Ron DeSantis made one major announcement that left the teachers unions panicking

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is duking it out with the state’s teachers unions.

He decided to take the gloves off with one bold move.

And Ron DeSantis made one major announcement that left the teachers unions panicking.

Florida voters rewarded Governor Ron DeSantis with a second term and elected a Republican super majority to the state legislature in the Midterms.

The Florida Governor recently laid out one major policy change for next year aimed at frequent political foes.

Teachers unions in Florida have been battling DeSantis every step of the way during his first term.

They were the driving force behind trying to shut down schools during the pandemic and are also behind the left-wing indoctrination of children.

Union dues collected from teachers in Florida helps fund Big Labor’s political machine that overwhelmingly backs Democrats.

DeSantis is trying to stop Florida from being the collection agent for teachers union dues.

During a conference where he rolled out his “Freedom Blueprint” education agenda, DeSantis said that he wants to end the automatic deduction of union dues from teacher paychecks that are sent by the state to the union.

Instead, teachers who want to pay dues would have to cut a check to the union.

The Florida government is currently spending taxpayer money to collect and send union dues to a private organization, which is a massive giveaway to teachers unions.

DeSantis said the proposed bill is a “paycheck protection” for teachers and not automatically collecting union dues would “be a more accurate reflection of who wants to be a part of this or not.”

“It’s more of a guarantee that the money is actually going to go to teachers and not be frittered away by interest groups who get involved in the school system,” DeSantis explained.

Florida’s government would no longer be a middleman collecting money for Big Labor’s political machine.

According to former school board member Laura Zorc, having to write a check to the union every month could make some teachers reconsider whether the money is worth it.

“If teachers had to write the check directly to the union, they will be more likely to question every month if it’s really worth the money,” Zorc told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Once forced with this decision, many will realize it’s a waste of money and pocket their own hard-earned cash.”

Automatically collecting the dues makes it easier for the union to retain members and serves as an endorsement of the union by the government.

DeSantis’ education plan would also have a teachers union dissolve if less than 50% of the employees were members.

“If they don’t have a majority of the teachers who are actually signing up to pay dues, it should be decertified,” DeSantis said. “You shouldn’t be able to continue as a zombie organization that doesn’t have the support of the people you are negotiating for.”

Ron DeSantis is poised to deliver more freedom for teachers in Florida during the next legislative session.

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