Ron DeSantis obliterated Joe Biden by speaking one truth that terrifies Democrats

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis forced Democrats to confront Joe Biden’s worst failure.

This is not what Democrats want to be talking about in the home stretch of the Midterm elections.

And Ron DeSantis obliterated Joe Biden by speaking one truth that terrifies Democrats.

Democrats and their allies in the media melted down over DeSantis flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is home to some of the richest and most famous leftists in America.

Barack and Michelle Obama, Spike Lee, and Oprah all spend their summers on the Vineyard.

DeSantis addressed the performative outrage on the Left about illegal aliens showing up at their playgrounds for rich people by pointing out all the times Democrats turned a blind eye to Joe Biden’s border crisis.

When Joe Biden flew illegal aliens all over the country and relocated many to Red states like Florida, Democrats did not accuse Biden of being a human trafficker.

Democrats also ignored the horror of authorities finding 53 illegal aliens dead in a trailer due to heat and a lack of oxygen.

Ron DeSantis wanted to call attention to the fact that Joe Biden opened the borders and created a crisis, but that Democrats are indifferent to the cost because they think someone else bears the burden.

Joe Biden then tried to claim the border was secure and that his administration was doing a bang up job in stopping illegal immigration.

The numbers tell a different story.

Over 200,000 illegal aliens poured over the border in August, bringing the total number of illegal aliens attempting to enter America on Joe Biden’s watch to over four million.

Biden and the Democrats refuse to lift a finger to do anything about this catastrophe.

That’s why Ron DeSantis attempted a shock to the system by flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

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