Ron DeSantis put Democrats on notice with this one epic move

Ron DeSantis isn’t afraid to take on the big fights against the Left.

His latest move caused Democrats to lose their minds.

And Ron DeSantis put Democrats on notice with this one epic move.

Ron DeSantis became a rising conservative star for taking on tough fights against the Left and winning them.

He’s waded into the culture war by battling woke corporations like Disney and coming out on top.

DeSantis has also tried to clean up the left-wing rot that seeped into Florida’s educational system by restoring parental rights.

Now DeSantis is setting his sights on the biggest bastion of left-wing thought and wokeism in the country.

Colleges and universities have turned into the breeding ground for terrible leftist ideas that migrate into the rest of society.

These institutions of higher learning have abandoned their job of education and career preparation in favor of Marxist indoctrination.

Now DeSantis is trying to get these left-wing institutions back in line with their stated missions.

A draft of a bill supported by DeSantis was released that showed a sweeping overhaul of Florida’s university system.

The bill would take power away from left-wing universities by establishing boards where most of the members will be appointed by the Governor.

Universities in Florida currently have a great deal of autonomy, which makes these far-Left institutions immune from common-sense decisions.

Leaving leftist college administrators in charge only perpetuates the ideological rot in the institutions and keeps them from being held accountable by Florida taxpayers.

The Board of Governors, which oversees universities, would be given the power to veto school budgets, investigate university Presidents, and fire university employees.

The Board of Governors would also be given the ability to review existing degree programs.

Radical left-wing departments that promote wokeness and cancel culture, such as gender and race studies, could be brought in line.

To keep the Board of Governors from avoiding the job, it wouldn’t be able to delegate these powers back to universities.

The bill would also be a win for Florida students and taxpayers, capping the amount universities could raise tuition and fees by no more than 3% once every three years.

College costs have exploded in recent years due to universities hiring legions of highly paid administrators who oversee things like diversity and don’t provide any direct benefit to students.

The bill also prohibited universities from teaching “curriculum that teaches identity politics, such as Critical Race Theory, or defines American history as contrary to the creation of a new nation based on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

This would be the latest attempt by DeSantis to clean up Florida’s university system.

He previously signed a bill to make tenure for professors reviewed every five years as a way to hold them accountable.

By trying to clean up the university system in Florida, DeSantis could be on the verge of one of his biggest wins yet.

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