Rogue Court Blocks Trump’s Executive Order

Just hours after President Trump signed his Executive Order freezing travel until extreme vetting is implemented, Leftists mobilized to protest at airports and in the streets.

But now, they’ve taken to the Courts to stop President Trump’s plans to help ensure we know who is coming in our country.

A rogue federal appeals court blocked President Trump’s plans to reinstate the ban.

That set off President Trump, who vowed to fight back.

The national has media tried to color the Executive Order as a “Muslim ban,” even though it has zero effect on travel from the top six countries with the highest population of Muslims.

In fact, the ban only affects people travelling from seven specifically named countries identified by the Obama administration as major sources of terrorism.

Earlier this week, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, made a name for himself by fighting Trump’s Executive Order.

Ferguson and Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee seem to be willing to fight tooth-and-nail to keep America’s doors wide open for anyone who wants to come in.

In a quote in the Washington Post, Gov. Inslee stated, “This is what resistance looks like.”

Ever since Trump’s election, liberals and so-called “progressives” have taken to the “Resistance” mantra.

Their goal is to block everything Trump does — even if it’s a matter of national security.

Where do we go from here?

The Executive Order was set to expire in 90 days, so it’s possible it may run out before the U.S. Supreme Court could take it up.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration will be scrambling to find another way to live up to his campaign promises to secure our borders.

But the anti-Trump media and Leftists will try to block Trump’s attempts to implement extreme vetting, despite the risks an open door policy poses to American security.