Ron DeSantis is facing one lawsuit that could keep Nancy Pelosi in power

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to keep their Congressional majorities.

You won’t believe the lengths liberals are willing to go.

And now Ron DeSantis is facing one lawsuit that could keep Nancy Pelosi in power.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won his fight with the state legislature over the redistricting process to draw the maps for the state’s Congressional District.

DeSantis prevailed with a map that consists of 20 GOP districts and 8 Democrat districts.

The central point of contention was DeSantis calling on the legislature to eliminate the unconstitutional racial gerrymander in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District, which illegally packed black voters into a single district.

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Congressman Sean Maloney threatened to sue DeSantis for it.

“The map they’re proposing would violate the Voting Rights Act and clearly goes after African American voters. So it’s more of the same,” Maloney said in an interview with The Hill. “They depend on suppressing African American votes to win seats, and it’s disgraceful.”

“That map’s not going to hold up. We’re going to get that map tossed,” Congressman Maloney continued.

DeSantis’ General Counsel, Ryan Newman, told Maloney to “bring it on” and explained that the 14th Amendment guarantee of equal protection took precedence in making sure all voters were equally represented.

“Because of these adjustments, the new proposed apportionment plan eliminates the federal Constitutional infirmities identified by the Governor and improves on several metrics relative to the maps passed by the legislature,” Newman stated.

Political handicappers laid out the stakes of the Florida fight.

Democrats game the redistricting process – through lawsuits in favorable courts and so-called “independent commissions” – to gain an additional four to five strong Democrat seats in the new map.

Liberals hoped that if Joe Biden’s political fortunes recovered, those new seats could provide a margin for Nancy Pelosi to remain Speaker of the House in November.

But the Cook Report’s David Wasserman explained that the new Florida map wiped out all those gains.

“By vetoing his own legislature’s map and ramming through a brutal gerrymander, DeSantis could add four more GOP seats and eliminate three Democrats from the Sunshine State,” Wasserman explained. “The move threatens to wipe out Democrats’ gains nationally, rendering the cycle a wash.”

The Democrats’ proposed lawsuit in Florida is bigger than just the state’s Congressional map.

It is about keeping Nancy Pelosi in power.

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