Ron DeSantis signed one piece of paper that could destroy the woke mob

Democrats got some bad news.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just scored another huge victory over the Left’s assault on the American economy.

And Ron DeSantis signed one piece of paper that could destroy the woke mob.

Governor DeSantis notched a big win over woke corporations attempting to impose their will on America.

DeSantis signed legislation banning corporations, banks, payment processors, and credit card companies from denying Floridians services based on their political, religious, or social views.

The legislation will also ban the State Board of Administration from considering Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors when investing the state’s money.

The Bill includes three main components:

Prohibit big banks, credit card companies, and money transmitters from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs.

Prohibit State Board of Administration (SBA) fund managers from considering ESG factors when investing the state’s money.

Require SBA fund managers to only consider maximizing the return on investment on behalf of Florida’s retirees.

DeSantis explained that the ESG movement was how the Left used woke corporations to impose the Green New Deal on America by restricting investments to only causes favored by leftists.

“The leveraging of corporate power to impose an ideological agenda on society represents an alarming trend,” Governor Ron DeSantis declared. “From Wall Street banks to massive asset managers and big tech companies, we have seen the corporate elite use their economic power to impose policies on the country that they could not achieve at the ballot box. Through the actions I announced today, we are protecting Floridians from woke capital and asserting the authority of our constitutional system over ideological corporate power.”

DeSantis explained that this vital bill would allow government to function on behalf of people instead of woke elites.

“Do we govern ourselves through our Constitution and through our elections, or do we have these masters of the universe occupying these commanding heights of society?” DeSantis added.

DeSantis also slammed left-wing elites as hypocrites for demanding ordinary citizens live by the terms of the Green New Deal while they gallivanted around the globe on private jets.

“For every master of the universe who’s prattling on about, you know, no emissions and all this stuff, I don’t see very many of them giving up their private jets,” DeSantis stated.

Leftists know their policies are unpopular and cannot be achieved through the ballot box.

So the Left is increasingly turning to woke corporations to blackmail Red states to accept their agenda or lose out on revenue and jobs.

Major League Baseball yanking the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta over the state’s election integrity law was a prime example.

ESG investing is dangerous.

Sri Lanka’s government collapsed after achieving one of the highest ESG scores of any government in the world.

But after ESG destroyed the energy sector in Sri Lanka, the nation could no longer feed its people.

Ron DeSantis is not going to roll over for the woke mob.

Instead, DeSantis drove a dagger through the heart of the ESG movement and its woke corporate enablers.

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