Ron DeSantis spoke one truth that destroyed the left-wing media

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis built his star power in the GOP in part by his willingness to call out the media’s lies.

That infuriates the left-wing activists in the press.

And Ron DeSantis spoke one truth that destroyed the left-wing media.

The left-wing media camped out in Florida in the run up to Hurricane Ian making landfall with the hopes of turning the storm into Ron DeSantis’ Hurricane Katrina.

CNN’s pro-Biden cheerleader Edward Isaac-Devore summed up the attitude of the press in hoping for mass death and destruction that they could seize upon to derail DeSantis’ November re-election and ultimately his White House hopes.

George Bush’s Presidency collapsed after the press smeared him as a heartless racist who allowed Katrina to ravage the city of New Orleans.

But the blame for that crisis really lay at the feet of the Democrat Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans after they refused to put real disaster preparedness and evacuation plans in place ahead of the storm.

Florida had no such worries with Governor DeSantis at the helm.

Over two-and-a-half million Floridians lost power in the storm, but the state restored over two million of those power outages within 48 hours.

In an interview with Florida’s Voice, DeSantis slammed the left-wing press for gleefully hoping Florida would experience the worst to allow them to advance their political agenda.

“Quite frankly, you have the national regime media that wanted to see Tampa, because they thought that would be worse for Florida. That’s how these people think,” DeSantis stated.

“They don’t care about the people of this state. They don’t care about the people of this community. They want to use storms and destruction from storms as a way to advance their agenda. And they don’t care what destruction’s in their wake. They don’t care about the lives here. If they can use it to pursue their political agenda, they will do it,” DeSantis concluded.

The left-wing media clearly sees Ron DeSantis as a threat to Democrats’ grip on power in 2024.

And many in the press were openly rooting for Hurricane Ian to ravage the state so reporters could swoop in and blame DeSantis for the loss of life and property.

But that did not happen.

And Ron DeSantis was willing to call out the press for their ghoulish behavior.

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