Roseanne revealed this dark secret about Hollywood that will leave you at a loss for words

Hollywood is supposed to represent the glamor side of the American dream.

That’s not the case at all.

And Roseanne revealed this dark secret about Hollywood that will leave you at a loss for words.

Roseanne was one of the early victims of cancel culture  

Roseanne ran for nine seasons on ABC between 1989 and 1997.

The hit show served as a vehicle for comedian Roseanne Barr, where the show chronicled the life of the blue-collar Connors family.

ABC brought the show back for a revitalization in 2018.

But the network quickly canceled the show and killed off Roseanne’s character after Roseanne’s tweet attacking former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Politics also likely played a role in this decision as Barr is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Barr discussed the dark side of Hollywood and how the liberal creative class treats people behind the scenes.

“They killed my character,” Barr told Kelly.

Barr said she resented the way the network destroyed the pride of her work in an instant by smearing her as a racist. 

“They took my life’s work. You think somebody gets over that? ‘Oh, it’s okay she wrote that off her blood, sweat and tears for 20 years on the comedy stages. Having shit thrown at her head because people don’t like funny women or whatever,” Barr added.

Roseanne reveals Hollywood liberals are the real racists 

Barr also told Kelly that she was the one pushing for diversity on set and in the writers room.

“And [I] always fought the good fight,” Barr continued.

Barr explained that in the revival of Roseanne, she pushed for her character to have a black granddaughter, and it was the liberals – who always blabber on about – diversity, equity, and inclusion – who killed the idea.

“Always broke every rule on TV that tried to make people feel shame and who they were, or to try to divide the races and they always hated that . . . I demanded black characters and black writers. It was always a fight. They fought me till the end and when I want to have a black granddaughter you cannot imagine the fight they put me through,” Barr added.

“Then what they wrote for her, I wouldn’t allow,” Barr declared.

Barr says liberals are the real racists  

Barr recounted to Kelly how when she was in the writer’s room for her show she couldn’t believe the retrograde attitude the writers had on issues or race and class.

Roseanne said these Hollywood liberals – who try and act like they’re on the side of the little guy – “hate working people.”

“So I policed the writer’s room for — their ideas on race are so obsolete and they’re just racist. I mean, they’re classist as hell, they hate working people. I mean, their comments on what they think working people . . .” Barr declared.

Barr told Kelly that liberals would love to get rid of the working people of America because elites find blue-collar Americans and their values icky.

But Barr said she felt an obligation to speak out because her background and her show made her a kind of spokeswoman for the working-class Americans who have long been ignored by the liberal elites, such as those that run Hollywood.

“They’d like to replace us all,” Barr concluded. “They don’t like the American workers because we want like — I say ‘we’ but sometimes I still feel like I’m the mom of it all, because I am in a lot of ways.  And I’m not going to let them take that from me, they’d love to but they can go f*** theirself.”

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