Roseanne revealed the disgusting mess Joe Biden just made in his pants

Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline are moving from beyond a political problem to a personal embarrassment.

Politicians can never recover from turning into a joke.

And Roseanne revealed the disgusting mess Joe Biden just made in his pants.

Roseanne calls out Joe Biden’s handlers for elder abuse 

Democrats keep trying to claim that behind closed doors, Joe Biden is a vibrant go-getter with a mind like a steel trap.

The aftermath to a Wall Street Journal article recounting how Democrats and Republicans who’ve met with Biden describe him as past his prime only intensified the Democrat Party’s attempt to tell the American people they shouldn’t believe their lyin’ eyes when they see video of a dazed and confused Joe Biden.

Roseanne reacted to this hardening narrative about Joe Biden’s senility in an interview with conservative podcaster Benny Johnson.

But Roseanne didn’t put the blame on Biden.

Instead, Roseanne said the fault for this fiasco lies with Jill Biden and the rest of Biden’s handlers.

It’s up to them to understand what’s in the best interest of Biden and the country and not allow Biden to walk around constantly looking like he soiled himself.

“How come no one looks out for the poor guy? Nobody protects him. They keep shoving him out in places that he doesn’t belong.. he should be in a home. Jill is making her husband go out on stage when he craps his pants at the drop of a dime.”

Biden’s trip to Normandy was a lowlight 

Joe Biden traveled to France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The focus of the trip centered on Biden’s increasingly awkward and bizarre behavior.

At one point in the ceremony, buglers played “taps” in honor of the heroes who sacrificed everything when storming the beaches at Normandy.

A frazzled Biden completely forgot where he was or what he was supposed to do and turned around to face the musicians.

Jill Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and French First Lady Brigitte Macron looked at each other in bewilderment before deciding the only way for Joe Biden not to look like a fool was if they all looked like fools so the three joined Biden in turning around.

Polls show Biden trailing Donald Trump.

Americans view Biden as a failure because of the inflation and border crisis.

But it’s not just a rejection of Biden’s agenda that explains why he’s losing.

The American people can see Joe Biden on video, and they can tell his mind is gone.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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