Ron DeSantis made one major announcement that sent Democrats into a frenzy

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is shaking up the political world.

He’s not afraid to go toe to toe with the Left.

And Ron DeSantis made one major announcement that sent Democrats into a frenzy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ignited a political firestorm with his decision to fly 50 illegal aliens to the upscale left-wing island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

DeSantis and Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who is sending busloads of illegal aliens to Democrat-held cities, are turning the tables on leftists and exposing their blatant hypocrisy.

The move sparked outrage among Democrats and the corporate-controlled media for making the wealthy left-wing elites face the consequences of the Biden border crisis.

Facing just a small fraction of what border states are dealing with on a daily basis caused Democrats to have a total meltdown.

DeSantis sent the illegal aliens to Massachusetts because the state was incentivizing illegal immigration with its sanctuary status.

DeSantis explained that the move “put this issue on the front burner” after Democrats and the corporate-controlled media have tried to ignore the Biden border crisis.

Democrats like California Governor Gavin Newsom called for the Justice Department to investigate DeSantis for kidnapping.

But DeSantis isn’t backing down in the face of political blowback from Democrats.

Now, a major announcement from the Florida Governor is going to create another left-wing meltdown.

DeSantis said that Martha’s Vineyard was “just the beginning” of his efforts to relocate illegal aliens.

“These are just the beginning efforts,” DeSantis said. “We’ve got an infrastructure in place now. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening.”

He vowed to use “every penny” of the $12 million that the Florida State Legislature allocated in the budget for relocating illegals.

The money will go towards funding buses and “likely more” flights to send illegal aliens into Democrat-controlled sanctuary jurisdictions.

DeSantis fired back at criticism from the Biden regime over the move.

“We’re continuing to … use every tool at our disposal to insulate the state of Florida from the negative ramifications of his reckless border policies,” DeSantis said. “He didn’t scramble to get his Cabinet together when we had millions of people illegally pouring across the southern border.”

Florida officials are identifying illegal aliens in Texas that they think of a high likelihood of making the journey to the Sunshine State.

“So they’ve been in Texas, identifying people that are trying to come to Florida, and then offering them free transportation to sanctuary jurisdictions,” DeSantis said.

Ron DeSantis is cementing his status as a conservative rising star by turning the tables on pro-illegal immigration Democrats.

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