Ron DeSantis warned Tucker Carlson that Republicans were making this one massive mistake

The Republican establishment has never been known for its political acumen.

But the RINOs in the Swamp never cease to find new ways to drop the ball.

And Ron DeSantis warned Tucker Carlson that Republicans were making this one massive mistake.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the most popular Republicans in the country.

DeSantis gained popularity by doing the opposite of what the supposed “smart set” of Republican elites recommended.

After the 2012 election where Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, there was much hand-wringing among Republicans about Democrats winning 71 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Following the election, the Republican establishment commissioned the infamous autopsy report, which contained exactly one policy recommendation – adopting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

On the eve of the Midterm elections, DeSantis appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show where he asked the Governor about the GOP establishment’s decade-long quest to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

DeSantis agreed with Carlson that it was a mistake and Republicans could win over Hispanic voters with a conservative agenda.

He cited his ban on sanctuary cities and flying illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard as evidence that Republicans did not need to support open borders to win Hispanic voters.

“Absolutely, and including on immigration,” DeSantis stated. “My first year, we banned sanctuary cities, and the news media thought that that would not be approved down here. And yet, Hispanic voters in Florida had the highest approval rating for our policy to ban sanctuary cities. We did the transport to Martha’s Vineyard, and people thought that this was going to be so bad, and yet, Hispanic voters backed me on doing that because they understand the border is out of control.”

“So I think it’s on all of these issues, but clearly, the Republican establishment view that you need open borders and amnesty to appeal to Hispanic voters in the United States is dead wrong,” DeSantis added. “It was wrong then, and it has clearly been proven to be wrong now.”

The proof is in the pudding.

In 2018, DeSantis lost heavily Hispanic Miami-Dade County by 18 points.

But heading into Election Day, Republicans actually turned in 10,000 more ballots than Democrats in the county.

NBC News political reporter Marc Caputo confirmed the political realignment in Florida by saying that working class Latino voters behave similarly to working class white voters in casting Republican ballots.

“It’s a story that you are seeing nationwide. One, outside of Miami-Dade, white voters, working class voters are increasingly shifting Republican. Hispanic voters are increasingly behaving like working class whites, and that accounts for a great amount of shift in Miami-Dade,” Caputo declared. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of votes, to Steve’s point.”

The shifting of working class Hispanic voters into the Republican Party is one of the biggest stories of the 2022 elections.

And Ron DeSantis blew up one of the GOP establishment lies about needing to support amnesty to win over Latino voters.

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