Rush Limbaugh confessed something shocking about Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh is one the biggest voices in conservative media.

The top rated talk show host is also one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.

So he stunned Americans when he confessed something shocking about Donald Trump.

Limbaugh made his yearly appearance on Fox News Sunday this past weekend.

During the course of the interview, host Chris Wallace pressed Limbaugh on his ability to influence White House policy.

Some pundits believe Limbaugh was the driving force behind the 35-day government shutdown.

Limbaugh dismissed this notion as ridiculous.

Politico reports:

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Sunday denied that he wields any substantial political influence over President Donald Trump, criticizing the notion as a false narrative pushed by the president’s opponents to make Trump seem incompetent.

“If these people in the media, Chris, really thought that I was telling Trump what to do and when, they’d be calling me, they’d be asking me about it, they’d want to get down to the dirty details,” Limbaugh told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“People don’t really believe what they’re saying about this,” Limbaugh said. “It’s just another effort to continue to try to diminish the president, diminish Trump, as somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing, can’t do it without guidance from the so-called wacko right.

“It’s not at all the way he’s governing, and there isn’t anybody doing what I do that has a thing to do with actually making policy for this president,” he said.

Going back to Eisenhower, the media dismisses Republican Presidents as doddering fools unable to formulate their own thoughts until their advisors tell them what to do.

That is especially true with Trump.

The fake news media constructed an entire false narrative about how a few radio talk shows hosts and Fox News personalities actually run the country.

Reporters like this angle because it allows them to promote a story that the American people made a mistake in electing Trump, a man supposedly so ignorant he doesn’t know what to think until Rush Limbaugh fills in the blanks.

But like everything else Americans read in the fake news media, they would be wise to dismiss it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Maybe, what American Citizens who are for Pres.Trump ought to do is send phone calls to their designated Representatives/Senators & keep them bombarded that you hate what they are doing & that if they continue their idiotic lawsuits that you will not vote for them ever again! Just a few phone calls won’t help, but if they get hundreds of calls, they
    may or may not listen! It’s worth a try!! Besides praying for them, Only GOD can change their hearts!!!

  2. Pray for the president we need him. There has not been any other like him.I am sick of the Dem consistently beating up on him. take Betty along with Polosky and get them out of the country. God Bless America and President Trump

      • Theres a crazy couch potatoe that runs her obama loving mouth that dont belong on these sites! If you scroll down you’ll see some of her trash talk and her name is Betty! She cant find any attention at home!

    • He was a man chosen by God to restore the old glory of America.America must stay as a super power in economy as well as military.This alone will sustain peace and tranquility all over the qworld.If America fails, the world fails.We will succeed with Trump 6 more years with God..MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Time to ignore Betty. That crazy lowlife bitch isn’t good enough to lick Trump’s balls. Stop responding to that commiecrat gutter slut and stand as a patriot. She will make national news someday by shooting people that don’t see her antiamerican bullshit as she does. This bitch is crazy and dangerous. I’m keeping my guns because of asswipes like Betty. I wouldn’t harm her unless she caused it. But the left isn’t the peaceful crowd they claim to be. CiiVIL WAR IS COMING. Just wait until Trump wins again. Or if the commiecrats win and try to turn us sosalist. Then drop your doc and grab your cocks. It’s game on.

    • Basement for sure.
      A ‘wicked’ (brainwashed) female.
      Beware of ‘wicked’ females.
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      • I agree these are evil women, power has overcome their feminine side…may God have mercy on the human race…not these women mentioned they Know exactly what their doing….Hell is waiting…



    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  5. The Democrats and their Sociales cronies do have a real message to give so they only go after Our President Trump! We The People elected Trump because he can’t be bought like the Leftes can! President Trump is NOT A POLITICAN, HE IS A VERY SMART BUSINESSMAN,what we need now! THANK GOD!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 DONT FOTGET TO VOTE!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Trumps platform is as American as america gets.its what this country was founded upon.the liberal democrats haven’t a leg to stand on

  7. I watched Rush on Fox. His views are especially cogent. The left has made major efforts to “dumb down” the electorate, and the current crop of Democrat congressional electees is proof of that. What Nancy Pelosi and her ilk cannot understand is that the people elected Donald Trump precisely because he promised a wall. Walls do keep out uninvited “guests”. We have far too many uninvited “guests” taking advantage of a broken American justice system that Congress just won’t fix.

  8. Winston Churchill is said to have said something like, ” If you don’t read or watch the mainstream media you are uninformed, if you do your are misinformed?” Para-phrased but close enough to catch the meaning of his comment.

      • Berry
        You are getting closer to having people from that office knock on your door they won’t have handcuffs but will ask you to try on a canvas sport coat.

      • Why don’t you just go to hell and take your open border dog shit with you you are a demented ultra-leftist idiot that belongs there along with Bozo O’Roark, Hillary clinocchio and all of the cheap liberal communistocraps that you support. The world will be better off without you and them.

        • Believe it or not, God says we need to pray for our enemies…our enemies are within our own borders. Liberalism and leftism ARE mental disorders and we need to pray that these people get the help they need. They are seriously mentally disturbed and I am convinced they (politicians, etc.) are on some kind of psychtrophic drugs and alcohol and have been for most of their indoctrinated lives. God Bless America! God is STILL on the throne and will continue to bless this country if we pray and trust Him.

          • I believe you are right but ponder this..There is a spiritual war going on with GOD and Satan and I believe they are controlled by Satan and they are evil. We must do all we can to defeat them but I take comfort in knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord. They have been blinded and they really believe their lies. God will not have mercy on judgment day…So sad Hell was made for Satan and his followers.

      • Poor Betty. You could move to Venezuela if you hate it here so much. In, fact, I’d chip in for your ticket. Stop your hate. If you are American, you need to stand with our President. He loves America! We put up with evil baby-killing, lying, islam loving, obama for eight long, destructive years. Hang on to yourself, President Trump will win in 2020.

      • You have no idea how many Americans despised your GUY Obama. He is the one who should have gotten the treatment Trump is. He took every opportunity to bash America and her citizens, ruined our HC system, spied on U.S. Citizens, caused such division between Blacks and Whites which resulted in many cops being killed, sent Billions of our money to terrorists. Not enough time to keep going. He is the one who should be in jail for TREASON.

        • Shirley: Everything you said is so true. And Obama was not even a citizen. It was all a cover-up. Why did he seal his records? And Dems want Trump’s tax returns. How stupid is that? Dems are nothing but evil traitors to these United States. They should move to Venezuela if they like communism so much. Nothing but brainwashed traitors which I blame Obama for – and still creating problems. Open his records and give him his just punishment.

        • To all of you ladies, I speak the same sentiments. I agree with everything you have said!! God helped us elect Trump and God knows the despicable means the corrupt Democrats, Liberals and all other lying thieves are trying to do to this country!! Obama had an agenda to turn our country into Communism. He should never have been President!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

      • Betty…Obama was the crap by far. He hates everything this country stands for, esp. our freedom. He is Muslim and puts Islam first. But that is fine with you. You should go live in a Middle Eastern country and have your blind eyes opened. There is no freedom in Islam

        • no he loved the money he is making and the popularity and worshippers he has. He hurt our country deeply and he has profited greatly and he has no worries about his future. Oh no…he should be concerned for his eternity…It will come to him quicker than he things. His life style is questionable…

  9. That’s what’s wrong with the left politicians, journalists and MSM. They dont get the proper advise from the intelligent people before they open mouth or print a bunch of fake news.

  10. We need Rush to speak out more since the liberal media shut down many conservative views. Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Apple, and other major networks are working hard to suppress our messages.

    MAGA is not KKK or Nazi. It’s the American patriotism that the American people are trying to identify our own national sovereignty. Even 68% of Democrats are the wall. The wall can be mean as our national sovereignty rights.

    Fight for our conservative message to be shouted out from our housetop.

    Trump 2020.

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