Ron DeSantis showed he means business by issuing this huge threat that Joe Biden will hate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not one to let problems fester.

DeSantis took action where Joe Biden failed.

And Ron DeSantis showed he means business by issuing this huge threat that Joe Biden will hate.

Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity sent letters to six companies warning of their failure to comply with the state’s E-Verify law that helps ensure employees are legal U.S. citizens.

“If you persist and fail to respond to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), there will be significant consequences,” the letters stated, adding that this is the “final opportunity to respond before consequences are initiated.”

The DeSantis administration told the companies that the state would “not grant any extensions” and that they had one month to comply with the law.

Failure to comply would result in the loss of “all licenses” that are “specific to the business location where the unauthorized alien(s) performed work.”

The DeSantis administration made it clear that eliminating the magnets that attract the illegal aliens who take the jobs and depress the wages of American citizens is a key priority.

“Companies that have not affirmed that all employees have passed E-Verify and are authorized to work in the United States are given an opportunity to cure the issue and so affirm. Six companies have failed to do so after repeated notices and are subject to the suspension of their licenses to operate their business in the state. They have been issued final notices of non-compliance,” deputy press secretary Jeremy Redfern declared.

When DeSantis signed the E-Verify legislation, he told Breitbart News that guaranteeing a legal workforce in Florida was high up on his agenda.

“For years prior to my administration, attempts to pass E-Verify legislation in Florida failed, but I would not yield until this matter was addressed,” DeSantis began.

“Assuring a legal workforce through E-Verify is crucial to upholding the rule of law and deters illegal immigration into Florida, which is more important than ever given the border crisis,” DeSantis continued.

Joe Biden is responsible for the open border and ensuing illegal alien invasion.

But that does not mean Red states like Florida have to just sit back and accept millions of illegal aliens pouring into the country.

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