Rush Limbaugh dropped a bombshell about the RINO traitors trying to impeach Trump

The Washington, D.C. “Swamp” is still trying to take down Donald Trump.

But this time it’s not just the Democrats scheming to bring down the President.

And Rush Limbaugh just dropped a bombshell about the RINO traitors trying to impeach Trump.

Democrats and the media have tried to make political hay out of lying about Donald Trump’s tweets about the “Squad” as being “racist.”

This smear campaign picked up a boost from members of Donald Trump’s own party.

And Rush Limbaugh explained which RINO traitors were conspiring with Democrats to frame the President as a racist.

Limbaugh stated:

Now, here is what I think — and I’m not gonna be able to complete this before the break, but I want to get started here. I was chatting with a good friend over the weekend. We were discussing the ongoing weirdness and oddity of so many conservative Never Trumpers and why they are. And we looked at a couple of things that — I’m not gonna mention any names of Never Trumpers because I don’t want to elevate them, but they’re starting to get in on this racism business too.

Conservative Never Trumpers are out there joining this refrain that Trump is a racist. So we were chatting about what’s really going on here, and we think we have figured out the game that is being played. It’s not just by the conservative Never Trumpers, however. It’s by the entire media, the leftist media and the Democrat Party…

….Okay. So what has happened here is that the Never Trumpers and the neocon coalition of the Republican Party — who think they ran the party and everything from Bush 41 all the way through Obama — have now joined forces with the Democrats to get Trump. It is how they are going to get Trump or trying to that we’ve figured out here.

Never Trump neoconservatives have every incentive to help the Democrats take down Trump.

These RINO traitors believe once Trump is out of the way, they can seize back control of the Party and impose their globalist agenda of open borders, endless war, and international trade deals that destroy American industry.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I, too, am disgusted that our comments are being monitored. We need to report this to the President as he is the main one to stop this mess…He has a website also.I do not ever use Twitter…is too much Liberal and face Book is getting so…this must be stopped before election time…Google, Twitter and Face Book have too much power… and are using it to invade our privacy as American Citizens.

  2. I second that request…Voters NEED to know who is betraying the Republican Party and JUST WHO THE NEVER-TRUMPERS are. This is disgraceful and I want to know some real names. We will all vote for President Trump in 2020, but I do not want to vote for ANYONE who does not stand with President Trump…Let them stay out of office and get a real job.

  3. Don’t publish the article if you aren’t going to provide the names. The people are entitled to know who is betraying them.

  4. We want the names of the RINO’s printed and circulated so that in 2020 they can be voted out of office….it is not just enough to say RINO’s we want names and their States, Districts, and whatever else to identify them and let the people know – that is the only we we will get rid of these greedy bass turds.

  5. Well, then you can live like everything will still be here, and that when you die, You die, istead of there being a god, who came down to Earth to give us a chance at eternity. You don’t want that, fine, you will still be raised from the dead, Judged, this this very strange lake Instead of water, there is fire, and you will br thrown in and will die again, this time with Consequences. Ever been burned? I have pain so bad that Morphine could only take my ine away from it.I still get sores from it today. But yours willkill you. I take the keyboard to warn you these are the end time, and we are just shy of the 6th seal, You can live forGod, or you can live for Trump. I might be away from Trump real soon Last night, I had Tachycardia. Notas bad as thefirst time, heart attacks are at the end of this. That was both my dad, and my brother’s end

  6. Amirault
    Once again you take.keyboard in hand to reinforce the ten thousand monkeys with a typewriter theory. An ass brats because that is his nature, and an ass such as yourself brays only to hear himself. Quit taking up space and air that someone more deserving may use. Heehaw Amirault. Has a nice ring to it.

  7. Right on point! The average time it takes even the most honest politician to be “washingtonized” is about 2-3 terms. After that, the virus is untreatable!

  8. My take on the problem. The democrats hate him. The Republicans are upset
    because he broke the chain as to who they thought should be elected. No democrat or republican politician won. Neither can wait until 2020 to try
    to take Trump down.
    We need term limits on everyone including the Supreme Court Judges

  9. Notice that, ‘a unique situation’ that isn’t applied to any Senator, Congressperson, Agency Head or immediate Staff including the Intelligence Agencies, not the State Politicians or City Governments, or Governors or Mayors… or average Americans.
    ‘a unique situation’ is a excuse, not a condition, a excuse to impede one individual… when nobody but one person is the ‘unique’, then it is persecution.

  10. Listen, Jackass. I was 10 years old when President Kennedy was killed. There was not these There was not time, yet. The Political Parties would negotiate differences. It was the year that the Judges threw the Bible out of Public Schools. Not even a thought about Abortion, yet. I, at 10 years old could go and se my doctor whose office was downtown Chicago, While, I lived in Harvey, 18 miles away, It took one bus, and a commuter railroad train. Today, your whole life is consumed by your Politicl parties, and the right is far wose than the left, exspecially with a criminal as you Prsident. I go by the Bible, period. Treump ran for Putin, not for us, Do you just go, and Borrow $2 Million dllars to give you family extra money? Try living as a human being first for once,

  11. Really? You own an AR-15?? Not in Russia,Unless you live out in nowhere If you have wild animals like bears, tigers, and lionas, then you can own guns to protect you from then, But not from People. And no, Putin is movinf russia into the USSR No Freedom unless the allow you to Join Putin’s party., and He has a war to fight next Year against Ierael, and their God.Can you beat God?

  12. OH MY GOD. judicious ??? LET US talk about Biblical. I can tell that you’re religious, and Not God fearing I am against all political parties.Like The mainline Christian religions. Man made. The Bible? God made, and his Church.Chtistian Churches follow theRoman ways of the Sun-god religion. Man made.See what the Bible says withouylooking to your pastor

  13. Hey Fred! DID You ‘know’ THAT ‘russia’
    IS ‘considered’ The ‘Prize’ – according
    To ‘Elite’ news, of Which You! Have No ‘access’.
    Fred! = Check News TODAY re ‘Supreme Court’ Ruling
    GRANTING POTUS ‘Funds’! for ‘Border Wall’.! Wow ___
    FYI: Googie /FB/ twitter HAS EXPANDED ‘Censors’/
    Blocking’ ‘news’. AG Barr IS 0n ‘IT’ ___
    Stay Here/Stay Tuned’ ( IF U ‘lucky’ ? ) lol. hahaha
    ps. Butchy
    say STFU !!! Hi Dan. ps. i saw Real M ‘another site’ .
    & Still HERE! Yay ! ♥
    Oh, the Supreme court said that those that filed the suit do not have standing. It would like me filing a suit after Your neighbor steals from you. That is how they ruled.

  14. Mueller did not write anything. Mueller was used to give the report the look of honesty. 18 very angry democrats most of who donated to Hillary conducted the “Mueller Investigation” as a means to stage a coup against Trump. All of the traitors involved must be brought to justice and severely punished. Hopefully the reinstatement of capital punishment for Federal crimes is not just a coincidence.

  15. Wow Diane, you must feel so proud. Obviously just like your cult leader your parents never taught you about respect. By your verbage YOU have absolutely ZERO. You are SO SAD!!!!!! MAGA KAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow Diane, you sound like a real “classy” lady (now that’s a joke) with your vulgarity. Must make you feel so powerful. SO SAD!!!!!!!! MAGA KAGA!!!!!!!!!

  17. “Can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?” Rep. Ratcliffe asked. “I cannot, but this is a unique situation,” Mueller responded. “It doesn’t exist,” Ratcliffe continued.

    “Nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald Trump’s innocence or that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him. It’s not in any of the documents, it’s not in your appointment order, it’s not in any of the special counsel regulations, it’s not in the OLC opinions, it’s not in the Justice manual, and it’s not in the principles of federal prosecution.” “The bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence,” Ratcliffe added.

    “You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren’t reached, about potential crimes that weren’t charged or decided,” Ratcliffe said.

  18. Fred, you are truly a pitiful FOOL! Trump’s net worth has dropped about over $Billion since elected. He gives his entire salary to charity. You are judging him by what you would do in his position. You are also jealous of his nut-sack which has enclosed the DemCommieCrat Party! His work ethic puts all Politicians to shame. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for you, only 51/2 years to go! Then Don Jr, for 8 yrs, then Eric for 8, Barron will be close by then! America will truly be the shinning city on the Hill!

  19. Happens A LOT, Sam. KEEP ‘trying’. Crucial.
    RR ‘under; Googie Google ‘censors/blocks’.
    RR NEED TO ‘CIRCUMVENT’. RR ‘techs’ NEED to ‘Savvy UP’.
    Change words /spellings w/ *** 0r whatever. Capish?

  20. Hey Fred! DID You ‘know’ THAT ‘russia’
    IS ‘considered’ The ‘Prize’ – according
    To ‘Elite’ news, of Which You! Have No ‘access’.
    Fred! = Check News TODAY re ‘Supreme Court’ Ruling
    GRANTING POTUS ‘Funds’! for ‘Border Wall’.! Wow ___
    FYI: Googie /FB/ twitter HAS EXPANDED ‘Censors’/
    Blocking’ ‘news’. AG Barr IS 0n ‘IT’ ___
    Stay Here/Stay Tuned’ ( IF U ‘lucky’ ? ) lol. hahaha
    ps. Butchy
    say STFU !!! Hi Dan. ps. i saw Real M ‘another site’ .
    & Still HERE! Yay ! ♥

  21. If You guys would just quit beieving what Trumop tells even some right wing vi0deos prove me points. Just Beieve Trump, and believe his war against Iran is the real thing as Nuclear bombs drop on us. By the way, Trump has the money where is this wall?? It will never come Just another money makng scheme for Trupmp To rob money from the Aerican People.

  22. Unlike you I read all this an smell a lot of BS. Why no names? Always the frigging phantom done it, never names. If you do not have or give the names you have no story


  24. The far left cares nothing for the judicious use of the term “racist”. They have used it so exclusively to beat down any form of intelligent opposition that sadly it has lost all impact. Against open borders, you’re a racist. For deportation of ILESGAL immigrants, you’re a racist. Calling a person of color a bigot because of anti semitic speech or actions, you’re a bigot. Calling a person of color unAmerican because of the disgraceful way they talk about our nation, her citizens and leaders, you’re a racist. Bringing attention to the fact this is the greatest nation on earth because it was founded by white people fleeing religious and political persecution and the work ethics of Anglo-Eropeans, you’re a racist. Drawing attention to the fact you are fed up with hearing “white priviledge”, or racial slurs and demeaning attitudes from people you tried desperately to help, you’re a racist. We as a nation DO NOT need any sitting members of either the House nor Senate spreading any more of this shameful, unnecessary rhetoric nor using it to sully the reputation of our President. It is disgusting, callously demeans the term thereby effecting persons who truly are being harmed, and makes the user who so lightly applies the term to gain an upper hand appear to be a complete ass. ENOUGH!

  25. ouuu! diane (trying.? )To get ‘literate’ w/ post
    replacing ‘vulgar’ ___ lol.

  26. Mike probably just has brain rot from too much whacking off to recordings of Hillary’s speeches. Unless, of course, bath house Barry is more his thing.

  27. Well, Fred, if it came down to a choice between Russia and what your antisemites and “antifa” brownshirts are working to turn America into, Russia is, at least, a somewhat free country. Fortunately, it has not come to that yet, and will not without a bloody battle that you fascists would, most likely, lose. Do you really want to go there?

  28. It is worse than that. Trump today Uses Putin’s Russian immigration policies. More Propf that Trump ran for Russian, Trying to add Reuusian laws or Laws of the USA

  29. Just so that you know. Trump’s immigration policies are Putin’s immigration policies for Russia, So you want to be part of Russia, . You like them, go there and join them.

  30. Darlene. You are right on. The dems have nothing but lies and hate. They accuse Pres. Trump of lying but they have no morals and don’t care that Hillary lies every time her lips move and that Obama is a muslim traitor.

  31. Man! I knew the trolls and the other sycophants would be off their meds today, but if yesterday triggered em I cant wait to watch em after Trump wins in 2020!????

  32. Dont feed the trolls Regina, they’re paid to sit there and antagonize all day! Beats workin.

  33. Wow, you must feel so proud. Obviously just like your cult leader your parents never taught you about respect. By your verbage YOU have absolutely ZERO. You are SO SAD!!!!!!

  34. Fred, you are WRONG!!!!! You are describing the dem party. They have thrown God out and satan is in control of it. Their sick hate, lies, and violence prove it. But most conservatives are Christians and want no part of what the dems have to offer. And God gave us Pres. Trump. That is very clear. Hillary tried to steal the election, but God prevented it.

  35. That’s one thing Pelosi got right, there are districts where a glass of water with a D by it would be elected.

  36. Mike, you are a LIAR!!!!!! NOTHING you ever say about Pres. Trump is true. And his IQ is 162, FAR above yours. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t want it.

  37. Betty and Diane have no intelligence. They are incapable of thought. They just post their sick lies and hate.

  38. Mike, you have no clue. Your ignorance is profound. NOTHING you say about Pres. Trump is true. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

  39. exactly. Abortion is the MURDER of a helpless innocent baby. Life begins at conception. That is a scientific fact. Libs embrace science when it suits their agenda, but deny it when it doesn’t.

  40. Diane, no Pres. Trump is not racist. He has never said anything that is racist. YOU just have no concept of what racism is. And you have no credibility anyway. You don’t even know the difference between “there” and “they’re”, which is simple English.

  41. Mike, homosexuality is a sin against God and a freak of nature. Jesus commands that we hate all sin, but love and help everyone.

  42. Wow Regina, you sound like a real “classy” lady (now that’s a joke) with your vulgarity. Must make you feel so powerful. SO SAD!!!!!!!!

  43. Wow, you sound just like Trump with your attacks, vulgar language and name calling with anyone who doesn’t conform to you or your “cult” leaders views. As Dumpty would say. YOU are SO SAD Dan Tyree!!!!!!!!

  44. “Worthless politicians are elected by apathetic citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.” and by idiot voters who don’t even know who or what they are voting for. All they know is, he/she is a D!!

  45. Hey numbnuts, did you have any problem with it when your god Obama had the cages built to put the children in?
    And many of those children you claim to care so much about are not with their families, but are being trafficked in to nests of millionaire pedophiles in Hollywood, NYC and DC. Should we take it that you are in support of that?
    Are you, perhaps, one yourself?

  46. 58 years ago, rush Limbaugh would be nothing but a little obsure Rrepublican who is maybe popular in a town or 2 nation wide, or popular for one season Like McCathey was.What was differnt back then was one very important thing. The Bible was read, and instead of People having religion, they had the fear of God. They had faith in god, instead of religion. Hate filled people could not last long, the people using drugs to get high might only be 4-6%.No wild tie like woodstock. and much less sex before Marriage.God is noot part of Life in the USA today, so hatred abounds today, People like Trump have free reign. We are so close today to Jesus’ return maybe 18 years, and 2-3 months at best. And 58 years ago, we were the Richest, and most powernation on Earth, and wecared about others.

  47. I am sorry to read all of these “opinions” which use language unfitting to any intelligent and thinking person. “Racist” is used for every difference of opinion.
    Smutty language does not win the argument. Please try to win your viewpoint with careful thinking and typing.

  48. TRUMP Yay ! more rape! god bless adultery and criminals! YAY! Mo’ hamberders!2020! RAPE ! SUCK PUTIN’S dick!

  49. He hates America and Americans. Only thing made in America by him are his wives anchor babies. Gropes Ivanka.

  50. Haitians have AIDS. African Americans should go back and live in huts. South Americans are all animals,rapists,drug dealers and murderers. There are criminals everywhere. And what color is Trump? Changes hair and skin all the time. Can’t speak or write English. Lazy slob mooches taxpayer money to play golf.

  51. You seem to be extremely against gays. Maybe you should make out with Trump’s pucker mouth.

  52. No, he is not a racist. If you would look beyond your hatred for the President you would see WHY what he said is not racist.

  53. Trump not racist????? Lets recollect his view on the Central Park 5…..Took out a full page ad “claiming” there guilt….. Decades later they are acquitted via DNA scientific evidence (we all know Trumps view on science evidence) and then still takes out yet another ad after the acquittal and still claims there guilty (guess he is judge and jury in his mind)the reason being and I’ll quote him “there guilty because there black and latino” and DJ Dump is not a racist????????

  54. I’ll you mean like abortion ? Killing children that God untrusted women with. And desecrate the God given rights of that child. You don’t want children there’s birth control or get fixed.

  55. Betty, we had a chimpanzee, an anti-American, proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, CRIMINAL Communist interloper chimpanzee in our White House, but it’s gone now. Thank God, we now have, an American patriot that cares about Americans now serving.

  56. Marco Rubio , Democrat who put an R behind his name , Justin Amash , Traitor and sack of Canine Feces , Lindsey Graham , RINO at best ,Traitor to the Constitution and violations of oath to office , Rick Scott , RINO Traitor , Others exist

  57. Diane, YOU are obviously the idiot if you believe Pres. Trump is racist, but I’m sure that YOU are. Anyone that fixated on racism is the racist. Pres. Trump has done FAR MORE for blacks than Obama did. And it is Obama who is the racist. He hates whites.

  58. Janet, your ignorance is profound. You attack Pres. Trump for being a liar, but you don’t mind that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth. Please tell us what it is he lied about. You can’t. And since you don’t even know how to spell “liar”, you have zero credibility.

  59. God will bless you Betty. You poor thing stop being so angry so you can see the truth. Trump 2020.

  60. Absolutely we have to know who we are dealing with, I am so fed up with this BS. I would like to know why none of the Republicans ever do anything to make the dems pay for anything they do [& there sure is a lot0 ex: Hillary etc etc.

  61. Will, that is not rightThose are lies, and exaggerations See, both parties stink, and what is worse, we no longer canNegotiate, So, Will what the hell are you doing?? If the rest are that bad, why afre you not starting the cvil war?. Do it, or shut up, sir

  62. Betty Boop …. No its Betty Poop!! Just another of the Commiecrats who is suffering from a bad case of TDS!!! I can recommend a good proctologist to help cure the pain in your brain.

  63. Thre republicans say that Trump can do whatever he wants will equal our destruction, one way or another . TO BAD Rush, it comes from GOD, and not RINOS. It is what happens when you SIN against Children.

  64. Silly Betty, There you go again showing us all that you need mental health help and also a few lessons in manners. I guess your Mama must be might disappointed in your using nasty words. Well, not to worry. We will get you soap on a rope to get you all cleaned up …LOL. No one respects or cares about your comments so why make them? They are just plain silly….

  65. How old are you Betty. Your comments sound like they come from a 12 year old. Grow up little child.

  66. Thats the problem to many news media saying what the feel like they get people to believe their opinions they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass 99 percent what u hear is bad

  67. RUSH IS EXCELLENT ! & ‘recovered’ from the ‘boogie’ ! AMEN !!!
    Hahaaa jL, You Are the one who is Sick. You jealous???
    I HOPE he MAKES MORE $$$!!! Especially w/ ‘Betsy Ross’ T’s W/
    2 MILLION $ ALREADY Donated/ Going to ‘Towers Charity’. WOW ___
    > Have YOU donated $.10 ? Anywhere?

  68. The Dems continually sound the drumbeat of “Trump is a racist”, but they can’t explain for us why Trump has done more for minorities than any Democrat president. Perhaps that’s because he doesn’t see everything in terms of race, but is trying to uplift all Americans.

  69. The hell with than Democratic communist. They act like there n frickin high school.. They need to leave u alone so u can take care of making America great again.. And they need to quit crying and do there job to.. Gbu n family.And those fkn Illegals criminals Mexican need to go.. The four squatters got to go with than..

  70. And what lies has he told? Can you name them? Haven’t seen one of you useful idiots yet that can, you just parrot what you hear from your propagandists.

  71. Psychology calls what you described as “projection.” Projection occurs when you see your own faults in others, but not in yourself.

  72. Thanks for a truthful comment and if someone does not like it just go and continue to suck******************************* you know. That is the main reason I will never donate to RNC because they DO NOT represent the values of the conservatives they support with donor’s money all those RINOS they controlled the money but they gave it away to all the traitors. I’m not stupid to give my money to traitors. Songbird John, Flaky Jeff flake,etc, hell no they will not get a penny from me.

  73. FOX News is so “dumb” that it has higher viewer ratings than ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC COMBINED.

  74. Betty, I really hope you get some professional help soon. A little time to reflect with a straight jacket and padded cell
    would do you a world of good.

  75. Nobody needs to drop any sort of “Verbal Bombshell” on CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump. He does a great job of doing that Himself everytime mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM opens His Fat, Stupid, Stinking, Sick Mouth!

  76. Wrong, tom. We already have plenty of INSANITY in the OVAL OFFICE with that SICK MINDED, TWO FACED, TWO TIMING PILE OF GUTTER TRASH! We Sure As HELL Don’t Need Any More Of Any Other Kind!

  77. Who in the HELL cares what that FAT, Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh says! He still has his NIXON Campaign Buttons. He is making MEGA BUCKS from the WEIRDOS who listen to the garbage Rush creates in his twisted, drug-addled mind!

  78. We all just need a list and we can support anyone that runs against them. Time to pull a Hillary madness on them.

  79. It may be time to apply the “same ” rule to actions from congress.If the House or Senate want to require the elected President of the US to release or submit any information about themselves then the same requirements must be used on EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL AND ALL INFORMATION MUST BE PUBLISHED FOR REVIEW BY THE CITIZENS OF THE US.NO Closed door ,buddy / buddy (national security) BS..You want to do background checks then prepare to live with yours !!!

  80. I have not seen anything he has lied about.President Trump has helped this country more than any other President.we have more jobs than ever,as faras the media they have been caught in more lies than anybody besides the Democrats and it has come back and hit them in the face.This president is trying to save lives,including babies with no say.If we ever have war I would stand with Trump not the media or Democrats, atlest he would have our back.

  81. Oh poor poor Janet you will believe anyone won’t you? WAKE UP! Who’s always screaming racism moron?

  82. Diane. You must stop looking in the mirror and having an argument with yourself. You keep losing those arguments!

  83. The media are the lairs and you are a fool to believe what they say. See you at the polls in 2020!

  84. President Trump is the greatest thing to happen to this country in a long time. We have been needing a President who is tough and won’t fall to those who wish he would. But he goes on and does the very best for the country and Americans. Those who hate and are democrats, must take an overdose and even so, he would save them. That’s the kind of President we have. President Trump, the greatest President ever. God bless America and President Trump. He is making America great again.

  85. Well, Folks…

    I have-to admit that, from time-to-time, I’ve listened to the music of Diana Ross…

    And, also, have watched a little “NASCAR”…

    So, I guess that this would beg “the age-old question”:




  86. I would trust the Media before I trust Trump for he’s a lier! The media can’t all be wrong! And the only media that’s supports him is Fox News! And they are as dumb as him!

  87. And you base that on what? Disagreeing with a person of color has nothing to do with race. If you are of a color, any color, and you are wrong doesn’t make the race a factor. Hell Trump got awards from black organizations. The Dems were the KKK, no argument about that. Hilliary hugged Robert Byrd, KKK when he left the Senate. Guess history has been changed. Do not let the new Muslim influence take hold. This was the dream of our past Muslim president and is his dream.


  89. I knew that there was something wrong the Republican party under the Bush administration era. They were not the Republican party I remember of the past..and the oe thing that gave them away was the speaker of the house backbone. ..The left over leftwingy repubs are the Rino of the Bush years..and the dems are holding something over them that they don’t want coming out..I say kick out those Rino’s and you will see progress..they don’t want to lose their jobs..

  90. I’m just wondering how many people who have decided they don’t like President Trump have actually sat done and had a conversation with him, let alone even met him?! And, how many of us really know any of the newscasters personally to take their word for what they say about anyone?!

  91. I totally agree with you! The proof that Trump is racist is in his words and actions! And the majority of the Republicans and his supporters are dumb not to see it or hear it from this President!

  92. I think that “Diane” is REALLY just “julio richard laredo”, “identifying” as female again…

    (Hey… Since you’re always gettin’ so “pissed-off”… THE MEN’S ROOM IS OVER THERE!)




  93. If Trump is a racist, then why did he invite Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie to stay at Mar Lago for their honeymoon back in the 80’s. You and your libtard friends are full of s%%$t.

  94. Diane, President Donald Trump is the farthest, from a racist person, you will ever know, or hope to know! The man doesn’t have a racist bone, in his body. My suggestion to you, is to stop watching, & listening, to the left & the left media. Try doing a little research,use your brain & think for yourself, you will see things under a different light.

  95. Well yeah , the rinos are wanting to seize power – they are the same agenda as the criminal liberals , just like Bush 41 , & 43 are NWO criminal rinos , no different than the NWO agenda , murderous clintons & obastard !

  96. Isn’t that the way it was slammed at nasty pelosi? The sob sisters told her that, “Be careful about disagreeing with us because we’re women of color”.
    When the demo-rats have nothing in fact, they go on to the empty endless bleating of their “goto” lines of Racist, Homophobe, Islamophobia, and then, repeat, back to racist etc.
    Worthless politicians are elected by apathetic citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.

  97. President Trump is not a racist. He’s a very good president, but leftists refuse to acknowledge his many accomplishments and prefer to follow the agenda of their Deep State puppet masters and falsely accuse him of racism. The current rhetoric about racism is a political tactic of the Deep State divide-and-conquer globalists who want to take down America and usher in their evil worldwide dictatorship. Trump 2020!



  100. Never Trumpers are racist in the same way Jews who fought against Hitler and its supporters in 1939 were racist.

  101. As a person of color, I have had to deal with allegations of discrimination and racism my entire 45 + year business career; it was a constant in hiring and firing decisions, you could have the most unable, incompetent person doing a simplistic job, and if they failed you couldn’t fire them without and allegation of racism. Oh,and yes my color is white. It is by the way, acceptable in America to be a person of White color.

  102. None of this is about race, political party, religion, gender or nationality…. IT IS ABOUT POWER AND MONEY…. those who want it, those who have it and those who want to keep it…. the rest is just a smoke screen, a diversion to keep the masses at odds with each other and oblivious to what is really going on and has always been going on….

  103. … the likes of your dependence on your mother government . You are weak. Go to your safe space, punk. Whiner. Waah!

    Go away. Gee.

  104. The word “racist “ means believing someone of another race is a lesser citizen because of color or nationality. These idiots don’t know the meaning of the word when they use it to shame people into agreeing with someone even if they are wrong. I don’t fear that label because it’s used to bully people into submission.

  105. Ilhan Omar’s Father Was Top Propaganda Official In Genocidal Barre Regime. I wonder how many “people of color” were murdered/slaughtered by that regime?

  106. I wonder how many people who are in Jeffery Epstein’s little black book are anti- Trumper’s. I do know the Clintons top that list.

  107. It’s a crying shame we cant revoke party affiliation of double agents like these! It’s not just the dems who want all the power, we understand that. Pisses us off that the clowns try to make us believe they’re doing it for US!

  108. Disagreeing with a “person of color” does not make you a racist. If you claim someone is a racist without actual evidence may mean you are the racist, besides bearing false witness about your neighbor.

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