Ron DeSantis gave Democrats a devastating reality check that left them fuming

Ron DeSantis doesn’t pull any punches when he takes on the radical Left.

His sparring with them has made him a conservative icon.

Now Ron DeSantis gave Democrats a devastating reality check that left them fuming.

Florida has thrived under the successful leadership of Ron DeSantis.

While Blue states around the country had their economies ruined from pandemic lockdowns, Florida prospered while staying open.

Thanks to DeSantis’ conservative leadership, Florida has turned into a national leader in economic growth during the Biden regime.

But all of that is threatened by Joe Biden’s incompetence and socialist policies.

With the latest GDP report showing negative growth for the first quarter, the country is on the brink of a Biden recession.

DeSantis said that Florida was prepared to weather the storm from the Biden economic disaster.

“I think it’s very likely that Biden is going to plunge this country into a recession,” DeSantis remarked.

He said, “there’s a lot of concern about the overall economy.”

“Florida’s been doing well, and we’re happy about that, but when you have the inflation headwinds, when you have the Fed raising interest rates, when you have some of the other things happening in the markets, there is a possibility of a downturn,” he continued.

“And unfortunately, that downturn will have been precipitated by a lot of really bad policies coming out of Washington, D.C.,” DeSantis added.

While DeSantis said he hopes the country avoids a recession, he also noted that Florida will be prepared.

“Prudent statesmanship is to be prepared in case something like that does happen,” he noted.

“For the month of April, it’s our current estimate that the state of Florida brought in about $760 million above estimate,” he said.

“We consistently have been over-performing. That means that the fiscal surplus for fiscal 21-22 is going to be by far the biggest surplus in the state’s history,” he explained.

“That’s what you call being a good steward of people’s money,” DeSantis pointed out.

“We are happy with our fiscal situation,” he stated.

“We have the reserves ready. We would not miss a beat in terms of meeting our priorities for education, infrastructure, water resources, all these things that are part of our mission to make Florida a great state to live,” he concluded.

Thanks to DeSantis’ conservative leadership, the state has built a rainy day fund to weather the economic storm caused by Biden.

He added that he’s going over the state’s budget and looking to cut waste from it.

With Biden’s economic problems piling up, the last grim milestone for his economy to set is a recession.

Leading banks on Wall Street have been warning that the economy is likely to be headed into a recession within the next two years.

While some states are spending their money like drunken sailors, Florida is preparing for the future so it doesn’t have to raise taxes or cut services in the event of a recession.

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