Ron DeSantis made one announcement that caused Democrats to lose their minds

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis knows how to pick the right political battles.

He just set his sights on one overreaching leftist scheme.

And Ron DeSantis made one announcement that caused Democrats to lose their minds.

The radical environmentalists in the Democrat Party are trying to push the envelope.

Their goal is to completely eradicate the use of fossil fuels.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. proposed a ban on gas stoves by labeling them as a “hidden hazard” because of a bogus study that claimed they caused asthma in children.

The absurd proposal sparked a backlash that forced the CPSC to reverse course, with Trumka declaring that he is not “coming for anyone’s gas stoves.”

Even though Democrats claimed that Republicans made up the entire story, the Department of Energy proposed new efficiency standards on gas stoves, which is the first step to an outright ban.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sensed an opportunity to punch back at Democrats over this absurd abuse of power.

In his “Framework for Freedom” budget proposal, he included a provision that would make gas stoves tax free.

“They want to go after the gas stoves, and so we’re saying that we want you to be able to buy those free of charge from the state of Florida for taxes,” DeSantis said.

The Florida Governor slammed Democrats by saying that the gas stove ban was an example of government overreach.

“They want to control every single aspect of your life,” DeSantis explained. “They want to be able to determine what type of energy you’re allowed to use, how much energy you’re allowed to use.”

He explained that Democrats wanted to take away gas stoves, but promised it would not happen under his watch.

“This is all part of a larger scheme,” DeSantis continued. “In the state of Florida, we’re saying ‘don’t tread on us’ on this. We’re going to stand for people’s freedoms.”

Leftists flew off the handle after DeSantis put the attention back on banning gas stoves.

Despite the ample evidence for it, Democrats on social media claimed that a gas stove ban was imaginary.

Democrats went off the deep end with their proposed gas stove ban and DeSantis exploited their overreach.

He put the spotlight on this losing political issue and jabbed them in the process.

Pushing back against the Democrats turned Ron DeSantis into a conservative superstar and a top Presidential contender.

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