Ron DeSantis destroyed the Fake News Media with one coronavirus truth bomb

The Fake News Media wants to keep the economy shut down through the election.

So-called “reporters” have been smearing Republican Governors re-opening their states for business.

And now Ron DeSantis destroyed the Fake News Media with one coronavirus truth bomb.

Democrats and fake news reporters predicted the coronavirus would bring about the apocalypse unless every state entered into indefinite lockdowns that closed off economic activity.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis instead judged the facts on the ground and protected nursing homes while not closing the beaches during spring break.

Fake news reporters and so-called public health “experts” screamed that Florida would become the next New York or Italy.

As cities like Jacksonville re-opened their beaches on April 20 the cries grew even louder.

Eight weeks later Florida stands as a model on how to manage the outbreak with just 2,096 deaths while New York’s death count soared to over 28,000.

During a tour with the Vice President, Governor DeSantis ripped the Fake News Media to shreds for their partisanship and failed predictions.

The Fake News Media holds New York Governor Andrew Cuomo up as the model chief executive during this outbreak despite the facts making it clear Cuomo presided over the biggest mismanagement failure in America.

Cuomo’s executive order mandating nursing homes take in coronavirus patients led to thousands of needless deaths.

By comparison, DeSantis ordered coronavirus patients be kept out of nursing homes.

Cuomo received favorable coverage because he supports lockdowns and is a Democrat while the Fake News Media savaged DeSantis because he is the Republican Governor of one of the most pivotal swing states in the country.

But the facts are finally coming to light and DeSantis’ viral verbal tirade against the Fake News Media was one of the break through moments in this story.

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