Robert Mueller’s star witness is about to do something terrible to Donald Trump

Robert Mueller may be wrapping up his investigation.

But that doesn’t mean the fallout from his rigged witch hunt is over.

And now one of his star witnesses is about to do something terrible to Donald Trump.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pled guilty to lying to Congress.

He will report to prison in two months.

But first, he will testify in an open hearing Tuesday in front of the House Oversight Committee.

Cohen will feed the Democrats all the juicy gossip they want.

Cohen will claim Trump hurled racial slurs, lied about his wealth, and committed crimes related to paying off Stormy Daniels.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, will for the first time publicly accuse the president of criminal conduct while in office related to a hush-money payment to a porn star, a person familiar with his planned testimony before Congress said.

Appearing on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, Mr. Cohen also will make public some of Mr. Trump’s private financial statements and allege that Mr. Trump at times inflated or deflated his net worth for business and personal purposes, including avoiding paying property taxes, the person said. The financial statements were developed by Mr. Trump’s accountant, the person said. The Wall Street Journal hasn’t seen those statements.

Mr. Cohen’s testimony is expected to focus on his “behind-the-scenes” accounts of working for Mr. Trump for over a decade, a period during which Mr. Cohen will say he witnessed “lies, racism and cheating” by Mr. Trump, the person said.

Cohen is an admitted liar and rat.

He’s a turncoat with no credibility.

So, naturally, the fake news media will treat him like he’s Jiminy Cricket acting as America’s conscience.

The whole spectacle will be a farce that no fair-minded American should take seriously.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Cohen has been promised a movie and a book. The juicer the story the more the chance of that happening. We all k ow what the currupt FBI agents have done to him, and he fell right into their pathetic hands like a baby. The deep state must go, and they are showing who they are. And we the people must stand up against them and make them leave our President alone! They basically are saying they are in charge and they pick the President in this country, not us!

  2. Cohen told the truth.

    No wonder Rump’s XXXL tie is tightening around his neck.

    So sad that the Pubbies had nothing to offer but attempted character assassinations against Cohen.

    Cohen is T Rump’s John Dean.

  3. Okay folks, here is the 2019 version of MR.SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, newly entitled, Mr.Cohen goes to Washington. This time it is to lie to save his own butt, not correct the goings on. mark my words when this fiasco is over some hollywood producer will make this into a movie.

    OF FUN WITH michael cohen

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  5. Money talks and bull shit walk’s and I believe with all that is right Cohen’s hands where slammed with money promise. To stand before a judge, Congress, etc to tell the lies that these Democrats want to hear!!! Mueller may you go straight to hell for all that you have done to the American people all the lives you have done to us. Just to cover your own ass!!! All you crooked, lying stealing, murderous Democrats all of you burn in the ever lasting hell…

  6. If I was Cohen, would I lie or insinuate what the prosecution wants to hear to reduce my sentence? Would the MSM try to sell it to the public as if it is the worst case scenario for our President? Would the MSM try to convict President Trump in the court of popular opinion even if its not true? Covington Catholic High School comes to mind. The NYT and WaPo do not follow the rules the same as a small town newspaper does. They can print lies and afford to weather the storm. Next thing you hear from them is that it looks “highly likely” President Trump will be impeached for this. That’s called a cop out in reporting and that’s what the media uses today. We’re in America, we don’t penalize!

    • Why arn’t you Democrat’s concerned that people st the FBI actually tried to “rig” a presidential election, why does that not concern you?

    • Would he lie ? Hell yeh his lips haven’t stopped moving with the lies and him admitting his a lier on public TV and the biggest jackoff that is chairing this crap is the one in charge that has been coaching this travesty of justice to testify and not even batting a cross eye at him while he ( the supposed chair hole ) is drooling on live TV.

  7. I am not watching the Cohen hearing because he trying to save his life by betraying his client President Donald Trump. Why believe his lies.

  8. And I thought this was All about collusion with the Russians.

    Let this be a lesson to all of us…under NO circumstances should WE EVER allow a Constitutional Convention to be called. This is a perfect example of the way these things work. Even if I believed (and I don’t for a minute) that there was something to the charge of collusion, Special Investigations like Constitutional Conventions morph into totally different animals. Given “enough time” a single cell animal can become a man at least in our government.

    • It’s all about wasteful spending by the dominoholecratics spending good money on their quagmire of shit that they are putting out . Everyone of the democraps are baby killers yes BABY KILLERS

  9. Wait a minute! If we are not supposed to believe a Liar when he speaks ( as everyone has said here) , then how can we POSSIBLY give any credence to Trump , who started off lying in the Campaign about his Base ( phony statistics that he paid for) , Lied about his wealth, lied about his provding his Tax reports, Lied about his opponents , lied about the size of his inaugural parade, lied about his dealings with Russia, lied about the “National Emergency” on the Wall ( remember “I didn’t have to say that , but I did to make things go faster” ) etc. The World knows Trump’s word can’t be trusted as far as he can be thrown by Kim Jung Un.

  10. Same old song and dance before Congress democraps will believe him and Republican will make him the lair he is while our tax dollars go down the drain so much to do in this country and we have this

  11. Law professor, Alan Derhkowitz, warned us that a criminal will sing and compose for a get-out-of-jail-free card and that is exactly what is happening here. To the world’s famous composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Giuseppe Verdi, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,Antonio Vivaldi, and

  12. Too bad it snot like La Cosa Nostra. Rats will be clipped. That is the trouble with politicians they take an OATH, but never follow it. If their life depended on it most would maintain the oath the rest would be clipped. In the end it is better to clean house of all rats

  13. Once a liar always a liar. He’s lying so he doesn’t go to jail. Mueller is a disgrace to law and order. It is a witch hunt. Democrat party is a joke. All should be arrested for treason. All that money wasted for lies. Hillary and Obama started this mess. They should be hung in front of white house to show people who go against America and the constitution this is what happens to traitors. But it won’t happen because America has been dumb down so much .

  14. What does it really matter because the Democrats are so dirty and have gotten away with awful things I doubt Trump could have done things as bad as they have. If nothing was done about the Obamas, Clintons, Mueller, Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez, Ilhan, Rashida Tlaib,Deep State,Soros and the list goes on and on.
    Get ready to back our President with all we have. These people are pure evil and will stop at nothing just because we have someone who stands with the American people.
    Power and money are all they know and all they want. They all have a special place in H !!!

  15. I hope he is stupid enough to release any of Trump’s private financial statements. He will commit the cardinal sin. Now that he is an x-lawyer his family will be screwed (Can’t wait for him to end up in prison). He is only trying to protect his butt and not thinking about what he is going to do to his own family. One big jerk!!! He will come up with some other line of crap along the way to try and get his sorry butt out of prison before he kicks the can. Maybe he will maybe he won’t but he will most likely die in prison. Sooner rather than later.

    • In the words of former Harvard law professor, Alan Derhkowitz, Mueller can get someone to sing or compose for a get-out-of-jail-free card and that is exactly what is happening here. Cohen is as trustworthy as a snake and a pathological liar who looks pathetic. Any attorney who breaches attorney/client privilege, something that is sacrosanct among lawyers is as unethical as you can find and deserves to be disbarred as well as incarcerated. When things were good, he used his connection to Donald Trump and President Trump to further his dismal career and now will do whatever it takes to set himself free.

  16. Why would anyone be stupid enough to believe what this liar said to get a lighter sentence? Mueller should be the one going to jail for his fake “investigation” designed to damage our President’s reputation. Mueller should be in jail beside his lying witness.

    • I wouldn’t believe Cohen. He can testify all he wants, however, where is the solid evidence that Trump organization colluded with Russia…. there isn’t any and that is what the investigation was all about… the collusion was the DNC, Obama, Hillary…. why aren’t they being prosecuted? Cohen’s actions was his own doing and had nothing to do with Trump organization….

    • Really he is a self admitted liar and is going to prison for that. Only a Dem would put any stock in anything he has to say. He will be debunked so quickly that it will not be funny and then Dems will have given it their best shot and still come up lacking,

  17. Why does this worthless bastard get two months to report to prison? If this was an ordinary person right off the street, they’d be slammed down so fast they wouldn’t have time for their heads to spin, much less two months. I’ve not been unaware through the years that these fat cats always get a slow turn in time and cushy federal joints. It makes me wonder whether they’ve got the judge on the pad or it’s just co-incidence.

      • IMO, Cohen will not serve a long prison term, since he is in the pockets of the Democrats. After he memics the words leading Democrats want to hear, he will be given a release through some appeal process/new trial. His appearance before this liberal, crooked congressional committee is just politics as usual. Of course, what he says will be blown up to be evils of President Trump’s past. Any first year law student could trip him up, because of his past LIES, CONVICTION, and pending punishment. He is a proven loser, who is betting his future on fully attacking President Trump. This will be a WINNER TAKE ALL SITUATION.

  18. Listening to the mainstream media talk about the 24 month long MUELLER INVESTIGATION OF DJTRUMP AND RUSSIA COLLUSION…this investigation has taken 24 months, 20 extra legal judiciary helpers, cooperation of hundreds of voluntary witnesses, thousands of hours of testimony, a million pages of documentation, firing of FBI LEADERS, CONGRESSIONAL MAJORITY AND MINORITY HEARINGS, SUBPEONAS, AND. PRESIDENTIAL DENIALS, several million emails for coordination of the prosecutors, a hundred legal hearings, dozens of seizures of private property by criminal investigators OF PRIVATE CITIZENS, a million speculations of legal punishment, thousands of news stories WORLD WIDE, and CONGRESSIONAL POLITICIANS CLAIMS THAT THE TRUTH MAY VERY WELL BRING DOWN A USA PRESIDENT AND POSSIBLY IMPEACH AND PROBABLY IMPRISON THAT PRESIDENT FOR HIS ACTION WITH A COMMUNIST NATION AND LEADERS!!!

    All that poppycock has fallen to a limp claim now that not ALL of the MUELLER REPORT may even be opened to public or mainstream media observation. SO ACTUAL TRANSPARENCY OF HOW OUR TAX DOLLARS WERE SPENT BY THIS MUELLER INVESTIGATION MAY NEVER REALLY BE KNOWN!

    Again the politics as usual of spending and stagnating legislation is the politics of the nation and attacking a sitting president is just part of the political policy that is prostituting our government.




    • This bunch has been at it for two years. What a mockery of justice! If I were to put blame were blame belongs I would have put it right in the lapse of the do nothing Republican Party! I whole heartedly Believe if they were on the up and up and truthful like they pretend to be this COLUTION crap with the Russians would of been over before in started! This whole thing is a farce! I would like to put all the the blame on them but i can’t because I have to share the blame for being so gullible, so trusting, and so reliant on them for being righteous and always truthful! The truthful party! I believe their in cahoots with the democrats! I feel like a fool, been played like a fool! I don’t have a political party anymore or a country anymore! I’ve been duooped I’m hurt!

    • I agree whole heartedly. This has to go down as the most expensive waste of tax player’s dollars, also the most bizarre B.S. in history!

  19. Who would believe anything this lying piece of Yak crap says??? His sole job now is to save his lying candy ass no matter what he has to do or say…….

  20. Hmmm… Someone that was indicted, sentenced and will soon be going to jail for lying to Congress is now suddenly considered to be a reliable testifier by that same Congress? If the “committee” that subpoenaed him believes they have any credibility at all they would be the only ones…

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