Ron DeSantis put Democrats on notice with a bold statement about this Biden blunder

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a never-ending series of disasters.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit the Left where it hurts.

And Ron DeSantis put Democrats on notice with a bold statement about this Biden blunder.

Joe Biden’s wildly misnamed $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act is one of the most terrifying bills in history.

The bill, falsely sold as reducing inflation, spends billions of dollars on socialist priorities like subsidies for Obamacare and environmental boondoggles.

To pay for this monstrous spending package, the bill doubles the budget of the IRS, with $80 billion in funding to hire 87,000 new agents.

While Democrats are claiming that only the wealthy will be targeted, multiple non-partisan sources have concluded that the bill will put middle-class taxpayers in the crosshairs of the agency.

In a press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unloaded on the Inflation Reduction Act by calling the increased IRS audits “reprehensible.”

After the bill passed on a Party-line vote, DeSantis said that every Democrat who voted for the bill should get a taste of their own medicine.

“I think every member of Congress that voted for that bill should be required to be audited every year by the IRS,” DeSantis said.

“They also authorized 87,000 new IRS agents, and those IRS agents are gonna be mobilized to go after people that the government doesn’t like. This is not something where they’re only gonna go after billionaires. In fact, billionaires all have accountants and lawyers. They’ll be going after people who are not gonna be able to defend themselves against these audits,” DeSantis explained.

Under former President Barack Obama, the IRS was weaponized against Tea Party groups to stop them ahead of the 2012 elections.

Now, with a massive increase in funding, the IRS will be a political weapon to be wielded by Joe Biden against the regime’s enemies.

Every Senate Democrat voted against an amendment to the bill that would have prohibited the IRS from unleashing new audits on taxpayers making less than $400,000.

“Why would they not have wanted to do that?” DeSantis said.

“Because they want this to be something that is going after sole proprietors and handymen and people that own restaurants, or people that drive an Uber,” DeSantis continued. “So it’s gonna be those folks who will be least able to withstand an audit that they’re gonna go after because that’s really the low-hanging fruit. You go after that, you’re gonna be able to probably scrounge a lot of stuff.”

To pay for Biden’s latest socialist spending spree, poor and middle-class taxpayers are going to be squeezed dry.

“That’s not a good thing for an economy to be unleashing the IRS…the tax code is incomprehensible, so if they go after you, a lot of times they’re gonna be able to find something, especially if you don’t have an accountant or you don’t have lawyers,” DeSantis explained.

Joe Biden is unleashing a supercharged IRS on taxpayers already struggling to make ends meet in his disastrous economy.

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