by all means is Guilty as HELL of NEVER playing Honestly EVER since she started rearing her ugly head in the political arena way back when with Watergate. SHE HAS NEVER PLAYED FAIRLY EVER IN HER ENTIRE LIFE AND IS A TRUE DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL INDEED. SOROS,OBAMA,CLINTON,MUELLER NEED TO GO DOWN, ALL OF THEM TOGETHER IN THIS REGARD FOR HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES !!!

    • I’m waiting to see if anything happens – so much corruption going on – in front of my eyes – and and nothing has happened to the people involved – th Uranium deal for one example – and a year spent on trying to find something on our President- a witch hunt happening – wasting taxpayers money – and nothing on the real culprits

      • You’re right Pam. These Criminals are protected by the Elites and their selfish interests and it may turn out that nothing happens at all but the same old rhetoric like a broken record that plays to Infinity. It’s SAD if it does truly !

    • It will get ugly if President Trump closes Mueller’s investigation and it will be even uglier if he doesn’t……we could have a real Constitutional crisis and a real train wreck in our future.

      • I agree George, this could all get Very Ugly but, we cannot hold back Inevitability. Fate must run its course sooner or later so this Great Country can move on and build a New Future out of these ashes of Truth that has not been found out yet by the sleeping American people that still support Hillary’s reckless course to Oblivion and Communism.

    • As most of us know this was a biased investigation from the start. The only plan this special council had in mind was to whip Trump out of the White House and it shows they failed miserably . Primary reason for the failure, there was no collusion or Russian interference. After wasting 7 million dollars on this charade all those committee members should be taking to court for obstructing the elected president from doing the job he was elected for and failure to expose the Clinton/Obama/Soros for the crooks they are. They need to be hauled in court along with Mueller and his biased henchmen and be sentenced for trying to overthrow the government of the USA . Come on Trump get on your AG and tell him to get to work and put all these crooks in jail , if nothing else, for wasting 7 million of the taxpayers money to sell us a bunch of lies.

      • I read somewhere that Trump was forming his own special investigation team. If true I bet you that they’ll come up with the truth.

      • This is even worse then noted. Obama has put together an army of 30,000 followers to over throw our government. He should be arrested and charged with treason before it’s to late

  15. The Washington establishment, the Federal Bureaucracy and both political parties, especially the Demo_rats are so crooked and corrupt there is no justice for “We the people…”. If Mueller was fair and honest, he would clean his on house and conclude this investigation as BS.

    • I know that this is a total sham investigation on our President.Why isn’t Hillary Clinton having a investigation.President Trump stay strong and thank you for making Jerusalem capital of Israel.

  16. Mueller must be fired and charged with breaking the law, failing to use Common Sense and refusing to believe those who had told the truth but were discarded to preserve Mueller’s version of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Mueller is a brainwashed Useful Idiot of the Communist Party and its gang of Freemasons including George Soros.

  17. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  18. We should appoint a special prosecutor to look into Mueller I think he is hiding a lot of bad stuff about uranium one deal and other collusion from Hillery’s camp. It is like having the fox investigate the missing chickens.

    • Hiding stuff ? ? ? He was instrumental in physically making the deal !He knows who the real players were as he was complicit. This whole fiasco needs to be halted as it’s not only a witch hunt, but I feel it’s a evidence gathering and destruction tool used for the destruction of crucial evidence on the true criminal deep state operatives.

  19. Wow, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, and the list goes on and on. These guys should have never been vetted for the FBI. DOJ Lynch, Holder, should be behind bars. And there are those in the media who wonder why Trump questions what this boobs are doing! The American people want justice not liberal lies and distortions!

  20. I contacted both of my Senators and told them to end this waste of tax payers money because it is so conflicted. I will hold them accountable during the next election if they fail to react to this investigation or as AG Lynch would say THIS MATTER.

  21. Mueller is a disgusting piece of shit! These old hacks need to be replaced with good decent honest men like Trump&Pence!!!🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  22. Abosolutely correct, Muller’s investigation team is a SHAM, will be canxled soon as extremely Partisen and illegal, where is ATG Sessions to appoint new invesyigation team on Muller, do it now, Sessions to unrecuse himself and get to work for the Ammerican people, we are WAITING!!!!!!!

    • Sessions is a part of it all, is as bad as all of the career DC politicians, being one of them — and in need of extirpation. EVERY career politician needs to be rooted out and eradicated from their offices, replaced with honest people ONLY. THAT is what will MAGA.

  23. The more they “investigate” the more leftist corruption they uncover. To date all the investigation has proven is that Trump is honest and liberals are not. At this rate it would be better to let Mueller and his croney’s continue to dig their own graves. This reminds me of Haman in the Bible story of Ester. Let them all hang on their own gallows

  24. NOne of this was supposed to happen. Hillary was a shoe in, or so they thought, so they figured they could do whatever they wanted and it would all be swept under the rug. Now the same people who created this mess are in charge of cleaning it up. How do we ever expect to get the truth or justice in that scenario.
    Fire Mueller, screw the press and Dems who will cream foul. You have the legal right to do it… I promise they can’t hate you any more than they already do.

  25. Big waste of time and money. We should be more invested in watching other countries and what they want to happen to us. Wake up people! These investigations are going no where. Use of taxpayers money is going to waste. These people are in it for power, money, and the Dem. party. Trump is in it for us, the American Prople! Get rid of these jerks and let’s get on with life! They should have never been let to get this far. Almost 12 months now it’s rediculous. This country is a business so let the businessman do his thing and get on board you asshiles!

  26. I have always agreed with that this is the biggest waste of taxpayer money I have seen all the way back to Ken Starr. After all this time and money I think he and his team should be forced to pay back the taxpayer.

    • Big difference with Starr is that the media constantly attack him, his character, everything. Now, they are banking everything they have on Mueller being successful. The media is so biased. They no longer represent the 4th arm of government, so their “special” rights should be revoked.

    • I read somewhere that so far Mueller has racked up nearly 12M of taxpayer money. I think Mueller will continue as long as he can because he knows if Trump assigns a special investigation team to look into the sale of uranium to Russia, he could be in trouble since he was involved.

    • At this point , I don’t care if they find something on Trump . It won’t come close to what the Clintons , Obamas and George Soros has done . Any candidate speaks to other leaders of other countries . So what !!! Shut this mess down and save our money . We may need it for our military or to finish the wall !!!

      • Judicial watch is hot on George Soros trail. Congress is after, Coney, and company for conflict of interest and violating the law. Then with new people in place, Clinton’s and uranium. Trump is just letting them run out of steam. Then firing will come and Trumps rebuke. In that process Trump is just adding new Congress people to support him. I would like to know who pushed the button that we now have a rush of confessions for sexual harassment. Some one instigated then to come flying out of wood work. I love to watch Trump play chess or the art of making a deal)))

  27. We have a Government Shutdown Looming and this BULLSHIT WASTE Of Money keeps on going. What is it now? 6.7 Million Tax Dollars wasted on this FCKNG Witch Hunt. They have No evidence of ANY WRONG Doing by President Trump. Shut down this bogus Bullshit investigation.

  28. At this point I would rather see Comey – Mueller and Freeh in prison instead of Hillary – They will last longer and there are a bunch of guys who can’t wait to see them. Maybe put Hillary on work-release and give her a bucket and stick with a nail at the end and let her pick up trash along the highway. Then at night she will be free to write more books blaming everyone for her current status.

  29. If he has to Muller will lie and make up stories and “facts” in order to have Pres.Trump impeached and removed from the W.H. That is how much he and the liberals and some of the establishment GOP’s hate Trump for not playing their game their way, but playing their game his way.

    • I agree with this comment. Mueller worked on the Clinton foundation. It is time for MULLER to close up shop and leave the TRUMP administration alone to do the LORDS assignment that he tasked PRESIDENT TRUMP to do. There is a hereafter and you should be concerned about where your soul is casted (HEAVEN OR HELL)

  30. Until the US Congress in both chambers grow a backbone and begin an all-out investigation into the “Mueller affair”, we will continue to see millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a “dead-end” investigation that goes on and on! Could it be that certain members of the House and Senate are keeping quiet for fear of raising future questions about their own involvement(s) in the so-called coup to oust Trump and his Administration? Never doubt any covert operations by the “Deep State” , led by none other than Obama and HilLIARy under the directions from George Soros!

  31. All I can say is fire Mueller this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous and wasting taxpayers money. Mr. President Donald Trump you have stood up against the Press you have stood up against the Democrats now stand up and fire this Witch Hunt Democrat mueller and don’t let him waste no more money. Do not stub your toe it might be grounds for impeachment that’s how stupid this is. There is absolutely no cure for stupid.

    • It’s been said of President Donald Trump that he keeps his friends close but his enemies even closer. I also have agree with individual here who said he’s playing the game of chess while they play checkers. He’s already done much good for the country despite the onslaught from all the creepy swamp creatures of the DSSG (Deep State Shadow Government). He is skilled at using the negative energy they exert against him towards themselves as would a black belt Tai Chi
      martial artist would to defeat his opponent.

      • I think he has done a lot more in one year than the past 3 presidents did in 8 years !!And that is with the dems trying to shut him down at every move . He isn’t perfect but at least he loves this country !!!!MAGA

  32. I want to see a bigger effort to bring down any and all who are hindering president Trump’s effort in running the country. That “Investigation” should have been ended before it started.

  33. Sessions recluse was because of his involvement and saving his arse. And a certain amount of selfish honesty. He needs to go for conflict of interest or special prosecutor assigned. To investigate the CIA and FBI. Of course uranium and Clinton’s will need to be done, again. Why we investigating post election or transition era? Witch hunt for sure!!!

  34. Lynch, you have cost the taxpayer $7,000,000.00 because you are a puppet to tbe failed democrats. You let people down, people who said you were impartial. Robert Mueller, turn over everything you have and get the hell out of town.

  35. Strozk should be prosecuted for tampering the evidence needed to be represented at the highest level. We may never know if there were other evidence that have been deleted forever. How much damage did he cause the investigation to falter away?

    Was he involved in Clinton case long before Mueller was selected to be Special Counsel appointee? We need to root out the biased agents. The Congress must act now!

  36. President Trump needs to protect himself and America. Corruption at the Federal Level of Government is totally unacceptable. No Federal or State Government can be corrupt, defeat the purpose of serving the calling of Our Nation.

  37. The Lies, deception and ANTI America of certain “Government” personnel is disgusting as well as frightening — Mr Trump thankfully is draining the SWAMP the liberals have created – I suggest they all be sent to Haiti to “Save” them not US The sooner the better

  38. I think Mueller’s witch hunt should be stopped. No evidence of collusion, but plenty of conflict of interest within his team!

  39. I thought from the start that it was a witch hunt. I want to see the FBI investigated by the justice Dept and action taken, people jailed!

  40. Of COURSE Trump should fire Mueller… that’s already a given! What I want to see is some action! Why hasn’t he already been booted out, I wonder?

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