Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on the Supreme Court leak with one scary warning

The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion reversing Roe v. Wade had all hell breaking loose in the Democrat Party.

Enraged leftists crossed a major line.

And Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on the Supreme Court leak with one scary warning.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal reacted to the leak by warning on social media that Democrats would “fight like hell” to defend abortion-on-demand.

Jayapal’s tweet came hours after an angry and profane woke mob mobilized around the Supreme Court to terrorize the Justices.

Democrats impeached Donald Trump, falsely claiming that by imploring his supporters to fight to challenge the results of the election, he incited the events of January 6.

Now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned Americans that Democrats are trying to stage the real deal in the wake of the leak.

Governor DeSantis appeared at a press conference where he expressed his belief that the leak was an intentional act designed to whip up another Black Lives Matter or Antifa-style mob to stall the Supreme Court Justices and force one of the conservatives to flip their vote.

“I think it was an intentional thing to try to whip up a lot of the public to try and make it very political, potentially try to bully them into changing one of their positions,” Governor DeSantis stated. “And that is not something that’s appropriate for the judicial branch.”

Governor DeSantis declared this a “judicial insurrection” and an attack on the courts as an independent branch of government.

“You want to talk about an insurrection? That’s a judicial insurrection,” Governor DeSantis stated.

Governor DeSantis did warn Americans that this type of scheme succeeded in the past.

“Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes?” Governor DeSantis added.

Governor DeSantis was referring to reports back in 2012 claiming that Chief Justice John Roberts switched his vote to strike down Obamacare after Barack Obama and other Democrats pressured him in public.

And Governor DeSantis stated that the leaker hoped for a replay of that scenario.

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