Ron DeSantis just announced another win for Florida and then proceeded to mop the floor with Joe Biden

Ron DeSantis continues to prove that his anti-Biden agenda is what the American people want.

This has Joe Biden fuming.

And Ron DeSantis just announced another win for Florida and then proceeded to mop the floor with Joe Biden.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida saw approximately 118 million domestic visitors last year, which led to the state’s highest hotel revenue in history, totaling $17.3 billion.

Even though there’s no doubt Americans are fleeing Blue states in droves for the freedoms afforded to them in Florida, Joe Biden isn’t giving up on controlling people through fear.

Despite most states, even Blue ones, lifting mask mandates, Biden continues to keep the unconstitutional mask mandates on planes in place.

DeSantis believes that if Biden would lift the mandate on planes, then Florida’s tourism revenue would grow even more.

However, Biden continues to try and fearmonger Americans into believing it’s necessary to be masked on a plane.

“How ridiculous is it? They force you to wear a mask but if you put the mask under your chin and you sip on water for two hours, then somehow it’s fine and that’s ok. It’s irrational what they’re doing with the mask mandate, but I know there are definitely people who just don’t want to go through the hassle of having to be accosted about masks,” DeSantis said.

Of course, Biden originally promised “just” 100 days of masking.

But he doesn’t show any signs of lifting the mandate when it’s set to expire on March 18.

DeSantis has proven that these irrational COVID regulations are not just a joke, but are in fact harmful to people.

This continues to infuriate Joe Biden, who keeps trying to double down on his COVID mandates despite most people ignoring them.

Biden is grasping at straws to try and keep control of the American people by forcing masks on planes.

But his control appears to be slipping away.

Unfortunately, like many on the Right, DeSantis isn’t optimistic about Biden’s future plans.

“Although I’ll tell you, I can see this just persisting indefinitely. I guess. You’ll have to wait until January 20, 2025, to finally get rid of it, but it’s going to be gone one way or another,” DeSantis added.

Joe Biden has been waiting his entire adult life to be President of the United States.

And he’s not going to let the power be taken away from him easily.

Biden will continue to try and control every single American by any means possible.

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