Ron DeSantis just took one major step towards putting Nancy Pelosi out of a job

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is never one to back down from a fight.

Democrats are learning that lesson the hard way.

And now Ron DeSantis just took one major step towards putting Nancy Pelosi out of a job.

Despite the fact that Republicans control the ability to draw the maps for twice as many Congressional Districts as Democrats, Democrats managed to game the system to come out with as many as four or five new Congressional seats in this round of redistricting.

That’s because many GOP legislatures were afraid to aggressively draw maps out of fear of lawsuits.

Democrats – on the other – went for the jugular in Blue states where they had total control.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis bucked that trend.

DeSantis repeatedly rejected maps drawn by Florida’s state legislature that would allow more Democrats to win elections.

After Governor DeSantis pointed to Florida’s 5th Congressional District – a racial gerrymander drawn to specifically elect a black Democrat – as unconstitutional, he ordered a map that eliminated the District.

After multiple rounds of back and forth, the Florida legislature finally caved and said it would allow Ron DeSantis to essentially draw a fair map that takes into account the state’s Republican lean and eliminates unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.

“At this time, Legislative reapportionment staff is not drafting or producing a map for introduction during the special session,” Florida state Senate President Wilton Simpson and state House Speaker Chris Sprowls said in a joint statement. “We are awaiting a communication from the Governor’s Office with a map that he will support. Our intention is to provide the Governor’s Office opportunities to present that information before House and Senate redistricting committees. We look forward to working with you next week as we complete our constitutional obligation for the 2022 redistricting process.”

This is a massive blow to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ hopes to hang on to power in the House.

Polls show Republicans are on track for a wave election.

And with the GOP needing to flip just five seats in the House of Representatives, the picture looked bleak for Democrats.

Democrats held on to one last hope that the advantage they gained in redistricting could provide them a buffer to hold back a GOP rout this fall.

But the new map in Florida that Ron DeSantis plans to draw will wipe out the Democrat gains in redistricting.

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