Ron DeSantis just made the one threat that will ruin Joe Biden’s life

Joe Biden and the Democrats severely miscalculated when they decided to make Ron DeSantis the face of the GOP.

Biden thought DeSantis was a Mitt Romney type that would roll over and die rather than fight back.

But Ron DeSantis just made the one threat that will ruin Joe Biden’s life.

Joe Biden smuggled illegal aliens into the United States under the cover of darkness in the hopes that once Democrats pass amnesty the legislation will create millions of new Democrat Party voters.

Some of Joe Biden’s secret flights full of illegal aliens landed in Florida.

One of the illegal aliens Joe Biden smuggled into Florida ended up killing a 46-year-old father of four.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was furious that Joe Biden snuck plane loads of illegal aliens into his state without Biden informing the state of what was going on.

Governor DeSantis held a press event where DeSantis expressed his outrage at the scheme.

DeSantis told the press that if Biden wanted illegal aliens in the country so badly that he would bus all the illegal aliens Joe Biden tried to smuggle into Florida to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

The border crisis under Joe Biden was a conscious decision.

Joe Biden opened the border by rolling back successful immigration policies enacted by Donald Trump.

Now America is suffering an invasion of illegal aliens.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the ability to fight back against Joe Biden’s open borders madness.

And DeSantis is asking a reasonable question.

If Joe Biden wants so many illegal aliens in America, why isn’t Joe Biden sending them to his home state?

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