Ron DeSantis just lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this massive failure

Ron DeSantis relishes going toe to toe with the Left.

His no-holds-barred style has turned him into a conservative star.

And Ron DeSantis just lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this massive failure.

President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies have the American economy careening towards a recession.

Inflation has become the biggest problem facing the country, as Americans’ financial well-being is being destroyed with prices of everyday goods and services rising faster than their paychecks.

After another disastrous inflation report in May revealed inflation had hit yet another 40-year high, President Biden has been fumbling around in search of answers.

Biden had previously claimed that inflation “peaked” in the spring, but it’s become clear this is a problem that isn’t just going to go away.

At a recent press conference, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) unloaded on President Biden’s massive failure on inflation.

“I think it’s sad to see some of the economic numbers with Bidenflation coming out — 8.6 percent,” DeSantis said. “They tried to say — first, they said it wasn’t going to happen, was transitory and it would basically kind of solve itself.”

“So it was a brutal report today,” DeSantis continued. “You know, it’s one thing to have to deal with this for a little bit if it was going to start going down, but that is not what that report said today, and that just is an indication that there’s gonna be some rough sledding ahead,.”

At first, Joe Biden tried to dismiss rising inflation by claiming it was temporary, or “transitory,” but obviously, that lie quickly fell apart.

Now he’s turned to blaming rising prices and supply shortages on Russian President Vladimir Putin and corporate greed to avoid taking responsibility for the problem his socialist spending spree created.

“They said it was gonna moderate two months ago and now it’s accelerating and you have energy, groceries, all the things that really, really matter are just going through the roof, and the sad thing is you see people filling up their gas tanks, you see people struggling in grocery stores,” DeSantis explained.

He added that President Biden’s disastrous economic policies “are the results that we’re seeing with this inflation report.”

“Unfortunately, as a result of a lot of bad policy, choices that have been made, you know, you don’t declare war on American energy and undercut our energy independence and think that that’s gonna lead to more affordable energy for people,” DeSantis said after gas prices set yet another record high under Biden.

Governor DeSantis then set his sights on the trillions of dollars in wasteful spending under President Biden, which is what actually unleashed rampant inflation on America.

“You don’t print trillions and trillions of dollars and think that that’s somehow not gonna be reflected in rising prices and rising inflation,” the Governor remarked. “And so it’s frustrating to see that because I think it didn’t need to happen. I think it was a lot of getting a lot of things wrong up in D.C.”

DeSantis went on to explain that thanks to the fiscally conservative policies his administration has implemented, Florida is in a position to weather Biden’s economic storm.

And any time Joe Biden falters, Ron DeSantis will be ready to give him a reality check for his failures.

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