Rudy Giuliani just exploded on Hunter Biden and demanded jail time for his top enabler

Rudy Giuliani is on a warpath to take down the Biden family.

Due to his work, their corruption has been exposed to the world.

And Giuliani just exploded on Hunter Biden and demanded jail time for his top enabler.

Hunter Biden is the key to exposing corruption in the Biden family.

They all used Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency to profit millions in lucrative business deals, where they essentially exchanged access to the White House for heaps of cash.

The only reason Hunter Biden is the family member everybody is talking about is that he is the most negligent.

During the height of the Biden family’s corruption, he was addicted to crack cocaine.

In fact, Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military for his cocaine use.

He had no real life-skills, yet somehow kept scoring lucrative jobs overseas, which immediately raised red flags.

And those red flags eventually had proof backing them when Rudy Giuliani released a laptop Hunter Biden left at a computer repair shop and never picked up.

The FBI was given the laptop in 2019, but never publicly did anything about it.

Giuliani found what appears to be child pornography on the laptop, and because the FBI appeared to be doing nothing, he exposed that fact to the world, releasing it along with censored pictures to try to hold Hunter Biden accountable.

But the story, which was first released in the New York Post, faced a huge hurdle when Twitter blocked it from being shared, and suspended anybody who talked about it.

In a fiery interview with Eric Bolling, Giuliani went off on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, stating that he should be in jail.

“I think Jack Dorsey’s covering up child pornography,” Giuliani said. “This is completely unjustifiable not to cover this story. It’s completely un-American. It’s inconsistent with everything we were founded to be. This is to me the worst invasion of rights in America, I mean it’s like putting the Japanese in camps, except it’s being done to all of us. This is outrageous what they’re doing.”

Giuliani later went on to imply that Dorsey was working for China due to his actions.

“Dorsey, whether he committed a crime or not, he’s not an American,” he began. “He’s something else. Maybe he’s working for the Chinese, I don’t know. But you don’t cut down information like this. He has no right to say this is not valid. It’s in the man’s own voice! Hunter Biden is telling you he and his father are partners with a Chinese spy chief!”

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