Ron DeSantis was all smiles after this woke corporation waved the white flag of defeat

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took on the tough fights and won.

But one of his biggest adversaries just suffered a humiliating defeat.

And Ron DeSantis was all smiles after this woke corporation waved the white flag of defeat.

The left-wing media, Democrats, and corporations all joined forces to try and stop Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education Bill.

They smeared it by dubbing it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill to try and get him to back down in the face of intense pressure.

Disney, the most powerful corporation in Florida, joined the fight in an effort to maximize the political pressure on DeSantis to fold.

The once-family friendly entertainment giant tried to stop a bill that prevented teachers from discussing sexuality or gender identity with students in third grade or younger.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against the bill and donated $5 million to LGBT groups in a shameless display of woke virtue signaling.

The company deployed its other properties into the battle with ESPN and ABC News coming out against the bill.

But the Florida Governor stood his ground and signed the bill into law in the face of intense left-wing backlash.

Fighting the Parental Rights in Education Bill was the latest example of Disney’s hard-Left turn that saw the company inject woke politics into every area of its businesses.

Now, Disney is replacing CEO Bob Chapek after the entertainment titan suffered a major financial hit in recent years.

Disney is bringing former CEO Bob Iger out of retirement to try and right the ship.

Share prices of Disney’s stock plummeted by 24% over the last three months, but jumped again after news broke of the woke CEO being replaced.

DeSantis feuded with the company, calling it “woke Disney” before signing off on a bill that revoked the company’s special tax privileges in Florida.

Under Chapek, the former family friendly company began pushing a left-wing agenda throughout the business.

Last summer, Disney discontinued using the phrases “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” in a nod to the Left’s woke gender identity politics.

Leaked videos revealed the extent that woke politics has taken over the company.

Disney corporate President Karey Burke was caught on video saying that at least half of future Disney characters should identify as LGBT or a racial minority.

Another video revealed that the company was pushing radical gender theory on employees with an announcement that rules were being put in place to ensure there are enough “gender-nonconforming characters.”

Disney’s commitment to left-wing politics has been a financial disaster for the one-time entertainment powerhouse.

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