Ron DeSantis left jaws on the floor after he made this one shocking move

Ron DeSantis became a star with his bold conservative leadership.

But no one expected this.

And Ron DeSantis left jaws on the floor after he made this one shocking move.

Ron DeSantis is the most popular conservative Governor in the country for taking on the tough fights that weak-kneed Republicans run from.

After Disney joined the radical Left in attacking his parental rights bill, DeSantis won a showdown against the most powerful corporation in Florida.

DeSantis showed a new style of conservative leadership by standing up to Disney and signaling that woke corporations aren’t going to run amok in Florida.

Most GOP Governors have sat on the sidelines and backed down to leftist companies that attack conservative policies.

After DeSantis signed Florida’s budget for the next fiscal year into law, it was discovered that he vetoed $35 million earmarked for a new spring training facility for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Sports website Outkick reported that DeSantis vetoed the money for the new facility in response to a woke move the Rays made on social media.

After the recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, the Rays joined the left-wing chorus calling for more gun control in response to these tragedies.

The Rays and several other Major League Baseball teams stopped using their social media accounts for their usual in-game coverage in order to push for more gun control.

The Rays posted a message on Twitter saying the team had donated $50,000 to Everytown for Gun Safety and encouraged their followers to donate to the organization as well.

Everytown for Gun Safety is left-wing billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group that has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat Republicans in elections.

After taking on Disney, it appeared that DeSantis delivered another message to the woke, virtue-signaling Rays.

DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, appeared to confirm Outkick’s reporting on social media by retweeting the article.

At a press briefing, DeSantis was asked about his reasoning for vetoing the new facility for the Rays.

“So, I don’t support giving taxpayer dollars to professional sports stadiums, period,” DeSantis explained.

“Companies are free to engage or not engage with whatever discourse they want, but clearly, it’s inappropriate to be using tax dollars for professional sports stadiums. It is also inappropriate to subsidize political activism of a private corporation,” he added.

“Either way, it’s not appropriate,” he concluded.

DeSantis wasn’t just standing up to a leftist corporation.

He was also delivering on a fiscally conservative budget for Florida taxpayers.

In addition to the Ray’s facility, DeSantis issued $3.13 billion in vetoes to the state budget while also delivering the largest tax relief in state history.

The veto is even more prudent considering the uncertain future of the Rays in Tampa Bay.

The team has been clamoring for a new taxpayer funded stadium for years, and is rumored to be considering relocating once the lease on their current stadium runs out.

Standing up for taxpayers and against a woke corporation is another victory for DeSantis that will increase his soaring political stock with conservatives.

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