Robert Mueller’s worst nightmare just came true with one terrible announcement

Robert Mueller’s rigged with hunt against President Trump was safe as long as Deep State ally Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was running the show.

Rosenstein unleashed Mueller like a guided missile at the President.

But Mueller’s worst nightmare just came true with this terrible announcement.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker is a certified Mueller skeptic.

He blasted Mueller on several occasions when he was a cable news legal analyst.

Democrats and Mueller supporters hoped to use his comments as a weapon against him.

They demanded Whitaker recuse himself so Rosenstein could continue “supervising” Mueller.

Whitaker submitted to an ethics review of the situation and the results stunned everyone.

The DOJ career professionals said Whitaker had no ethics conflicts and he was cleared to oversee Mueller.

NBC News reports:

The Justice Department has concluded that Matt Whitaker, appointed by President Donald Trump as the acting attorney general, had no reason to recuse and is overseeing Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, according to a person familiar with the decision on Thursday.

Formal notice of his role was expected to come in a letter to congressional Democrats who had said his critical comments about the Mueller investigation, made when he was a conservative commentator, require him to recuse — that is, to take himself out of any supervision of the case.

This decision gives hope that the Mueller probe is winding down.

In addition to Whitaker, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General William Barr authored a memo claiming Mueller had no business pursuing an obstruction of justice investigation against the President.

There is now a real chance that with new leadership at the DOJ, Mueller can be reined in or shut down.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.