Rush Limbaugh called out Robert Mueller for one lie that will ruin him

Robert Mueller delivered his parting shot at President Trump in his testimony.

It was an outrageous end to his rigged witch hunt.

And Rush Limbaugh called out Robert Mueller for one lie that will ruin him.

At his press event, Mueller repeated his report’s claim that his office did not reach a determination on obstruction of justice.

Rush Limbaugh called out this lie.

Limbaugh told his audience Mueller’s report smeared Trump by laying out ten different instances where Mueller’s team thought the President obstructed justice and made what amounted to a determination on the matter.

And Limbaugh said that is why every Democrat seized on the report to claim Trump obstructed justice and must be impeached.

Breitbart reports Limbaugh stating:

Do you realize what an abomination of the justice system that is? I say this without any partisanship or favoritism toward Trump here at all. This just turns our system of justice on its head. It really does, folks. If we had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.

How about this? “If we had confidence the president clearly did commit a crime, we would have said so.” That’s the way it’s supposed to be. “If we had evidence the president committed a crime, we would have damn well said so.” It’s not, “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” That’s not what the job is. And then he goes on to say we couldn’t have indicted him anyway because of Justice Department guidelines.

But then this next: “We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.” Well, go tell that to Jerry Nadler and Elizabeth Warren and the rest, ’cause they sure as hell think that you have. “We did not make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Yes, you have! You have done everything you can to imply that he did and that you just couldn’t find it! That’s what makes me so livid. This guy in his righteousness sitting here saying that “We did not make a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

Mueller hid behind Justice Department guidelines saying you cannot indict a sitting President.

But that was a cop-out.

Mueller could have forced the Justice Department to invoke those guidelines if he had a case.

Mueller knew he had no case, but disguised that fact.

Instead, he presented a report full of derogatory information about Trump and claimed it was not a determination.

It was.

And Rush Limbaugh called Mueller out on it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. muller is a crooked cop and not smart enough to write that summation. it is the work of WEASEL WEISSMAN, a fraud and completely dishonest LEFTIE PARTISAN, known for his NUMEROUS OFFENCECES and often censured by his PEERS for his EXTROADENRY PRACTISES OF WITHOLDING COMPELLING EXCULPETORY EVIDENCE… BARGE… … LEAHEy… ENRON… ETC> ETC>


    • Understand Mueller‘s job was to simply investigate and bring facts to the prosecutor — in this case Attorney General Barr. Not for Congress or the Public!

  3. Nytmayr:
    I bought rhis gun at a gun store and it came with a key trigger lock which I call a safety and “excuse me” for not calling it a glock!

  4. The FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to find the insurance to keep Trump out of the WH and couldn’t. So why pay mueller and his team of hillary lawyers to follow in the FBI”S footsteps?

  5. So, basically, Torcomada Muller used not US/Western jurisprudence but the rules of law under the Inquisition!

    We could not prove you Innocent!
    Thus you must be guilty unless you can prove your innocence!

    I wonder if this is the standard he, Nancy, Comey, and all those other crooks and conspirators, Russian colluders, and obstructionist (oh I’m sorry they call themselves the resistance) want to be judged under?

    And remember we will not take your intent into account! (unlike Hillary’s case, right Comey?!)

  6. Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  7. Mr. Winder:
    Gun control only works for people that legally purchase them and NOT for people who don’t. I bought a 9mm gloc and even though I have a clean record it took nearly three months to get it in which I couldn’t defend myself against an intruder during that period. I have never fired it and never even took off the safety which I use it for my in home protection and keep it locked in my personal safe. The liberal leftists keep pushing for more and more gun control and keep chipping away at the second amendment till it eventualy gets overturned. Enough is enough.

  8. Mueller and the left kept this bullshit alive through the midterm elections to damage the GOP. Now there must be payback in the exact same manner, only the Dems really did commit crimes. Trump cannot allow this to simply go away quietly, or he and the GOP will lose big in 2020.

  9. Hello!
    Attorney Mr.Mueller,working two over 400! “HE” goes into “splashing’s Face, Cameras, Radios, & hearing “our” Country! for heaven’s sake! what a FARCE! now all POLITICIANS!..full CONGRESS too! HURRAH! and now MUELLER into 17′ minutes Blah! Blah! Blah! “Damned if you do and Damned if you not”
    Unbelievable.. Attorney Mueller!Opss!WORDS either “SPOKE” or “SPAT” OVER “TWICE MALICIOUS TONGUE “GOD! Hypocrisy & Cowardice,maybe? ARROGANCE & INCOMPETENCE!
    Thanks Cooperation Charles G/SR. Chicago Ill……………………..USA!

  10. Edward Bennett, please do some research and you will find that there has been 148 mass shootings through the end of May (a mass shooting equating to 4 or more killed or injured) doesn’t account for one here one there that occurs each and everyday. But the right states every mass shooting, well it’s always an excuse of some reason. Remember Trump’s buddy “Alex Jones” stating Sandy Hook was a hoax…..well I went to the “hoax” funerals of 2 of my nieces children. This country is “long” overdue for common sense gun laws!!!!!! Edward when you do your research, please respond back…..

    • We have common sense gun laws. Where was security in these instances? Sandy Hook had more than one shooter. My brother worked early morning hours, and saw video of Police pursuit of two men.
      Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist. He said Sandy Hook was a setup job. It really shouldn’t bother you what he says, that you took out of context, because the bs from the left goes on 24/7 anD no one sues CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NY TIMES ETC.

      • Trump “loves” Alex Jones and his theories!!!!!!! Every mass shooting and all we get from Trump is condolences…..Be interesting to see if any of the Trump clan went down that way, well then the viewpoint would change!!!!!!

    • Screw you and you “communist sense gun laws”. I suppose you think it’s fine that the “government” would kill millions of unarmed “subjects” if we had no guns. I guess you think it would be just great if an unarmed population lost ALL our Constitutional rights under an oppressive democRAT fascist/communist “government”. You probably think it would be wonderful that under said “government” you would have absolutely no protection against criminals who will still have their guns. To your moronic way of “thinking” it would be fantastic to have the totalitarian “government” tell you exactly what you can and can’t do, what you can and can’t have and control every aspect of your sorry “slave” life, because you would be a SLAVE. I was born free and I will die free, despite communist morons like you. You ignorant commies will start Civil War II no doubt. You’re just too damn stupid to see the fallacy of your “reasoning”.

    • Define sensible gun laws. You mean not being allowed to defend ourselves. Over 90 percent of gun owners don’t murder people. I swear by Almighty God I’ll never comply with any more gun laws. There’s a silent army of us that says HELL NO!!! Fake Dan you claimed to be a veteran. If so you are a traitor.

    • Do some tact checking Dan, if this 148 mass shootings you elude to, the vast majority we’re carried out by Dems. Perhaps the most common sense gun would be to ban unstable Dems from buying legal guns or any other kind for that matter.

      • Please send the political affiliation data of the 148 mass shooters till this point in the year. Interesting how you have this data. Please present it. FYI, I have never been registered to either major political party. Always been an independent. Like the 1st president stated, political parties will be the “ruin” of this country. What foresight that individual had……Dump Trump, he’s a “cancer”!!!!!!!!!

        • You and your kind are certainly a cancer on our nation Tyree. I’ve seen all the information on the mass killings and the murderer’s political affiliations myself and the vast majority of them were democRATS or came from demonRAT families. If you weren’t a lazy ass liberal you could look it up for yourself. By the way, you do belong to a political party whether you are “independent” or “libertarian” or whatever, it’s still a political party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “major” political party, they will still align themselves with either the conservatives or the communists (demonRATS). Tyree, you must rank extremely low on the scale of human intelligence. All true information is out there for everyone, you just have to be smart enough to know right from wrong and truth when you hear it. Quit swallowing all the anti freedom communist propaganda and maybe you’ll actually learn some real facts.

        • You don’t pay attention to the news? Don’t see many moronic kids waving MAGA hats and shooting up schools, come to think of it, don’t see many Muslim Republicans either. BTW, wasn’t Bernie the commie an Independent too before he figures out that was a losing proposition? When was the last time an Independent garned more than 1% of the vote? Now as for George Washington, we’re there even political parties back then? Oh ya, the Tory’s and the Whigs. Throw back leftovers from mother England.

          • Kooncie, brush up on your American history……Washington was a member of the Federalist party which was formed in opposition of the Democrat-Republican party…..Obviously you must have been sleeping through your American History class!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dan Tyree.
            You might want to do some fact-checking before typing.
            The GOP (Grand Old Party) was formed in 1854 in Ripon, WI.
            Nice trick that Washington pulled by being alive in 1854, when history says he died in 1799.

  11. Sledge,
    You are “spot on”! We are so fortunate to have a President who truly loves America and wants the very best for her! Thank you for your eval……and thank you to President Trump for all that he has done and continues to try to do for America……despite the wall of obstruction he faces every day. He surely does not deserve to be treated the way the opposition treats him, but that does not stop a fighter and a champion leader! Go TRUMP! MAGA! kAG! 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸👍🏻

  12. Polly Ester please do some research and history will tell you Eisenhower got us into the Nam war. As far as Nixon, was he a crook and a liar?????? NO different than what’s there now, the worlds biggest con man!!!!!!

    • You’re certainly up there as the world’s biggest communist moron. You’re a total idiot Tyree. No conservative on this site will believe your commie propaganda. Go peddle your communist $hit on one of your own sites. Conservatives don’t swallow communist $hit.

  13. How can you be sure that Muller never committed
    crime, really , just because he wasn’t charged
    or convicted doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, haha.

  14. There are about 400 million guns in this country so that every man woman and child could have one. Go to countries such as Belgium for example that has very stiff gun control there and it didn’t make the slightest dent in the numbers of killings in that country. Almost all murders here are done with guns that are either stolen or are bought on the black market and are not bought at gun shows. The left has a hidden agenda to overturn the second amendment to our constitution and make us helpless in defending ourselves against a tyrannical government and against criminals and murderers who get them illegally

    • Nicely said. Guns will always be available on the black market and real expensive to boot!Just like street drugs, idiot people will always find a way to harm themselves and others. I do support the second amendment.

    • Do your research Gregory. We have 5 times the murder by firearm rate, per capita, as Belgium. Effective gun control works.

      • Try per capita dumbass. Does tiny little Belgium have 330 million people Willy Windy? If you could actually read Willy, he said “gun control” didn’t make the slightest dent in the number of killings in that country. He never compared murders in Belgium to th United States. You’re just like all the mentally deficient demonRATS; half ass read something, interpret according to moronic communist ideology, reply with lies, nonsense and total stupidity.

        • The fact that the murder rate is unaffected by gun control laws further supports that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If a person has a need to kill someone, and a gun is not available, they will find an alternate tool for the job. Everyone seems to think the problem of murder can be fixed by gun control, when the problem is people. Mass shootings seem to have become a problem within the last two generations. Access to guns has become more difficult, not easier. A lack of tolerance, a selfish “it’s only wrong if I get caught” attitude is the problem. The lack of a sense of right and wrong, morality and empathy for others is broken, not our gun laws.

          • Very well said Terence. Humanity has fallen into a state of extreme corruption, narcissism, greed and a total lack of morality. Could these indeed be the last days of humanity or possibly of planet Earth itself? They compare us to apes but I’m beginning to think apes are far more civilized than we are.

      • Mark, you give up your Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech once that crosses over to threat, intimidation or incitement to violence….you’ve just done that. You sir, do not have the courage of your stated convictions.

  15. The reason the Rats are so set on impeachment is that the investigation of the investigators has begun. They know more than half the Jackass Circus will be indited with criminal charges. They must give their useful idiots (members of the Jackass circus, aka liberal democraps) hope through the distraction of investigation and threats of impeachment. This all for their scheme to gain or stay in power and rack in all the $$$ the idiots throw at them! Useful, gullible, low information, low IQ democraps are their ticket to ride!

    How The
    US Government
    Was Going To
    Kill Americans
    Unknown to many Americans, but now verified through the declassification of documents, there existed a plan to carry out a false flag operation in order to justify a war against Cuba. This plan was proposed by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US government. The proposal stated:
    “The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.”
    According to the proposal, the CIA or other US government operatives would commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, and blame it on the Cuban government.
    For those who desire more information on how the US government worked covertly against their own citizens (and still does) we encourage you to look up Cointelpro, which was investigated by a congressional committee led by the Honorable Frank Church.
    And for those who wonder how it is that the media seems so complacent regarding these treacherous acts we encourage you to look up Operation Mockingbird.

    • “We did not make a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.” Are you frigging kidding me, what jury would e come to that conclusion? weasel words of the democratic party.
      The take away is, he committed a crime. What crime did he commit?
      This is the kind of justice you will get from the democrats. Getting Trump has become an obsession. They are turning everything on it’s head in their hatred for Trump

    • Thanks for the info, eye-opening…I know the deep state is corrupt, I never knew how much until Trump! This is the kind of spider web the deep state doesn’t want to be exposed! Trump is the catalyst to expose them! He is a blessing to free people everywhere, but the haters are too blind to see the corruption of the Jackass party! Time to squash those who hate America and freedom!!! It riles them to believe that you perceive the webs they weave, keep on being free!(Moody Blues-In the Beginning)

  17. I have to ask if Mueller is part of this illegal act because he came out saying it was unconstitutional for them to indict a sitting president. Then why did he spend 3 years trying to do it? Then when Barr come in he ends the witch hunt and resigns. He knew he had helped the Democrats get control of the House by the witch hunt and knew they would proceed with the witch hunt because that is who they are – evil powers to control and take over our freedom and what they had done the last number of years, they do not want America to know but be blind to the truth. Our brains had been waterboarded by these people to think evil is truth and good is evil.

  18. “ … Mueller repeated his report’s claim that his office did not reach a determination on obstruction of justice …”

    In other words, he has no evidence at all. The end.

    Get over it, you liberal SORE losers! Gee.

    If you could recall what Hillary said: she warned that if they didn’t get one of the houses, then a civil war may occur. What a loser!

  19. Mueller doesn’t have the balls to tell the Demonrats that President Trump did nothing illegal/wrong. He’s a coward and a wimp that needs to stand up and tell the truth, for a change…

    • It’ a very sad day for ALL Americans, when our elected Officials, whom Americans voted into Office to protect and honor the TRUTH, no matter the outcome, it’s not for the Parties to be protected, but the honest outcome and protection of ALL AMERICANS. We need unbiased Leaders judging on Truths, not Party Lines.. If TRUMP is guilty of anything CONVICT him, if not, don’t leave innuendos, saying he probably did, but we haven’t found anything yet, after 40 millons.$$ two years, UM-TEEM Lawyers, not even a Whisper of anything illegal. This is the biggest and COSTLIEST WITCH-HUNT in AMERICAN HISTORY. Let him resume his duties as PRESIDENT, and stop looking for what isn’t there..

          • Another day in the USA and yet another mass shooting, Remember guns don’t kill people????? People kill people!!!!! Why don’t WE use common sense and state MANY people with GUNS kill PEOPLE!!!!!!!

        • Denny. who got the USA involved in the Nam war????? Remember this also many “kids” have been killed because the lax rules on gun control. A dozen more dead in Va. This country averages 1 mass shooting “per day” 149 sensless deaths, 585 wounded….Yes, the answer is more guns?????? Why does the USA have more of these incidents than anywhere else?????? Use common sense!!!!! “Blood money” to politicians/leaders!!!!!!

          • First…. it was a Black Person indoctrinated by Democrats, warned he needed Mental Health issues dealt with and is another long list of ‘Democrat Shooters’ whereby if we didn’t allow DEMOCRATS guns.. 80% of non gang mass shootings would cease. The ‘Gang shootings, almost all are Democrat indoctrimnated people of color, illegally obtaing guns so there is no law that can stop a crimal criminally obtaining guns… except for what Democrats hate which is Search and Siezure and involuntary private domiciles of known criminals homes for guns.. they have… illegally.
            The ‘More guns’ is for defense, not criminal acts…. they the criminals don’t need legal access, but legal people do need to defend themselves from criminals.
            your post is simply ludicrous and misinforming anyone dumb enough to think it is Truth.
            The reason we have gun deaths is because of freedoms we have to make mistakes… you wish for loss of freedoms so most deaths from guns outside of suicide ONLY happens from criminals preying on people following the laws of the land.
            Government cannot protect you, only you can protect yourself in a land of wide spread freedoms.

          • Dan,Dan,Dan, sometimes it’s best to shut ones mouth when one does not know what one is talking about. There is no way in hell that our beloved Country comes even close to one mass shooting a day and also we (the USofA)are nowhere near the leading pervaour of mass shootings, you should try using some common sense yourself sometime, get serious and check your facts before spouting off. Finally there are untold millions of gun owners whose guns have NEVER fired a shot at anyone, and by definition have hurt NO ONE !

          • I believe a democrat president named John F Kennedy got us in the stinking Nam war. It was a Republican president named Richard Nixon to get us out.

          • 400 million guns, 330 million people. 7 mass killings in the past few years. No mention in the fake news about the 19 people killed or injured at the bus stop in Tokyo by knife wielding nut job. If you got rid of guns, nuts would find other ways to kill. How about looking at what sets these people off instead of their weapon of choice. If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. They’re not going to turn theirs in just because the gov says so.

          • Lock and load people. Defend you and yours. Tell the commiecrats to shove gun control

          • Funny you should mention it fake Dan. Commcrat Johnson put America in Vietnam

          • Five Presidents had us involved in Vietnam. Eisenhower was the first to send 700 advisors to train indigenous troops. It was towards the end of armed conflict in Korea, and about a year before the French withdrew from Vietnam, 1955. Then came Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. Kennedy and Johnson both escalated troops, weapons and equipment after Eisenhower’s advisors. Kennedy started by sending an additional 500 advisors, weapons, equipment and economic support. By 1963, Kennedy had committed 16,000 US troops. Johnson continued to commit US troops and assets, vowing that the US will never lose a war, especially not during his presidency. Nixon and Ford withdrew our troops. The war ended in 1975, Ford became President followiing Nixon’s resignation facing impeachment in 1974. Ford had been appointed as Nixon’s VP after Agnew resigned. Ford had become President having never been elected as Vice President or President.

      • Every time a democrap opens its mouth, they remove all doubt of how absolutely moronic they are! You are a perfect example!

      • Oh, yeah, let’s get the lefts former favorite lawyer to handle it- Avanatii!
        lol, really you are going to make comments about Gulliani-try again your parties bias is showing all over the place!

        Get down of your moral high horse dear, it’s lame and you’re going to kill it!

    • Muller is still and has always been a Democrats
      Who just took $30 million tax payers dollars to
      Try to smear the president, he found Trump did
      Nothing wrong but like a child he made some
      Nasty insinuations toward Trump

  20. Please tell me ONE THING the democratic party has done for the American people
    to better their lives. Just one. All their time is spent trying to get President Trump out of office. I have never seen such hate and desperation from any party in my lifetime. Every word, every action from President Trump is taken through a psychological meat grinder by the democrats and yet, they have not come forward with
    any positive programs that furthers the lives of all Americans. In the meantime,
    President Trump has accomplished outstanding things for all Americans. Even though
    the democrats have fought everything he has attempted.!!!!
    The American people are sick and tired of all this vitriol and want to allow our
    President to CONTINUE to make America great.
    For the sake of all the American people, you democrats knock it off and work with
    President Trump. If you do, this man will take America to the greatest heights that it has ever experienced. To all of you demoncrats, you so called politicians, did you
    ever have a real job ? Did you ever meet a payroll? Did you ever own a business?
    Did you ever sit at a table of foreign leaders and tell them that they have to pay up
    and that America will not be taken advantage of again? NO OTHER President has ever done that. And you complain. What a crock.In case you don’t know it or even if you don’t want to know it, President Trump is the greatest President America has ever had.
    If a democratic president had /has done what President trump accomplished, I would pull for him too. To me, it isn’t about Democrat, Republican…it is who can do the best job for America and the American people. President Trump is that man now. Support him.

    • Every person who still holds with the Deep State is a fool, a liar, or a drunk. They actively REFUSE facts or reason: I wash my hands of them.

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