Ron DeSantis was all smiles after he saw this stunning news about Disney

Ron DeSantis took on the biggest corporate titan in Florida and won.

But he’s not done winning yet.

Now Ron DeSantis was all smiles after he saw this stunning news about Disney.

Ron DeSantis became a conservative rock star by taking on the tough fights and winning them.

After his parental rights bill was introduced into the legislature, he went toe-to-toe with Disney.

Disney’s woke California leadership joined in on the leftist smear campaign against the legislation, which they falsely labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

After Disney came out against it, leftists thought DeSantis would throw in the towel on the bill.

The company is the biggest employer in the state, and is also a political powerhouse with numerous highly-paid lobbyists.

But DeSantis stood his ground for parents and signed the bill into law.

After Disney championed leftist gender insanity, DeSantis took away the company’s sweetheart tax deal with Florida.

DeSantis delivered one of the biggest conservative victories against a woke corporation to date.

Now Disney is paying the price for its decision to go all-in on radical left-wing gender politics.

Since the beginning of March, shares of Disney’s stock have been in free fall, dropping by 23.5%.

Early March was when the company dropped its neutral position on the parental rights bill and went to war with DeSantis over it.

During that same period, the company’s market capitalization, or total value, plunged by $62.6 billion.

This staggering drop saw the company’s value plummet from $265.3 to $202.7 billion.

Over the last year, Disney has seen its stock price drop by 30%.

This makes it the worst performing stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the past year.

Disney spent years cultivating an image as the leader in family-friendly entertainment.

During the fight against the parental rights bill, damaging evidence emerged of just how consumed the company was with radical LGBTQ ideology.

An undercover video of an Executive Producer exposed her announcing that she was implementing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” into children’s programing.

In another leaked video, Disney corporate President Kathy Burke explained that “as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” that she wanted “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories.”

Her goal was at least 50% of children’s characters to be either racial minorities or “LGBTQIA.”

Disney went all-in to oppose DeSantis and support a woke gender ideology.

Now the company is paying the price for picking this foolish fight against parents and DeSantis.

Leftist California executives couldn’t read the room and bought the corporate-controlled media’s hysteria against the bill.

Polling showed that even a majority of Democrats in Florida supported the parental rights bill.

As a result of throwing away their reputation for family-friendly entertainment, consumers are walking away.

With Disney taking a massive hit to its financial bottom line, this could send a signal to other corporations that going woke is a major mistake.

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