Ron DeSantis just scored one huge win in court that is devastating news for Nancy Pelosi

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps racking up wins.

DeSantis not only knows how to pick fights, but he also knows how to achieve victory.

And Ron DeSantis just scored one huge win in court that is devastating news for Nancy Pelosi.

The Florida Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the new map of Congressional Districts signed into law by Ron DeSantis.

This is a massive setback for Democrats in their quest to hold onto the House of Representatives.

The New York Times reports:

The Florida Supreme Court refused on Thursday to step into a challenge to a new map of the state’s congressional districts that was approved by the Republican State Legislature. The ruling all but ensures that the November elections will be based on districts that a lower state court said diluted the voting power of Black residents, violating the State Constitution.

The ruling, which preserves the new House map personally ordered by Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, was a fitting coda to a once-a-decade redistricting process that began with efforts to reduce the raw political self-interest built into the exercise.

Governor DeSantis refused to sign the original map drawn up by the state legislature because it contained unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.

The old map would have had 19 Republican leaning districts against 11 Democrat leaning districts.

Under the new map supported by DeSantis, there are 20 Republican districts, 8 Democrat districts, and one swing seat.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to win control of the House of Representatives and oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

The Florida map swings four districts to the GOP’s favor.

Unlike Republicans in other states – such as New Hampshire’s RINO Governor Chris Sununu – DeSantis refused to allow Democrats to game the redistricting process and draw maps that awarded the Party more seats than they otherwise deserved.

Republicans looked to DeSantis as the model for how to handle the redistricting process.

Of course, it’s not surprising Governor DeSantis took the lead on this fight.

After all, Governor DeSantis was the first Republican to push back on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, as well as against teaching Critical Race Theory and transgenderism in schools.

But Governor DeSantis holding the line on drawing illegal racial gerrymanders may have the most far-reaching implications, as it closed one avenue for Democrats to hold on to their majority in the House of Representatives.

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