Ron DeSantis will be infuriated when he hears what a leading Never-Trumper said about him on MSNBC

The Biden administration and the corporate-controlled media have declared war on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But it’s not just the Left going after DeSantis.

And Ron DeSantis will be infuriated when he hears what a leading Never-Trumper said about him on MSNBC.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is wildly popular among Republican voters nationwide.

Grassroots Republicans like the fact that, just like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis is willing to stand up to the Fake News Media and fight back against the socialist Democrats.

This is why poll after poll shows that should Donald Trump decide not to run for President again, Ron DeSantis would likely be the GOP nominee in 2024.

This is also why the Biden administration and the radical Leftist media are waging an all-out war against Ron DeSantis, doing everything they can to stop his surging approval ratings.

But it’s not just the Left that’s trying to take down DeSantis.

The Never-Trump movement is now going after DeSantis, too.

During a recent interview with MSNBC, leading Never-Trumper Bill Kristol ripped Ron DeSantis for opposing Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate.

Ron DeSantis recently launched a lawsuit to block Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate from being implemented in Florida.

“DeSantis is not an unintelligent person, he’s being a total demagogue,” began Kristol, when asked about DeSantis opposing Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“He recommends to people that they follow the advice of physicians, which would normally mean to get vaccinated, but he’s played footsies at least with anti-vax people,” added Kristol.

Kristol then accused DeSantis of “fear mongering” and “spreading lies” about the vaccine and demanded he be “held accountable.”

Leading Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol attacking Ron DeSantis only shows how much of a threat they consider him to be in 2024.

If they didn’t consider him a threat, they wouldn’t be attacking and smearing DeSantis at every opportunity.

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